And I Fell In Love With Him

Hi everyone. This is my first story about sex ever. Please ignore any mistakes. I will be thankful if you leave your feedback on [email protected] after reading my story. This is my real story. Let’s begin 🙂

It happened in summers with my boyfriend. We were committed to each other for 2.5 years. He has a good built, height around 6ft2″, his dick is around 5 inches, wheatish complexion. He regularly works out so he remains fit. On the other hand, I am 5ft2″ in height (I know its small but cant help), I have 32-28-34 figure. I have a fair complexion.

So the story begins when I met him on facebook. We used to talk less at first as I thought he is a stranger but then we became good friends as he was the neighbour of my best friend and she told me knew him and he was good at nature. We talked for a few months and one day he proposed me. It was his bday that day and I scolded him a lot saying that I thought we were good friends.

He became sad and later I said sorry and soon accepted his proposal casually. We had absolutely zero physical contact till 1 year of our relationship ( i dont know how it just carried thru 1 year). One day he asked me for a date and I said okay. He took me to a jungle.. we had a chat, held hands. It was already 1 hour and my parents were waiting at home so I told him to leave. He delayed it saying to stay for a few more minutes and I agreed.

We talked little and he started coming close to me. We were standing in the jungle as there was no place to sit and I was restimg my back on a tree. He held my hand and came close. He then held me by my waist and hugged me softly. It was our very first hug. He then kissed me on my cheek and soon came to kiss me on lips.

As soon as his lips touched mine I pushed him softly saying that we should go home now. He insisted saying that it has already been a year of our relation and we have not even kissed. I could not deny but said nothing. I stood in silence. He again came forward and this time kissed me deeply. He licked my lips. Sucked each one of them. He then kissed me on my cheeks and then on my closed eyes and then my forehead and then on my neck. He kept kissing for half an hour.

After which he stopped and held my face and said I love you. I could not reply. I was happy but I was shocked as it was our first physical contact. He hugged me once again and we went home.

For another 1.5 years, we did not do anything more than kissing and hugging. We were not even open in touching each other properly.

After that one day when my parents had gone to the market and I was alone I called him home. He came to my room and as usual we kissed and slowly he slid his hand in my top and I stopped him. He said we have to do this or he won’t talk to me ever.

I then told him to close his eyes and took off my top. He was sitting on my bed with his eyes closed. (He was honest in this, when I told him to close his eyes he used to never open his eyes and peep unless i allow. ) I went to him and kept one of my hand on his closed eyes and kissed him on his lips. He touched from my waist and that touch was killing me. I felt so amazing and he realized that I am topless. He guided his hands to my breast and started pressing softly. He then slid his hand inside my bra and pressed. I felt like I was having the best feeling ever.

He then slid the straps of my bra off my shoulders and pressed my boobs very nicely. He soon started kissing me on my boobs. He sucked like a baby. I was loving it. He did it for 20 minutes. And then we lip kissed. And he put my straps back on my shoulders and fully covered my boobs in bra properly and said please remove your hand from my eyes now. I agreed and told him to look only into my eyes and not to look down even once and he also agreed to the same. He then gave me my top and I wore it. And he went back home after another kiss.

After this incident he started opening up to me and asked me for sex. I used to deny first then he got very angry that i always deny. Then after that i never denied but i used to always delay. But finally he got me to say yes and i had to get ready. He made a plan and told me that his parents are going out to visit relatives and he will be alone at home all day and he said that it is the best chance we will have so much time and we can have sex.

So I got ready that day and went to his place. We were in his bedroom and we sat and had a small talk. And then he begin with a hug(we were standing at that time) and then he started kissing me on my neck. His arms were going through all my back over my top and he was kissing me on my lips and neck several times.

Then he tried to take off my top, i told him to first switch off the light as i am shy. He obeyed and switched off the light and took off my top. And then he held me and threw me on his bed and laid over me. He kissed me again on my lips and neck. He gave me a lovebite on my lower neck. And we french kissed and i bit his tongue with me teeth. Then i also took off his t shirt and here came his hot mascular body. I loved it.

He then started pressing my breast over my bra. He did this for 5 minutes and then he slid his hand inside my bra cups and touched my boobs with bare hands and i was going all wet by this. He kept touching and pressing my boobs and then he took off my bra and kissed me on my lips french kiss again. And while we were kissing our upper bodies were touching each other bare body directly and we had vibrations running in ourselves.

After this he started kissing my boobs. He licked kissed touched bit pinched and sucked them for 15 minutes. And by this time i was going wet madly. Whenever he used to bite or pinch my nipples i went mad. It was a lovely feeling. He then unbuttoned my jeans and without removing it slid his hand inside it and touched my panty covered pussy. He touched and pressed a little and then took off my jeans. He then touched me again over the panty and i was having vibrations thru my body and getting wet at the same time. He then removed my panty and I lay completely naked in front of him.

He then looked at my pussy touched in different motions. He circularly moved his finger around my clit sometimes pressed it with his arm, rubbed it and tapped it with his fingers and suddenly he inserted his middle finger inside and aaaah I moaned in excitement. It was a sudden move so I almst got up from bed and fell again. He started fingering me slowly and increased his spead slowly. He was now doing it very fast and as i was a virgin it was enough to make me go mad and moan aahh.. ohh aaahhh. I was moaning but not very loudly. He stopped after 10 minutes of fingering and caressing my pussy.

After that I got up and sat and made him lay on the bed. ( and while I sat I took a bedsheet and covered my self like wrapping myself in a towel due to shyness) Then i pulled his shorts down and then i felt too shy to take off his underwear. I touched his dick over his underwear and i could not gather courage to take off his underwear. After a wait of 5 minutes he sat and held me by my waist and pushed me on the bed. He lay over me pulled the bedsheet that i was covered in and threw it on the floor. He kissed me one more time on my lips and neck and then.on boobs and then parted my legs to see open my pussy. He fingered once again.

Then after makin me wet again he quickly wore a condom and directed his dick to my virgin pussy. And he started pushing slowing I shouted on the first push. He calmed me down and said baby relax and took into my eyes and he pushed once again and started doing to and fro and with each push he went a little more inside. And then he begin speeding up with each push. I was continuously shouting and crying with pain. But he kept pushing and soon the pain started going and i started lifting my ass with pleasure. He kept fucking me for 15 minutes and then he cummed in his condom. He went to the bathroom and washed and wore another condom and came back.

We did another session of 20 minutes. I was feeling lovely and amazing. He touched my boobs regularly in between and kissed me in my lips. He fucked me 3 times that day. And it was the best experience ever.

I used to think that boys dump girls after sex as they only stay together for sex. But his behaviour became more sweeter after sex and my love and respect for him increased. I love him and we are still together. I was 18 at that time and each time we had sex my love for him kept increasing.

Now we look forward to getting married and making love without a condom and have beautiful kids.

I hope you liked my story. It is a true story.

Please leave your comments and feedbacks on [email protected].

I will love to hear from my readers. 🙂

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