Armpit Fetish Fantasy In Train

Hi guys. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Vivian from Mumbai, 5.9 ft. Tall, dark and handsome suits me perfect ?.

I have this fetish for female armpits. Right from my school days I have seen myself wanting to sniff or even lick female armpits. My teachers, aunts, elder cousin sisters all have initimated me in doing so.

It was during the summer season. I was waiting at the platform for my train to rush to college for my practicals. This aunty , in her mid thirties, athletic body came and stood few steps ahead of me. She had worn a sleevless kurta. Milky white and good looking around 5.5ft.

Since I travelled first class, the ladies compartment too was adjoining and open to full view.  The train arrived and everyone rushed in. I generally used to run inside to catch a seat with the best view. All the seats were taken and I was left standing, frankly speaking, the view while standing is much better than sitting?.

This aunty was standing in the ladies compartment just opposite me and I had a good view of her.

The train began and for support she raised her arms to hold the handle. I could see her armpits and woww were they beautiful. Being athletic built, she had a slight inward pits which generally sportswomen like Martina hingis and all have. Clean shaven and no traces of hair in them. Even those dark patches which form were not visible. It was like armpits sent from heaven for me. Instantly i could imagine myself sniffing and licking them. The whole journey I was trying to get a glimpse of it and fantasize about it at the same tm. Such a HARD-ON!!!! She got down at the platform just before me.

Next day morning, even though I never had my practicals, I made it sure, I went to college in that train itself. She arrived like the day before Another sleevless suit!!! I was itching to get into the train and to the same position to view her. My daily masturbation fantasy was the same for the next few days. What i concluded was that she was a regular in that train and she just loved wearing sleevless salwar suits n nt to frget keeping herself clean shaven.

Days passed and it was a routine. One fine day, the trains were late and crowd was gathering at the platform. My eyes were searching for her in them, suddenly outta no where she popped right next to me and looked at me. I was a bit surprised and looked the other way. She asked me,

Excuse me, are the trains late today?

Me: Yes, some technical problems, they just announced awhile back.

She: I hope it comes fast, have an important meeting to attend too.

Me: Yeah, I too have my practicals to attend too.

She: ohhh college huhh!!! By the way my name is Neha…yours?

Me: I am Vivian…nice meeting you.

She: same here…you travel everyday by this local itself right? I have seen you.


Me: Yeah(with a blushing smile)

The train arrives, we say goodbye and leave.

Next day on we started greeting each other with smiles.

I had to do something now to get her mobile number. I planned to cook up a story of being part of KEEP THE STREETS CLEAN campaign initiated by our college and me leading it in my city. People will have to pledge by giving their name and mobile number.

Next day i went upto her and explained the same, she was more than willing to support for it. Just to make things look more serious I gathered a few more details from people around her. Before entering the train, I asked her if she didnt mind me sending her msgs on whatsapp. She smiled and said NO PROBLEM.

A daily morning message started then on which led to 2,3,4 messages a day. She too used to send me messages. One day she never came as usual and I pinged her asking about her whereabouts, she was sick with food poisoning. GET WELL SOON messages followed then and I even called her almost daily, making her laugh. After a week she was back, we spoke up and after entering the train she was at her usual position showing me her armpits. I called her up and she looked at me actioning what happened. I told her to answer and she did.

Me: Hi… hows you?

She: I am fine naa … what happened? Why did you call?

Me: Actually … i wanted to ask you something… if its fine with you.

She: yes…tell me

Me: I wanted to know which hair removal cream you use…wanted to suggest to my GF

She: hahah ahahah …. what makes you think I would suggest a good one?

Me: (I felt i was caught and told)…i didnt know whom i should discuss this with thats why I asked you.

She: hmmm …Tell me the truth! I have seen you staring at my armpits always.

Me: No no …not always … but yes sometimes …because you have kept them so beautifully.

She: hmm …. I will talk with you later ..I am not able to listen to you. Bye.

Me: ok… bye

I was shit scared and could not make eye contact with her the whole way.

She never turned up the next day.

I never had the balls of asking her the reason of her absence. After a week of waiting she turned up and came up from behind me at the platform and said “HI”. She told that her husband was sick and so she was on leave.

The train arrived and we got in. This time she called me and asked

How is your Gf doing?

Me: Shes fine (she lifted her arm for support and I could see a light sea of hair in her armpit, i was awestruck)

She: Do you like my armpits now?

Me:(in a stumbling voice) yes (serious HARD-ON)

She: I dont like shaving them, I like to sniff myself now and then (saying this she sniffed her armpits)

Me: (looking around if anyone was observing us. Everyone were busy with their own life) can i sniff them too?

She: yes why not! Come here and sniff it …she said and laughed.

Me:(blushing) wish i could.

She: hmmm … i have a tissue with me …. i will wipe my armpit with it and give it to you …will you be able to get down at my stop?

Me: Yes yes ….anything for that ..

She: hahahah … you perv!!!

She wiped her armpit and gave it to me secretly ar her stop and just ran to work. I took a corner at the platform and sniffed the tissue. The aroma just took me to heaven. The light musky with a tinge of worn off deodrant was just so delicious.

Thats it for now folks ….. in my next story i will tell you how i got my dream of armpit fucking Neha fullfilled and many more.

For all the pervert ladies out there…incase of some good armpit licking and pussy fucking…pls contact me & Also all the men out there who needs a good fuck (bottoms only)

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