Anita Aur Rani Garmi Mein

It was after a long time that Anita went to her village near Ghazipur to attend her cousin’s wedding. It was as usual hot and humid with irregular power supply. She reached just a day before and was already missing the comforts of the city where her husband ran a flourishing business. But she was happy and ready to tolerate the discomfort as her mother, father & all her cousins came together for this wedding.

Suddenly she saw a familiar face among the people in the house. She immediately recognized it was her close school friend Rani. Rani got married a few years before Anita and she was now living in the same village as her husband was an assistant ticket collector at the nearest railway station. Rani was a mother of 2 daughters and a year old son. Rani looked voluptuous with her boobs almost double the size of Anita’s boobs. She looked sexy. They talked and talked.

After the dinner was over and all the men had gone about their routine, Rani took Anita to her house to sleep on the terrace where her two daughters were already sleeping and they continued chatting. It was better on the terrace and the soon the topic turned to sex.

Anita: Rani, tu har jagah se bhar gayi hai. Tere pati bahut maze kar rahe hain.

Rani: Tere pati nahin karte hain kya ? Tub hi bhar gayi hai. tere bhi momme bade ho gaye hain.

Rani jokingly touched and gently squeezed Anita’s boobs. Anita felt shy.

Anita: Karte hain par unke sar par toh paise or business ka bhoot sawaar hai.

Rani: Aajkal ye bhi night duty karke aate hain aur din bhar sote hi rahte hain. Mujhe bahut gussa aataa hai. Raat ko bhi jaldi hi so jaate hain.

They both told each other their suhagraat experiences and what their husbands liked. Suddenly Rani’s son who was sleeping started to cry. Rani turned his side pulled her blouse and started feeding him.After 5 minutes, Rrani turned towards Anita but her right breast was still out of the blouse. In faint light Anita could see the Rani’s full breast. She wanted to tell Rani but she did not as she wanted to see more.

What Anita did not know was that Rani intentionally kept her breast open for Anita to see. Heat and sex talk had already put Anita to mood and open breast of Rani was making her feel pleasure between her legs.

Anita: Rani, tere momme bahut ache aur bahut bade hain.Rani: Tere bhi to kaafi bade ho rahe hain.

And Rani removed Anita’s pallu and caught her boob as she said this.Anita became bolder and she also put her hand on Rani’s bare breast and gently squeezed it. Warm milk flowed on her fingers. Anita then instinctively lowered her head and put her mouth on Rani’s breast and with her other hand she freed Rani’s other breast also.Rani guided the nipple to Anita’s mouth. Anita started sucking the breast and she was rewarded with sweet milk. She soon emptied the breast. Rani moved a little so that Anita can suck her other breast as well. Anita soon started sucking hungrily while her hand reached her own pussy.

Rani removed her blouse completely and she asked Anita:Rani: Anita, tu apne nahin dikhayegi kya ?

Anita unhooked her blouse but she was wearing a bra as well. Rani reached to unhook Anita’s bra and freed her breasts.

Rani moved so that her nipples pressed Anita’s nipples. She began rubbing her nipples against Anita’s. Anita’s nipples became wet with Rani’s breast milk. Rani then licked and sucked Anita’s nipples.She hugged Rani tightly and put her hand on Rani’s big butts and began squeezing them. She then lifted Rani’s Saree and started rubbing her butts. Rani immediately reached to Anita’s pussy and started rubbing it quickly. Anita was moaning in pleasure.Anita asked Rani to lie on her belly as she wanted to see Rani’s butts which were round and big. Anita licked Rani’s butts while her hand played with Rani’s breasts every now and then. She was now gently biting Rani’s butts.

Rani turned and hugged Anita. Anita was now on the top of Rani. Rani was kissing Anita.

Now Anita lowered herself so that she could suck Rani’s breasts. Rani was continuously rubbing Anita’s pussy. Anita kept sucking Rani’s breasts one after the other and with one hand started rubbing Rani’s pussy. Rani hit the orgasm but Anita did not yet.

Rani sat up and took Anita on her lap, offered her breasts to Anita. She knew Anita was now hungry for her breast milk. While Anita was sucking Rani’s breasts, Rani lifted Anita’s saree. Anita was wearing panty which Rani removed and slipped her middle figure into Anita’s wet cunt and fingered her while her thumb rubbed the cunt from outside. Soon Anita reached the orgasm.

Both were sweating too much. Rani wore her blouse and both composed themselves. And she was also shocked with herself as just had a sexual experience with another woman. She saw many scenes in which woman having sex with another woman on the computer, it used to arouse her but she never imagined that she would be doing this. Anita was amazed how Rani knew all these things.

Anita: Rani, tumhe pata hai, hamne abhi jo kiya hai usko angrji mein lesbians kehte hain.

Rani: Pata hai. Tumhare shehar mai hi nahin, ab yahaan bhi internet aa gaya hai. Mobile par bahut kuchh dikhaate hain mere pati. Tumhe dekhne ke baad mujhe bhi tumse mazaa karne ki icchha hui, isiliye chhote ko doodh pilane ke baad maine apni choochi bahar hi rakhi. Maine dekha ki tum lagatar meri choochi hi dekh rahi ho toh mai samajh gayi.

Anita hugged Rani and thanked her for the fun.

Rani: Tu waapis jaakar mujhe bhool jaayegi.

Anita: Nahin mei Rano… mai tumhe kabhi nahin boolungi, meri zindagi ki sabse mazedaar raat hai ye.

Anit, again started sucking Rani’s breast for more milk as she said this.

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