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Hi friends I’m big fan of ISS, Special Incest, Where brothers makes love with their hot sister.

I’m raj age 28, 5.9 tall, well built, I’m attracted towards my sister anjali.

She is dam hot and sexy women in age of 31, she is bold women, very friendly in nature, she mostly wear western outfits. she is 5.7, toned body her figure is 36 -30 -38, fair skin.

She putted mass after her giving birth to a cute baby, but still she maintained to look sexy by regularly going to the gym. She is sex Bomb.

She lives in pune, I got a job in pune so I have to move to pune, sister anjali was already their so my accommodation issue was resolved, she was also happy that I will be with them, even I was happy because we where meeting about one year.

So as decided I reached her pune it was morning 7. I got down from the bus,My sister was their to receive me, I was shocked and was looking at her, She was in a track suit, the outfit was skin tight, she was looking awesome, Just amazing, each and every part of her body curves can be noticed from it.My eyes remained open, I was staring like a hungry dog to my didi. Wow she was looking Hot and sexy.

I have not seen her like before, she was looking beautiful, my heart beats was raised, and my manhood was starting raising, she came close to me and hi raj how was your journey.

I suddenly got out of the image and said,

Oh didi, it was nice, she I was looking in her beautiful eyes, I was in love with her, She made me carzy, we wear brother sister from last 28 yrs. But not a single day I thought about her, But what happened today, she had changed my mind she made me to fall in love with her.

She directed me towards car, we started towards her house, While driving I expressed my feeling towards her,

I said I was shocked looking at you, I was not knowing that you are wear such outfits.

She smiled, what is their in it, all the women in our society wear such things. I said yes but you.

It was surprise to me.

She said why you didn’t like it. I said, no no .., I don’t mean it, actually you are looking beautiful, sexy and hot in this came from my mouth.

OH sorry didi should not talk to you like that, sorry, I apologies

She laughed, are yar don’t behave like a child its okya.

We reached to their society, wow it was high profile society, all the rich families lives here. I guessed that the reason why my didi has changed from a reserved class girl to a SEX BOMB.

My jiju welcomed me to their house it was 3 BHK fully furnished apartment, did took me to my room it was garden facing flat, she left the room, I closed the door from inside and open the window, wow what a seen many hot and sexy babhi’s and aunty wear doing exercise and Yoga in garden.

OH God was I in dream, it was all like a movie, where a high society is shown.

I was little tired so laid on bed for a while, and closed the eye, Oh god, As I closed my eyes my sister’s image came in my mind, at down my dick was also started getting hard, my jeans was hurting it, to make it easy I moved my hand lower and un zip my jeans and freed it, it was too hard and jerked and ejected the load thinking of my dear sister,What I have done, I jerked thinking of my sister, Some One knocked the door, I woke up and managed myself.

I was my sister, she had changed, and was in gown, She was looking sexy in it,I think my mind was changed she was now a sexy and hot women for me.

She enquired about me that am I comfortable, I said no issue didi, it ok here, she left I moved to bathroom to take bath, I jerked 2 times their also.

I was became mad for her,

So the month gone, I was also settled in my job, as it was my sister’s house so I decided to move to my own, so I discussed with my sister and jiju, but they both said no, my jiju said raj you know due to work I have to be outstation or late most of the time and here no one is there to company your sister, so please stay with us we don’t have any objection.

I was more happy that I will be staying with them.

I was lazy so used to sleep till 8 in morning which was not like by sister, she used scold me and force me to get up and join her for morning work out.But I used ignore her.It was Monday that day and holiday, I woke up early that day, so my Hot sister asked me to join her, it was good chance to spend some time with my hot sister.

She was in the same track suit in which I saw her, Oh God how I could control myself, we were in garden, she started jogging even I started following her, I first round I ran with her but due no practice she gone ahead of me, Wow what a scene it was, her Bums where juggling, I started running behind her what a sexy ass she have, there were many hot and sexy bhabhi’s and aunties but no one distracted me from my sister, she was sex goddess, i was following her and staring her sexy ass, she was not knowing whats going in my mind, Oh love you sister, we spend an hour in garden.

We finished our exercise and moved to our home. All the time only I concentrated was her sexy body, I had fucked her many in times in many positions in just one hour. A we entered the home, I moved to bathroom and jerked 2-3 times. I was exhausted .

I was now lust towards my sister was seen in my eyes. I think even my sister must have noticed it, that day I spend all the time with my sister, All the day I was just checking out her each and every body parts. She now knew that I have changed, I she was very well knowing that what are my intentions towards her, but I was her brother, I will not cross the limit she was having that confidence.

From the day I was routine to go for exercise with her, we were came more close to each other in these days, I have now started commenting on her body, she was knowing it what I mean to but was liking also, we wear now friend rather that brother and sister.

It was Wednesday, I was in no mood to go to office so decided to take leave, I was at home, I little bhanji which was 4yrs old, I dropped her to school, only me and my sister was there at home she was cooking food, she was wearing gown I was checking out her figure while sitting at dinning.

An idea came, I asked her for movie, first she denied that what about bitu ( her Son), I convinced her that we will be back in time. So as decided she accepted it was 10:30 and movie was at 11:30, so we got ready, why I don’t know but she wore saree today, wow she was looking hot in it, I love women in sarre, specifically I love check out ass of women in saree it gives the clear view of ass, I hugged her and whispered in her ears that she is looking dam hot in Saree.

She Tapped me and said, chal nalayak bahot naughty hogya hai tu, I watch you from some days that you are eyeing on me. I smiled and hugged her more tightly this time and kissed on her neck.

She didn’t said anything to me. we started for move we were late 10 mins the movie was started. Ticket checker guided us to our seat.

We settled, it was Kay cool Hai Hum -2, she was enjoying the movie, she was looking at me that what kind of move I have chose. I first half was normal, theater was almost empty so in second half I took her to corner seat where no one can see us, she was knowing why I have done this,but she was responding to my act, we sat at corner seat, lights off and movie started, I kept my hand around her neck,

Now I started rubbing her shoulder and arm she was looking at me, I looked in her eyes and pulled her towards me, I smooched her lips. My hand were moving fast now I reached to her breast and started massaging she also hide my hand through her pallu, I unbuttoned 2 hooks of her blouse and made away to her big boobs, wow it was so soft I was feeling awesome.

I hold her hand and placed on my dick it was fully erected I unzipped by pants chain and give a took my tool out didi hold it and started jerking in a minute I ejected, her soft hand made me so excite that I was not able to control myself.

The Movie ended and we started to home, as we got out of theater I saw a sweet smile on her,while climbing the stairs my hand were on her waist I was sliding my hand over her ass, I said her that she is more sexiest hot and beautiful women I have seen. LOVE You DIDI,

In next part I will narrate how we had sex

So the story end, will love to have feed If you like it on my id [email protected] Or can chat with me on yahoo messenger [email protected] Thank you!!

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