Attraction Towards The Lesbo World – Part 3

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So continuing the story from where I left earlier…

We both had our orgasms on each others face at the exact same time, but nadia got too excited and she almost shouted in pleasure, fuuckk aaahhn nandduu ….

Immediately she realized her mistake and before we could react, there was a bang at the door and we could hear the voice of someone asking what happened and who shouted. We were shit tensed as we didnt want anyone to know about our sexcapades. We sat on our bed and were confused what to do, and who was that, at this time, as it was midnight 2.

We thought to not attend the door as they would bang the door for some time and leave, but it was not happening. So me and nadia wore our dresses. As nadia dint have anything to wear down, she wrapped around a towel around her. I was in my sleeveless loose transparent tee and a very light clothed skirt which ended just below my ass, while nadia wore my transparent tee and a towel below her hips. We got ready and opened the door after 10 min of continuous knocking on the door. So opened the door to find who was so curious about our room.

It was our senior ritika. She was a north indian girl, I guess from delhi. She was 5’10” tall, she was like a model, and was in a perfect figure. She was very fair, almost equal colour to nadia. I was almost feeling like a black women between these two dream girls. Whats more turn on for me was she was wearing an extra large t shirt which would show her pussy if she lifts her hand up as she was tall. I guess she just had her bath and came as her hairs were all wet as it was touching her top, it was making it wet and transparent.

As the top became wet, it was getting stuck to her body, and I could see her armpits, side boobs, nipples. Her nipples were brown in colour, unlike nadia whose nipples are pink. Ritika’s nipples were not only brown, but it was very thick and also poking out of her t shirt. She was smelling very sultry, and all these stuffs made me go wet.

Ritika- whats the matter girls, why did you shout like that??

Nadia- it was nothing, I just fell in the washroom and hurt my ankles, so I shouted.

Ritika- do you know who I am?? I am your senior. I am ritika yadav.

Nadia- we are sorry madam (we had to call our seniors madam).

Ritika- get in the room, lemme talk to you girls.

We were shit tensed as my bed was wet with our orgasms, so we made her sit on nadia’s bed, and we sat on our bed.

Ritika- who asked you bitches to sit?? Stand up.

Me- what are you talking madam, you may be the senior, but you cannot talk to us like that when we dint do anything.

Ritika went and locked the door, turned towards us and said, “You think you girls can fool me?? But know this, am lesbian since birth and am very experienced. I know how a girl reacts when she had an orgasm, I noticed your pussy becoming wet, and dripping through your legs when you were staring at me for past 5 min outside (she was talking about me, I was wet, but I dint notice that my pussy juices was flowing through my legs), also your room smells like shit, means you must’ve had an orgasm, as I can see your bed little wet from here. So tell me bitches, you want me to tell this throughout the hostel?? The new lesbian sluts are here?? Do you want me to say this??”

Both nadia and me were shell shocked. We din know what to say. What was ritika, a cbi officer or what. She noticed so many stuffs in such short time. If she tells this to the hostel, we lose our reputation of innocents in the hostel, girls will start seeing us as sluts, it might even spread through boys hostel as previous incidents has reached boys hostel. Before I could react anything, nadia spoke, “Madam, for my reputation is more important than my life. I cant lose my pride and live. If you tell this to the hostel, I cant live with that kind of image of slut. If you’re expecting me to do anything, am ready to do.

I would not hesitate, nor would I retaliate. I will just obey with all my heart whatever you say. And I mean it madam, you can have my word on it. I just beg you not to say any of these. You can make me do anything you want, till the time you are in this hostel, as long as nothing happens to my pride and reputation in this hostel.” I was shocked nadia was speaking all these words. What does she means by saying ‘you can do anything’. What, is she gonna be a slave to ritika or what. I was not reacting anything, I was speechless and shocked. I was just standing still.

Ritika- just remember what you said today nadia. From today, till the next 1 year, you will be my bitch, my slave, I will use you, humiliate you before my friends, do whatever I wanna do, but all will be done within my circle, it will not go to others in hostel. But you are my slut. Do you understand??

Nadia- yes madam.

Ritika- bow your head and then say yes madam bitch. Show some respect to your mistress.

Nadia- (bowed down her head) am sorry madam, I am your slut, slave, bitch, or whatever you wanna say madam. I’ll obey you for the next 1 year, and do whatever you say, get humiliated by you, whatever you want me to do madam.

Ritika- good, not slap your friend.

I was shocked. What?? Did she asked nadia to slap me? Before I could react, she gave me real tight slap, I fell on my bed.

Ritika- what about you whore?? You are one horny slut, you dont wanna say anything or what??

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. One thing was sure, if I accept whatever nadia accepted, I would have a lot of humiliation, and shit to face. But I also couldn’t let the hostel know about this incident. Also I was feeling lust for ritika the moment I saw her. I wouldn’t mind getting fucked by her. I dint have time to think about the future, so just bowed down my head like nadia, and said, “Yes madam, am yours.”

Before I say what happens next, I wanna explain you about my hostel. There are few 2 sharing rooms, which has attached bathrooms, like my room. And there are few rooms which is like a house. Like 2 rooms attached, one with 4 sharing, and one room for a single person, and both the rooms having a common toilet attached in the 4 sharing room.And then there is 7 sharing room, which does not have toilet, they have to use common bathroom at the end of the corridor. The hostel mess is at the ground floor in the corner of the corridor, and the warden room is at the backyard of the hostel. Our hostel is rectangle shaped building with a ground in the middle. There are 4 floors including ground floor. And our room was at one corner, the last room in that corner, and beside our room was the common bathrooms and toilet. So, coming back to story.

As soon as I said yes to ritika madam,

Ritika- good bitch, I was going to use the bathroom, but heard you and came in. From today on wards, you dont have any self respect in front of me. You do whatever I say to do.

Saying this she just started peeing on the floor in between our beds. She dint lift her top or anything, just started peeing the way she was standing. I understood even she dint wear any inners like us. It was looking disgusting, but we accepted for all these. But then I saw that I was wrong, she indeed was wearing her panty, she removed it, it was wet and dripping with her pee. She threw that at my face and asked me to rub my face with that panty.

I started rubbing my face with that panty. I din know why, but I somehow I was not feeling disgusted by the smell, instead I was getting turned on because of the smell of her pee. Then ritika asked nadia to lick my face where I just rubbed her panty. Nadia came to me and started licking my face completely. I was feeling my pussy wet once again. Then ritika asked nadia to put her panty in her mouth and chew it dry. It was not a panty to be exact, ritika was actually wearing a g string. So it was easy to wrap it and stuff it in the mouth and chew. Nadia started doing that. Ritika asked her to moan while chewing. Nadia obliged and started letting out soft moans. Mmm mmmh hhhmm …. Hhmm… She chewed like this for 5 minutes and took out the panty. It wasn’t dripping wet like before, it was comparatively dry.

Now ritika asked me to take the panty, and put it on the ground where she has peed and clean that with the panty and put it in my mouth, chew it to dry, and again clean the floor with that, give it to nadia, she would chew it to dry. Do like this till the floor is dry.

I understood what she was saying and we started do that. We cleaned her pee off the floor, with a little bit help from the fan, as its air dried the pee a little. We did this for half hour and successfully completed our first task. By the time we completed, ritika was standing at the corridor. We were relieved that she was leaving, but no. She called us out, and we obeyed her and went to corridor. She was standing by the compound wall, facing outside.

As she was bent, her tee came above her ass, and her ass was visible. I want both of you to come lick my ass, and dont worry about anyone finding out, I checked the corridor, all are asleep and moreover your room is the corner, so you are safe. Now get down and lick my ass. Nadia was the first to kneel down, and she started licking her ass. She was looking like a hungry traveler. She was wildly chewing her ass, letting her tongue go deep in the asshole, she was catching both ritika’s ass cheeks in her hands and squeezing it.She was also chewing the ass cheeks in between. Hmmm aaahhhnn bitch c’mon.. Lick my ass more.. You are doing good slut… Hhhmm mmaa ahhnn.. Ritika was moaning. I was standing there like a statue not able to understand what to do. After 20 min of ass licking, ritika made nadia stand up, and then ritika turned towards me and said, “Lift your top and show me your pussy bitch.”

I lifted my top and ritika was staring at my pussy. “Turn around bitch, show me your ass too” I turned around in the same pose. Ritika made my lie down on the corridor floor, and started licking my pussy. My god what she said about being a lesbian from birth was true. She licked my pussy like a pro. Much better than nadia. Ritika knew where to lick, where to bite, which skin to pull, where to rub in and what to do. Girls who are reading this story would understand what am saying. And I had my orgasm within few minutes of her doing this. I had my orgasm all over ritika’s face.

She stood up, asked nadia to lick her face completely. Ritika had to bend down a little as she was too tall for us. So she bent down and nadia licked her face and licked all my pussy juice from her body.

Ritika- sleep for tonight my bitches. But tomorrow morning you should not use the bathroom until I come and say what to do. If you use the bathroom before I come, you people will become famous in this college. And I liked your pussy nandu, I want you to stuff my g string in your pussy and show me now.

I obeyed her and as I just had an orgasm, my pussy was dry, and then I understood why ritika wanted me to have her g string in the pussy and not nadia. As I started to put the g string in my pussy, it was burning inside like hell.

Ooohhhhn I moaned and atlast, the g string was in my pussy. Ritika lifted my one leg up and saw the g string completely in my pussy. She took a photo in her phone and said, “Sleep like this bitch. I’ll come tomorrow and tell what to do. Until then dont you dare use the bathroom”

Saying this she left and we came inside the room, locked the door and starred at each other. We still couldn’t believe what just happened. We were humiliated to this extent in the first day itself, what’s gonna happen in days to come.

First of all, what if ritika comes late tomorrow morning, and we want to use the washroom urgently. We both slept on my bed hugging and crying with each other. We both hugged each other tightly and waited for the following morning.

What unfolds here in our life, stay tuned to find out. More than guys, I would appreciate if any girl writes a feedback as she could relate to my story better and with your feedback I could improve my story. Do you mind if the story goes even more dirtier, filthier or shall I keep it decent.

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Stay tuned, stay healthy, bye bye fellas…

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