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Hi guy, I know it’s been a very long while I had written a story. Boys and girls here is what you have been waiting for. If any doubts or interest in meeting me. Write to my email [email protected]. life is short, we have to make our move as we desire.

This is happening real next to my house. I am living in Kerala. Names will be changed. So girls and boys here we go.

It was two years before a family from Kuwait came and bought a house next to us. The family was good, two young daughters, wife and husband.

Husbands name is Rajiv and wife s name is rupa. They were a happy family. Husband worked in a rig and has to go for work every 2 months and will get a leave for 15 days.

I met them the whole family. They were nice to me, we played with the kids. There was actually nothing wired. After one and half years every thing changed.

I was not working, in my house full time. Rupa aunty was a housewife and her daughter will go to school in morning. We will speak sometimes.

One day, her daughters left to school and was completely alone. I was alone at my house and was in a horny mood. I was feeling to jerk off. I took my mobile phone and start to play porn. I put on Bluetooth headset in full volume. In tat video two milf was having lesbian fun and suddenly her step son comes and they have sex with him. The video was 30 min long.

I came down to the living room and I spread the curtains to cover the window and put the tv on.

I took my dick out (6″) and started to play the video. I gently stroke and for 30 minutes after I cum a huge amount. I turned off the tv and removed the headset. As I looked at the black tv I could see someone just moved from the window. I turned and went to look who it was. I saw rupa aunty walking away from my house. I was like ho shit.

Two days passed, nothing happened then I thought everything is forgotten. That morning I got a call. Rupa aunty called me to her house. I just went. We sat on her couch, she gave me tea. And we chatted for some time. And we became silent. Tat was the time I noticed her whole body. She was having a 36D breast and was average looking and wore specs a.d she was 37 yrs old. She was wearing nighty that her boobs were like two mountains.

She came near me and sat. She looked at me and sad I saw Wat u did two days before. I was a little shy at first then, I told her all men to do , it’s human nature. She looked at me and put her hand on my thighs and said yea. Ur right, and started rubbing my thighs.

But all men don’t have a big dick and won’t last 30 minutes. She was looking straight into my eyes and her hand was rubbing on my thighs. I looked at her straight into her eyes and I was having an erection. Shit is happening. I was not into her and got a little scared. .

She told me don’t b scared. I just wanna help you. Her hands slowly opened my zip and started to rub my dick. My dick was full sized and she got it out. She looked at it for a second and started to stroke it. 5 minutes she stroke wit one hand. She asked me to stand up. When I stood up. She just pulled down my pants and started to give a handjob with both hands. She was stroking and pulling my balls. I was in full pleasure. But I wanted something more.

I was afraid to touch her boobs at first. But I touched her boobs over her nighty. She was wearing a bra. I could feel it was stiff. she looked at me and she just removed the bra. I was pressing the big boobs. It was big very big my one palm was not enough. I went through the nighty to feel her skin. Soft and I started to press hard. Almost 10-15 minutes was over. I saw her hands was tired.

She just pulled my dick and put in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. Damn, I was under serious pressure. I started to use my both hands to press her huge boobs.

I could feel I was going to cum. I told her. And pulled my dick out of her mouth and started to jerk off. She told me u cannot make my home dirty. So u should cum in my mouth. I was almost ready and told her. She suddenly put her mouth and took my full cum in. I looked at her her mouth was already full. She just swallowed it fully. And suck my dick dry.

She told that the bathroom is to the left go and clean. I went she also went to clean. I came to Bacms and sat on the couch. She came near me and gave a book. She told this is better than porn. “Playboy”. She told me. If ever I feel to jerk off come to me. U can see the book and I will help.

I went to my home and thought of Wat happened today. I could feel my dick was still in full size.

This story has continued and more happened. I will let u guys know more about this story.

If any aunty is feeling lonely and wants to chat or experience something interesting. Contact me by [email protected].

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