Bang, Bang With Blind Act, Incest Angle – Part III

Rahul’s sister’s touch made me weak in the knees. I knew I goofed up. My overconfidence that I was ready to face any situation was misplaced. I closed my eyes.

I recovered immediately, bent and clutched my left calf muscle.

“Rahul, where are you? I pulled my calf muscle, it is paining. Please help me to a chair” I spoke through clenched teeth as if I was in great pain.Rahul took my hand and guided to me a chair. I collapsed in the chair. Radha, Rahul’s sister, took my foot in her lap and started massaging my calf muscle.

“You know why it happens? Dehydration. You people drink only coffee, tea but never water. Don’t worry. It is not muscle pull, just some catch. Relax, take deep breaths. Within a minute, you will be fine” She told me and admonished Rahul for not taking proper care of me.

After couple of minutes I said I was fine and allowed Rahul to take me to his room. I took care to close eyes and limp slightly with left foot. Rahul helped me sit on his bed and whispered in my ear “That was good thinking. It serves you right for not listening to my advice. Radha is coming with coffee. Better keep your eyes closed until she leaves”.

I nodded and accepted the hot coffee from her hand when she took my hand and placed the cup. I opened my eyes slightly and watched what they were doing. They were of course nude and were kissing passionately. Rahul was massaging her boobs with one hand and clutching buttocks with the other. After couple of minutes, Radha sat in a chair and pulled Rahul close to her and started licking his cock still wet with Jaya’s juices and his cum. Within seconds Rahul’s cock was ready for action.

Now I lost patience. I took out my glasses, with blank fixed look in my eyes I looked straight ahead and asked” Rahul, Your sister has left or still there?”

I could make out from periphery of vision, Radha asked him to tell me that she has left.

Rahul told me that Radha had taken empty Coffee cups and had left.

“Then what are you waiting for? I endured several hours of your elbow crunches on my boobs and pussy groping and my pussy is clamouring for pounding. I have no patience for undressing, sucking and licking. Take me doggy style, my pajama stitches are removed and your cock will have easy access. Come to me, I will suck and make you ready” I told him. I was a born actress. I could have given Audrey Hepburn and Ziyi Zhang sleepless nights. I didn’t falter a step.

“OK. Bend. I am ready” Rahul said and bit his tongue. Radha gave him a slap on back of the head.

“How can you be ready? I have not even undressed?” I asked suspiciously.

“It is not necessary for you to be naked. Mere thought is enough” saying this, Rahul approached me, kissed and made me bend. He arranged pillows under my elbows, lifted my kurtha and draped it on my back. He parted my legs, spread the pajama opening sufficiently and rubbed pussy lips. I moaned. He parted lips and was gently running his fingers on soft, wet inner lips. When there was no action for two minutes, I was suspicious.

“What are you waiting for? Shove it in.” I told him impatiently.

“Nothing, We were savoring your beauty… I mean….I was” he blurted out and pushed his cock slowly in my pussy until it was buried to the hilt. Then slowly he withdrew and rammed it with such force that my breath was forced out in a gasp. I was gasping for air and moaning loudly as he rammed and pulverized my pussy. I pressed thighs together and tried to put breaks on his speed but the friction was causing so much heat, the lubrication from my juices was barely coping up.

Finally he spilled hot liquid in my pussy, bent down, clutching my boobs, whispered in my ear.”There are many ladies and girls in the room, witnessing our act. So, when you turn around, don’t shout or scream”

He slowly withdrew, I recovered from my anger and embarrassment and lowered kurtha and turned around. I could see many backs and buttocks of women as they were silently filing out. Few women who stayed back wanted to see my eyes. One of them was heavily pregnant with swollen delicious boobs and one old lady who didn’t seem to be self conscious about her sagging, wrinkled boobs, couple of teenage girls with flat chests and smooth pussies. I sat on the bed, groped and adjusted the pillow and lay on my back and stared at the ceiling.

I waited for everyone to leave and pounced on Rahul. “What is this? Are you running a live show? Least you could was to warn me”.Rahul was surprised. “But you knew Radha was here and you wanted to be pounded in front of her” he exclaimed.“May be, but not in front of everyone. Any way luckily I was dressed” then a terrible thought struck me.

“The two minute delay, don’t tell me they were all taking up a close up view of my pussy” I was horrified by the guilty look on his face of a boy caught with his hand in a jar of cookies.

“I could not say no….” he mumbled. I found his innocent audacity endearing.

I took an all round look of Rahul’s room. It was neat, with a double bed in the middle, a full length mirror on one side, a wash basin and an attached toilet. The doors and windows had plain glass panes instead of wood. There were no latches for windows or doors. Anyone could see what was going on in the room and join any time in the activity.

“Where are bath rooms?” I asked him.

“I will take you on a guided tour. You should have an idea of geography of this place. For heaven’s sake don’t be overconfident and don’t remove glasses “he told me as he extended his hand. I grabbed it and we left the room with me groping with the stick and walking slowly clutching Rahul’s elbow.

Our room was the last in the long leg of ‘L’ shaped construction. As we got down the steps into the open area on our left was the community bath rooms. There were a dozen showers with no curtains, racks to keep shampoos and soaps and hangers for towels. I could not see directly but from corner of my eye I could see several boys, girls and some women taking shower.

Couple of boys had hard on as they were soaping boobs and backs of some women.

“There are no men” I whispered to Rahul.

“In another 45 minutes, all men will return from fields or jobs. Then you will find many cocks and all activity starts.” He replied.

We crossed the open place and on our right was the place for kids to play. There were swings, slides seesaws like in a park. Some nude kids were playing. We climbed the steps to reach opposite end of ‘L’.

There was dining hall and kitchen. There were several ladies and few gents engaged in cooking. All were nude . They were joking and jostling. Two couples were engaged in banging. One long haired plump lady was riding the cock of a middle aged man who was sitting in a chair. In another corner one short lady with huge boobs was bending on all fours with cloth kept under knees to prevent scraping as a young man bent his knees and was banging her with lightening speed. His cock was a blur as it came out and vanished in her pussy. Her tits and buttocks were shaking furiously.

They all smiled at us. Rahul exchanged pleasantries. I was careful not to smile back and joined hands and said ‘Namaste’ when Rahul prompted.As we left, I asked him in low tone” were you not tempted to push that young man and take over his place or maul the boobs of the lady riding the cock?”

He laughed” If I wanted to, I could. But first I have to seek the permission. After two long sessions, I am not really in the mood” Rahul’s reply brought me another question.

“Who are the couples? Are they all related?” I asked him.

“They are all related. Lady riding the cock is the daughter in law of the man. The young man banging in doggy style is that lady’s husband and he is banging his mother” he said with such a straight face and in such a matter of fact manner, I wondered if he was pulling my leg. I glanced through the window and the resemblance of doggy couple was unmistakable. My pussy again went into over drive.

Next to kitchen and dining hall was the study room for kids. There were several cubicles in which kids were doing home work and studying. They were not distracted by all amorous activities.

We completed one round. As we passed the rooms I looked through the corner of my eye. All activities were normal like ladies cleaning, sweeping rooms, arranging bed sheets or gossiping only difference was they were all sans cloths. In one room I saw women entwined like snakes and kissing and in another licking each other furiously in 69 position.

By the time we had completed one round and came to our room I was so aroused I wanted not only my pussy to be ravaged but also to be gangbanged by as many cocks as possible in all apertures.

Rahul told me “I think you should take shower without delay. All male wolves and vultures will be landing very soon”

I asked him point blank “were you serious when you suggested some cocks to bang me? Will you not be offended or be cross if I desire to be banged by many cocks?”

His eyes lit up “No, of course not, how do you plan to go about it?” there was no mistaking enthusiasm in his voice. He was not faking it.I told him my plan.

I sat in a chair outside our room and after half an hour, nude males started coming through the kitchen door . All of them were flaccid. I was looking straight ahead without glasses and staring blankly and counted. There were 14 cocks of different sizes and shapes. Few stunning nude working ladies also came in.

All of them were aware of the poor, beautiful, blind girl who would stay with them for a week. They looked curiously at me, women with sympathy, men with guilt that their eyes strayed on to the contours of my boobs.

After fifteen minutes, men had their coffee, tea and snacked and proceeded to bath rooms which were adjacent to our room. Different women accompanied them to showers to wash their backs and cocks.

Rahul waved to them and they waved back. He told me who they were under his breath. The giant of a man with thick black body hair like a bear was his uncle who deflowered Suma. There was no wonder why she chose him. Similarly it was no surprise why Rahul chose Radha. They both stood out in the crowd.

He identified his uncles, cousins and aunts. Surprisingly, young men accompanied mature ladies and young ladies were scrubbing mature men. I could not understand. I thought young people preferred each other. I asked Rahul same.

“Tell me honestly, which cock would you prefer to ravage your pussy?” Rahul asked me. I turned my blank stare and scanned all the erect cocks. There was no question. My choice was same as Sudha’s.

“That is your answer. I suppose opposites attract” he said thoughtfully. Mean while two couples started banging in the shower. One hefty man lifted a diminutive teenage girl with mango sized boobs as easily as he would a child and impaled her pussy on his cock. She clamped her legs behind his back and started jumping up and down. I almost exclaimed in astonishment as I did not think she had so much space in her small body to take a cock of that size. He grabbed her buttocks and was lifting and dropping her on his cock. She was giggling as he was unable to catch her nipples in his mouth.

Second couple was a mature lady and a young man. She bent holding on to the taps and he was pounding her in doggy style. Others finished their bathing rituals and came out. After half an hour the fornicating couple finished their job and they also left.

After ten minutes Rahul guided me to the bath rooms.

I asked him in a loud voice “I cannot feel any doors. Is there privacy? Can I take out clothes and bathe?”

I could see all persons stop in their tracks as if in a freeze shot.

“There are no doors. But there is a wall. If you put a towel on the wall, no one will enter. Don’t worry. I will stand guard. You take shower and take your time.” Rahul also replied in al loud voice.

I could see slowly men and women congregating in front of bathroom. With a blank look and unseeing expression in my eyes, I removed my kurtha. If Rahul had not cautioned the crowd with a finger on his lips, they would have gasped at the size and shape of my tits which were still bound in lacy black bra.

I was enjoying all the attention and teased them. I took my time in untying the knot in pajama and slowly dropping it around my knees. I turned my back to them, bent and picked up, groped and placed on hanger.

Men almost swooned as I unhooked my bra facing them and turned my back to them as I removed it and placed it on hanger. I was enjoying myself so much that I had to continuously remind myself that I was a blind girl and could not afford to give the game away by any foolish expression or action. Finally I took out my panty still with my back towards them.

I groped for the shower taps and opened cold and hot water taps and gasped as cold water hit my body in a jet. Slowly I opened hot water and it was refreshing as water cascaded on my body washing away the grime, sweat and Rahul’s cum from my body.

I could sense the unrest in the crowd that I might finish my shower without turning to face them. I took my sweet time and slowly turned facing them. This time they could not control their sighs and gasps.

I immediately covered my boobs with one hand and velvet smooth pussy with another and screamed.

“Rahul, Where are you? Is someone watching me? I heard some voices.” I spoke with required degree of panic.

“Don’t worry. No one is here. Kids were playing hide and seek outside the wall. I chased them away” Rahul reassured me.

Then I gave them all a treat, which Rahul said later something he had never seen before.

I soaped and shampooed, squeezed and mauled my tits, rubbed my thighs and pussy vigorously. After washing all the soap from my body I sat on a stool, spread my thighs like an open book and masturbated. I squeezed my boobs, tweaked nipples and fingered .My fingers were moving with lightning speed and I was strumming my clit like a guitarist. I flowed and flowed. With my blank expression in place I observed the amazing effect on all cocks and pussies.

I could see few couples could not control and started banging and few ladies started sucking cocks. When I was exhausted I closed the show, got up and dressed in my new cloths. I remembered every second to grope and feel my way.

‘Rahul, if you give me washing soap I will wash my cloths’ I called out to Rahul.

“Don’t bother. There are maids or my aunts will wash. Leave them. Have you finished, can I come in?” he asked. When I said yes, he came to me took my hand and guided me to our room. The crowd dispersed.

“My God, you really got carried away. You do want to get banged by every cock, don’t you?” he asked in wonder.

“Do you think I can do that, without permanent damage to my pussy?” I asked him doubtfully.

Rahul laughed.” On that count rest assured, your pussy will be intact. My sister Radha’s or Padma’s pussy would have been defunct several years back, if number of cocks or number of banging causes permanent damage” Rahul assured me.

Darkness descended and lights were switched on. When it was time for dinner, Rahul took my hand and led me to the dining hall. I was ravenously hungry. Banana leaves were washed and arranged. He made me sit in a corner so that my face was in shadow and I could observe others. When we were seated almost all the places were occupied.

Everyone was nude except me. Rahul’s grandparents were seated at head of the table, followed by Rahul’s parents , uncles and Aunts. Nephews and nieces were seated next. There was no embarrassment no attempts to hide erections or boobs. Few ladies and girls were wearing sanitary napkins and panties.

As the naked ladies started serving hot, delicious food, I was completely immersed in stuffing myself up and if Rahul did not keep prodding and reminding me I would have called one of the ladies for more helpings.

Finally, we finished dinner uneventfully and retired to our rooms. We hugged, kissed and played for some time. But we were too tired and fell asleep almost immediately.

Next day when I got up, Rahul was already awake. I waited for him to return and guide me to wash basin. Once I freshened myself up, he brought steaming coffee and informed me that everything was arranged.

My hand with coffee cup froze in mid air.

“What do you mean? What have you arranged?” I asked with panic raising my voice pitch.

“Shh. Calm down. I arranged for your gang bang like we talked. I am telling you beforehand so that you don’t make an ass of yourself. Today is Sunday. We take oil bath. You will be given oil massage initially by ladies and will be taken over by the three men I told you about. So plan your acting accordingly” as he was squeezing my shoulders reassuringly, Radha and his mother came and took me by hand to the bath rooms.

I was shaking like a leaf as they removed my clothes. Through vacant expression in my eyes I could see people gathering in the lawn in front of bathrooms for the show. In spite of myself, I was getting excited.

Radha and Rahul’s mother applied oil and massaged on my head and quietly withdrew. The three men with throbbing cocks took over. Rahul’s brother Rohit started delicately rubbing oil on my face and cheeks and massaged gently with circular motion of fingers .I closed my eyes after he applied oil and massaged my neck.

While Rohit took charge of my back and buttocks, Uncle Ram was in charge of boobs, stomach and cousin Ajay was massaging thighs, legs and feet. I could not stop from moans of pleasure escaping as Ram started rubbing oil on my tits. He was taking full advantage and was mauling them, tweaking nipples and Rahul was expertly massaging my back with forefingers and thumbs. Ajay was rubbing vigorously on my thighs.I opened eyes and saw with shock that I had a houseful audience. Everyone was watching without batting an eye lid as the three men were applying oil and massaging with such force to make it sink into skin and vanish. My pussy was flowing, needless to say.

Pussy massaging was left to Ram may be as a mark of respect to seniority. He bent on his knees and lovingly applied oil on the mound and either side of pussy lips. He didn’t invade pussy innards. Once they completed oil ritual, they took some yellowish powder and rubbed it on skin. It absorbed oil and my skin began to glow.

They gently made me lie down on the double bed kept in the middle of the open space and three of them worked in tandem and removed all traces of oil with the paste. They gave me a shower that I am unlikely to forget. They shampooed, soaped my body with such care that I felt like hugging and kissing them. Ajay cleaned my pussy. I parted my legs as he splashed water and washed inside walls of pussy.

Later they dried me with towels and my wet hair was tied in a dry towel. Then they led me to the bed. New bed sheets were draped. Rohit gently pushed me on my back and pulled me by thighs so that my buttocks were at the edge of the bed. I spread my thighs without his invitation. He kissed me on the mound. I shivered. He completely covered my entire pussy area with kisses. I found myself gasping and opening pussy lips with fingers. Now there was audible commotion in the crowd. Everyone knew that I was told by Rahul what was happening.

And…Rohit was an artist. He started licking tantalizingly slowly, working his way up from bottom of pussy to top. He was not in a hurry. When he came to the clit, suddenly his tongue was stroking clit with the speed of honey bee wings. I arched my back and came and came and came, juices pouring out and forming a puddle on bed sheet. With equal fluent motion, he moved again to my pussy and started lapping up hungrily my juices as a cat would lap a milk bowl clean.

Now I was shouting and moaning and my thighs were quivering. Rohit left my pussy came up, clutched my head with both hands and kissed my lips. With his tongue he forced open my teeth and transferred my juice into my mouth.

As he was doing this, Ram spread my thighs and tapped my pussy lips with his cock. Ram’s cock was not very long, I could easily take its full length but it was very thick, It’s diameter had me scared. I wondered if my pussy could take it safely without tearing at seams. He spread my pussy lips and slowly pushed his dick head in. With infinite patience he slowly pushed until his thick pubic hair was pressing on my pussy.

He did not move for some time, savoring pulsations and throbbing of my tight pussy muscles. Then he slowly took out and rammed it all the way in. I gasped but it was smothered by the kissing Rohit. Once he sucked my tongue and explored all corners of mouth, Rohit took out his cock bent on my face and pushed it in my mouth.

I was lying flat on my back and was wondering how I would suck him when he started banging my mouth as he would a pussy. He was not pushing entirely but in short fast strokes, he was driving me crazy.

Ram meanwhile increased his pace and force. Loud clapping sounds were reverberating as our crotches clashed. My wet pussy was making liquid, squashy sounds as his cock was ploughing.

I suddenly started when two teenagers fell on my tits like hungry lion cubs and started sucking. Both were squeezing my tits from base and were biting, licking nipples and pushing as much as they could in their mouths and were greedily sucking. I extended my hands and grabbed their cocks and started masturbating them.

I tried to match speed of my hands to that of Ram’s cock which was pulverizing mu pussy with continuous pounding.

Rohit asked me if he could cum in my mouth. I nodded. I kept my eyes shut for the fear lust in my eyes would give my secret away. Both teenagers stopped sucking my boobs and grasped my hand with both their hands and pumped vigorously and spilled hot liquid on my tits and stomach. Almost at the same time Rohit unloaded in my mouth. I had no option but to swallow the sticky liquid. Not that I complained.

Immediately afterwards, Ram lifted me from bed without disengaging and reversed our positions. Now, he lay flat on his back and I was riding him. As I bent forward and gave my boobs to him for sucking, he cleaned the teenagers’ cum with a cloth and filled my boob in his mouth.

I felt panic as I found a hand applying cream or oil in my anus. I knew what it meant. I could not turn back and see since I was blind. So, I lay on top of Ram and waited for well lubricated cock to enter my anus. I screamed in pain as it slowly entered, but whoever it was, was very gentle and inserted very slowly and enquired if he should take out. I bit my lip and shook my head vigorously.

Inch by inch it entered until it was completely buried. Ram and the other man banged me with perfect coordination and I almost fainted with unbearable pleasure and sweet pain. They pounded, pounded and finally when they filled my pussy and anus I was like a rag doll and collapsed on bed after they took out their cocks.

Rahul was very worried. He asked me if I was alright. I answered in the affirmative and as I limped and went to our room clutching and leaning on Rahul’s hand, there was a huge applause and clapping. Several women tapped me on the back and congratulated me on splendid performance. They were commenting that I had a natural inborn talent for banging, enjoying and pleasuring others.

I could hear some teenage boys talking excitedly about their chance to bang me.

In the next one week I was banged by all 14 cocks, including Rahul’s Grandpa and father in all apertures countless times. My mind was like a dog’s tail, it would never remain straight. After a hectic double banging session, I would swear that I would not do again for next two days. Within 4 to5 hours, my pussy would clamour for action again.

I would take my walking stick and venture out of the room and there would be 2,3 cocks ever ready to pound me. I was banged in all positions, in all places, in kitchen, dining hall, bath rooms, kids’ play area. Only cock that did not enter me was Rahul’s. He was very supportive and would massage my thighs, buttocks, calf muscles, back and feet.

Finally when the week was over, I was almost like a member of the family. All men were sorry to see me go. All women also bid me farewell affectionately………………..

…………………..When we returned home, my parents and Vijay were surprised by the glow and radiance on my skin. If sperm has some medicinal value, I do not know. Being loved by so many people had probably made me more beautiful, lovable. But I was absolutely tired.

Needless to say, now Rahul and I don’t bang in the bed room. In fact, Rahul bangs Suma, Padma whenever he pleases and I never felt jealous. They called young men from their village frequently and I used to get banged by them also.

One day Vijay came to Suma’s house and rang the bell. All of us were naked. Rahul was pounding Suma’s pussy and Suma was licking my pussy. Padma thought that it was one of the boys from village and opened the door.

Vijay’s jaw fell open as he took in the scene. He recovered, undressed and started pounding me telling me all the time how many times he had masturbated imagining banging me and sucking my tits. He also became a member of our gang.

It did not surprise anyone that I won best actress award for my blind girl’s role……………………


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