Anna Nagar Aunty In Theater – Part 3

Hi friends, SORRY for the long delay as I was busy with many stuffs in life, for those who don’t know me a small intro.

This is my third story ever in Indian Sex Stories so please bear with any mistakes only name has been changed for identity purpose. First let me introduce myself Vinay (name changed) a 23 year old teenage boy finished my bachelors in CSE from a well reputed college in Chennai lives in Adayar looking after my dad’s business and live with my family. I myself call as the “king of sex” no offense due to my high appetite of sex because I started to watch porn from the age of 11 during 6th std itself because the school I studied its CV (chettinad vidhyashram) and the students over there and I was spoiled by my friends over there.I am a fan of ISS for the past 8 years and here I am penning down my real life incident this is the continuation of Anna Nagar aunty in theater part 2

I regularly go for rowing and swimming so have a pretty fit body with 6 feet height fair complexion and a decent size cock of 6 inches length and 3 inches thick.Any unsatisfied,lonely or widowed aunties and girls from adayar annanagar and allover Chennai can contact me @ [email protected] or through wechat my id id”slave for females” so there will b no need to share numbers for a secrete private and an awesome heavenly relationship and identity will b confidential.

Here the story begins

After the encounter in navallur I was busy with life but nit any sexual satisfaction was there I felt frustrated then she came to my mind and I asked her for meeting she also said she missed my HOT ROD so she said we will go for movie one more time then I was so happy and decided t dare and fuck her there itself.

So what I did is I bought a beer Budweiser which I got from a friend of mine and took it and went to meet her at the day which was fixed and when I went to meet her I was just stunned cos she has become more lean hot and sexy she just gave a sexy grin which was so hot and sexy. People anyone who would be in my place would have your dick to salute then and there that much she was sexy with great boobs and hot ass in that purple sexy saree ……

Then I picked her up from koyambedu and again we went to same rohini movie park while going on my bike she was pressing her boobs on my back and was caressing my dick through my pant saying I missed it a lot my dear and my dick started to ooze precum then we went to the theater faster and went for a Tamil movie called tharai thappatai,the lights were off the movie got started and our row completely was empty only we 2 were there so it was advantage for us we started to smooch vigorously I sucked her lower lip and upper lip for 20 long minute we where smooching then we both separated to catch some breath

After that long smooch we again got into smooching but this time our tongues where fighting for long we both where exchanging our juices and then she whispered make me yours darling then I lifted her saree and rubbed her thighs nicely then knelled down between her legs and kissed her inner thighs and outer thighs and her pussy started to ooze out the juices its aroma was so inviting so I just dug in my face and started to lick her pussy directly and she just suppressed her moans and started pushing my head in deeper more inside

After 15 mins of licking she came like hell with huge moan due to the movie sounds it was not heard by any one more over there was hardly less peoples only and then I went to my seat back and kissed her again then she asked me to play with her milk tanks which I did with utter pleasure I just took her saree aside and removed her blouse hooks and her boobs where nice hard as a soft ball so nice to squeeze and milk it her nipples where 1 inch long and I started sucking it she was nibbling my ears with her teeth and started finger her again by lifting her saree and made her cum one more with moans like hmm ahhhh ssss …… ahhh you are making me to see heaven dear like that she moaned and said my husband is a total waste

Then it was time for interval and I said to her I have a surprise for her then I asked her to close her eyes then took the beer tin and asked her to open her eyes after seeing it she was surprised and said I love you then I gave her the beer by opening it and cheered her then after taking a sip she gave some to me and I also drank then again the interval got over and the movie started again this time after taking sip she exchanged it to me through kissing which was so romantic of her then we both where doing this repeated until the beer got over then she was high due to the beer effect and was blabbering like I want your dick inside me for one whole day, make me yours here itself blah blah all sorts of thing then I asked her to give me blow Job right now which she did delight fully and took me to cloud nine she was blowing me for 10 long minutes and made me cum with very huge loads and drank my cum mm all in her and said its soo tasty and I want it inside my pussy also she said.

Then I again started to eat her boobs she was making my cock ready by giving hand job and we where simultaneously smooching sometimes then my cock was ready once again and I asked her shall I fuck you here itself then she said ohh yes I want this for a long time then I took condom out and wore it made her to lay down on the floor there itself it was clean then I lifted her saree and when into missionary position and she took my dick in her hand and guided me inside her it was pretty tight and was little bit difficult to enter as she is being fucked after a long time and after some struggle half my dick went in her

Then again I pulled out and gave thrust with little force then full length of my dick went in I started to fuck her in slow rhythms for 10 minutes then she said she want it hard I was ramming her as a steam engine she was shouting with moans to stop that I was smooching her for a long time then after total of 25 minutes rigorous fucking I said her I am about to come the she said I want to drink it once again then I got up and sat on my seat by kneeling down itself she removed the condom from my dick and took it in with two strokes of blowjob she made me to come spurts after spurts after spurts nicely and made my dick clean and licked it nicely then she came up and smooched me and said the women who sleeps with you are so lucky she said then we arranged our clothes and watched the movie for some time and left when it was nearing its end as don want to get caught by any one inside the theater.


That’s all friends in the next series ill write down how I went to her home and fucked her there and took her ass virginity replies are welcomed especially from ladies can contact me @ [email protected] identity will be confidential. And wechat id is “slaveforfemales” as there is no need to share your number by using we-chat. Lonely desperate unsatisfied divorced and widowed ladies from Chennai can contact me age no bar privacy and secrecy will be maintained

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