Attraction Towards Didi – Part 2

Hi friends, I’m big fan of ISS , Specialy Incest , where brothers makes love with their hot sister.

Thanks to All readers for appreciating my story, Hope you all love Part 2.

So At Part-1 we ended at theater, where me and my hot sexy bold and beautiful didi had some foreplay.

The Movie ended and we started to home , as we got out of theater I saw a sweet smile on her,while stepping the stairs my hand were on her waist I was sliding my hand over her ass, I said her that she is more sexiest hot and beautiful women I have ever seen. LOVE You DIDI,

It was very difficult to control myself to stay away from her, but due to public place I have to resist my feeling. As soon as we enter the car, no one was their, we kissed each other, our lips where locked, I was squeezing her boobs, moving my hand over her thighs. Suddenly I hered a sound of some one coming, we immediately parted and managed our clothes.

She started the car and we moved to home. She was driving and my hands wear on her thighs , I have lifted her saree up to the thighs and was scrolling my hand over her beautiful. Wow she have a sexy thighs oh Love you did, I kissed at her chicks, she looked at me and said in anger raj please control your self I’m not able to concentrate on driving, I didn’t listened and placed kiss on her lips. She slped me and said raj control we are near to home.I squeezed her boobs and said ok didi as you wish and sat like a sincere boy.

She parked car, watch men was their so no chance to do any naughty thing. We enter the lift. As the door closed I hugged her and started kissing her she was also responding and kissing me passionately. we reached our floor the lift stopped our lips were still locked,

Door opened , Oh thanks no one was there.

She got out of the lift and started to unlock the door, I was hold her tight from behind and started placing the lot of kisses on her neck, Squeezing her boobs It made to slip keys from her hand. I was holding her so tight that she was not able to bend and lift the keys.

She some how made herself free and lift the key.

Me again hold her waist and pulling her towards me, My dick was that hard, that i was trying to penetrate her from her saree.

She opened the door, we both got inside by holing her from behind,

As we enter in I Locked the door and hold her their only,

We started kissing each other we were in deep love, our lips where lock our fingers were inter locked, we were kissing each other so passionately, wow what a scene it was I got hard on when ever I remember it Oh Love U Didi, It was a wonderful day of my life, Thank you so much for it Uummmaa.. , Miss you

Now I Unzipped my pant and took the dick out ,My dick was waiting for his chance, from last 30 mins my dick was requesting me to free him ,pant was hurting him.

But now he is free to rock, it was too hard, I turned my didi and started kissing her on neck,

Mobile started ringing , I ignored and concentrated on my act , I placed my dick on her ass and tried to penetrate her ,

Mobile again rang ,

I was in no mood to look at it and lifted her saree, Phone was still ringing , I took it and handed to didi,

And slide her under wear lower , she received the call it was from the school of my nephew, she said answered hello, here I inserted in her with a hard thrust my whole dick was in her, she moaned aahhhh.. loudly while on phone , it was call that her son is waiting for her to take him home.

Here I have inserted my dick in her, I took it out and again pushed it hard inside her and hold her tight with lifting her saree by one hand, I kissed her on neck and asked her, who was it,

She said that nishit her son is waiting for her at school, so have to go.

Oh Shit, I exclaimed

I took my dick out and thrusted in her very hard this time with anger , She Moaned loud aaahhhh … Oh God save me she said.

I bite her on neck and said Oh didi, not this time , she screamed due to pain and said raj have to go please. I Kissed her and took my tool out, I zipped my pant Kissed at her lip and moved to pick nishit.

While going to receive him I gone to medical store to purchase some medicine to avoid pre ejaculation.

I picked him from school and came home in 15 mins.

I rang the door bell no one was their, I pushed the door hard it was not locked so opened easily , my eye were eager to see my didi, she was no where so I entered in her bed room, A sound of water was coming from the bathroom.

Oh their She Is , She was taking bath, Oh Lovely

I took the medicine and knocked the bathroom door, she asked whose their

I said its me please open the door, she said no nishit is their, I said don’t worry he is watching his favorite cartoon.

I requested her so she opened the door, she was wearing towel

As I entered she shied and placed her arms on her face and turned,

What A body she have, My dick got hard on at the moment

I was looking at her wow , she was looking stunning , her beautiful clean white milky sexy thighs were making me excited. Now the medicine has also started her effect on me.I removed my all the clothes and became nude and was standing behind her, I hugged her from behind .

Whispered in her ear, Didi you are most beautiful and sexy women in the world, I’m so lucky that such a hot and beautiful lady is my sister, Not only sister she my love.

I placed the Kiss On her bare shoulder, She moan sweetly,

I untied her towel knot, It slide to the floor, Now She was fully nude, I placed my head on her Shoulder And Started fondling her sexy big and soft Boobs,

Amazing feeling it was, I started playing with her boobs and kissing her,

Now I Slowing started licking her body and was going down, I Licked her back and stopped at her Ass.

The thing of which I fan is now in front of me, I Placed a sweet kiss on her Bums, Love You didi Ummmaaa..

I bent her little and parted her legs little , and was sliding my hand over her big ass , I parted her ass crack and started licking between the ass crack, what a feeling it was,I was lick her soft beautiful and sexy Milky ass lick a dogg eating bone, even I bit on it

Her ass became red due to my licking. While licking I started ruubing my fingers on her hot and wet Pussy , She was moaning aaaahh ahh at ever insertion of my finger in her cut .

Here below my dick was hard and was now in need of his tunnel,

I stood up and bent her little , placed my dick on her sweet cunt and started rubbing she was moaning aaaahh aaahhh,

I was rubbing my dick on her cut and she too wet it was sliding very freely on it , While doing it with a hard push I inserted whole dick in her, She moaned loudly.

I think she was first time taking a big Dick in her. I Again thrusted so that the remaining part should also go She moaned loudly aaahhh

I hold her Tightly And Pressed her boobs with both The Hand,

I Took out my dick and again pushed in her very hard , she was too wet that it was easy to slid my whole dick easily, I was fuccking her very hard, she was moaning too loudly now, even I was making a sound of pleasure satisfaction, she as well as mine eyes were closed.

We both were in in heavn, feeling heat of each others Body

The medicine was to effective I fucked her almost 40Mins in That position. Finally we both ejected,

I was fully exhaust my didi had absorbed my whole power ,I was so tired that i was not able to walk so sat on commode, even my did was not able she walk I pulled her towards me and she settled on my lap.

I think she was fucked in this position with a big dick first my , My jiju must not be good in bed.

We both were nude and placed my head on her solder and closed my eye, she was laying on me, relaxed her whole body over me , I kissed her and said didi Love, thank you for satisfying a desire of young and desperate male Love you Uuuummaaa..

Suddenly my nephew came and called her mummy, Oh know , she answers his call and said to wait for a min, she got up from my lap and again wraped the towel, wow Just amazing she her ass and thigs were looking beautiful, I got up and kissed her we both had a passionate kiss and she left the bathroom,

I have too wait because her son was their , I jerked again imaging her…

What Next ……. Exploring didi in next part Keep reading

So the story end , will love to have feedback If you like it on my id [email protected] Or can chat with me on yahoo messenger [email protected] Thank you!!!!

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