Ashok Fucks Mom Again ! – Episode – 2

Assuming Ashok had left, mom went to the bedroom to take her afternoon nap. I followed her as I wanted her breast milk.“no monu, you can. You are old now. Young boys like you shouldn’t drink mummy’s milk.” saying so she said I should sleep for a while beside her and complete the homework by evening. After 10 minutes I could hear a car enter our parking area. Our housemaid had already welcomed the person in. It was Ashok.

He silently came into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. Mom was sleeping facing to me and I could see him undoing his shirt. He removed a packet from his pocket and placed on the cupboard near the bed. He hastily removed his pants and proceeded towards mom.

As he touched her from behind, she got an adrenaline surge and woke up quickly. He pushed her down and pinned her back to bed. He knelt down to lift her gown, peeling off along till her breast; slowly pushing it off her shoulders. He quickly undid her white bra, and her breasts hung loose. Her breasts were endearing, big as melons, with swollen nipples strikingly brown compared to her wheatish colored boobs. Her underarms were wet with sweat and smelled a bit. Her belly perfectly curved where she had tied her petticoat knot. Her skin was smooth as milk.Her back mostly covered by her waist length hair, a perfect spine line trying to meet her butt crack and two dimples on her lower back just above her petticoat. She looked like a goddess of erection that time. He smooched her lips while he slipped other hands inside the petticoat, fingering her pussy.

“mmmm…ummm” she moaned.He started kissing her neck and her bosom and reached her midriff. She was aroused. Her nipples were oozing out fresh milk. He rested his head on her hand she offered and started sucking her breast milk. I was still beside them watching everything. She showed me her back and facilitated Ashok to drink her milk accommodatingly. She caressed his head with her hands as he pounced on each of her breasts in hunger. He cupped her breasts with one hand and touched her ass from the petticoat with other.

Slowly he inserted his hand from the back of her petticoat touching her curvy bare ass, almost exposing the crack to me, while he was enjoying her breast milk. She denied milk to her kid and was feeding her lover!

He started fingering her butt crack, almost pulling down her petticoat till her knee as he devoured her sweet milk. He finally woke up and drew out the last piece of cloth on her body off her feet. I was facing her back, as she refused to face me naked. Her curvy ass looked more beautiful as the sun rays hit her hips from the window, shadowing grooves between her ass cheeks. A scent of her body filled the air of the bedroom. Her butt crack was sweaty, dark in color compared to her ass cheeks while her pussy was the darkest in color, with little pubic hair between her thighs. Ashok pulled down his boxers showing an erect penis, big and hard. He looked at her as she slept on her abdomen, hiding her face and breasts, showing her bare back. She moaned, as her legs twinned as she rubbed her feet against one another. Ashok came near to her butt cheeks and slapped it with his hands.

“aiyoo…” she writhed in pain and her twinning legs parted giving ashok access to her butt hole.Ashok bit her ass cheeks and dug his nose in her ass cheeks. His one hands separated her butt cheeks while other fingered her pussy from beneath. He was sitting in a doggy style this while, his cock and scrotum hanging in hunger.

“hmmm…ummmm”Ashok licked her ass hole. He inserted his thumb inside her hole and licked it.

“it’s yummy my boy! Smell it” he offered me his thumb, it smelled like rotten fish.He grabbed the packet he had brought and removed the contents. He wore a thin plastic like thing on his penis, I know now it was a condom. He widened her ass with his hands and tried to enter his penis into her ass hole. She pushed him away and tried to wake up.He pinned her back to the bed , this time laying her straight kneeling his head down to give her a blowjob. She closed her eyes as she saw I was watching.

His moustache tickled her bare skin as he kissed her belly near her navel. He licked the smooth skin above her pussy and she moaned and spread her legs. He kissed her inner thigh next to her pussy. She spread her legs a little more and her moist lips parted. She felt the tip of his tongue barely touching her skin as he licked all around her pussy. He sucked on her swollen lips, pulling on them gently. With his thumbs, he spread her lips and then pushed his tongue into her. She moaned and arched her back. Finally, he climbed on her and entered her with his big dick. His black fleshy ass muscles were tensed while he carefully pushed all the length of his penis in her till she left out a groan.

“aiyooo…no…..Don’t …ashok ….What will I tell Shridhar …ooooo..Oooo” he had already increased his momentum. He grabbed her breast in his one hand and cupped her chin with the other to kiss her while he fucked. She could hardly moan or breathe ass he covered his mouth with hers, his thick moustache pricking her nose and his tongue almost twirling near her epiglottis. She grabbed his dancing ass in orgasm, while she tried to move her face away from his abusive kiss. After a few harder strokes, his muscles subsided and he collapsed on her shoulder.

Mom patted his shoulder as he was heaving and sweating. She made him lay beside her and kissed his cheeks. He got up and pinned her back to the pillow, and smooched her lips. He threw his used condom on the floor hastily and sat near her face holding leaking cock in his hands.

“I know you want this…” he said, she smiled and caught his dick in one hand and kissed it. She slowly started tasting his cum while he thrust it more in her mouth. After some time he grabbed a sheet and both of them slept till it was evening. I had left the place for playing with my friends by then.

Dad was going to return that day by the evening flight. As I reached home Ashok was missing. Mom was taking bath while the housemaid was cooking special dishes for dad I suppose. I saw a car approaching. I saw dad and Ashok getting out of ashok\’s car.“thanks, Ashok, you saved my taxi fare. You stay for dinner today or else stay here tonight. I have got some drinks.” dad said as he and Ashok unloaded the luggage from dickey.

“beta hope you are studying well…how you are??” he pecked on my cheeks and lifted me in his arms. I was in tears.“what happened ??” “Revathi ?”

“I scolded him. He is not studying. All day cartoon and stuff”, mom grumbled actually lied. I was lonely, watching my mom getting fucked. Nobody helped me to do my homework. Somebody else drank my part of breast milk. I was not old enough to tell all this.That night Ashok and dad ate dinner and got drunk. Dad and mom slept in the bedroom, while I took the sofa and Ashok got the guest room.

I felt somebody lifted me and made me sleep on a mattress on the floor.

I heard some voices as my sleep succumbed.“shhh…why on sofa ?? “ it was mom’s voice. “guest room is near to bedroom. He may get awake.” Ashok whispered. It was almost 2 0 clock.

“but…” she was protesting “ shh….Don\’t ….Muaah ….Muaah “ he started kissing her neck as they were sitting on the sofa. He nabbed the bottom of her gown to lift it over her head. Mom raised her hands obligingly, as he threw the gown on the floor hastily. He was in no mood to have a foreplay. He was shirtless when he came. He lifted her petticoat above her belly and slid off her panties as mom lifted her hip to help him. He didn’t bother to lubricate her vagina as he pulled his shorts and thongs till his knees and climbed on her with his erect manhood widening her thighs entering her in a hurried thrust.

As he rammed her, he tried to unclasp her bra hastily, so his mouth has a treatment also. She pulled out a boob out of her bra as he fondled her voluptuous brown flesh. He sucked her nipple as it grew stiffer in his mouth while his bare ass danced irresistibly. The sofa was creaking like hell! She made all kinds of moans, only if dad saw what his beloved wife was doing. I knew she won’t breastfed me the next day also because Ashok would feed on her after he’s done fucking her. Around 4 pm mom woke up, covering her body with her sheet. Ashok was still asleep. She left for the bedroom to sleep with dad so doesn’t judge that something was going wrong.Next morning Ashok surprised us with a news that he is accompanying dad as he got the job in Qatar after trying a lot.Mom was serving breakfast and I could see that she was worried. She will be all alone after Ashok also leaves with my dad.

“ why don’t you allow Revathi to do a job ?? She can be an assistant or a pi in some company. I “ can help her …” Ashok suggested.“ I think you are right ….But can she…?? And saajan is having vacations …how will she manage??”

“Shridhar I know a friend of mine. He is a lawyer and he is also a Malayali. His wife passed away a few years back and is without a kid. He has opened his firm in his house itself and his mother works as a babysitter at some place. I think she would love to take care of saajan, she is a kind lady and my friend needs an assistant….” Ashok paused as he said …. “think of it …she can start by tomorrow”“I think it’s a good idea …why don’t we go and meet him today …?” dad said as he took one more helping of idli.

“why not?? “ Ashok nodded.

Dad was getting ready in the bedroom, collecting his favorite colors of shirt from the wardrobe. Mom was making my bath in the bathroom near to the guestroom. I was naked while mom rubbed the soap and scrub on my body. She herself was in the towel so she could bath after me. I could hear a light knocking on the door.Mom slowly opened the door only to peep who was it.Ashok just pushed the door and entered in. Mom took another towel and covered her shoulders. Ashok pulled her near him and caught her tight near the waist with his hands. He trickily put the shower on making both of them wet. He slowly pulled off the towel on her shoulder and touched her face.

He pecked on her wet skin on her neck and positioned her one leg to his waist. He undid the shower as he unfurled her towel that she had tucked at the side of her boob, making it fall on the ground stripping her naked again. He started fingering her pussy with one hand and while the other held her near pulling her near him as he nibbled her breasts. Her helpless hands moved on the collar of his shirt to his neck and hair as she moaned in stimulation. She couldn’t contain it more and straddled her naked body around his waist. He helped her climb him by supporting her with his hands beneath her buttocks and pinning her to the wall.

I stood there in astonishment bucketing few mugs of water over my soapy body.

He moved his lips to her mouth, grabbing her nearer making his chest press her breast making her bosom look more curvy and bouncy. His head kneeled over hers proceeding to kiss. He touched his nose with hers and eventually covered her mouth with his lips. Mom had clasped her hands on his shoulders, her one hands ruffled his hair as he started to kiss her mouth. His kiss got abusive with lip bites to sucking her tongue until she protested and moved her face away. He didn’t stop.With sloppy, wet kisses he moved from her neck to the raised curve of her breast, protruding seductively that pressed against his chest.

“I have thought something for you. You will enjoy working with Rajesh …” he licked the dripping shower water off her nose as he said.

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