Back To First Class And Hotel Again

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It was two weeks from Swati incident and I was fucking Neetu regularly but the spice was not coming in. I was thinking to punish her more but I wasn’t getting any wonderful idea about it. But one day a friend of mine called me, he was in movie line and was involved in some C-grade movie production. He told me that he was shooting some movie scenes in Dehradun. He invited me over there to have a view on his work. He inquired that whether I was been married to which I told him that I haven’t.

Just in curiosity I asked him that how much it cost to make a movie like he made. He told the amount which was way more less than expected. I asked him that was it possible for him for making a movie for me. He was amazed to see my interest in this line and asked me about the movie so I told him that on what concept I wanted to make the movie. I elaborated him the entire thing, he calculated and told me the entire budget so I asked him to get prepared and I was transferring fund to his account. He assured me that fund was not important and it can be given later. He said that the entire movie will get prepared in one week time. I told him to get ready and I’ll be reaching in a week time to start. He passed me address and then we discounted.

Four days later I booked the ticket for me and Neetu for the Dehradun and a first class hotel for three days stay in hotel, but neither she asked me anything nor do I tell her anything. The journey was overnight only from my place, means 8 pm to 6 pm. She packed her luggage but after she packed I instructed her to change the luggage. She looked at me angrily but then changed her luggage. We were ready on the desired day.

So we reached the station at desired time. The train reached on time and we boarded in First Class AC. We took a coupe and settled in. it was around 8 PM then, so we had few snacks and then I went out to talk with the TT and the Attendant, I had something in my mind so I had to discuss them about it. I went to them, smoke with them and then came back after few discussion.

Around 9 pm the TT gave me a miss call so I asked Neetu to change in sleep wear. She was still in sari and so I asked her to get comfortable. She pulled her luggage and pulled out a nightie and changed in it. She was always comfortable without her undergarments so today also she went bare inside her nightie. The nightie was semi-transparent and looking for more than a second could give a clear view of her bare body. I asked her that she remembered that she lost her virginity in a place like this only. She stared at me and then shook her head. I asked her again, that a place like this made her a slut too. She gazed me again then shook her head again. I asked that she must be feeling very wet back in such place. This time she didn’t made any sign. I asked her to follow me.

Without a question she started to follow me. We went to the western style bathroom and I asked her to get inside. She got inside and I stood on the gate itself. I asked her to give me her nightie, she looked me for a while and then gave away her nightie. I grabbed her nightie and rolled it up. I said that currently it was about 9:30 PM, she will have to stay in the same bathroom till morning 5. She looked confused so I continued that she was not allowed to close the bathroom door from inside, and if anyone comes in she must allow him to come in.

She said that what does that mean, and I have planned to get her fucked there and I would be sending someone. I laughed and said that the best part is this only, I have told no one about her. She scrambled her face with a shocked expression. She said that why she was going to say when a stranger enters the bathroom and see her there. I smiled and said that was none of my problem and she must think about it.

She looked shocked and confused, both expression on the same time. She said what if anyone complains to the TT or the attendant. I said that they already knows about you and they will come once in the night to get their share. She stayed still with shocked face and I turned around and came back to my coupe. I rolled on the berth and pulled out my mobile, set the alarm for five and went to sleep. I woke up with the alarm and got up from the bed.

I took the rolled up nightie from the berth and moved towards the bathroom. The door was ajar and Neetu was bowed down on the washbasin. A guy was in his shirt and his pants were down. He was fucking Neetu in her ass or pussy from her back, that wasn’t visible to I wasn’t sure. His butts were towards the gate so they wasn’t able to see me. I moved inside another bathroom, instead of going back.

Though Neetu wasn’t moaning but the guys was huffing a lot so as soon as he discharged I got a clear idea of it from another bathroom. I peeped outside and saw him pulling his pants up and then leaving. I quickly went outside and Neetu was looking all messed, hair messed, lipstick messed and eyeliner messed. I gave her the nightie and she wore it up immediately. We came back to the coupe, where she took the towel, made it wet and then cleaned herself. I asked her to get dressed also. She wore her clothes, but this time a jeans and t-shirt, it was only quick way to get dressed up. Sari took a lot of time to wear, and not very comfortable in a place like that.

I asked her that how many managed to fuck her in that bathroom. She was combing her hair and didn’t say anything. I looked at her in anger and she said, seven excluding the TT and attendant. I asked her to illuminate about it. She sat on the seat excitedly and said that the first guy who came to piss went in the eastern toilet, she was hoping that he would get inside western but he didn’t.

When he went off, after few minutes another guy came, he preferred the western one and so he pushed the gate and came inside. I was confused about the situation so I was just standing behind the gate. When he came inside he had already took off his dick and was about to close the gate. But soon he saw me in a shock and excitement, excitement because his limb dick for peeing was rock hard instantly. He mumbled that why I was here in such condition so I told him that my husband was a jerk and he couldn’t satisfy me so I came in hoping for some fun. He smiled and was closing the door when I asked him to remain it open. I didn’t mind if someone else wanted to join. He smiled and left the door opened. His first interest were towards my boobs and he grabbed both of them.

I stopped her and said that I didn’t wanted that detailed, just summary of it, she enjoyed whole night and that was find but I didn’t wanted to watch the movie of her slut night. She looked at me in annoyed manner and said he fucked me once and then went away. She continued that next guy came after 1 hour who was having a little pot belly. He came inside but didn’t seem shocked to see me. He just made me bow on wash basin and fucked from back and went off after peeing. Didn’t say anything. After that two guys came, one in my bathroom another in eastern one. But as soon as he saw me in that state, he went off and knocked his friend’s bathroom gate. So after a while they both came in and fucked in in sandwich manner. They also didn’t asked and fucked me and went off.

After that the TT and the attendant came in, they took turns to fuck me one after the other. As they finished two more guys came and one fucked me inside the bathroom and another peed and went away. But when the first guy went to his coupe he told the second guy about me who came back to get a chance. The last guy just came before you came, he fucked me in my pussy first, asked me to suck him and make him hard so that he can fuck my ass too. Then he fucked my ass too and went away.

I said, hope she enjoyed and she smiled sleepily. As we reached Dehradun we got down the train, took a taxi and went towards the hotel. We reached hotel around 9 am, as Neetu was awake all night she went to bed immediately. She slept like a log till 7 pm in the evening. She work up and hand a quick bath and came out all naked, just a towel in her hairs. She went to wear her undergarments when I objected. She looked at me and I passed her a packet.

She without asking took the packet and opened it. It contained a gent’s vest only. I asked her to get inside that only and without objection she went inside it. She wore the gent’s vest only, no bra, no panty nothing else. I knew she had just surrendered with objections, she knew she couldn’t object and I was in no mood to hear anything. I know it’s hard to imagine so just view at this picture to get an outlay, click here. She’s not Neetu but just an example. She combed her hairs and then sat on of the sofa. For her dismay I already had ordered drinks and the waiter was to be reaching any moment on the gate. It was not a five star hotel, even not a single star, it was a shady place where no one like to visit. The entire floor was empty and maybe we were the only customer in the hotel. So I decided to make full use of it. As the door knocked Neetu looked at me confusingly. The room had two rooms. The front has a sofa set along with TV and single bed, then there was a partition with a gate to get inside and it had a TV along with Double bed and another sofa set.

We were sitting inside the bedroom. So when the door was knocked I asked Neetu to go and answer the door. She looked at me and asked whether like that only. I asked her whether she was having any problem. She looked below her waist which was all naked and then went to answer the gate. I heard the gate opening and then a murmuring sound but then the sound vanished and the closing door sound came. I waited there for two minutes but Neetu didn’t came inside.

I went outside to check, the door was closed and Neetu wasn’t in front room, so I peeped outside. The gallery was empty and there was no one there, neither the waiter nor Neetu. So I decided to check it out. I moved towards the stairs but there were no one on stairs. Then I went to the opposite side of the gallery with had a side gallery after a wooden glass door. There were no sound coming from there so I quit the thought of getting that side. I thought if both were with each other, they had plenty of rooms to enter. So I decided to check in each room, but suddenly I saw a tray on the opposite side of the gate.

So I opened the door and went to other side. As I turned left I saw Neetu been fucked by the waiter. He made her deposit herself on the wall on her ass, her legs were spread apart and he was pumping her with his pants down. I looked at him and said that at least he must have left the things of tray in room. He apologised and said that he was about to finish and will deliver both my products in a while. I said alright and came back to the room.

After 10 minutes the waiter came and put the snacks and liquor on table. I asked him where my other product was. He said that he’ll bring it that too in a while. He went off and came back carrying Neetu in his arms. He dropped her on bed and wished us and went off. Neetu went off to bathroom and came back after cleaning herself up. She asked that how long will be staying here. I said that today is Friday and we’ll leave this hotel on Sunday morning.

As it was much time for dinner she went to sleep and around 9 pm I woke her up for dinner and few drinks. I asked to come along with me to the restaurant and bar for few drinks and dinner after it. She was still in vest and looked at me in confused manner. I said to comb her hair and get in high heels. She combed her hair and wore high heels. Then we moved towards the bar. As I expected the whole bar was isolated. So when we entered no one saw us. We took a corner seat, but as the light was dim the waiter didn’t realised her state. So I called the waiter and asked him to serve drinks. He took the order and came back with drinks. But he didn’t noticed Neetu state at all. I took the drink and poured it on her pussy. She was shocked on it but later understood that I had something in mind.

I called the waiter and he came running. I told her that madam had dropped drink accidently and so he should take madam and clean her up. The waiter asked Neetu where the drink fell. Neetu got up and showed her pussy region. He was shocked to see his condition but then politely asked her to follow him. They moved towards the bathroom, the waiter was leading her way and Neetu was following. They passed just beside the counter and there was nobody on counter, but two waiters were standing near.

They soon realised her condition and just then both of them entered ladies toilet. Both of them came running towards me and asked what happened. I told them the she had dropped the drink on her body and waiter went to help her out in cleaning herself. They asked that whether they could assist them as it will be helpful then. I said that they can but just keep the door opened. They rushed to the bathroom door and as expected the door was being already locked from inside. They knocked the gate and it opened after a while and then they both went inside.

I went to the bathroom after 5 minutes. I tried to open the gate and it was open, so I peeped inside. Neetu was standing on a side with back supported on the wall. Her vest was raised up till her neck and two waiters were sucking her nipples and licking all over her boobs. She had her eyes closed and one waiter was sitting on his knees licking her pussy. I went inside closer to them and asked how they were cleaning.

So one of them left her boobs and said that the guy on knees was making sure that drinks are licked properly, madam was not sure that it fell on upper part or not so they both were making sure of it. I asked them to make it fast and came back to my seat. After 10 minutes I went back and peeped inside. Two were still playing with her boobs but the third was fucking her.

I made a sound and he turned around to see me. I asked him which type of clearing it was. He smiled and kept on pumping and said that he was making sure that anything went inside should come out. I smiled back at him and came back, and went to bathroom again after 20 minutes. The waiter who was pumping her was finished and was peeing in the toilet. Then rest two was fucking her in both ways, sandwich manner. I howled that it mustn’t had went in her asshole. So the guy fucking her asshole said that she was all naked on bottom so it wasn’t sure that it hadn’t travelled in her ass. They were just making sure of it. I smiled and said that they all were good in service and came back. After 15 minutes Neetu came back and joined me. She already was neat and tidy and we started our dinner. After the dinner we came back to our room and went to sleep.

Next day she kept on sleeping till 1 pm, then woke up, had a bath and I asked for breakfast but she rejected. I gave her a new vest and she wore that. I checked my cigarette packet and it was empty so I called at the reception but no one responded. I was annoyed with it but still I thought to get it myself. I told that I was going for a packet and would return soon. She said ok and I left. My brand was not famous here so it was hard to find it. It took me 20 minutes to find my brand and then I returned to hotel. It was around 2 pm then and so I was thinking of lunch, but when I entered my room it was a pleasant surprise.

Neetu was on the single bed on the front room, legs spread apart and a guy whom I recognised as manager was fucking her. He was still wearing his shirt and his pants were just down. I think either he was waiting for me to leave or got in accidently when I was out, or either his staff had told him about last night event. Whatever it was but he was inside her fucking her up. I didn’t disturbed him and stayed outside to let him finish. It took 10 more minutes for him to finish.

Then he came out fixing his pants and belt. He saw me, was surprised for a while then smiled and nodded his head like he was saluting someone, and then went off. I went inside but Neetu was in bathroom. When she came outside I asked her that who the guy was. She told me that he was waiting for me to go out and so he rushed in, said that he was very much interested in me and pulled her in front room. He dropped his pants and without asking was inside her. I told her that it was absolutely fine and she mustn’t worry about it. I asked her lunch and she said that she wasn’t hungry, so I said that she should sleep and I will bring some snacks for her to eat. She went to bed inside and I went to restaurant. There I saw three new waiters and waiters last night were I think off job. So I called one of them and order my lunch.

While I was having the lunch, I called one of them and ordered lunch and few snacks for the room. I told him the room number, as expected with liquor, snacks and lunch it took three waiters to go and deliver that. So when they were about to go towards the room I told them that the room was already open and they can go directly inside the second room. I asked them to collect their tip from madam itself. They nodded their head and went off. I finished my lunch in 30 minutes, purposely slowly and then moved to the room.

The sound was coming out from the room so I peeped inside first but they all were in second room so I got inside and peeped inside. As per my expectation they were all fucking her inside the bedroom. One waiter lying on bed and Neetu was riding him, second was in her ass from her back and third one was in her mouth get blowjob. I didn’t go inside and went to the gallery to smoke. After whole 30 minutes all three of them came out and I was standing just in front of gate. They were shocked to see me but I asked whether madam had tipped them well. They wished me and one of them said that madam rewarded them perfectly.

I went inside and found her on bed all messed up. She looked at me and then went in bathroom to make herself tidy. She came back, eat hungrily and then went for a nap. She woke up around 9 in evening and said to call the dinner in room itself. I called and dinner arrived but this time a very old man came so I didn’t called him inside.

He kept the dinner on table and went off. We ate dinner and then we both went to sleep. Around 2:30 am someone knocked the gate, I angrily got up and went to the gate. The manager was on the gate and he wished me politely so I asked him the matter. He told that he had very important guest tonight to whom he usually supplied prostitutes, but as they arrived very late so he couldn’t arrange any. He continued that if I was ok with it can he take Neetu for the special service and he can pay me for that too. I tapped is shoulders and said that I really like his hospitality and wasn’t interested in payment.

I asked him to take her but reminded him that she must be back around 7 am as we would have to checkout around 8 am. He assured me that Neetu will be back at 7 am. I was not sure that there were actually clients or he wanted to take her for his own pleasure but I cared that a least. I went inside, woke Neetu and brought her outside. This time I took away the vest also, she was all naked and I said the manager to take her with him. They walked to the lift and I waited there to see them go. The manager got inside the lift first, turned is face to me and then Neetu entered and turned her face towards me. As the gate was closing I could see that he grabbed her boobs from behind and then the gate was closed.

I woke up around 7:15 but Neetu hadn’t arrived so I called the reception and he connected me to the manager. The manager said sorry for being late and he will bring her back in 15 minutes. While he was disconnecting the phone, his voice came, suck fast he’s calling you. So she was in his room giving him blow job. Anyways she came just 15 minutes after it. Rushed in bathroom and came out nicely dressed.

We were packing our luggage when I asked her that whether he really had clients last night or he said lie about it. She kept on working on luggage and said that there were clients in real. I asked how many so she said that the first room had four clients in their 40’s who kept her engaged till 5 pm, fucked her two times each but as they were old guys they didn’t engaged her for long time. The time took for re-gaining their energy for second round. All four fucked her in pussy as they failed to fuck her in ass, but two of them didn’t fuck in her pussy also and were happy with blowjob.

Around 5 the manager was on room door and he took me to the side gallery, while he was in the lift he had already fucked her once and this time before leaving her in second room fucked her once more. Then she told that she was left in second room in which some rich brats came for fun, college going guys so they fucked her two times both in her pussy and in her ass altogether but as they had good stamina they engaged her till 7 am. Then the manager came and took her to his room and when I called she was giving him blowjob.

I said that was fine and we came to the reception. He prepared checkout formalities but didn’t charged us anything. He said that the manager has asked to clear entire bill from his side. Our luggage was shifted to taxi so I took Neetu to manager room for a good bye. The manager came to us and I told him how much I loved his hospitality. He gabbed Neetu and pressed her bums few times and few times her boobs over her blouse. He said that I got a wonderful piece and if I can leave her for a month at his hotel he can blast the entire market. I told him I will think about it when Neetu looked at me in shocked manner. The manager passed me card and I took it and kept it in purse. Till the time we stayed in the room, the manager kept on pressing her boobs over her blouse, sometimes so hard that she wept.

We came out and till gate he kept on enjoying with her boobs. We left the hotel premises and rushed with the taxi. I gave the taxi driver an address. Neetu whispered gently that whether her punishment was over or I’m still thinking her to punish more. I smiled at her and said one last time, and her punishment will be over. She nodded her head and just settled on the seat. The taxi was traveling to a location and I was very excited to reach there.

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I would write another episode soon. Till then have a nice time, stay happy, stay healthy and keep waiting.


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