Attraction Towards The Lesbo World – Part 2

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So continuing the story from where I left earlier…

She said that she’ll go to washroom, freshen ‘up and change to this and come out. Saying so she went inside the washroom.

I was sitting on my bed waiting for this beauty to come out. All I could imagine was her milky body in my sexy top without inners. Her boobs swaying, nipples poking out of that top. She came out with a shocker for me.

She came out all fresh and wearing only my top which was transparent and I can see her big white milky boobs. But what was a shocker to me was, she even removed her panty. She was only in my tops, which was transparent and I can see her whole body. Indeed her boobs were bigger, but it was not sagging, it was firm and tight. I could even see a mole near her navel, which made her even more sexy. I was staring this beauty for a good 5 minutes. She dint say a word, and was just standing there.

Me- wow! I know saying this is weird, but am kinda turned on looking at you nadia. You’re one beauty that anyone can do anything to get you.

Nadia- no its not weird as I was already turned on when I got a glimpse of your vagina when you were searching for your skirt.

Me- then did you like it??

Nadia- as we are talking all frank here, I must say, I din know why, but my mouth started watering looking at your vagina.

Me- if you were that turned, you can taste it nadia, as there is no turning back after coming till here. What say??

Nadia- as long as no one else know about our relation, lets just keep all these as secrets. I don wanna become another lesbian slut story of our hostel.

As she was talking all these, I got up from my bed, locked our room door, came back to my bed, lied on my back, slowly lifted my top and spread my legs as if inviting her. She walked towards me, landed her face between my legs, brought her nose so close and touched my vagina and smelled it very wildly. Oohhhn … I left out a small moan, as it kinda made a tickle. It was first time for both of us of course, hence we dont know to lick a pussy, hence she was almost chewing and eating them. It was wild as her teeth were touching my clitoris occasionally. I dint mind that as I was enjoying the view of her thighs and ass by the way she was lying on bed.

I brought my legs together like holding her head tight, and she started to chew my vagina even more wildly. Aaaahhn nadiaa…. Your doing great, its turning me on a lot, please go on. As she was chewing my vagina, I removed my top and started squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I was feeling my thighs with my hands, we dint know what to do with ourselves much, as it was our first time.

But we were just following what our body did voluntarily. We both wanted to taste each others vagina, so then nadia also removed her top and then we went on for a 69 position. We started chewing each others vagina. Actually I dunno bout mine, but nadia’s vagina was very tasty, it was kinda sweet and a little bit mix of her sweat too. She was lying on top me, while I was on the bottom.

As I was chewing her vagina, my nose was near her ass, that’s when I got the scent of her ass. I used to think ass is such a disgusting place, but I dint feel like that when I smelt the scent of her ass. It was so arousing, that I thought that I wouldn’t mind eating her shit. Its may be because of her maintenance, as she used to spend 2 hours in the bathroom for her bath. I wanted to know whether nadia too loved the scent of my ass as I never used to take much care of that place. I just used to wash and keep it clean, but no extra care, but she is definitely not like me, as her ass has a peculiar aroma that is completely different from her whole body.

As I was going to ask nadia bout my ass, I felt her finger go inside my ass, and she dint keep a small one, she let her thumb finger go inside my ass. I was virgin, both in pussy and ass, so it was the first time something went inside my ass, so I sqeeked.

Nadia- am sorry nandu, did I hurt you?

Me- no you dint nadia. Its just that nothing has gone into my ass ever, so I felt a little new.

Nadia- nandu, your ass has a very sweaty smell, actually am able to imagine how your shit tastes coz of this smell, I wanted to taste it, so let my thumb in so that I can taste the inner part.

I was feeling embarrassed, as she is literally saying how bad am maintaining my ass compared to her, but she feeling dirty and wanting to be dirty made me arouse more. I squeezed her head to my ass, followed by she too doing the same thing. We both were squeezed in each other’s ass and started licking it. My tongue went in her ass, and I could still not get a taste of her shit, as deep as my tongue went in her ass, I could still get the peculiar aroma, which not only smelt good, but also tasted good. I was digging deep in her ass with my tongue. Deep and deep, and nadia was not left out as she was too deep in my ass with her tongue.

We both had our orgasms on each others face at the exact same time, but nadia got too excited and she almost shouted in pleasure, fuuckk aaahhn nandduu ….

Immediately she realized her mistake and before we could react, there was a bang at the door and we could hear the voice of someone asking what happened and who shouted. We were shit tensed as we didnt want anyone to know about our sexcapades. We sat on our bed and were confused what to do, and who was that, at this time, as it was midnight 2.

To know who it was, and what happens next in my lesbian life, stay tuned for the next story….

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