Anshupriya Ki Chudi Jungle Me

Hello readers I am Ravi Sharma Punjabi by nature aur me Delhi ka rahna wala ho aur aap ka samne apni ek story la kar aaya ho ye baat aaj se koi two month pahle ki hai, First of I am story for the grammar mistake which I made.

I am the student of engineering final year and my college is in Haryana far away from the high way about 50 km and the traffic is too low on that road which is going to my college.

This is a story of the sex between me and my classmate Anshupriya which is happen in the small forest near our college. She is really a sex bomb and each and every boy of the class wants her in his bed. She is the girl who have affair with many boys in the college.

I am not interested in him till last six month as I told u my college is far away from the highway so I am not be feeling comfortable to do up down daily because from Delhi my college is about 130 km which take around 3 hours for one side so I stay in hostel of my college and she too.

Now come on story which starts around four months ago. Anshupriya is from Bihar and her father is Doctor she is a girl which with hot feature and of blackish look as all Bihari look mostly. She is around 20 and she has 34 D boobs, nice buttock and she is very pretty.

Her height should be around 5’7″ and she like to wearing modern dress in college time due to which her curves visible clearly. One day we are studying in our class and having a lecture of Management some boys are continually commenting her.

I am sitting in middle of my class and she is in first row. I’m listing them from last half an hour and I got irate due to useless commenting on her as I told and she also start crying and not able to make them stop so I make those boy quit and she pass me smile but till now I not interested in her so I take is causal but in evening when I came for snacks in canteen she come to and said

Anshupriya: I want to talk to you?Me: Haan boloAnshupriya: Mujha tum sa akla me kuch baat karni hai

To me us ka saaat canteen sa baar aa gaya vo boli ki thank you jo tum aaj mera leya ki to mena ussa kaha ki my pleasure and after that we talk for around two hour continually and she became comfortable with me and we exchange our number because.

I am a different boy who can’t make any cheap behaviour as college boy do. She goes to her hostel room in evening 7 after that she called me in 11 o’clock in the night. I am studying in room and she talk to me that night for 3 hour till 2 o’clock in morning.

Next day in class she sits with me and then days pass she became very much comfortable with me and after sometime our talks drifted to every topic including sex. She started it by asking have you done sex. I said No and asked her same thing but she never answered my question but I know that she had but we never try it because we are only friends.

I told you in starting that my college is in Haryana and road to my college is have no heavy traffic and there is a small forest near our college which have a good lake view as we have allow to go to forest and one day she said that she want to go in forest because she is getting bore very much in hostel because there is no one as it is beginning of new session.

And me and she take permission to go and we walk about 1 km in forest sky became cloudy and rain start heavily it is not possible to go back hostel so we move forward to get shelter under some tree as we move we see a small house we both move their before reaching their and we became fully wet after reaching we both try to make our self-dry because.

I carry a bag with me in which I kept a first aid and towel but due to cold she is shivering so I made a bonfire there and we both try to get dry and we are talking causal and after some time she said,

Anshupriya: I love you Ravi you have helped me a lot please love me please make love with me on hearing her words I understood her intensions and said.

Me: you know what are you saying? She said

Anshupriya: Ravi I know what and I’m saying please love me please make me yours and then I hugged her tightly and kissed her neck our breath grew heavier and heavier I said

Me: I love you too Anshupriya you are too sexy and I like your figure very much and I dreamt of making love with you from the day I saw you and picked her up in my arms. Anshupriya start kissing me on my lips as I carried her to the concrete slab nearby and put her on the Slab. I sat beside her and kissed her lips and our tongue met in a long deep and wet kiss. I said

Me: Anshupriya I love you from the day I saw you I really wanted to fuck you she saidAnshupriya: I too want you to fuck me Ravi please love me please fuck me hard I am too horny and we kissed each other again. After sometime I took her towel as she was wearing in doing so I touched her boobs to which she closed her eyes.

I caught her shoulder and made her lay on the bed. I bent over her and kissed her lips again she was cooperating me. I lay beside her and hugged her and she said slowly

Anshupriya: Ravi please don’t waste time I want you to fuck me now as she was very horny. I was shocked by her straight forwardness and I immediately started unbuttoning her shirt as I unbuttoning her shirt I was pressing her boobs and I said

Me: Anshupriya you have very sexy boobs I will eat them I will drink your milk and I removed her shirt and her gorgeous boobs were in front of me clad in a tight bra. My dick sprang into action seeing her marvellous boobs. I kissed her neck and her earlobes on which she moaned sssee. My hand moved and cupped one of her boobs from above the bra and I pressed it very hard.

She moaned again aahhhhh and saidAnshupriya: Ravi make me yours

I sat between her legs and pulled her up and hugged her. Now her boobs were boring hole in my chest and I was caressing her back and kissing her neck. I unhooked her bra from behind and threw it on the floor. The sight of her naked fair boobs was a marvellous pink nipple on top of her boobs that stood almost an inch high.

I kissed them both now I started sucking her boobs and took her hand to my bulging dick. She caught it from above my pants and felt it and pressed it. Then she unzipped my pants and my dick sprang out. Her touch sent an electrical sensation in my body.

Anshupriya said: Ravi your dick is very big and fat fuck me more and more today. I was waiting for this moment for many days (my dick is of 7″ and heavy).

She was very horny. And she started jerking my dick. She started removing the foreskin back and front that increased the hardness of my dick. I was moaning now and I started sucking Anshupriya’s boobs one after another.

Anshupriya started moaning: aaaahhh Ravi suck harder joor se chuso uufffff bahut maja aa raha hai. She was still wearing her skirt. I was made her totally nude and Anshupriya was jerking my dick. It was a good day for me. My hands were now running over her thighs and were trying to reach between her legs. I pressed her vagina from above the panties and Anshupriya moaned loudly aahhhh.

I opened her skirt and panties now Anshupriya was stark naked in front of me. I was playing with her boobs and sucking them one by one. Anshupriya got up and took my dick in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. This was giving me a lot of pleasure while sucking she was also jerking my dick with her hand in no time.

I unloaded a jet of white cream in her mouth and she drank it all. She licked my dick clean. I opened all my cloths which left and lay besides her hugging her. Our body was completely stuck with each other with no gap in between. I boarded her and kissed her face all over. I was also rubbing my naked dick over her naked vagina and Anshupriya was moaning heavily aaahhhAnshupriya: Ravi gives me a nice fuck

I started sucking her big bulging boobs once again. I asked

Me: Anshupriya have you done all this before?She said: Yes but not the complete thing a friend of mine has sucked my boobs but his dick was too small to satisfy my needs but I know you will satisfy my hungry cunt today.

I took my dick in my hand and rubbed it on her hole and Anshupriya moaned yes Ravi don’t wait please insert it now I am out of control.I put my dick on her love hole and pressed hard and it went inside smoothly and Anshupriya locked her legs around my waist and started giving jerks to her hip swallowing my dick in her pussy completely. I was in heaven.

I began pumping her pussy very forcefully and Anshupriya was giving full support and was moaning loudly aaaa Ravi make me cum again and again ye as I was fucking her she reached her first orgasm and moaned loudlyaaahh Ravii I am coming please don’t stop make me cum again and again yes.

I started pumping her pussy very hard for next ten minute and I fucked her and she moaned continually and then I unloaded the jet of cum in her pussy and at the same time she got her second orgasm and we both moaned in pleasure and I collapsed on her gorgeous body with my dick still inside her but had lost its hardness. Anshupriya and I remained in that position for a while.

Anshupriya lifted my head and kissed my lips and said: thanks Ravi you have satisfied my hungry cunt I want you to fuck me daily you have made me cum twice.

I said: Anshupriya darling you are satisfied but I am not I want you more and I hugged her tightly and kissed her deeply at length. After that we fucked 6 times that day and in evening when rain stops.

We reached back to hostel after that we still fuck whenever we got chance at least one in two weeks whenever we come back to Delhi she came with me and stay at her mama house. Next time with another till that good bye and have great fuck please give the feedback mail me at [email protected]

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