Ann And Me: Giving Her A Surprise

Okay, here I am writing the continuation of my previous story. Here is a brief recap of the last story if you haven’t read it.

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Steve, an impotent and useless husband called me on demand of his wife, Ann and wanted my service. Upon their request, Steve, me and Ann met and I had a quick session with An inside the car. Read from here

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Steve came back with a top and leggings. Me and Ann were still inside the car, drenched in each other’s sweat. She had just given me a deep throat blowjob and she was stark nude. I once again looked into her tempting body, and was marvelled by such a body. As already mentioned, hers was a body meant only to devour. I just pulled her closer to me and gave her a pinch in her navel.

Me : Don’t wear that dress now. I might tear it up before we reach the resort.

Ann laughed and replied that she will be more ectastic if I do so. Steve continued driving and I could see from Ann that she was enjoying it. Not only the taste of sex, but the humiliation we were giving to Steve.

Ann: Karthik, these two days, I want to forget everything. No doubt you will help me with it.

I had thought of her only as an unsatisfied brat all the way, but for the first time since meeting her, I saw a woman who really wanted to forget about the world and enjoy with utmost freedom. I like bold, limitless woman, not to mention such a hot piece like her.

Me : I will help more than you could take.

Ann : Ha, I want to see that too.

Me : Are you enjoying this Steve?

Steve kept silent for some minutes and then slowly shook his head in agreement.

Me: What exactly did you like the most?

Ann laughed at this question and barked at her hubby to give an answer.

Steve : Ann acting as your bitch.

Ann gave a moan of excitement when my fingers reached her pussy. I slowly started to rub her pussy.

My dick was slowly rising again, with all these talks. I went to kiss her. She purposely blocked me and said no more sessions before we hit the resort.

Me : Let us reach the resort. I will eat you as a whole.

I gave a small bite in her cheeks and pulled her soft cheeks with my teeth. She laughed and altered her dress which was made reck by my finger activity.

In two hours, we reached Mahabalipuram and checked into the resort. Ours was a nice plot with an open view to the sea.

As soon as the resort custodian went away, I pulled her close to me and started smooching her. I held Ann in her hip and my hands went down to her ass crack. I crushed her bumbs with my fingers touching her asshole. I tore of her dress and she fell in the bed because of my ferocious use of her body. I lowered her leggings and threw it away.

Me : You won’t be using that for the next day

Ann : I don’t want to. Treat me like you treat your private bitch Karthik.

I looked at the most fuckable body in the world l, lying with pure lusty invitation infront of me, stark nude. Her 34-24-36 body with hourglass figure, I must admit again that I have never seen anything like that hot.

Steve wanted to go out, but Ann shouted at him to stay. I also wanted him to feel the heat. So I undressed completely with my 8 inch hard tool waiting to go inside Ann’s love hole. I sat opposite of the bed, and asked Steve to undress as well.

Steve removed all his dress and stood there with his tiny cock.

Me : Will you suck my toe Steve?

His face was too helpless and he knew he didn’t have any options. He came to me, sat on floor and took my feet in his hands and started sucking my toes. Ann was laughing seeing this.

Me : Now will you suck hers?

Steve didn’t say anything, and was about to stand.

Me: No no. Crawl to her.

He was showing a sad face, but I knew that he was enjoying this as well. He crawled to her and before touching her leg, I gave a slap to him and pushed him away.

Me : Never dare to touch her when I am here. She is not your wife, she is my bitch.

Ann gave me a look which said that she liked the way I spoke.

Me : See how I treat her. And remember, never try to touch even her legs when I am here. She is all mine.

I took her leg and started sucking her fingers. Her leg was so clean, and the black nail polish she used was smelling nice. I sucked her fingers, and occasionally bite them, for which she gave an acknowledgement of soft moan.

I reached her legs and kissed her all the way to her thighs. Her inner thighs, were meaty and soft. She was breathing heavily and I could see my trimmed face was doing wonders in her lovely thighs. I kissed her pussy and started sucking it. I sucked for five minutes and then she climaxed.

Steve was trying to masturbate and I entered her pussy. I was rock hard, and started fucking her real hard. It was not a romantic one which we describe as love making. It was raw sex. I pushed deep with my 8 inch tool and she was shrieking with pleasure. Her soft hands were strangled with both my hands. I was occasionally kissing all her body part, biting it the way I love to leave bite marks on soft fleshy bodies.

I fucked her hard for ten-fifteen minutes and I climaxed with heavy pushings. I am sure that she was never fucked like that before. I fell on her body, and we wanted to sleep.I asked Steve to go out. Steve and Ann both looked at me. I winked at Ann and said ‘Surprise’. Ann ordered him to go out for sometime and have food. He went out, and we didn’t had any food.

So I called the resort service and ordered food and deserts. Ann raised from the bed.

Me: Where are you going?

Ann : The food service will be here now. Let me dress.

Me : No dear. Don’t dress, I know you love to flaunt that hot body of yours. Just do that.

I caught her ass and pulled her close to me. I was sitting in the bed with her huge ass crushed by my hand. I started sucking her boobs which were not sagging, but firm and her nipples were pointing straight. I sucked her boons with my tongue playing the most sexiest thing, tickling her nipples. Her soft giggles were boosting me.

I relaxed and saw her boobs were bathed in my saliva. The bell rang and it was our food delivery. I asked her to pretend like sleep and flaunt her body. She quickly went inside a soft white bed sheet, and slept with her back showing up. Her legs were apart from each other. Her whole body structure could be decoded through that thin sheet. Her ass was mounted, and the sheet was lined tight to her hot body.

I wrapped a towel and went to attend the bell. The service boy was around my age (23) and was neatly dressed. I asked him to keep the food inside.

As soon as he went inside, I saw his face completely clueless on what he was seeing. She was gaping at the sheet-worn hot body of Ann. I asked him to serve the food. He did and was looking at her body, every time he got a chance.

After serving food, he was about to go, but I insisted him to stay. I then called Ann to have food. She pretend to wake up from a deep sleep, and stretched her hands to ward off the sleep. When she stretched her hands, the bedsheet fell from her body giving the complete view of her curvy back, as she was facing against us. The service boy was shell-shocked. He was completely disturbed.

Ann knew how to play this game. She used that bedsheet as a dress, thus covering only from her boobs, to her ass. Half of her ass was still visible. She came to the table, and was about to sit.

I told her that don’t sit there and made me sit on my lap. I held her tightly and gave a kiss in her cheek.

Me : How did you sleep?

Ann : You left me too tired. I slept to my content.

Service boy : Can I leave sir?

Me : What has they told you about serving customers?

SB: Attend to all their needs with commitment.

Me : That is what you will do. Stay here, and attend to our needs.

He was puzzled and surely freaking. He was just a boy like me, maybe not as good to girls as me, and maybe it was the first time he was seeing such a hot girl, in such a bitch like avatar so close.

We ate the food. She fed me, and I fed her. We didn’t forget to tease the boy with sucking each other’s fingers and eating from each other’s mouth. Her bedsheet, which she used to cover her was almost out of position and a lot of portion of her boobs were seen.

After the food, we went for desserts. I realized that it was time for some action.

Me : How is your Halwa ?

SB : Very good sir. The best in the city. Everybody who have eaten it has praised it.

Me : Have you ever tasted it ?

SB : No sir. It is exclusive for the customers who book luxurious cottage.

Ann : Oh poor kid. You haven’t even taken one bit?

She stretched her hand up and gave a full view of her milky boobs, and soft waxed hands and armpits. He suddenly looked away and replied politely “No madam”.

Ann : Such a shame. I think he deserves one. Don’t he, Karthik ?

Me : Sure.

I took a piece of Halwa, it was so velvety and soft. I creamed it in Ann’s pussy.

Me : Come on, taste it.

He looked at her pussy and Ann threw away the sheet. She then stood up with all her glory and commanded him to taste it.

As told before, my guess was correct. He hadn’t been with anyone half hot as Ann. He went into his fours and started eating her pussy. He ate it like he had never tasted anything as delicious as her pussy. He sucked and licked her pussy for five minutes and then she had an orgasm. he drank that too.

After the fun, she fell on my lap again. He looked at her like a hungry child looking at the greatest feast ever.

SB : Sir, can I fuck Madam?

Me and Ann both laughed at the question. I looked at Ann. She gave a naughty smile to me and asked that service boy to show his cock. He was in cloud nine and showed his cock, which was slightly bigger than Steve’s. Just 5 inch or so.

Ann : You want me to fuck with that tiny thing. Get lost boy.

I suddenly raised and asked him to get out, and threatened him that I will report. He was looking petrified with my sudden outburst and took the tray and got out. When he went out, Steve came in, and was wondered at seeing a waiter leaving our cottage, adjusting his pants.

Me : Don’t worry Steve. I won’t allow anyone else to fuck her when I am here. She is my sweet, and I kissed her.

I smooched her hard, sucking her juicy lips. She pulled me and said we will go out. It was evening and she wanted to go to beach.

Ann : It was nice, with that boy. Tonight, you will have a surprise.

I kissed her again. She went to bathroom for pee and I went to change my dress.

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