Attraction Towards The Lesbo World – Part 1

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So going into the story. This story is about a girl name nandu. It is a series of episodes so it will be in parts. The story might be slow, but it sure will be erotic for guys and gals. So this story will be narrated by nandu, and it follows,

Hey guys, am nandu. Am from orthodox family. And for those who dont know, we girls naturally have a well matured and firm boobs. Am 5’11” tall, I am not fit, but have all the mass is perfect amount. I never had a boyfriend in my life and never thought about it ever. I was happy without any sex life.

I came to other state to do my engineering, and stayed in a hostel with other girl. Her name was nadia. She was fair, milky white, 6′ tall, and her face was flawless. She covered her body almost completely all the time, so I’ve no idea about her figure, but she was not fat, nor chubby, nor too slim. I guess she was perfect.Our college had dress codes, and we had wear salwar kameez all to the college.

She went further and used to cover her head also with a scarf. But at hostel, she wears the salwar kameez top that she wore to college, and a night pant bottom. I never saw her changing her dress nor a bit of more skin. But I used to wear a sleeveless top without my bra, and either a skirt or a short. Not because am a bitch, but because I love wearing those from my childhood. I dint even have an idea that some people might be turned on seeing my thighs. I never knew anything about lesbian world, nor had any idea that a girl might be attracted to other girl.

Days passed by and nadia and me became very close. She was best buddy, she even used to console me when I used to feel homesick and cry. In the weekends we used to go out together, or stay back at hostel and gossip. There were many stories of girls in our hostel making out with each other. I was shocked to hear those stories and asked nadia about it. She laughed and said that girls might get attracted to other girls and the same thing is possible to boys also. I was fascinated to know about all these.

Months passed by and the relation between me and nadia grew even more. As she was a muslim, her parents were strict, so she dint talk to boys at all so din have any boyfriend. But I on the other hand used to talk to boys, and one guy rishi became too close to me. For me nadia and rishi were equally close and I started feeling comfortable sharing stuffs with him too.

One day I came back hostel soon as I was feeling sleepy talking to rishi the whole night on phone. So as soon as I reached my room, I dint even care to change my clothes, and just fell on the bed and slept.

After few hours I was awaken by sound of my room door. I saw through the blanket, to find nadia. She had just come from class and I understood it is evening now. She was talking to her parents on phone and telling about stuffs happened in college, but I dint understand much as she was talking in urdu. She removed her scarf while on the phone, but what I dint expect was she removed her pant there itself.

Usually she goes to washroom and removes her salwar kameez pants, and wears a night pant and come, but today she removed it in the room. Thats the first time I saw her legs. Her milky white flawless long smooth legs. I guess she never used to do waxing as there were small hairs on her legs below knees. I was admiring her legs so much that I felt my pussy got wet, I touched my pussy to find out that it has become wet and oozing out discharge.

I dint understand what the hell was happening to me. And to make things even worse she was not wearing her night pant, instead sitting just like that without pants and only her salwaar kameez top, folding her legs and sitting on the bed and busy talking on phone. I saw her underwear for the first time. It was pink in colour, but I could get only a glimpse of it. I dunno what happened to me, but I wanted to check whether she is so bold like that because she thinks am asleep or really she doesn’t mind if I see her. I got up from my bed and looked at her and smiled and said hi. She dint mind much, and said back hi to me. I thought that its not a big deal to sit like that, may be she covered her dress this whole time so I am getting even more aroused to see her suddenly like this.

I thought to be free with her, so too removed my salwar pant, and my panties too. ( I never used to wear any inners except on my period days). She saw that and gave a blank expression, but she continued to talk to her parents. I was searching for my skirt where I threw it in the morning, and all this time what I dint notice that the fan in my room was switched on and was on top speed and the top was waving in the air, and she got a good glimpse of my ass, sides and a little bit of pussy. I found the skirt and wore it. Once I wore it, I removed my salwar top too, took my sleeveless t shirt and wore it. Then I removed the bra inside the t shirt and took it out.

Now when I saw nadia, she was not talking on phone, but staring at me without even blinking her eyes. I felt awkward and felt ashamed. She noticed me blushing, and said

Nadia- I dint know that you never wore any inners in the room

Me- I dont wear any inners when at home from my childhood. My mom advises me not wear any inner when at home. So I got used to it.

Nadia- why did she say like that. In my home, we have to cover our body all the time.

Me- dont you know that study has proven that wearing bra continuously for long increases chances of getting breast cancer??

Nadia- really?? Then what about your panty?? Why dont you wear even that??

Me- its hot in here, and wearing it continuously might give you some kind of infection or irritation, or also you might end up having a smelly vagina.

Nadia- I cannot be in room without my bra though..

Me- why??

Nadia- because I’ve big boobs, and they are not firm like yours

I was shocked to hear these words from her. I dunno what went in my mind, but then I said

Show me, let me see why you feel that??

Nadia- (shocked) show you what??

Me- (trying to cover up my blunder) wear a t shirt like me without inner, let me see if it seems awkward or not

Nadia- (relieved) oh.. But I dont have tops like you, I only have this stupid salwaar kameez.

Me- dont worry about that, I’ll give you mine, you can try that.

I said that and gave her my sleeveless top, it was translucent, and under lights its transparent. It was little lengthy though. I gave her that and asked her to wear.

She said that she’ll go to washroom, freshen’up and change to this and come out. Saying so she went inside the washroom.

I was sitting on my bed waiting for this beauty to come out. All I could imagine was her milky body in my sexy top without inners. Her boobs swaying, nipples poking out of that top. She came out with a shocker for me.

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Stay tuned for next part.

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