Ann And Me – Story Won Me A Prize

Hi. This is Karthik again with another scintillating story, only this time it is too special and real. I never thought writing stories on ISS would help me to encounter a real incident, but it happened last week. I am writing this story with the consent of the people involved in it, but have changed their names for the obvious reason. Feel free to message me at [email protected]

After my last story, I got a few emails, but most of them were deprived guys who wanted contact numbers of the ladies I described about. Readers should know that I am not a pimp. So please stop asking for contacts.

Among the emails I received, one guy named Steve was particularly interested in knowing my body stats and taste in sex. I thought he was a gay, but as we chat continuously, he revealed that she is married and couldn’t satisfy his wife. I had read stories of impotent husbands, and voyeurism, but I never thought there are people like that who really wanted to see their wives getting banged by a stranger. So I was hesitated to chat with him believing that he is a fake.

We continued short chat for a week and I changed my mind. He was trustworthy and highly educated. He was an entrepreneur raised from Kerala, but he had inherited his father’s business at Chennai, where he and his wife lives. When he compelled too much, I gave him my number and I shared some of my pics. He was fascinated by my charm and well toned body. He wanted to see my hard-on cock as well, but I refused to give it to him before sharing his wife pic.

Then he sent some of her pics which they have both posed on. He was looking good but looked like a soft doll. But it is a crime to describe her with words, because she was savagely sexy with light brown colour. I don’t know why that guy wanted to share such a hot piece of fuck, but I was desperate to fuck her by all means. I also sent him pictures of my brown 8inch stunner.

He told that they live in the family circle, who are all raised in Kerala, but had shifted to Chennai for career. He told me the truth that his penis is too short and barely holds the hardness for 3 mins. They had been married for only 2 months and now he is afraid that she may ask for divorce which would defame him, or will start an extra marital affair which would defame their family name.

Me: That’s why you need me, to satisfy your wife for once?

Steve: No. You can do it with her as many times as she wants it. She had read your story and has asked me to contact you.

I was ready to fuck her, but I wanted to play with him so that I could hear him begging me to fuck her. So I told him that it is difficult for me to come to Chennai whenever she wants. Before I could think more, he started to beg me for it. He even offer my big amount of money for it. He said he will do anything, if I treat his wife the way she wants.Me: It is good to hear, Steve. What’s her name?

Steve: Ann. She is even beautiful than in the pictures.

Me: Explain her body. I want to her from you how beautiful and sexy your wife is. Say it with the right choices of words, so you can impress me. My service depends on how fruitfully you describe her.

Steve: She is 25 year-old and we have been married for two months. Ann is 5 feet 6 inches height with a real seducing face as you have already seen it in the pictures. Her glittering eyes and thick juicy lips definitely make her face the most sexiest. She weighs 50-55 and has a soft skin with light brownish colour, like butterscotch. You will find it easy to lift and have sex in standing position, and she is smooth as slick, and will melt like ice cream in your muscular hands.

Me: You are doing well. Go on.

Steve: Her stats is 34-24-36 with an hourglass body, with deep navel. I have seen many people trying touch her, though they poke a friendly face, I know all they want is fuck her badly. She also love to talk about and watch well built men, and that is why I am more afraid that she will do sex with some one in my company. I can’t allow some friend of mine to do it with her as it will make me a useless. That’s why I said okay when she talked about you.

Me: Well done Steve. You have successfully managed to agree me for having sex with your slutty wife. Ask her to call me when she wants.

The conversation ended this way and that night I was looking her photo and masturbating. She was damn hot even without revealing her skin. I was sure that any man would do anything to bang her. As soon as I came, my phone rang and it was Steve.

Me: Hello Steve.

Ann: I am not mu useless husband.

Ann had a pleasant voice, which oozed with style and commanding nature. We talked a lot about other things, mainly our interests and hobbies.

Ann: You are a real dirty mind Karthik. I read your chat and saw how cunningly you made my hubby beg for it. Anyway, I liked it.

Me: It is just a trick. I am sure you were damn horny seeing Steve asking me for having sex with you.

She laughed and agreed that she enjoyed it. I also confessed that the earlier stories were fake which gave me a more honest look.

Me: You are more dirtier than me. Otherwise you would have never asked him to call a stranger.

She asked me to wait for a second and howled at Steve to make a Salad. She giggled and told that she always want a salad after dinner. I made a note in my mind.

Ann: I never tell him. I command him. This fool thinks I will leave him or will have sex with some other guy that will be bad for himself and his family. This is the life I chose. I have a rich husband who is fool. A rich cuck husband who arranges studs for his wife. What else could a girl ask for?

Me: Don’t tell me you didn’t do sex with strangers after your marriage. I can’t believe a hyper-sex addict like would keep idle.

Ann: You know my mind already. I had done it with my gym trainer, two weeks after my marriage. He is a Punjabi bull. Other than that I have done with my boyfriend, who is in France, and only comes once in a year. I had to go to my family place in Cochin for meeting him. I love him riding me.

Me: You are getting enough. Then why do you need me?

Ann: Nothing is enough in sex. Apart from that, Steve doesn’t know about my sex adventures. He thinks I am still untouched by other men. But I wanted you since I read your story. do you take me for a fool to reject a free sex offer made by my own impotent husband.

We laughed over it and decided to meet the next week. Steve booked a resort for us in Mahabalippuram and told that he will accompany us. The day before my trip to Chennai, I called Ann and told her to get ready for her second honeymoon. She retracked saying that it will be her first as her honeymoon with Steve to Seychelles was nothing with all Steve did was fingering pussy and sucking her ass.

I reached Chennai morning itself and they were waiting for me outside the airport. She was looking dazzling in her yellow full sleeve top and printed short fork. I gave a firm shake-hand to Steve. I went to Ann and gave her a tight hug. There was slight wind and her hair was loosened and was blowing my face. I gave a slight kiss in her cheeks and let my hand down to hold her waist and pull her more closer to me.

She was startled by my actions in the public, but she thoroughly enjoyed it and gave a mischievous smile for impressing her. Ann and I looked towards Steve and he was very nervous seeing us showing lust in public. He came close to us and was really worried that someone who they knows will see this. He said “Please, not here”

Ann gave him a firm look and I could see him withdrawing from us. The car was parked a bit farther, so we started walking towards the parking area. When I tried to take my travel bag, Ann resisted me

Ann : Don’t worry about it. Steve will take care of it. You can carry me if you want.

I smiled with her. She ran her fingers through my nose and caught my lips. She pulled my lower lips and said “Steve will do everything, Karthik. All you want to do is keep me engaged”. I thought of kissing her. Steve was walking very fast to the car parking area like running away from us. We followed him. I was holding her through her waist and we were like newly wed couples, as I was 23 and she was 25.

We walked slowly, and I occasionally gave a pinch in her hips, which made her jump in pain and pleasure. I tried to grab her huge ass, but she told “not here”.

When we reached the car, Steve had already started it and was desperate to go far from here. But she went to the driver’s seat and yelled at him

“Stupid, Open the doors for us”. A few people looked at us, and she came back to my arms. He was really humiliated and came to open the doors quickly”. As soon as we entered, he quickly drove it out of the airport area. Now we had a 2 hour journey ahead of us to Mahabalipuram. Ann was in a call with someone, so I hungrily waited. Her 34B boobs were fighting against her tight yellow top. It covered the whole upper body of her, but it did nothing against the seducing nature it gave. Her body shape was evident.

I thanked my stars for the hourglass figure sitting beside me. I carried her into my lap and her huge ass was placed between my thighs.

I was ready to make her initiate the act. She took my face and gave a qild bite to my nose. I bite back her sexy lips and it was soon a frantic smooch. We were so high with each others mouth, and I started swallowing her tongue. I slowly grinded her tongue with my teeth and tasted each other’s saliva. I led my hands beneath her skirt and as guess she hadn’t worn panty. I started fingering her while kissing. I wanted to rip apart her top and taste those big mangoes. I cupped her cheek and bit it with my teeth.

Steve was looking frequently through the mirror and I was sure he was enjoying it as well. Ann saw it as well and asked Steve to stop the car. It was a deserted area and he stopped the car. We stopped the wild bitings and fingering

Ann: Steve, show Karthik your tool, show it to him.

Steve: Ann please, this is roadside.

Ann: The fuck I care. Show it to him.

Steve had no other way and opened her zip, Me and Ann looked it and saw a hard cock which will be not more than 4 inches. It was really hard seeing his wife getting enjoyed by me.

Me: Oh poor Steve, what a shame. No wonder this sexy devil called me. You can’t satisfy her ever. She is such a piece of art. People will pay you millions to fuck her. But don’t worry about losing her. Keep her happy with money and obedience. I will treat her the way she want.

Ann bite my ear, and grabbed my rock hard cock.

Ann: Let’s see how big it is

She unzipped me and my 8.5inch tool jumped up. She was fascinated seeing it, and whispered in my ear in a sexy tone that she never had this big.

Ann: Look at this. Two times bigger than yours. I want it inside me all the time.

Ann gulped my balls and started sucking it. I lost all my control and tore apart her top from her backside. She was sucking the full length with such passion and wild, her tooth gave me a slight enjoyable pain as well. I started kissing the backside of her, as it was the only thing I could do as she was giving me a terrific blowjob.

After a string of wild blowing, she slowed her act, this time licking the whole length without speed. Just going up and down my rode with her juicy tongue. My cock was bathed in her saliva, and I took her and made me sat in my lap.

I then entered my tool inside her love hole and started fucking her. It was a really wild fuck and she was sitting inside the car, in my lap in my same position and I bagged her boobs which was very firm. Her boobs were not at all sagging and I love firm boobs. I bit her backside and occasionally pulled her hair with one hand to keep her face near mine, so that I could, kiss bite and lick her cheeks and ears.

I drilled her for almost 20 minutes and she climaxed atleast twice. Her top was completely torn, and so was her skirt. I made sure my dick lost its strength and I gave another wild kiss to her. When we looked up, Steve was desperately trying to finish his masturbating. Her dick couldn’t keep up the hardness for more than two minutes, and he was very much perspiring even in the AC.

Ann: Don’t stop finish it. We will continue it for a bit more so you could finish it. See and learn from him how to treat a girl.

She kissed my neck and even though, I wasn’t hard I tried to bite her neck back and smooch her lips. We kissed for 10 more minutes and I was almost hard again when Steve ejaculated. And soon his small dick was powerless. I continued fondling her ass with both my hands and sucking her boobs. She was stark naked and he continued driving.

Within 45 minutes we reached Mahabalippuram and I was hard again to be back in action.

Ann asked to stop the car, and asked Steve to go and buy something for her to wear.

Steve: Take something from your bag.

I took his neck from behind and commanded him to obey her. He went out and he liked the way I dealt with him.

Ann: I like it. Let him know that uou are my macho man.

Me: What have you brought with you?

Ann: Who will bring dresses when she all wants is get fucked, fucked and more fucked. All I have is my body, some cosmetics and two pairs of bikini, and another dress for the return trip.

We laughed and my tool was damn high again. He slowly stroked it with her hands, and her soft hands rans through my weapon. She went down and started sucking it, as wildly as she did before. Sucking it hard for sometime, and when I was reaching climax, she will stop and only use her tongue. She definitely knew how to make me want it.

I held her head by her hair, after she continued teasing me for 10 minutes and strongly fucked her mouth, and I fingered her wildly. I cloaked her mouth to and fro for 5 more minutes before I came in her mouth. She drank that all as if she didn’t want to lose a drop of it. Even after it was finished she sucked it, she was sucking my tool with moaning before she came. It was a nice orgasm with very high moaning.

Steve came back and be was damn afraid because we were sure the moans would have reached places.

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