Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part III

I got up and went into the bedroom ,stripped off and snuggled close to Suma, She was sleeping with hands folded across her chest ,turned to left side. I slowly lifted her nightie above her buttocks and gently lifted her left thigh and pressed my dick close to her pussy and lowered her thigh. I didn’t want to disturb her sleep but felt my hungry dick wanted some relief, some warmth. Slowly I inserted my hand in the opening in the nightie and cupped her tit. I just wanted to savour her touch and fragrance of her hair.

What followed took me by shock and surprise. Before I could even exclaim, she was up, out of her nightie in a fraction of a second and impaled herself and wet pussy on my shaft and started wildly jumping. Since she didn’t brush teeth she wouldn’t kiss me but bent forward and pushed her coconut sized tit in my mouth. As I grabbed with both hands and started sucking, she fondly ran her hand on my biceps, chest and stomach. Now she slowed down and was enjoying the sucking . Few years back she could never get enough of it. She would ask me lick her nipples, chew on them and would alternately switch tits until her mania and panic with household work took its toll.

She was still agile like a cat, arching her back, moving hips in circular grinding motion and milking my cock with her pulsating pussy muscles. My eyes travelled to the wall . I could see Charlie banging Lillee on the wall behind Suma. So they had a quick brunch and hurried back. After jumping some more, Suma started moaning and gasping. She whispered ” Finish in doggy style, I know we didn’t bang for long time, so you will shoot load fast first time.”She got up , bent on the bed with arms resting on bed. She put two pillows for height and spread her legs. I positioned myself behind her, parted her pussy lips and slowly pushed my cock, I was surprised by the smoothness with which my cock entered her flowing pussy, almost like a hot knife cutting butter. I grabbed her coconut sized boobs and started banging with such force ,breath was forced from her lungs in jerks. She was right .After ten strokes I filled up her pussy with my lava and clung to her.

After couple of minutes she asked me to take my dick out and clamping her thighs together walked with a peculiar gait , went into bathroom. As I was hesitating near the door, she asked me to come in. This was another development, she always closed the bathroom door and washed. As I entered, she sat on the commode and started washing her pussy. She washed my dick also with soap and kissed it.As I turned to go, Suma asked me “where are you going?”

I was surprised. “Out .You are going to piss, aren’t you?”Suma smiled provocatively “Have you never seen me pissing?” My jaw dropped “Not for many years, do you remember when was the last time?” I asked her.

She smiled “Like yesterday. When Rohit was five years old. We left him at my Mom’s and were going to a temple. I had to pee urgently. You stopped at a place which had thick cover of trees. I sat on a mound facing the sun and seeing into your eyes I let go. It was one of my most erotic moments” while talking, she let go of her yellow stream with a “whoosh’” sound. Unlike men who can direct jet else where in commode and avoid making sound, women are helpless. Her whoosh and splash sounds were tingling my dick again.Suma smiled. “Come, let’s have coffee” she said as she got up and flushed the toilet.“I woke up early. You go ahead, I will catch up on some sleep and will join you” I kissed her and left.

I put on my shorts and looked up and saw Charlie and Lillee. I closed my eyes and waited with thumping heart . My powers were still there or have they deserted me?I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard Lillee tell Charlie ” How I wish we also had contraceptives like humans? Bringing up babies by dozens is killing me”Charlie cleared his throat and said “You stopped the story at Vikas licking Jaya’s pussy, what happened next?” I was all ears as Lillee continued her narrative………………..

………………..”No, Don’t worry. He has his ear phones on, he is listening to some erotic music, he does that sometimes when he wants to enhance pleasure” Jaya reassured Suma.Suma was silent. “He may be deceiving you, may be he has turned down the volume” she said after a while.

Jaya laughed “Can you here TV sounds faintly? That is the wife swap movie he is playing. He never will miss a moan or a groan, he says more than the banging, it is the sounds that he enjoys. So don’t worry” Jaya said pressing Vikass’ head even more firmly and widening legs further.Suma yawned “OK, Time to get up and get ready. Nice talking to you. Have fun” as she was about to disconnect, Jaya told her “Are you nuts? Real fun is going to start now. I will leave the phone on speaker. You can hear, imagine and masturbate. First Vikas will lick me away to glory. I think in few minutes I am going to squirt juice in his mouth.

“Then he is going to clean my pussy hair and underarm hair with cream. While waiting for it to act, I will bring honey, warm water and cold water.” First I will smear honey on Vikas’s dick, slowly I will lick, then I will take warm water in mouth and let his cock play in my mouth, then cold water bath, I alternate all three as I please, it will drive him up the wall, I tell you ” Jaya said enthusiastically.“You fool, he will cum in your mouth ” Suma cautioned her.

‘That risk I have to take. But I think I mastered the art. I know when he is about to shoot by pulsations, I take out from my mouth. Wait for some time, then second round. I tease him. You see, it is like a mother bird teaching its young how to fly, I take him to the brink, pull him back, again take him to the brink, pull him back, third time he will learn to fly. He will come down and shoot when we both want……………..oh, god I am coming….” She was speaking rapidly and then screamed as her whole body shook and she filled Vikas’s mouth with her juice.

As Suma was masturbating, listening to her friend’s orgasmic screams, she heard wet sounds of kissing as Vikas forced open Jaya’s lips and explored her mouth and let her taste her juice. After few minutes of heavy wet, slurpy sounds there was silence.“What happened? ” Suma whispered.Jaya giggled ” Nothing. I came to kitchen to take honey and other things. Do you know Vikas is right behind me, crushing my back with his hairy body, pressing his cock between my buttocks and mauling my tits”Suma was scared. “Shhh . Keep your voice down, he might listen”

Jaya said ‘ No worries. He keeps volume high in ear phones” and slapped Vikas’s wrist as he mouthed he wanted to talk to Suma.“OK, Provided he doesn’t cum in your mouth, what is your next action? Where are you going to have banging session and which position? Missionary must be too dull for you” Suma said panting as she was also nearing climax.

“Hey, Suma, take your hand out. Prolong your pleasure. He won’t cum in my mouth. Don’t worry. We plan to have sex in the balcony. Only one flat in next building has the view of our balcony. A middle aged widow is staying there. She already must be waiting for the show to begin. In the beginning she would slam her balcony door in our faces angrily, then she started peeping, then she ventured out and was watching surreptitiously. Now not only she watches without blinking she also started squeezing her boobs and masturbating, of course, fully clothed. So, don’t be in a hurry. Listen and enjoy” Jaya told her.“Now I am sitting in the sofa with an old bed sheet and newspaper under me, Vikas has started applying cream on my pussy. He is applying with such love and care I feel like hugging his hairy body. Now he is applying cream under my arm pits. Now It is my turn to return favour. I will give him blow job like I told you before. Now only sounds, no talking .OK?” Jaya told Suma.

Suma listened with disbelief as Jaya expertly gave blow job with honey, warm and cold water. She could hear the slurps, licking sounds as Vikas was holding Suma’s phone close to his cock. His moans and groans were also audible to Suma.

Then after some time, Jaya said “Suma, mission successfully accomplished. He didn’t cum in my mouth. Now he will clean my pussy and underarm with tissue paper, we go to bath room ,clean thoroughly. Give us few minutes “Suma was shocked ” How can you be so shameless? Asking hubby to clean pusy hair? Next, you will ask him to change sanitary napkins also”

Vikas could not resist. He burst out laughing.Suma was scared. “Why is he laughing? Has he heard?” she asked anxiously.Jaya looked daggers at Vikas and said ” No, a funny scene came on video. Hubby just finishes banging Maid and wife slips on hubby’s cum and falls ,he finds it funny. I find it juvenile. He has cleaned pussy. Now we will go to bathroom and return in few minutes, don’t go”

Suma asked in disbelief ” Why should you both go? Don’t tell me he is going to wash your pussy?”Jaya laughed ” Of course, also under arms”. After some time, as Suma waited patiently, they returned.“Now we are going to the last session, into balcony” Jaya told Suma.

Suma asked bewildered “If you are nude and both hands occupied, how are you holding phone?”Jaya and Vikas exchanged glances, asking each other with eyes what to reply.Jaya said ” I clipped onto my mangala sutra chain.”Suma was shocked ” Do you know the sanctity ? How can you be so callous?”

Jaya was laughing “Isn’t it our duty to keep husbands happy? So, Mangalasutra is doing it’s duty. Any way we are in the balcony, I will be giving you running commentary, you can resume your masturbation and time it to match with mine. Ok, that lady is there. She is smiling at me and waving. I also smiled and waved at her. She has tied a bed sheet in her balcony in such a way that she is visible only to us. Are you there, Suma?” Jaya asked her.“Y…..yes” Suma replied as she started massaging her clit between forefinger and thumb. She put her forefinger inside pussy, trailed her juice to clit and smeared it.

“I bent in the sofa, parted my legs and Vikas is inserting his dick. Now, my voice will break because of jerks, He is squeezing my tits and banging me. The lady is stripping. Yes, Suma that lady has taken out blouse. She is not wearing bra. My god, she must be at least 39 size and nipples are more than 1 inch long with black large areola. I can make out Vikas is getting too much excited. He is banging me with so much force I feel as if his cock is bumping my heart. Suma, my god, that lady has taken out saree also.

“She is sitting on a chair, spreading her legs and is masturbating. She is clean shaven. You know, Suma, her pussy lips are like two unwrapped Cadbury chocolates taken from fridge and pressed together. This is just too much, she is squeezing her tit and nipple with one hand and is moving her hand very fast in her pussy. It is like a blur. She is moaning, shouting I think she is cumming. I don’ think Vikas can hold longer, he is increasing speed……and all of us are out…at the same time. My god, what a session. Suma are you there?’” Jaya asked panting.

” Hmmmmmmm” Suma replied weakly as she also felt electric shocks pass through her and as she arched her torso and with quivering thighs released juices……………….I could visualize every thing and knew why Suma was so hot…………………End of Part III

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