Bang, Bang With Blind Act, Incest Angle – Part II

Apart from pressing my boob on Rahul’s upper arm and his pressing my thigh, we could not engage in any erotic stuff, since the bus was crowded. Rahul assured me on the second leg of the journey bus would be sparsely crowded and we could sit in the back seats and that I could ride him.

I smiled to myself at the idea of sitting in his lap with his dick buried inside my pussy and let the bumpy bus ride take care of the necessary up and down movements. (I was not wearing panty and my pajama stitches were removed sufficiently to allow cock to enter my very wet pussy. I knew Rahul was not wearing an under wear)

We got down after two hours of bumpy ride and as we were proceeding to the bus that would take us to his village, Rahul handed over my dark glasses and the walking stick of the blind.

“Here it goes, my Oscar performance” I told myself as I clutched Rahul’s hand and started walking with the uncertain gait of the blind. When we got in the bus and proceeded to the back row seats, I heaved a sigh of relief. Rahul was right. There were not more than twenty passengers, all of them preferring front row seats.

As we settled down in our seats, bus started with a jerk. I immediately grabbed Rahul’s cock and found it to be hard and rearing to go, like a horse straining at the leash, impatient to break into a gallop. As Rahul was checking the wet condition of my pussy, I saw two old women coming towards us. I slapped his hand away.

Both ladies were almost in tears as they patted me on the head, remarked how cruel was the God to make such a beautiful, young girl blind. They bombarded Rahul with questions as to when, how and what went wrong with my sight and what he was doing about it. They suggested visits to famous temples which had produced miraculous cures. We assured them that we would follow their advice.

We heaved a sigh of relief when they finally went to their seats but out joy was short lived. They talked to others about the unfortunate beautiful, blind girl. They started coming in groups and Rahul had to patiently repeat like a parrot about my sordid story, ladies shed silent tears and Gents showed acceptable sympathy and both liberally doled out advises about babas, doctors, temples etc. I was going mad with frustration but Rahul’s status was worse. He had to patiently respond to the queries and had to endure my pinches on his thigh and my mutterings under breath about how far to go, how many hours of journey left and why can’t he chase them away.

When someone is shedding tears at your misfortune, you can’t tell them to go to hell or get lost. I was on verge of tears myself and finally all good or bad things are bound to come to an end. The bus took pity on us and dropped us off at Rahul’s village after an excruciatingly long 2 hour journey. My pussy closed all the taps and went to sleep. I was sure Rahul’s cock must have shrunk to the size of a pencil stub and balls to the size of marbles.

Finally we got down the bus and gave plastic smiles to all well meaning monsters, waved to the departing bus. I remembered to wave and smile in wrong directions.

When bus was out of sight, Rahul glanced around and shouted at the top of his voice. He kept shouting and yelling until his pent up frustration was spent. I hugged him and my warm embrace cooled him.

Then we started walking towards the village on the narrow mud road. My blind girl act in place, I clung to Rahul’s arm and was probing with the stick on the ground.

“Now you were howling like a werewolf. May be I should have started blind girl act after getting down from the bus” I told him.

“Are you crazy? If someone from village had boarded the bus our act would have finished before it even started. They were sympathetic, but painfully so” Rahul told.

Our bhejas(brains) which were fried, during the journey began to cool down in the refreshing breeze gently blowing across the green fields on either side of the track.

We walked in silence for twenty minutes. I asked him “What about our banging sessions? Will they be quickies or we can enjoy at our leisure?”Rahul was silent for few minutes. I could not understand what was biting him. We could see the village in the distance.He made me sit on a culvert and sat beside me.

“I have not told you certain things about the village. May be I should have but I was afraid you would break up with me” He hesitantly told me. I smiled at him and squeezed his arm reassuringly.

“So long as they are not cannibals, it is okay with me, whatever your customs or traditions may be” I told him.

His eyes lit up.” Do you really mean it?” he asked happily. I nodded. I was not prepared for his next sentence.

“I told you that I lost virginity at 16 years of age. You did not ask with whom. It was with my eldest sister” he waited for the sledge hammer blow effect that stunned me to recede before giving another blow.

“Where was your mother when you were banging your sister?” I asked him after I recovered from first shock. He stared at me for few seconds.“She was standing next to us. She was supervising” he said casually. I swooned and would have toppled over the culvert, had Rahul not hugged me.

“I think you should have some soft drink and biscuits before I proceed further” he gave a soft drink. As I sipped, I was shocked to find that I was not horrified or appalled as much as I was aroused. My pussy had woken up and was opening all taps. Rahul waited for me to finish eating biscuits before proceeding.

“Unless I appraise you of what is in store, your Oscar winning performance of blind girl will not last not for more than five seconds. So, listen carefully” Rahul told me.

“See that third house on the left with high compound wall. That is my house. As we open the gate and enter, you will find a huge open place with lot of plants, flowers and vegetables in the garden. There are Mango, Guava and coconut trees also. As we walk up the path and press the door bell, it will be opened by the lady of the house, which can be my aunt, sister in law or cousin depending on whose turn is to hold the fort.

“She will receive us warmly, give us coffee, Tea and snacks and make small talk. Of course, you have to resign yourself and get used to sympathy poured on you by buckets. Then she will call Main house and inform that we have arrived. This part of the house has 3 bed rooms, big hall, kitchen. We go to the kitchen, there is a big door with number lock.

“This lady opens it for us, we enter into a hall with cupboards on both sides with each member of family’s name written on it. I strip down including my underwear if I wear one and place it in cupboard.

“Then we ring the bell near the door on opposite side. It is opened from the other side and we enter.

“From here it is a nudist colony of my joint family. Grand pa, Grand ma, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, their spouses and children, all of them stay in the main house. All are nude. This time of the day, men would have gone to fields or work, kids would have gone to school. So, only ladies of the house will receive us warmly. Here you have to be extremely careful, don’t scream and close your eyes by the sight of so many naked females, with tit sizes and shapes of all types.

“Since you are blind, they will not bother to cover themselves. My only worry is about few men who did not go to work, there may be banging scenes also. So, you have to have full control on your emotions, don’t blush.

“The house is rectangular, left side L shape has many bedrooms with only door and window frames but without doors and window panes. On the right side, we have kitchen and dining room. Fourth side has bath rooms and toilets. I plan to straight away take you to our room and make you lie down and allow you to sleep. I will tell them you are very tired.

“Try to sleep or try to get orientation and brace yourself for shocks of all kind. Once you are confident then tell me I will release you into the wolf pack” he concluded.

I was silent for several minutes. He cleared throat.

“I am sorry I landed you in this. I should have listened to Suma, she admonished me for not telling you beforehand. I was afraid you will refuse out right and would cut me off totally from your life. If you don’t want to go ahead, we will walk back and sit in a dhaba for 3 hours. We will catch next bus and go back. You can stay with Suma and Padma aunty.” His voice was filled with sadness as he got up and extended hand.

He thought my silence was due to my anger and resentment about his deception. I took his hand and hugged and kissed him.

“Let us go and win Oscar for best acting as a blind person. But I have several questions” I told a beaming and relieved Rahul.

“Shoot’” he said enthusiastically as we both sat back on the culvert.

“Will I be raped? With so many males with erect cocks prancing around how can you protect me from getting raped?” I asked him point blank.He laughed.

“I can assure you that rape is nonexistent in our community. Any man can bang any woman but woman’s consent is essential. If she refuses or is not interested, man has to look for another pussy. Moreover, you will be fully clothed and supposedly unaware of what is going on. I will be with you all the time” Rahul reassured me.

“Do bathrooms and toilets have doors?” I asked him anxiously.

“Toilets have doors. Bathrooms don’t have doors. There are a number of showers, men, women and kids bathe together. Some make shift arrangement can be made for you” he answered hesitantly.

“There is no need. I am really looking forward to be nude and take shower in front of appreciative audience and observe their reaction without their knowledge. But what about kids?” suddenly I was apprehensive about corrupting innocent minds.

“What about them?” Rahul asked puzzled.

“They will become perverts, rapists when exposed to so much sex “I asked anxiously.

“Do you consider me, Suma and Padma aunty as normal or abnormal?” Rahul asked earnestly.

I thought back. I could not think of any abnormality or perversion in their behavior.

“See, from infancy we are exposed to nudity and banging. And we are not frustrated, we watch boobs, pussy hair growing and girls see our dick erections. Cousins and aunts let us suck tits, lick pussies they masturbate and suck our cocks. Only when we reach sixteen years of age, we are asked to choose the person with whom we wish to lose virginity.” He paused and left my hand as a small girl going to school waved at him. He waved back.

“You chose your eldest sister? Why?” I asked him curiously. Rahul laughed.

“You tell me why after you have seen her. Anyway that is a big event. It is almost celebrated like a festival. We have open space in the rectangle there they set up bed and ….”

“…and watched by everyone, including children, what prehistoric, primitive culture you have in this 21st century?” I could not control my disgust.He shrugged and remained silent.

“If you so desired, you could have chosen your Mom also?” I knew the answer even before I asked. He nodded.

“Whom did Suma choose?” I asked.

“My Mom’s brother, before you ask, yes, I banged Suma and Padma aunty many times” he was looking at his finger nails.

“Then why did they allow me, why they were not jealous? Who will bang them?” I asked perplexed.

“That is the beauty of our village. There is no place for rape, divorce, wife beating, jealousy or infidelity in our village because there is no need. When you have so many cocks, pussies to choose from, the sense of possession ceases to exist. There are so many men from my village in our city, one phone call and 3 or 4 men will arrive to bang Suma and Padma. So, their pussies are not actually starving” Rahul told me as a matter of fact.

“Do you have any more questions?” Rahul asked as he got up.

“Will you be offended if I desire to be banged by some irresistible cocks?” I teased him.

“Why, of course not, I will suggest some good ones myself. My Mom’s brother Ram whom Suma favored is one, then my cousin Ajay is a good stud but no one to beat my brother Rohit for pussy licking. I suggest this combination ….” He was so enthusiastic as if a waiter recommending gourmet dishes from menu.

“OK..OK..I get the idea” I laughed and got up, took his elbow and asked him to lead the way.

As we were approaching the gate to his house Rahul muttered under hi s breath “Don’t take out the goggles until we are safely in our room”. I nodded.

My heart was thudding in my chest as Rahul pressed the door bell. After a minute a lady opened the door, gave a shriek hugged him and opened the door wide and welcomed us. Suma already sent word and they were expecting us and I thanked Suma for sending word not to dump sympathy on me and that I would hate it.

Rahul guided me to a sofa, I felt with my hand and sat. Rahul sat in a dining chair. After usual enquiries about journey, the Lady, Jaya, Rahuls’ cousin sister asked us innocently “What would you like to have? Coffee, tea or fresh milk?”

Had I closed my eyes I would not have observed anything amiss. I had to literally force my jaw from falling open, when I saw Jaya was gesturing to her boobs when she said ‘Fresh milk’. Rahul remarked he would like Fresh milk if there is no shortage for the baby.

Jaya unhooked her blouse and pushed her tit in Rahul’s mouth saying there was abundant milk. I was trying my best not to let blood flow to my face making it beetroot red, which was the case whenever I got aroused.

I cleared my throat and asked if I also could have fresh milk.

Jaya called ” Sita, bring hot milk for Pallavi, normal sugar isn’t it?” she asked without moving from the position and squeezing her boob from base and shoving it further in Rahul’s mouth. Rahul hugged her tight by passing one hand behind her buttocks and passed another hand between her legs and was fingering her pussy beneath her saree.

Sita turned out to be a fourteen year old girl, she took my hand and placed hot milk glass in my hand and sat in another sofa. She was not at all perturbed by the activity within 3 feet from her. I could not directly look at them so I was looking from corner of my eyes with head held straight. Sita was watching a program on TV.

Rahul pulled out saree and Jaya removed blouse. She was totally naked. She helped Rahul in undressing. My sofa was in a corner. Opposite to it was a bench. Rahul and Jaya pulled the bench away from the wall. Now it was directly in front of me. Rahul lay on his back with feet directed towards me. Jaya sat astride his face with both legs on either side of his face and slowly clamped her pussy on his mouth. Then slowly she bent forward and crushed her boobs on his stomach and grabbed his cock in both hands and stared at me. Her face was less than two feet from me. I was finding it very difficult to breath normally and to distract my mind to prevent any tell tale signs of excitement showing on my face.

Out of blue Jaya asked me “Are you totally blind? Can’t you see even hazy shapes?”

I sighed in an exaggerated exasperation. ” Jayaji, didn’t Rahul and Suma tell you of my condition? Rahul, where are you, please tell everyone in your house that I am totally blind and ….”

Rahul took out his mouth and told Jaya “Please don’t mind Pallavi. She had a very tough time in bus answering so many people and anyone in her place will be cranky….”

I ground my teeth.” I am not cranky. Where are you? Can we go to your room and rest?” I said testily.

Jaya who was licking Rahul’s dick head lustily paused and told Sita who was more interested in TV program than live action “Sita, take Pallavi and show her Rahul’s room “

I and Rahul jumped a foot. “No problem. I will wait for Rahul” I blurted out and Rahul said simultaneously ‘ Sita, I will take her once I finish my small work here. Don’t bother”

I was watching fascinated the absolute rapture Jaya’s face was awash with, her eyes were closed and there was the kind of bliss and happiness in her face as you would find in the faces of audience listening to live orchestra of Zubin Mehta. I wondered if my face also would be like hers when I was sucking Rahul’s delicious cock.

My pussy was working overtime as juices were flowing like from a fractured dam as Jaya was moving her head hard and fast while caressing his balls. Then removed her mouth and bit her lip hard to control urge to scream as she squirted liters of juice in Rahul’s mouth and suddenly lay on him like a rag doll.

After few seconds she got up, turned her back towards me and with legs stride Rahul, lowered her pussy on to his shaft. I almost gasped as I saw her pussy swallowing Rahul’s cock as snake would a rabbit. Her flowing pussy slid smoothly on his cock until it was completely buried. I heard Rahul whisper to her not to make sounds but to jump slowly. She nodded and raised her hips and unveiled a very wet cock until almost dick head was visible then clamped down again. She jumped and jumped and my mouth was going dry in direct proportion to her pussy wetness. Finally my torture and her pleasure came to an end as Rahul pumped his precious cargo into her pussy. She sighed, got up and got dressed as Rahul wiped his cock with her saree and put on his dress. They passionately kissed for few minutes.

Sita said sarcastically “Mom, when you are free, can you please give me snacks, I have to go to tuition”

As Jaya and Sita proceeded to kitchen, I hissed angrily under breath ” Rahul, are you out of mind? Why couldn’t you control your animal instinct for few more minutes until we were safely in your room?”

Rahul was surprised.”I thought you would enjoy the show from ring seat.” He exclaimed.

I turned my back towards him.

“You know I am not wearing a panty, also pajama stitches are removed. The wet stains at seat must be awful” I said in despair. Rahul gave one look and whistled.

“Gosh, are you sure stain is from juices and not from bladder. You didn’t go to rest room for many hours” I slapped and kissed him for his outrageous remark.

Rahul arranged my chunni strategically to conceal the wet mark. I resumed my seat by the time Jaya and Sita returned.

“See you, Pallavi, I will catch up with you later” Sita waved at me as she was leaving. I smiled and waved at a vacant place.

Rahul led me by hand to kitchen door with number lock. Jaya punched some numbers and opened the door. She patted me on the back and said they enjoyed having me with them. I smiled and we entered the changing room. Jaya closed the door. Rahul stripped and put his cloths in the cupboard marked for him.

He told me seriously” I warn you, close your eyes until we reach our room safely. You may scream or shout by the unfamiliar sight of so many nude people and some of them may be engaged in sex also”

I nodded but curiosity is the mother of all discoveries and mishaps. With my heart thudding in my rib cage, I stopped breathing I watched as Rahul opened the door.

I sucked in breath and exclaimed involuntarily by the sight of a gorgeous nude female standing bang at the entrance of the door.

She was tying up hair. Her smooth armpits and most beautiful boobs were mind boggling. Tits come in all shapes and sizes and out of millions of boobs, Monica Belucci’s pair stand out because of their faultless shape and beauty.

Such was the beauty of the lady. She was dark complexioned not like African kind but more like the bluish black of dark clouds just before a down pour. Her skin had a glow and shine that was surreal. Her narrow waist, deep navel and smooth pubic mound reminded one of Venus statue. Her long hair was forming a big bun.

She was suddenly concerned “What is the matter? Why did you shout? Are you ok?” she asked me anxiously as she held my shoulders………..I could hear Raul mutter under his breath, I knew he was cursing me for not following his warning to keep my eyes shut.

I could not control my emotion since that lady was none other than Rahul’s elder sister who stole his virginity. The resemblance was unmistakable……………………..

End of Part II

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