Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part V

I tapped Suma lightly on the shoulder, she jumped a foot .

“Why, you scared me, Why do you have to come like a ghost?” She admonished me. I told her I didn’t mean to and asked her why she was so jumpy. She evaded and we finished breakfast in silence, each lost in own thoughts. She finished her bath, pooja and preparation of lunch in record time. I noticed she was watching at clock frequently.

Then on the dot after 2 hours, door bell chimed. I put on a see through banian which showed contours of muscles and tracksuit and knew Jaya would be the visitor. Suma opened the door and Jaya came in like a whirl wind, hugged Suma and did not notice my presence and asked her.“Why are you hushing me? What do you mean keep quiet?” then she saw me.

“How are you Jaya, long time no see” I smiled and wished her. She was taken aback and recovered fast. She adjusted her pallau rather on the pretext of concealing but gave me a glorious view of her ample cleavage and swell of boobs. I felt my cock straining in tracksuit.” Oh, I am fine. But why are you at home? Normally you are at Gym for most of your waking hours?” she asked me.

” Today there is India-Pakistan match, I will never miss it for anything. You can do your gossiping here. I will not disturb you with TV volume .I will use head phones and don’t worry, you can not disturb me. Only an earth quake can move me from sofa and even if Madonna sings in this hall, I will listen to only cricket commentary ” saying this, I settled down in sofa switched on the TV and put on the head phones.Both ladies sat in dining chairs.

” What is wrong with the male species? Vikas was listening to music while cleaning my pussy and he is listening to cricket commentary when two hot ladies are gossiping. If there is a whiff of excitement we would run up a hill to eavesdrop” Jaya said perplexed.“We should not complain but be grateful for that. Ok. Continue with your story” Suma leaned forward excitedly.

For the first time in my life, India-Pakistan match did not interest me. Though my eyes were glued on screen my ears and attention were riveted to Jaya’s voice. My exceptional Doolittle skill had enhanced hearing ability also included in the package. I can hear even faintest whispers. So ,though Jaya thought she was talking in a subdued voice, I could hear clearly even with head phones on, Of course with TV mute also on……..

Jaya’s story…………………. So, we went to Delhi and 4 sum with Rajesh and Pramila never happened. Only positive outcome was I got the address of the boutique where she got her sexy blouses stitched and stocked myself well before going to Delhi. Those blouses had all men salivating and women turn green with jealousy.“Was it the same tailor who took my measurements?” Suma whispered.

“No, that time only an old lady was there. This fellow must be her grandson. Any way, let me continue my story” Jaya replied and continued.In Delhi company gave us a spacious flat , kids simply loved their school and made many friends in the flats. The best thing was watchman’s wife was an excellent caretaker, we could leave kids and home in her hands. There were many parties and get together events and I was forced to socialize. Initially I used to sit aloof when all ladies would dance with others’ husbands. I began to boil when I saw Vikas was gobbled up by ladies for dance and would press tits and crotch like glue to him….and I saw him squeeze buttocks and tits. You know, I was always a graceful dancer.

Just to spite him, I accepted a dance proposal from Vikas’s assistant Raghu, since I saw Vikas was dancing very intimately with Raghu’s wife Deepa. Raghu was very decent, kept his distance and he made his brushing of elbow on my tits and rubbing of cock on my thigh look like accidental and not intentional. Through out , he was complimenting on my shape, figure and how well I maintained myself.

I kept my eye on Vikas and was scandalized to see him maneuver Deepa behind a clump of trees and through the opening in branches saw him squeeze her tits. I was so angry I hugged Raghu hard, pressing my boobs on his chest. All males are alike, you give them little finger and they gobble up entire hand. Within seconds, Raghu was all over me like an octopus ,squeezing my tits, buttocks rubbing his cock in my crotch. I could have pushed him but I wanted Vikas to watch. I have to admit, my pussy started oozing .

When we were driving back Vikas asked me if I enjoyed the party. I kept silent. That night he again brought the topic of swapping. He said we will be choosy, select likeminded decent couples carefully. I began to melt and he used the same technique that Mohan used on Laxmi. He licked my pussy, pushed me over the brink, then when I was waiting for his dick to enter my screaming pussy, he started tapping his dick on pussy lips and rub moist dick head around pussy lips and keep insisting on “Yes” for answer.

I shouted at him” OK, yes…now shove it in” .He shoved and banged me hard and fast, no doubt imagining Deepa. I was flowing by buckets, since I was also turned on by the way Raghu’s hot cock felt on my thigh .When he finally filled my pussy with hot jet, he lay on top of me panting. When I pushed him to go to bath room he was still smiling happily.

When I was dozing off, he told me “Jaya, I will prod Raghu and see if they are ready for 4 sum” I was immediately wide awake “You are not serious, are you? What if he is a sadist and is a sodomist?No way, please give me some more time ” I pleaded.“Don’t worry. I will be present. If he hurts you in any way, I will kill him. OK? Now go to sleep” he hugged me and was snoring in few seconds. I lay there in the dark biting my nails nervously.

Next day I called him at 9 pm on his mobile. He works late some times but usually, Fridays he is home early. He answered and told me that he had started from office and was at Raghu’s home .He would be home soon. I was about to disconnect when a female voice in the background attracted my attention. Evidently Vikas had forgotten to disconnect and left the mobile on. I listened attentively.

” But, Raghu, it can’t be. Jaya’s tits are more shapely, I admit but mine are bigger.” Deepa was saying.“He is the husband. Won’t he know size of his wife’s boobs?” Raghu was saying.“Do you think she suspects any thing? ” there was worry in Vikas’s voice.“Why would she ?” Raghu asked.

“Deepa was not slowing down, she kept on jumping all the while I was talking. My voice could have been breaking” Vikas said.“Sir, stop worrying and start enjoying, Deepa, why are you riding him? He was banging you nicely.” Raghu asked his wife.” You know, Vikas has so much hair on forearms, on chest. Even when he buttons up he can’t hide his thick growth. I always wondered how thick his pubic hair would be. I want to feel the thick cushion of his bush on my pussy lips when I come down heavily on him. Oh……….it’s heavenly…..Vikas, why are you shy, squeeze harder…. Raghu..can you tickle my clit…..please…..oh…oh….I am coming…” Deepa was screaming.

Then there was rustle of bed sheets, I could very well imagine Vikas was taking Deepa doggy style. He always feels he can bang with full impact and wants to cum that way. There was lot of moaning and grunting going on. Finally long sighs and deep breathing…….. I disconnected.I was pacing like an enraged Tigress in a cage when he returned. He tried to hug and kiss me but I pushed him away. He was puzzled ” what is the matter?” he asked .

“Where were you?” I asked him. My voice could have cut steel into ribbons.“I told you. I went to Raghu’s house, to discuss certain project work” he realized some how he had goofed up.” With your cock in his wife’s pussy?” I shouted.“How did you know?” he blurted out and clutched his forehead. “Oh, God, I didn’t disconnect.”

“So?” I asked him like a principal. He sighed “Ok. Let me take shower. While having dinner I will tell you” he said and went to bath room.As we were having dinner, he told me how it happened. He went to Raghu’s house and was hesitating how to open the topic when Deepa shocked him by saying that Raghu was going nuts about Jaya and wants to bang her and she wouldn’t mind offering herself to Vikas if he was interested.

Vikas says he felt as if a heavy object fell on his head. He started stuttering when Raghu admonished his wife and asked Vikas to talk to his wife and let them know. Vikas grabbed the opportunity and told them that he came to talk about same thing and that I was also interested. Raghu and Deepa shrieked, hugged and danced.

When they were discussing modus operandi , suddenly Deepa got up went to Pooja room and brought one Panchangam. She checked for auspicious moment ,made some calculations on her fingers and exclaimed ” My God, only forty five minutes left. After that durmuhurtam starts, very inauspicious. For next 2 weeks there is no good muhurtam”.

Vikas looked at his watch and told that it would be impossible for Jaya to come there or for them to go to our house.Deepa took a decision ” Then let us start without her. Important thing is to start a project.” They hurriedly showered, forced Vikas to take a shower in guest bath room. After bath, they gave him a silk dhoti. They themselves put on silk clothes and prayed to God Ganesh.In spite of my anger I burst out laughing.

” They want God’s blessings for doing some thing immoral, unethical?” I asked between peals of laughter.Vikas grinned .” Why, where do you think crores of rupees land up In God’s treasury every day in temples? All thugs, corrupt politicians, cops promise a part of loot to God .Any way we were not looting or harming any one.” he told me.

After pooja, Raghu quickly got out of his dhoti and asked Vikas to do same. As he was hesitating, Raghu pulled Deepa’s saree folds and she was naked . As Vikas was removing his dhoti, Deepa removed her blouse. Her admiring glances were enough to make Vikas’s cock to hit his abdomen apart from her splendid nakedness. He was made to sit in dining chair and Raghu brought Deepa to him and held her right boob in one hand and pushed into Vikas’s mouth. He took Vikas’s hand and placed it over her smooth pussy. Vikas said he couldn’t help pushing his middle finger in her wet pussy while sucking her tit. That was how it started, Vikas concluded.

Though my anger subsided, still it was simmering.“Since the project started, you could have put on cloths and come home” I accused him.” If I were capable of doing that, I would be in Himalayas and be a famous yogi. ” he retorted and went to bed room. I checked my kids and followed him. He slept like a baby, but I had disturbed sleep….I was tossing and turning.

I got up in the morning, got the kids ready for picnic, gave them lunch boxes and waved them off. They would return only after sunset. Vikas was sleeping like a log. I bathed and finished my cooking and had a naughty idea to try out the Pramila blouse . I just wanted to see if it would still fit correctly or if I put on weight. I was admiring myself in the mirror, it was such an excellent fit, it looked like painted on the skin. The purple colour of blouse was magnifying the glow of my skin. Boobs were naturally lifted up without bra or support. My cleavage would have given Monica Belucci sleepless nights. I felt my pussy oozing……..Then door bell chimed. I thought it was milkman. I opened the door to find beaming Raghu.“Good Morning Maam. Vikas sir is there?” he smiled.

Now I can’t close the door on his face to change my blouse, so I opened the door and invited him. His jaw fell open as he saw my cleavage.“My God, you are an angel ,Maam” he said reverentially. I smiled.“Thank you, be seated. I will call him” I gave him water and fruit juice. His eyes were burning holes in my blouse to see the erectile nipples. I went and was about to change into normal blouse then thought ‘what the heck’. I shook Vikas and told him Raghu had come. He started yawning and stopped midway as his eyes caught my cleavage.

“Don’t tell me you opened the door to Raghu wearing that?” he asked incredulously.I gave my most provocative smile and told him that I gave juice also, bending sufficiently to allow him to peep into my cleavage. He muttered some thing got up , brushed and washed and came into the hall. I was hovering in the hall, flaunting my tits until finally Raghu said ” Sir, can we discuss office issues after we settle our main issue?”Vikas asked “How do you propose we start? Jaya is like a wounded tigress. I am scared to touch her with a barge pole”

Raghu said ” Sir, then let me try my way with Maam ” and walked over to me.“Maam, myself and Deepa are your big fans. There was some doubt. Can I ask?” he was so polite, so childishly innocent.I smiled and asked him what was it.

“Deepa refuses to believe that your tits are larger than hers. I have taken her measurement. Can I take yours, if you have no objection?” it seemed such a simple request I dropped my pallau and extended my arms. Evidently he didn’t wear underwear, his cock was jumping visibly in his shorts. He moved closer, passed a tape around my back, in the process pressed his face on my tit, and brought forward and measured.“Maam, both are nearly equal, but your s are few mm smaller” he said ogling at my Monica tits.

“Did you measure with her blouse on? ” I asked him.He wet his lips. “No, Maam” he replied.“Then how can you get a correct measurement?” I teased him. He looked at Vikas.” Sir,can I take out Maam’s blouse?” he asked politely as if asking is permission to enter his room.“If she has no objection, why should I?” Vikas said.

With shaking hands he undid the front hooks. I thought he would faint when he saw my naked breasts. He kept on wetting his lips and again took measurement , still 2 mm less.“Did you take measurement above her nipples? Were they erect?” I asked him.“Yes to both ” Raghu was perspiring. I told him then he has to pull out my nipples and take measurement. He needed no further prompting. He took my tit in mouth and started sucking. I pressed his face close to my tit and looked at Vikas over his head. Vikas was gaping open jawed but there was a look of lust and relief in his eyes as I smiled at him. He alternately sucked my boobs and once the nipples stood out , took measurement and declared that I won by 3 mm.

He was so polite, at every stage he would ask ” May I ,Maam, May I Sir “.He undressed me and himself and made me lie down on the divan in the hall and spread my legs and kissed on the pussy lips. Then slowly he parted lips and started sucking , even before that he asked permission. Right through I maintained eye contact with Vikas. He was also aroused and discarded clothes and like a hairy gorilla was lying next to me and kissed me.

‘Sir, Maam is not spreading thighs, please ask her to open some more” Raghu was pleading with his lips and chin covered with my juices. Both of us burst out laughing as I obliged. Then he sucked my tits and sat like a frog and pushed his dick in my pussy. Holding on to my tits he banged me with short, fast strokes. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed and pounded my pussy.

‘Sir, Maam is not giving upward thrusts. Please ask her to give. That way she can take my full cock” again he was requesting.I was hesitating since Vikas might think I am a slut and a whore, but obviously he wanted me to be one. I started giving violent upward thrusts meeting him shot to shot. As Vikas was fingering my clit, I came many times drenching Raghu’s cock and my pussy became so slippery, the liquid thuk, thuk sounds were embarrassingly loud. He filled my pussy with hot lava and fell limply on my tits…………..…..That was how I was initiated into 4 sums…… concluded Jaya..

Suma cast a suspicious glance at me .“This is the first time I saw him watch an India Pakistan match without making the roof collapse”That brought me to earth with a thud. I realized that Sehwag was nearing a century and I was watching without emotion………………………………………

End of Part V

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