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Hi friends, I am back with one more story. Please read my other stories with same title. So now I was being fucked by jatin and mihir and friends whenever they wanted. It became my routine to go to jatin’s home after school and for that he would give me lift in his car and I had to give him blowjob in the car and then reach his home. When I used to reach my home in the evening mihir would be in my daughter’s room taking her lessons, which I knew were sex lessons. One evening I came back home and mihir was teaching my daughter in her room and I went to kitchen to make food.

Suddenly amar and yash came into the kitchen and I was shocked seeing them. I asked them in low voice what are you doing? Then amar said honey its long time we have not eaten you and he pulled me towards him and kissed me.

I tried to breakthrough but he was too strong to let me go. I was afraid to be in kitchen with two boys with my daughter in her room. Amar kept smooching me and yash was behind me touching me all over. Then he pulled my gown and tore it from back. I pushed him back but he was holding my gown which made it to tear full. Now I was nude in my own kitchen sandwiched between two boys.

Then yash pulled my hair and made me kneel on my knees and came in my front. He and amar kept my hand on their crotch and asked my to pull out the dick. I pulled out there dick and started giving them hand job. I was giving them hand job and started them it in mouth one by one. I was sucking their dicks and stroking with hands too. They came on my face and my face was filled with their cum.

Then amar lifted me and took me to my bedroom. My bed room was opposite to my daughters. He stood there near the door and slightly opened it without making noise and I saw my daughter blindfolded and was getting fucked in doggie style by mihir. I was angry but was unable to do anything.

We went in my bedroom and amar told me to wash off. I went into the bathroom and was washing my face in basin when I felt someone behind me and it was mihir. I got afraid and asked if you are here then who is with my daughter. Mihir laughed and whispered in my ear. Its yash! I screamed what? And he replied dont worry she is blindfolded and bonded she wont know. Lets enjoy now. And he inserted his dick in my ass. I was used to anal fucking so often that it didnt pained me and he kept fucking me I was standing holding the basin and he kept fucking my ass.

He pinched my tits and bited my neck in between I left moan ahhhhh ….. And was getting wet with his deeds. I started watering in my pussy and he shooted his cum in my ass. He slapped my ass and went out. And as he went out in came amar. I said come on guys give me some break. But amar didnt listened and made me lie on the ground he lifted one of my leg and inserted his dick in my pussy and started fucking me I was already wet and was being fucked since half hour and I cummed but amar kept going. He used to stop in between so that he wont cum enough. But after 15 minutes he cummed and went outside. I slept over there in bathroom for sometime and then cleaned myself and came into bedroom to see amar and yash sitting in my bedroom and I told them to leave to which they said they are here for whole night.

I went out to find that mihir had left and my daughter was in her bathroom probably cleaning all the cum just like her mother. She came out and we had dinner. I was afraid as in my bedroom there were two hungry fuckers who were waiting for me. My daughter then told me that she is going to friends home for study night and I gave her a yes coz I didnt wanted her to be at home while her mother is fucked like a whore.

She took the dinner and left. And as she left amar and yash came out and lifted and threw me on sofa. They hastingly removed my clothes and I was struggling them to stop it. Amar made me to sit on his dick and he sat on sofa with my boobs at his mouth level and yash came behind the sofa made inserted his dick in my mouth. I was being fucked by the two guys in rude manner.

Suddenly a third dick came in my ass and I saw behind it was mihir. I was in my family room with three boys of age less than 20 and being drilled in all my holes. I was moaning with my mouth full hmm… Hmmm .Hmmm.. I kept my hand on my ass and pulled the cheeks wide to make it easier for mihir to go in and out. Mihir saw it and laughed and said the bitch is asking more and he increased the speed and it pained more and more. I screamed with yash dick in my mouth. After sometimes the took out their dick and made me lie on my back and they cummed their sperm on my face. My face was full of three grown boys cum.

Mihir clicked a photo of mine with his camera. I went to clean it and when I came out he gave me a one piece top and told me to wear it. I wore it it was too tight and small it barely covered my boobs and was too high that my hole were visible in it. I being a chubby woman this dress made everything looked pressed. Suddenly the doorbell rang I got afraid and saw at mihir. He said dont worry we have a friend over here. He opened the door and a middle age man came in. He saw me and sat on the sofa.

I was too shy to look at him but I found he was looking at me with lust and he asked mihir. Is she the one? Mihir said she is all yours. I caught mihir and took him in other room and said what is all this? He said this man is husband of the lady they all fuck. (read my previous stories). We want him to fuck you so that her wife can divorce her for adultery. I heard it and said no… To which mihir told if you dont do it I will give your videos to your husband and he will divorce you for adultery.

Now I had no choice but to let the man in. Mihir said we are leaving and dont worry your daughter will not return till morning she has three dicks to satisfy. I knew she was somewhere to be fucked but right now it was I who was in trouble. The boys left and the man closed the door. He sat on sofa I was standing in a corner of the room. He told me to sit on his lap. I did as he said. He started the tv and and his hand was caressing my back and the other hand was finding a way to my hole.

He reached my clitoris and pulled the skin I screamed ouch. He laughed and inserted his finger in it and started moving it clockwise in it. I was getting turned on by it. I closed my eyes and my mouth opened and I started breathing heavily. He pulled my hair I moaned ouch and he made my mouth come near his and he smooched me.

He opened my top zip and I was nude in front of him sitting in his lap. He kept his other hand on my waist and pulled me in a manner that his legs came in between mine. I was breathing heavily and he started sucking my boobs. I laid my head on his shoulders and let him suck me .He pulled my tits with his teeth bit them and sucked in all manners. I was moaning like a slutty school girl… Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh. I could feel his dick between my legs.

So I stopped him and moved down. I took his dick out it was more than 6 inch fat one. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it. But it was too long for me he pressed my head on it and I started going in and out in his dick.

He started mouth fucking me. I was sucking his dick and saw his face while doing it with a puppy face look.

This made him so horny that he shooted it my mouth I drank the last part of it. And he threw me away on ground. He removed his clothes and cuddled me and and with his large fingers started fingering me. I curled my legs toes and my mouth opened and was moaning breathing heavily. He was behind me holding me on my waist with one hand and other fingering me. I shouted dont stop dont stop… I was high on it and he regained the size.

He made me go on all four and came from behind in my pussy. I had never taken such long dick so I screamed in pain. He pulled my hair and started banging me. I was screaming like a bitch and he was drilling my hole. I cummed in a minute or so but he was not to stop.

He came after sometime and we lay over there for sometime. Then I got an idea I got up and bought oil and told him to lie and I started giving him body massage. I was pressing him all over and then I went for massing his legs. I saw him gaining his size but I didn’t want him to pussy fuck me so I started giving him hand job.

But he stopped me and stood up behind me and made me bend on sofa. He pulled my ass cheeks I tried to stop him but he made me bend and inserted in my asshole. I screamed but he close my mouth and he ass fucked me and I was screaming tears rolled down. He didnt last long but it was painful enough. Then he cummed in my ass.

He got up and moved in the bed room and slept over there. I checked the time it was 2 am so I too went in the room and slept beside him.

I woke up at five to find him caressing my boobs he said in my ears. Lets have one more round. I was too fucked up but obliged to him and he made me go on top of him. I was riding his dick like a cowboy girl and his hands were on my boobs pressing them. His long dick was reaching my g spot and I was getting turned on, I was enjoying it to my full and he cummed in my pussy. He threw me aside and woke up and got ready and left. I said in the sheets and suddenly I opened my eyes and was scared to see yash and amar staring at me.

I begged them please no more sex I had enough. To that they said dont worry we are here to take the cameras. They took out 3 bug camera from my house and I scolded them but they laughed and said. Your daughter had us satisfied or we would have replied to your insult you slut. I stood there mumped and went back to bed thinking of the wonderful night I had spent and all thanks to the boys.

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