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Hello Friends, this is Ram from Chennai [email protected] ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex and the following new story of mine is completely a fiction and I hope you will like it and please do send your feedback. I am working in an MNC in Chennai. A couple of months back on a Friday morning, as per my jobs demand, I was informed that I had to attend a training work in Hyderabad. I had to be in Hyderabad for 3 weeks. So on that evening when I told my dad about my travel, he mentioned me about the fact that that our family friend Ravi and his family live in Hyderabad, and he may help me find some good accommodation.

So at night my dad called his friend and told him about my intended visit to Hyderabad Ravi uncle and dad have been friends since too many years and they were very close and we were neighbors a few years back. Ravi uncle’s wife Sudha is also a good friend of my mom and they have a daughter named Abinaya who is couple of years younger to me and I have known Abinaya since childhood as we used to be neighbors. I and Abinaya got along very well and we were like best buddies and used to like each other a lot and spent a lot of time together but once my dad got transferred, I lost touch with her and I last saw Abinaya a couple of years back, when I and my parents were invited for a function by Ravi Uncle when I saw Abinaya after many years, I noticed a lot of changes in her.

Abinaya had grown up to be a beautiful gal. We had a stretch of silence between us but we came over it and had good time. We chatted a bit but could not be together for long as we had to leave early after the function. I forgot to take her number and so stupid of me and that was past. The next morning after my dad had called Ravi uncle, I got a call from Abinaya and I was totally surprised to hear her voice while speaking she told me that her dad has asked me to stay at their place till I finish my training. I was overwhelmed by the offer. [email protected] ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex I thanked her for the offer and told her that I will be in Hyderabad by 9.30 am, the next morning and I cut the call.

So in the evening I got my luggage into the train and started my journey for Hyderabad. I slept after having dinner. I woke up the next morning and the train reached Hyderabad half an hour late than it was scheduled. I carried my luggage into an auto and told the auto driver to drop me to the address of Ravi uncle, which my dad had given me. I arrived at their place and they welcomed me with open arms and they showed me to the guest room that I could use and they told me to make myself at home. I got fresh, had breakfast and went out with uncle and Abinaya around the city that night aunt cooked a great meal for me. I and Abinaya ended up talking about our life and our childhood days till late in the night and next day on wards I started going for training and returned home by afternoon.

Abinaya was at home all the time and we ended up going around in the city on her scoot. We used to have great time. This went on for a few more days and we got closer and started liking each other’s company then one evening, when uncle and aunt had gone out. I was feeling bored so I thought of having a chat with Abinaya who was in her room. I called for her, but there was no response. So I went to her room and opened the door and called her name. I was shocked to see her in the room, just in a pair of sexy panties and bra and it looked like Abinaya was getting dressed. She was looking really sexy. She had a great figure and her boobs, enclosed in the bra and was small, but firm. She had a great fleshy ass. I think I was just as startled as she was at that point as we both jumped, she quickly coved herself.

I apologized and went out of the room saying I was sorry. That image of Abinaya got imprinted in my mind and my cock got hard. I went to my room and masturbated thinking of her and later when she came out of the room, she called me out and we went for evening walk. I told her that what had happened was my fault as well for walking in on her. She glanced at me and then at my pant. It was for a fraction of a second and I had a doubt whether she noticed my bulge which had not subsided even after masturbating half an hour back. [email protected] ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex.

She just smiled and said that and it’s fine and that assurance of her relaxed me a bit and we chatted for some time. I was seeing her smiling more than before then after dinner, I and Ravi uncle went on discussing about politics, and Abinaya also joined us. Uncle went to sleep early as he was tiered from the work and I and Abinaya ended up chatting till late in the night and then we went to our separate bed rooms after bidding each other Good night. The next day evening when Uncle and aunt had gone and I was sitting in the hall and watching TV and Abinaya came out of the bedroom to use the bathroom. She was wearing a white colored tight t shirt and shorts. The tight t shirt showed the size of her boobs pretty well and I got a great look at her assets as I watched her go for the bathroom Abinaya glanced at me and asked if everything was ok and I guess I had strange look on my face.

I was staring at her and started that I was caught looking at her and I did not know what to say. Well at that point I knew I was busted and that I may as well just agree and started talking about something else and then she asked me and so you I liked what you saw last evening? I was shocked at first, and then got quiet for a minute then she said its ok and no need to be embarrassed. [email protected] ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex she came and sat next to me and we talked about other things for a while and I kept on noticing her staring at me. I kept on glancing at her sexy thighs and her lips as she spoke and I was caught several times as she kept her eyes on me all the time, while we talked.

I was getting hard with her next to me and I presume that she may have noticed my hardness over the pants. I wanted to relieve myself and I excused myself and went to my room. That evening nothing much happened and I retired to my room so after having dinner. The next day when I got home from training, I was very tiered so I thought to get a quick shower and I went into the bathroom for bath and there in the bathroom, I found a pair of panties and bra. I took them in my hand and examined it closely. It was of Abinaya for sure. I was fully excited. I started getting hard holding a bra and panty in my hand for the first time. Then all of the sudden I heard a voice saying so you like that hmmm? At that point I didn’t know what to do Abinaya was standing there just smiling at me.

I said yes and smiled at her and she started to come toward me and she took the panty and went to her room after the bath I went to my room at that moment the phone rang and I could hear Abinaya talking to someone for a while and after talking over the phone Abinaya told me that her parents will return late in the night as they have to attend an anniversary party of someone. She smiled at me and I saw a new glow in her face as she told me this and I did not know what she had in mind in fact I did not think much of it at all. We sat on the sofa and started chatting. Abinaya was staring at me and smiling at me for no reason. I could see something was strange just the way she was acting so I asked her if everything was ok and she just smiled and said yes everything is fine and she again smiled at me. [email protected].

Ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex Abinaya told me that she has childhood photos of me in her album and told me that she will get it. She rose up and went to her room after a couple of minutes she called for me to come to her room and she will show the photos when I got inside her room, I couldn’t find her at first. Abinaya was standing behind the door and she hugged me tightly from behind. I was shocked at first at what happened, but when I turned around I saw Abinaya who had changed into a robe and was smiling mischievously at me. She hugged me again and I could feel her soft boobs pressed onto my chest.

My cock got really hard by feeling her against me. She lifted her face and looked at me nervously and she kissed me on my lips. It was my first kiss. It was like an electric shock. The kiss sent a shiver through my body and I started responding and we kissed again. She moved away a bit and smiling naughtily she slipped off her robe completely to reveal her perfect body fully naked in front of me. She was really gorgeous, with small perfect round tits with erected nipple. She had a clean shaved pussy which was begging for attention. This time I took the initiative and put my arm around her pulling her close. We looked into each other’s eyes as we kissed passionately. My right hand moved up and cupped her left breast, massaging it as we kissed. She was breathing hard as we broke apart and she began to undress me and soon I was naked.

She was mesmerized at the sight of my hard cock and I saw her licking her lips in nervous anticipation and I leaned forward and sucked her right nipple into my mouth within seconds, it was hard as a rock in my mouth. Abinaya was stroking my cock in her hand as I sucked her gorgeous nipples. She moved back towards the bed and sat on the bed motioning me to get down between her legs. [email protected] ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex she said have you ever seen a pussy before? No, in fact you are the 1st woman I am seeing naked was all I could stammer out and I knelt down to see the first pussy of my life. I lowered my face onto her pussy and kissed her pussy.

She let out a loud moan on my touch. I then began licking her pussy her pussy tasted great and I kept on licking her pussy biting her clit ooouch lick properly Abinaya screamed. I started sucking on Abinaya’s pussy and she arched her back, grabbing the back of my head driving me further down. Abinaya started screaming aaaa! I’m cumming! She convulsed in ecstasy as her cum sprayed into my mouth and on my face. I drank all cum which was inside my mouth. It was heavenly as I sucked her clit, my one hand was caressing her breasts and the other was sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. I gently teased her clit real slow for a few seconds which drove her wild.

A few seconds later, she arched her back, got real stiff and moaned as she had another intense orgasm and I drank every bit of her cum. Abinaya’s orgasm subsided as she looked at me with a big smile on her face and she rolled me over on my back and got down between my legs. I could not take my eyes off her as she took my cock and slowly began to run her tongue up and down the sides. [email protected] ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex my cock was harder than I’ve ever seen it in my life. Abinaya sexily looked up into my eyes as she slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure.

She worked up and down real slow taking the entire length in her mouth. I couldn’t take any more and came hard in her mouth. She drank all my cum and still kept on sucking my cock. I was rock hard again as she moved up and kissed me. I could taste my own salty cum as she pushed her tongue deep in my mouth as she kissed me and she shifted her hips, sat up. She held my cock in her hand and placed it on her pussy. I watched her pussy slowly envelope my cock as she came down and slid my cock into her. I could not believe how hot and wet it felt as my cock entered a pussy for the first time. Her pussy was very tight. She just sat there a second as my cock was buried into her pussy.

Abinaya then began to rock her hips slowly back and forth, working my cock in her pussy. She then started riding me faster and started screaming in pleasure. The sight of Abinaya riding my cock was simply awesome and I caressed her tits and nipples while we fucked. She fucked me for several minutes this way before I came hard and deep in her pussy. I could feel my cum leaking out of her pussy and she then leaned forward. I could kiss her lips after kissing for a while, we rolled over and I positioned myself between her long sexy legs. I soon buried my cock fully inside her and slowly I pulled out and then slid my cock back into her. She moved her hips and before long we were matching our hip movements together in unison and started fucking each other. We fucked hard and slow for several minutes.

Abinaya was moving her head from side to side breathing hard. She then told me to pick up the pace as she was getting close. I rammed into her pussy as she wrapped her legs around my back. We were enveloped in lust as we both had mind blowing orgasms. I could not believe how great my first sex was and especially with my sexy Abinaya. We held each other for several minutes, talking and caressing each other. Kissing passionately and promising each other of having more of fun in the future. I hope you liked my fantasy story and I will wait for any feedback to [email protected] ladies and girls and everyone form Chennai contact if you are interested in sex.

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