Anita and Deepa’s Tales of Incest Treasures

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This series is a sequel to ‘Anita’s Family Incest Treasures.’ In this series, Deepa’s husband’s cousin Anita seduces Deepa’s brother Rohit and plans Deepa and Rohit’s fucking.

When Rohit left, he was almost in tears. He was madly in love with Anita Akka.Anita was equally fond of him. She was amused and found his teenage love and infatuation endearing.

Anita pinged Raj.

Anita: Hi, Raj.

Raj: Hi, darling. Where is your young cock? Is his cock still in your pussy?

Anita: No, he left. He was scared to face his sister. He was feeling very guilty, and he was scared that his sister’s marriage would be ruined by his lust.

Raj: Yes. That will be a natural reaction. Did you train him well? Is he fucking well?

Anita: He is born to fuck. He is like a fish, a natural swimmer. The first two times, he cum quickly, in a few strokes. Then, with each fuck, he gained confidence and was fucking well.

Raj: It looks like you are also in love.

Anita: Yes. His teenage energy, enthusiasm, and innocence are exciting me like never before. He kissed me hundreds of times and kept repeating like a parrot,’ I love you.’ Either he was mauling or sucking my tits, fingering or licking my pussy, and always hard and ready to fuck.

Raj: Wow, it did not irritate you?

Anita: No. I was also always wet and horny.

Raj: I am surprised. He looked like a very shy young man, scared to even look at your cleavage directly.

Anita: Yes. If you didn’t push him, he would not have proceeded. When I pressed boobs on his back on the scooter, he tried to move forward away. In movies, when I held his hand and put it in my lap, I knew he was excited but made no advances.

Raj: I know. I tried to push him a lot.

Anita: When I was feeding him ice cream, my boobs were a few inches from his face. He was touching my thighs and waist but was hesitating to grab my tits. Then I decided we should play kabaddi, that is fail-safe.

Raj: Hmm, you are an excellent teacher. If you ridiculed or made fun of him when he cum fast, he would have lost confidence. He would not have become a champion fucker that he is now.

Anita: True. But how to overcome his fear of his sister, Deepa?

Raj: It is understandable. He is scared that his sister’s marriage will be on the rocks if news of his fucking you comes out. This weekend you, Deepa and Rahul can go to the town where his hostel is. Stay in a hotel and fuck. Deepa and Rahul go sightseeing and leave you both to fuck. In the night, Deepa will come to your room when you are fucking to give water or something, see, smile and say’ Enjoy’ and leave.

Anita: Brilliant. Raj, love you. Keep chatting with Rohit until he fucks Deepa.

Raj: Sure, love you too. I will chat with you when Rohit is fucking so that we can give the impression that I gave you the idea of brother and sister fucking, your and Rahul and Rohit and Deepa fucking.

Anita: OK, that is a good idea.

Rohit was feeling miserable. He was missing Anita badly. Their fucking scenes were playing non-stop in his mind and making his cock always erect. Guilt instantly pulled it down. This blow-hot-blow-cold game was intolerable for him.He pinged Raj.

Rohit: Hi, Raj.

Raj: Hi, how are you? Enjoying a lot? Did you bunk college to stay with Akka for a few days more?

Rohit: No. I returned on Sunday before my sister and BIL returned.

Raj: Why?

Rohit: How can I face my sister and Bava after fucking Anita Akka? What will they think of me? Her marriage would be ruined.

Raj: Are you mad? Why will they know? Akka, and you will not tell them. You are not going to tell them,” Sis, you know what? When you, Bava and Sachin were away, Akka and I fucked a lot.”

Rohit: You don’t know my sister. She is very smart. One look at my face, she will know.

Raj: What an anti-climax? I thought your fucking would go to the next level. Will you go there next weekend?

Rohit: How can I go? The same problem will be there: I can’t face my sister.

Raj: Are you in touch with Akka?

Rohit: No, I am unable to gather the courage to talk to her. Wait, she is calling. Be online.

Rohit answered, “Akka, I am very sorry for what happened. Please don’t tell Deepa and Bava. She will be devastated.”

Anita replied, “Why will I tell them? So, you don’t love me? After you got what you wanted, you just dropped me like a hot potato and ran away? All the kisses,’ I love yous’ all are fake?”

Rohit almost sobbed, “Akka, don’t say that. I love you so much. You don’t know how sad and miserable I am. How can I face my sister after I betrayed her trust?”

Anita asked, “Do you think I will tell her and your Bava that we fucked?”

Rohit said, “No. Neither will I, but one look at my face, my sister can guess. If she confronts me and asks, I cannot lie. So, I thought it was best if I went away.”

Anita said angrily,” So, you don’t want to see me again? Goodbye,” and cut the phone.

Rohit told Raj what happened, and Raj told him that he deserved what he got. Any woman would be upset with any man who professes eternal love and runs away after fucking.

After thirty minutes, Deepa called Rohit and said, “Bro, I have some good news.”

Rohit said,” What good news?” He felt what good news could be there after Anita Akka dumped him.

Deepa said, “Rahul said, why should Rohit travel every time? Let us go and visit him this weekend. So, we are coming there. Rahul booked a farmhouse.”

Rohit said, “Wow, that is great. I look forward to it.”

He knew Anita would not come after what happened.

On Saturday morning, Rahul and Deepa picked him up at the hostel. They were in the front seats. When Rohit opened the back door of the car, he got a jolt. Anita Akka was there!

Rohit stammered, “Akka, how are you?” Anita shot an angry look and said that she was fine and, “How are you?”

Rahul laughed and said, “What happened to your famous hug? Rohit, why is Akka angry? Did you offend her?”

Rohit panicked and said, “No, no.”

Deepa slapped her hubby lightly and said, “Rahul, don’t you know women can be off-mood sometimes?”

They arrived at the farmhouse. It had a high boundary wall, away from town. It had a big garden, lawn and spacious 3 bedrooms and hall. They all said, “Wow,” in amazement. They didn’t expect it to be so beautiful. There was a cook and watchman. Cook made breakfast.

After they had food, Rahul told them they could take off and that he would call the watchman before checking out. They were very happy with the leave and the tip and left.

Rahul and Deepa said they would go sightseeing and would return by evening.Anita said, “I have a headache. You carry on and take Rohit also.”

Rahul said, “No way, we won’t leave you alone. Rohit, take care of her when we are away.”

After they left, Rohit sat next to Anita and pleaded,” Akka, don’t be angry. I love you so much. It hurts when you are away. It is just I am scared that my sister’s happy marriage might be ruined.”

Anita stood up, pulled him up, and looked at him,” Do you really love me?”Rohit nodded. Anita took his hands and placed them on her tits, and said,” Then show me.”

What happened next was like in the movies: fast-forward scenes. Rohit ripped off her clothes and pulled off his dress, and they were like animals in heat. He licked, sucked and fucked like a hungry lion. She also responded with an equal frenzy.

They fucked on the bed, in the garden. There was a sette under a tree in the garden. Anita loved fucking under the tree shade and open air. When they lay panting, Rohit laughed and said, “Akka, it felt like we never stopped fucking.”They were very hungry and went in and sat at the dining table.

Anita sat in his lap, put salad pieces in pussy, coated with her juices and fed him. They fed each other food lovingly. Again. Rohit was like a parrot, repeating ‘I love you’ and kissing her, sucking, mauling tits and fingering her pussy. They fucked leisurely in bed once the initial storm passed.

Rahul called an hour before returning so that they could complete fucking and get dressed. Deepa could make out that they fucked a lot. The bite and scratch marks on Anita’s neck and cleavage were visible.

Rahul and Deepa were very tired. Rahul had a few drinks. Women had wine, and Rohit had fruit juice. They had an early dinner and went to sleep.

Raj pinged.

Raj: Hi, what is news?

Rohit: Raj, great news. My sister, Bava and Anita Akka, came to visit me. You know what, I fucked Anita Akka, and she is sucking me now.

Raj: Wow. You are not scared of your sister now?

Rohit: Haha. There was no time to feel scared.

Raj: Can I chat with Anita Akka? You told me she is also my fan?Rohit: I don’t know. I will ask. OK. You can chat with her. I am going to lick her.Anita: Hi, Raj. I am Anita.

Raj: Hi, how are you? How is your young fucker?

Anita: Great.

Raj: Did you read Ankita and Anita’s stories?

Anita: Yes, I loved them. In fact, I used the kabaddi idea to seduce Rohit.

Raj: Are you reading our chats aloud to him?

Anita: Yes, why?

Raj: Then keep reading aloud. I was curious to know if you are not aroused when you hug Rahul tight. And Rahul also?

Anita: Hmm, I can feel his hard-on all the time. But we are cousins.

Raj: So what? Ankita and so many girls are fucking brothers. Is Rohit fucking now?

Anita: Yes.

Raj: Tell him my fantasy. I am imagining Rohit is fucking you, and you are sucking Rahul. Deepa is clapping and encouraging.

Anita: Chee, how dirty?

Raj: Is he excited?

Anita: Yes, he is fucking me like an express train.

Raj: And you?

Anita: Hmmmmm, can’t type. I am also giving thrusts.

Raj: OK, I will wait. Ping after he cums.

Rohit and Anita were so excited and fucked wildly, and he collapsed after pumping cum in her pussy. Anita smiled and asked,” What made you so much excited? Tell me, honestly, did you imagine the scene Raj described?”

Rohit tried to deny it and then confessed,” Yes, I found the idea exciting. You are sucking Bava, and he is squeezing your tits as I pound you. What was exciting for you?”

Anita laughed and said,” I won’t tell. You will think bad about me.”

Anita refused, and Rohit kept pleading with her. Finally, Anita said, “What I found most erotic was Deepa clapping and cheering us.” Rohit was shocked and said, “Oh.” Anita hid her face in Rohit’s shoulder shyly and felt Rohit’s cock hardening.

After they washed and had snacks, and were ready for action again. As planned before, Anita sent a message to Deepa to come in when Rohit was licking her.When Deepa entered silently and spoke, “Wow,” Rohit jumped a foot.

He was so deeply engrossed in tasting the juices of Anita’s flowing pussy. He did not hear Deepa entering. Rohit’s cock went down, and he crouched in panic. Anita acted flustered, screamed and covered herself with a blanket.

Deepa smiled sweetly, “You forgot water, so I brought a water bottle. Have fun, enjoy,” and left.

Rohit was stunned. He put on shorts and a T-shirt and sat holding his head in his hands and moaned. Anita sat beside him, hugged him and said soothingly, “Why are you worried? Your sister did not shout or scold you. She told you to enjoy.”

Rohit looked at her. He looked very sad and said, “Deepa is very kind. She won’t show her anguish. How must she be suffering after knowing what a pervert her brother is? What will my Bava think about me?”

As if on cue, there was a gentle knock on the door. Rohit opened the door to find a beaming Rahul. Rahul gave a packet of condoms and said, “Enjoy good night,” and left. Rohit almost fainted and showed Anita the packet of condoms and told her what he said.

Anita laughed and said, “Wow. Now, you know you have your sister and Bava’s blessings.”

Raj pinged, as per plan.

Raj: Hi.

Rohit: Hi, you know a terrible thing happened. My sister walked in when I was licking Akka.

Raj: My God, why were you so careless? You didn’t bolt the door? What was her reaction?

Rohit: I think the door bolt didn’t catch well. Sis was cool. She said she came to give water bottle, and she told us to enjoy and have fun.

Raj: Wow, she didn’t shout or slap you. Good, she saw your cock?

Rohit: No, I was sitting on the floor and licking. That is not the end. Bava came a few minutes later, gave us a packet of condoms and told us to enjoy.

Raj: Now, you fuck Anita Akka without any fear. I know you and Akka were excited by imagining Deepa and Rahul. Continue from where you left.

Rohit: How can I face my sister tomorrow morning?

Raj: How about Akka? How awkward for her to face them? Don’t worry. Act as if nothing happened. Good night.

Rohit fucked Anita and went to sleep after he pumped cum into her pussy. He was quite tired. Anita quietly closed the door and went to Deepa’s bedroom. Deepa was sucking Rahul’s cock, and they were on a video call with Atul and his mom, Sushma.

Atul was licking Sushma, and they were all talking. Sushma asked her daughter-in-law, Anita, “How is the progress with Rohit? You have trained him well?”

Anita said after hugging and kissing Deepa and Rahul. “Yes, Atte. He has enormous energy and is quite horny. All youngsters are like that, I think.”

Deepa left her hubby’s cock and checked Anita’s pussy, and exclaimed, “My god, he pumped so much cum?”

Sushma said, “Deepa, taste it.” Deepa closed her eyes and slurped her brother’s cum.

Atul said, “Now, we should move to the next step. We have 3 days holidays. Tomorrow evening, we will come to the city, you will also reach there. Tomorrow night, Deepa will see their fucking. I will also encourage him. Once Rohit knows that Anita’s hubby also approves, he will be more relaxed.”

Rahul, who was fucking Anita’s mouth, said, “Sushma’s presence will scare him.”

Sushma said firmly as she was riding her son, “No way. I won’t miss my son/hubby for a minute. I will stay in my room and come out only when the coast is clear.”

Everyone laughed. Anita said,” Your hubby is very lucky atte.”

Sushma replied, her voice breaking since she was riding hard and fast, “Yes, naturally. You are only a wife; I am his mom and wife also.”

Rohit groaned as someone tried to wake him up. He thought he was at home and his sister was waking him up as the familiar slaps on his cheeks landed.

Rohit complained, “Akka, let me sleep for a few minutes more.”

Deepa said,” Idiot, Bava and Anita Akka are waiting for you for breakfast.”

The effect was like a bucket of ice-cold water was poured on him. Instantly, he was awake and panicked as he remembered he slept naked. He thanked Anita for covering him up with a blanket. But his hard-on raised a tent, and he wondered if his sister observed.

He said,” OK, I am awake. Give me a few minutes.” When he joined them later, he was relieved to see all were behaving normally, as if nothing happened yesterday.

They had breakfast, played shuttle, cards and some games, went to a few temples, had lunch at a restaurant, and when they were returning, Rahul said, “We all have a long weekend. Let us go to the city. Atul and his mom also are coming there.”

Deepa and Anita smiled when Rohit panicked, “I have some assignments. I cannot come. Give my regards to them.”

Anita said, “It would be rude. You also have 3 days off. What will you do in the hostel alone? Your parents are on a pilgrimage to Tirupati.”

Rohit did not want to meet Atul and his mom. How can he face them? Why do others do not understand his position? He looked at Deepa pleadingly. Deepa said firmly, “Akka is right. They will think you are rude and arrogant if you don’t come with us.”

Rohit did not understand how all were so relaxed and joking, especially Anita Akka. Anita seemed to be in quite high spirits. When they arrived and Anita rang the doorbell, Rohit’s heart was pounding like a war drum. He was scared everyone could hear.

Atul opened the door, and behind him was his mom, Sushma. Both welcomed them, smiling. Anita gave tight hugs to her hubby and mother-in-law. Rohit stood last, behind Deepa. Atul shook hands with Rohit and welcomed him warmly.

Rohit followed Sushma. He admired the shape and provocative dancing of her buttocks and thought, “My God, all women on Deepa’s in-law’s side are super sexy.”

Sushma stepped on a toy car Sachin left on the floor and slipped. Rohit held her instinctively. An electric shock passed through his body, the warm, soft feel of her body and her perfume. The sight of her fabulous cleavage with a mole on her right boob fired him up as her pallu slipped.

Sushma thanked him, and Rohit blushed as he was caught staring at her boobs.They were all seated and talked about general things. Deepa served tea and snacks. Atul and Sushma asked Rohit about his college, studies, hostel and his parents.

He understood they were trying to make him feel comfortable at his sister’s in-law’s house. Deepa and Anita left with their hubbies to change clothes and freshen up. Sushma went to the kitchen, leaving Rohit and Atul alone.

Atul patted Rohit on the shoulder and said, “Relax, I know about you and Anita.”

Rohit jumped a foot and blabbered, “I am sorry, it was a mistake, it is all my fault. Please don’t tell my parents, and don’t punish Anita Akka and Deepa…”

Atul said soothingly,” Hold on, I am not blaming you. It is OK. After my dad passed away, I was in my town, looking after his business. Anita is very passionate and horny and was missing fucking. I felt bad, but you cannot trust outside men. Most men are selfish and cruel. Family prestige could be compromised. Then, I had the idea and asked Anita to seduce you.”

Rohit breathed deeply and said, “It is touching how deeply you love Anita Akka.”

Atul said seriously, “Make her happy. But, I have to warn you, most young men will be tempted to boast. If you breathe a word to your friends or share pics and videos, I will ruin you.”

Rohit laughed and said, “Bava, you don’t know how much I love and respect Anita Akka. If anyone even thinks about hurting her, I will smash him before you.”

Deepa, Anita and their hubbies changed into casual dresses and came down. Rohit’s eyes popped out. Anita put on a sexy night dress, a strapless gown, above her knees, showing thighs and a little cleavage.

Deepa’s dress was a little more decent, a sleeveless T-shirt, more like a tight banian and a skirt above her knees. Rohit ran to Deepa and whispered in her ear,” What are you doing? Go and change into a decent dress. Aunty is here.”

Sushma laughed and said, “We are not so conservative. I give freedom to them to wear what is comfortable. Rohit, you also change clothes.”

Rohit said, “It is OK, aunty. I came directly, and I did not have time to go to the hostel to bring clothes.”

Rahul said, “No issues. I have a new T-shirt and shorts. You can have them.”

Rohit went to a bedroom and changed. The T-shirt was quite tight, and his rippling muscles and gym-toned body contours were embarrassingly displayed. Even though the shorts were tight, the bulge in the crotch was apparent. What was worrying was if he had a hard-on, there was no way to hide.

The T-shirt was not long enough. When he joined them, men were having drinks, and women were arranging dinner. Rohit refused an offer of whiskey and beer; he had not yet started. Three dining table chairs were pulled away while the other three were in place. Rohit asked Anita why.

Sushma said, “Anita’s mom, Rekha, started a novel tradition. Wives and hubbies feed each other. She says that will bring them closer and more attached. Each will know the likes. Dislikes of the other and how they prefer to eat.”

Rohit said, “True, it is a very good tradition.”

Men finished their drinks and sat on the dining tables that were away from the dining table. Rohit sat on a chair close to the dining table.

Sushma asked, “Why are you sitting there? Sit next to Atul and Rahul.”

Rohit smiled and said, “Aunty, I am not married, so I don’t have the privilege.”

Sushma pulled him by the arm. “Why? I am like your mother; I can feed you.”Rohit protested that his mom stopped feeding him by hand after he went to school. Deepa, Anita and Sushma took plates filled dishes and started feeding partners by hand.

Rohit was quite embarrassed. His face was at the level of Sushma’s tits. She stood very close to him, and he could actually see her boobs go up and down with her breathing. Her one layer of pallu was unable to hide the beauty of her full, ripe melons.

Rohit’s cock became hard and rigid. Rohit had to face her since she was feeding him. He tried looking at her face, and her sexy eyes and seductive smile were also equally enticing.

It was like any normal family dinner time. They were talking about Sachin’s schooling, Divya’s smartness, shopping, movies and general things except for the sexy dresses of women and casual touching hugs of Anita.

To be continued.

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