Awesome Day With My Girlfriend

Hi guys and girls. I am Nithesh Krishna, from Bangalore. I am working in a reputed IT company as a software developer. I am a fair and bold guy with 5’11” height and Average built.

First of all, I would thank ISS for providing such a wonderful platform where we can share our awesome sex experiences. This is my first experience sharing in the website. I hope you all will enjoy this. This is not just a story, but my real experience that I am going to pen down here.

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My girlfriend name is Pratheekha. She is a cute, fair girl with long black hair. Her figure was not that great maybe 32-26-32. She is very slim and tall. Her height is 5’7″. She is too polite when she is calm and very short tempered girl when she gets angry

She never shouts at others or show her anger as other girls do. She just keeps silent without speaking to anybody when she is angry. This happened during my college days. I was doing my Engineering and my girlfriend was studying in BCA in a different college.

Since both of our parents were working, nobody used to be at either my house or my girlfriend’s house till evening. The day happened to be in the month of June. Almost June-end. My classes got over in the afternoon. As usual.

I called Pratheeksha to inform her that my class got over and I’ll be going home. She had not gone to college that day since she had only 1 class that day and she wasn’t interested to attend that class. She was at home. When I called her, she told me that she is horny and wanted to make love with me.

Since even I was free that day, I agreed. I told her that I’ll be there at her house in other half an hour. While going to her house, on the way, I bought a pack of condoms in a medical shop, bought some chocolates for her as she loves eating chocolates and a bottle of Pepsi.

While i was on the way to her house, it started raining. I thought of standing under some roof and start after it stops raining. But then I saw time ad it was already late. I couldn’t afford to waste time that day. I felt that my cock was erect and i had to sit a little behind on the seat of my bike.

I reached her home. I was completely drenched. I knocked the door. Pratheeksha opened the door. She was wearing jeans shorts which covered only her butt and a tight top. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She scolded me for getting drenched in the rain, made me sit on the sofa, went inside and brought a towel. She came towards me to wipe my wet hair. I said honey, I am feeling very cold. She smiled and replied I told you to come home to make you feel hot baby” and winked at me.

My cock which was already erect, now became hard like a stone. She said “I’ll give you 2 options. 1 – Do you want me to wipe your hair? or 2 – Do you want to take hot water bath? I said her that I would select option 2 if she will accompany me in taking bath with me.

She said very smart smiled, held my shirt color and dragged me to the bathroom. I turned the hot water shower tap and she hugged me and we both started smooching hard. It was awesome experience to smooch a girl under shower.

We had a deep smooch for a long time. While smooching, I held her firm butt and I let my tongue inside her mouth and she started sucking my toungue like crazy. She had held my hair and was never leaving it. I understood that she was very horny today.

I slowly removed her top and we again started smooching. I opened her bra hooks an d she started removing the buttons of my shirt. We both were half nude. We did not leave each other’s lips when removing clothes and still our lips were in contact.

She put her arms around me and pulled towards her. Her boobs got crushed. She moaned hmmm while smooching. We continued the smooch and I opened the button of her jeans shorts and she removed the shorts using her leg.

Then she removed the button of my jeans and I pushed the pant down. Now, she was in her panties and I was in y underwear. We stopped the smooch now. Imagine guys! We started the smooch when we entered the bathroom and stopped it now.

Did not stop in between while doing any of the acts then I started kissing her ear lobes, bit her ears, kissed her neck and gave a deep love bite on her neck. Then I went a little down to suck her boobs. Her nipples were erect and her breath was going fast. I just moved my face near her boobs but didn’t start sucking yet.

She shouted “Baby, please don’t tease me. Suck them. Suck my boobs. They are just waiting for you” By saying that, she held my hair and forcibly made me suck her boobs. I started sucking her boobs and licking her nipples. She moaned hhhmmm yeah Baby, take the whole thing in your mouth aaahh!

I came up and we started the smooch again. While smooching, i put my hand inside her panties and started rubbing her pussy. She got hornier and bit my lips hardly. I moaned out of pain. But that pain was too sweet. Even she was moaning hmm.

We stopped the smooch and started looking each other’s eyes. She felt shy and bent her head. I asked her Honey, are you feeling shy? She replied hmmmm. I asked her do you want me to eat up your pussy? She replied yes baby. My pussy is just waiting for your magical tongue. Please go down.

I just went down on my knees. I pulled her panties down. She lifted her left leg and kept it on my shoulders. I could see a clean shaved pink tight pussy and hot water flowing on it since we were under shower. I started kissing and licking her inner thighs. She said “Please don’t tease me. Please start your magic on my pussy”

I turned off the shower and started licking her clit and fingering her pussy together. She was massaging my hair. By her moaning and I could make out that She had reached the top level of orgasm. She started moaning “aaaooh yes baby, yes” and she squirted.

We have had sex many times before but I had not seen her squirting so much. This time it was a heavy squirt. I started to do the same thing again and after around 10 minutes, she squirted again. She shouted do it more baby. I want to squirt more. I want to throw all the liquid out of my body. Come on baby aaaaah aaah

I continued fingering and licking her clit and she squirted again. This time she was tired and her body was shivering. She said, “Baby, i want to take revenge. You have made me tired. Now its my turn” and went down near y hard cock. She kissed the bulged part and sucking it.

She sucked it hard and took y complete 6.5″ cock in her mouth. The head of my cock was almost touching her throat. She continued doing that and after 15 minutes of sucking, I was about to cum. I moaned aaaaah, honey I am going to cum. Take the cock out of your mouth

She did not take it out and I came inside her mouth and she drank it all. My cock lost strength and was about losing its hardness. But she took her in her fist, shake it and somehow made it harden again. Girls can make even a boneless thing hard as an iron rod!

She started sucking my cock again. I was squeezing her boobs. She had held my cock in one hand and in the other hand, she was rubbing her pussy. I came again and she drank it again. I said now its the time to fuck you honey. Do you want to get fucked or are you happy with just oral sex?”

She scolded me saying Idiot, what question you ask? You think I’m satisfied with only this? I want more. I want your cock inside my pussy. I wanna feel the pain. Come on fuck me. We went out of bath room and she lied down on her bed.

I took out the condoms from my bag and gave it to her. She opened the pack carefully and put it on my cock. I asked her “What style you want today? She replied today I am your slave baby. I ll be happy with however you do. Please do it fast. I can’t wait

I made her spread her legs, pushed my cock inside her pussy deeply and started moving in and out very slowly. Then i increased the speed. I fucked her hard till her butt and my thighs became red because of the collision.

That day we had sex in ‘Man on top woman on top’ , ‘Doggy style’ , ‘Deep shot’ positions.

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