Arjun Weds Deepti – Part 3

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Hi friends am Deepti this time with our third experience. Arjun had said me how he enjoy when other people look at me and admire my beauty. Me and Arjun decided to take a break from our wedding preparations for couple of days and landed to Kerala, indeed it was a very beautiful place as we had already booked our Resorts.

So from airport we directly took the taxi and went to our Resorts which was in Chalakudy.

I was wearing a short knee length skirt with a white transparent cotton short kurta, my bra was very much visible and lots of cleavage too, it was very chill in Kerala.

As little was 1 hour journey to the hotel i was started feeling bit sleepy, and Arjun who is very naughty started playing with my breast while talking to the taxi driver, even I was sleepy but can see the lust in the eyes of driver who must be very excited the way my hubby was playing with my breast from the top of my shirt, let me admit here,

Arjun likes getting any attention from other men looking and admiring me.

We reached hotel after doing the check-in we entered our room, It was a very nice suite room with balcony attached to it, when we were in lift with the bellboy who was carrying our luggage, Arjun was playing with my ass, squeezing it from behind, even this bell boy was watching it but as you know Arjun likes its a lot and i was in totally red face due to shame.

Arjun was very hard he didnt even wait to unpack the luggage and took out cock and kept in my mouth after the blowjob we directly got to the bed totaly nude and slept for 2 hours then Arjun order food through room service, I was still in bed totaly nude.

I went to the toilet took a quick shower and wrap a towel around me which just covering my ass and half of the breast showing lots of cleavege.

Room service waiter knocked the door when I was coming out of the bathroom, Arjun while sitting in sofa called the waiter inside and he pull me to sit next to him.I was very shy to sit in this state while trying to cover my shaved pussy and breast,

my hubby told the waiter to serve food for us and he started talking to him about the site seeing place and about the city, the waiter was a young boy must be around 18, he was also feeling very shame as i of us was like half nude.

Arjun told him if he is not in hurry he can sit and we can talk about Kerala but he said as he is bit busy right now maybe can come at 8pm after 1 hours and can explain us about the sight seeing places, all this time he was trying to get the view of my legs and my breast but at the same time he was like shivering also.

Arjun told him to come with 3 bottles of wine and some snacks to eat, as soon the waiter left the room my Arjun asked me how do I felt. I told him it was not a very good idea to seduce a young boy he must be masturbating rather then focusing on his work.

We finished our food and waited for an hour while Arjun compeld me to show my body to this young boy and seduce him a little bit more then last time.

At sharp 8pm the door bell rang and waiter from outside said loudly room service. As per Arjun’s order i was wearing my transparent nightie without wearing any bra and panty inside as the air-conditioner was On, my pink nipple was poking out of the thin materiel of the nightie

Arjun was sitting on the sofa and asked me to open the door and let the waiter follow me to come to our table.

I reach the door and opened it without looking at the waiter and told him to come inside and close the door, I felt very odd in my thin nightie plus i noticed the waiter was not the same as last time this time it was another waiter must be in his late 40 or ealy 50 with well built body, he followed me to come to our room until sofa, he wished Arjun and introduced himself as Sam.

Arjun greeted him back and told him to serve wine to us and asked him about the previous waiter who served us food. Then Sam said that Rajah (the previous waiter) is busy with other works and will not be free.

So he came to serve us then he said that rajah told him that we want to know more about Kerala. So may be he can tell us about it, during all the conversation Sam was looking at my breast and nipple I was feeling very shame and totally red as he was as old to be my father, but he was very bold, then he ask if he can sit down

Arjun told him to sit on the sofa which was just in front of me and very close my hubby and asked him if he wants to drink some wine.

He accepted immediately and gulp the whole glass of beer in 1 shot, then he started asking Arjun if we are married or lovers. Arjun told him smiling that am his girlfriend while squeezing my breast in front of Sam, after this, Sam become very bold and started telling us about the city, neither of us was interested in his story, but I saw a big tent created in his pant he was very hard while talking to us.

And was kept on looking at my breast and nude thighs, Arjun winked at me and told him he need to go to toilet, as soon as Arjun gone to the toilet, Sam become very bold and told me that am very beautiful, he never saw such a beauty and good guest like us who told him to sit with them,

I already had finish my glass of wine and was feeling little bit dizzy,

Suddenly he came and sat next to me on the same place where Arjun was sitting I was scared but as per Arjun he wanted to enjoy these moments to seduce the poor men, Sam touched my thighs and ask me if i want some more wine, I felt very shame as this old man was looking directly into my milky white breast and just touched my thighs,

i told him no am full. Sam asked me for how many days we are here and what is our plan for dinner tonight, i told him while looking down that we are here for 2 days and may be we will order the food in our room tonight, he was looking at my breast as

i was keeping my leg crossed he was unable to see my love hole which was already wet due to his reaction mean while Arjun came out. Looking at Arjun he just stood up and asked him if he wants some wine,

Arjun told him to get 1 bottle of whiskey this time with water and soda then he signed his bill, gave him 500rs and let him go out of the room. As soon as Sam gone. Arjun looked at me smiling and asked me how i’m feeling i was totally hot and I never shown my naked body before to anyone except Arjun and

told him how this old guy tried to touch me, Arjun got very excited with this and told me if am ready for some more adventure for tonight at the same time door bell rang and waiter said loudly room service.I opened the door and found sam was there carrying a tray with a bottle of black label whisky and some snacks on it,

I let him enter in the room and guided to our table, Arjun greeted him and told him to be on his ease,

Sam poured the whisky in three glasses for all of as per Arjun’s instruction and we started our conversation at this time I was in my bra and towel around my shoulder which was barley covering boobs, Arjun asked him what is your age and sam replayed he is 47 years old,

He was old but yet very charming and very friendly, while talking to us he was keep on looking at my boobs and my legs.

After finishing our whisky we ask him what duty he will be doing tomorrow?, he said he will be doing night duty which start from 7pm until 7am for whole month, in night. After 9am there is no work for him and he easily get time to relax, Arjun gave him 1000 rs as tips and told him see you tomorrow and good bye.

Next day in morning Arjun got a call from his office and he told me that he have to go to office for a important work and told me to stay in Kerala while he will finish the job and will come back soon, I was not happy for it but job is job he had no other option to leave me alone in hotel and to go back to office.

I was relaxing the whole day while watching some movie I had order some lunch in room and slept, my eyes opened at mid-night and was feeling very hungry. I thought what should I order to eat, then I ordered some club sandwich and 2 bottle of wine, room service told me that the food will be delivered in room after 30 minutes,

so I thought to have a shower meanwhile I went to bath tub and dip in hot water for a while it was only 10-15 minute there was a knock on door and announced loudly room service, I was still in bath tub totally nude,

I thought to wear something but again there was a loud knock happen in hurry I just wrap a towel around my naked body and ran to open the door,

There I found sam smiling and holding a big tray with wine and my sandwich as I knew sam very well I told him to come in and put the food on table, he smiled at me and said don’t worry take your time to change i will come back after some time,

I told him if he is not busy he can sit down inside while I will change myself and then we can chat for a while as I was feeling very boring,

I went inside the toilet I remove my towel and I found there was nothing for me to wear all my cloth were outside on the bed but there was only one T-shirt of my husband on the hook of bathroom door, I put that T-shirt on me without wearing my bra and panty, and went outside,

Mean while sam already poured wine for me and put my sandwich on the table to eat. I was very hungry and finish wine in one shot and started eating my sandwich, I didn’t realize because of my wet body my T-shirt was showing my nipples very clearly and due to sitting on sofa the hem of it was up until my naked hips, while showing my well shaved pussy on display,

Sam stood up from the sofa and came near to me and ask me if he can pour the another wine for me. I said ok as I was feeling very nervous, my hands started shivering, he handover me the glass of wine. the wine fell down on my T-shirt, I shouted on sam that what he had done, poor sam was shocked to see the beer spill on my T-shirt.

again entered bathroom to wash and the door bell rang continuously, from bathroom I asked Sam to open the door and in few seconds I heard a strong voice saying we are police, and we got a complaint about prostitution happening in this room.

I couldn’t believe what I heard and my mind was completely blocked.

Without any idea of whats happening I came out of bathroom wearing a towel.

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