Bang, Bang With Invisibility (Gayab), Incest Angle – Part I

I am always the heart and soul of parties, picnics and get together events. I crack jokes, organize games and pull out shy people from their shells. I mimic, make fun of our lecturers and even the most irritable lecturers at the receiving end find it amusing and would burst out laughing.

So, on that particular morning everyone was surprised that I sat in a corner seat and was looking out of the window morosely, as all my friends were shouting, singing and having a good time. Our collage had organized a picnic and trekking in a forest. Couple of well meaning friends tried to pull me and when I snapped at them like a rabid dog, everyone kept away but were darting puzzled glances at me.

As I was seeing at passing fields, my thoughts wandered to the events of previous day………… I am both blessed and cursed to be born in a family that has two sexiest women. My mother is a bomb. I cannot point out one particular behavioral aspect or part of anatomy which makes her that.

She is not a conventional beauty. She has large, black, expressive eyes, which can convey emotions thousand times better than words. If she is angry, her one look can make even grown up men wet their pants. If she feels naughty and flirtatious, same eyes can make any male from a child to an old man on death bed wet their pants in different context. Her aquiline nose enhances the beauty of her eyes. Her lips are slender, lower lip is thicker. I think any male would be tempted to suck that lower lip.

She is not slim at all. She is not fat either but very well built with broad shoulders, wide hips and of course, very well shaped and heavy breasts. She doesn’t reveal more than other ladies but her bare midriff, ample cleavage with hint of areola and nipple gives a hard on to any man coming across her.

She dresses very modestly. Any type of clothing cannot hide her delectable swell of breasts or voluptuousness of her thighs and buttocks. More than anything, it is the way she carries her beauty that excites men. She walks with a queenly gait, shoulders squared; Tits thrust forward and has a stunning seductive smile. What I personally found irresistible is the way she moves her body sensuously like a snake. She can’t stand still for a second. To top it all she has luxurious, thick jet black hair reaching her buttocks.

And she has insatiable hunger for sex. When we visited Grandparent’s house during vacations, once I got up after midnight to pee and when I entered the hall I saw my Mom’s bobbing head in Grandpa’s (Dad’s dad) lap. I waited discreetly until she finished and crossed the hall as if I just got up. On another occasion I saw her kissing her brother and getting boobs mauled in the kitchen. When we were at her dad’s place, I pushed open the closed bedroom doors of Grandpa and there was Grandma sitting in a chair knitting a sweater and Mom was sitting on the lap of a supine Grandpa and his hands were on her tits. She was of course fully clothed, but when I think back now, she arranged saree in such a way that it covered Grandpa’s cock buried in her pussy. So, there is no doubt in my mind that she was banged by every cock in both sides of the family. But I never saw her naked until a week back.My Dad is not a saint either. In my paternal Grandpa’s village, the bathrooms have no doors. Whoever goes for a bath will put a towel or a piece of cloth to warn others. Once I entered without realizing and immediately stepped back before they could see me. My Dad was naked; he was being given an oil massage bath by his Mom and sister. He was sitting on a cement slab and was sucking his Mom’s tit and his sister was sucking him. So, there is no doubt in my mind either that dad has banged every pussy in both sides of family.

But they are happily married. I never saw them quarrel, argue or shout. They have minor fights, tiffs on mundane issues but never serious enough to cause tension in house.

A sexy Mom I could probably handle. She always decently covered herself and was busy all the time with household chores. But my sister Neha is a born teaser and a flirt. The day she started sprouting boobs she had become incorrigible. Every day she would prance before mirror, checking how big they have grown, lifting and squeezing. She would ask me to watch as she did cat walking. She did blossom into a sexy, curvy lady.

In front of my unbelieving eyes, her tits seemed to swell gradually every day until they reached final frontier. She never wore anything under her flimsy nightie and Mom also never corrected her. She was not perturbed by her bouncing boobs or her erectile nipples peeping through nightie. Neha was very careless in her postures, she would sit cross legged with nightie riding above knees giving unhindered view of her hairy or clean shaved pussy, depending on her mood. She would sit in a dining chair with both legs raised and kept on dining table. I found dad also unable to divert his eyes.

Worst was her habit of not closing bath room door fully while peeing. She wanted me and dad to hear ‘whoosh’ sound she made while peeing. How long and how much can a young man tolerate? So, one day when she asked me to sleep in her room as she was having nightmares, I took advantage of darkness and after listening to her steady breathing , I lightly touched my palm on her tit as if in sleep. She said nothing. I squeezed and waited. It was wonderful feeling, the hard yet soft feel of her boob made my dick stand to attention.

I inserted my hand in her nightie and kept squeezing her tits alternately; she neither woke up nor objected. Both of us knew and were playacting. After playing with her tits, I moved down, lifted her nightie. She scratched her leg and spread her thighs. I planted a kiss on her smooth mound. She shivered but still didn’t move. In the darkness I spread her vagina lips and slurped the juices and played with her clit with my tongue. Her thighs quivered and she squirted juice in my mouth. Then I quietly went to my bed and slept.

Next day morning for few minutes we were awkward, wondering how the other would react. Once we knew we were ok, we behaved like normal brother and sister. Our play acting continued till she got married six months back. I did not try to bang her and while she was playing with my tool I acted as if I was asleep. Though she kissed and sucked my dick, she was afraid of my cum gagging her. So she would suck for few minutes and leave. But few days before her marriage, I recorded her naked boobs and pussy in close up while she was sleeping in the afternoon. That came out very well, sun light showing all the beauty of her pink, pulsating pussy inner walls. It was much better than any in the net. I masturbate watching her.

About a week back the bathroom ventilator glass had broken. If anyone stands on a chair he would have uninterrupted view. My Mom kept telling dad but he was forgetting to get it fixed. Everyday my Mom would caution me while going for a shower. I always would tell her not to worry.

On that day Mom told me significantly “See, Mohan. If somebody stands on a chair he can see inside bathroom. Our video camera is also charged and ready for use, so take care”.

As usual I replied that I would take care and not to worry.

Then an idea struck me. I quietly took the dining chair and the camera and stood on the chair neat bathroom ventilator. With my heart hammering in my chest, I recorded the glorious beauty of my Mom.

When I looked, she already took out her saree. Instead of dumping it in laundry basket, she started folding it tantalizingly slowly. She turned her back to me and unhooked the blouse and took it off. When she turned facing me, I almost fainted as she unhooked and removed bra. Her heavy boobs with black areola and thick grape like nipples were so beautiful…..and she untied her petticoat knot and ever so slowly let it drop, almost as if she was doing a strip tease dance and turned away from me as it dropped. Her beautiful, well rounded buttocks were a treat to the eyes but her pussy was not in view. She sat on a stool … and turned facing me. She spread her thighs and gave a glorious view of her silk smooth pussy.

With my heart in my mouth and mouth suddenly went dry as I zoomed in on her thick pussy lips. Her mound was high and prominent. Then she opened the shower adjusted hot water and started her bath ritual. When I watched later I couldn’t believe that I was the cameraman. I have inborn skills, the way I zoomed and caught her emotions, expressions and of course all details of her anatomy, no one would have believed it was work of an amateur. The way she rubbed her tits and pussy, I thought her skin would peel off.

As she dried herself with towel I thought it was the end of the show. As I was about to get down from my perch, I saw my mom pick up petticoat, hesitate and put it back. She again sat on the stool, spread her legs, closed her eyes and slowly started caressing her left boob. The other hand travelled to her pussy.

My legs started shaking, as I zoomed in on her middle finger entering pussy, she started moaning as she inserted two, then three fingers and started moving the hand fast. After couple of minutes she removed her fingers which were wet with her juices and smeared on her nipples. Then with right hand rubbing her clit she started masturbating with three fingers. She started crying out and almost thrashing. Her body was shaking and boobs were bouncing merrily, nipples were visibly standing up.

As spasm after spasm shook her body, she slowed down and lay exhausted with her back to bathroom wall…..

……Then the phone rang, jerking both of us into this world.

She started with a jerk and cried out “Mohan, see the phone”

I almost answered back “OK, Mom ” but at last second checked myself, got down from the chair and ran back. When I reached phone I shouted back” OK,I am picking up”. As it always happens, it was from a Bank informing how fortunate I was that their Bank had conferred the honor of investing with them. I politely informed them that I was not worthy of that honor and disconnected. I rushed back to my room downloaded the video into my laptop and deleted before Mom came out dressed up from Bathroom.

Next few days I don’t remember how many times I masturbated watching that video.

Normally I never bunk collage. But on that day I was feeling rather weak after too many ejaculations and decided to skip, told friends that I was not feeling well and came back home. I opened front door with my key silently, closed the door, locked and as I glanced into Master bedroom as I was going to my room, I felt as if someone banged on my head with a sledge hammer.

Sitting naked on the bed with her back rested against the head rest of the bed was My Mom. Her back was towards me. She was watching TV and was masturbating and talking to someone on the phone. Speaker was on as both her hands were engaged. What jolted me was the program she was watching on TV screen was my masturbation. I don’t know when or how she recorded. I always lock my door and am careful. But there it was. I stood to one side and watched and listened.

“Neha, have you started watching?” she was talking to my sister.“Just a sec. Yeah, now I am ready. He left just now” Neha replied.“OK.I will play from beginning when you are ready” Mom told her.” Mom, how did you manage to record. He always locks the door” Neha enquired.Mom laughed. “You forget every lock has a key. Keep observing his TV screen also. ““Who is he watching?” Neha was curious to know.“First he watches you…..then” Mom’s reply was cut short by Neha’s shriek.“Mom, why did you allow him? Immediately delete it..” Neha was hysterical.“Neha, relax. Once you watch you will change your mind. Mohan is an artist. He has rare talent” there was unmistakable pride in Mom’s voice.“You said then..who is the other ?” Neha was curious.“None other than your sexy Mom” Mom said proudly. I could make out Neha was speechless.

Meanwhile on screen I was inserting the USB in TV slot and removed my T shirt and shorts and already my dick was erect.“Wow” Neha whistled.“Why do you act as if you are seeing for the first time” Mom was teasing Neha.“I have not seen it, really, only felt it and sucked it, but always in the dark. It looks huge” Neha was incredulous.“What do you expect? I breast fed him till 4 years. It makes a difference. Anyway watch your beauty.” Mom told her.On screen, came Neha’s boobs but never her face. Her heaving tits, areola, nipples were moving on screen slowly, provocatively. I squeezed and pulled out nipples by hand while filming with other hand. Slowly camera travelled over her flat stomach, deep navel and reached her pussy. Here I opened the curtains to let in sunlight and parted her thighs and with two fingers opened her lips and zoomed in to view the pink inner walls and clitoris. She was already wet and the glistening moistness was mouth watering.

“Am I ….is my pussy ….really so beautiful?” there was awe and disbelief in Neah’s voice.“Don’t tell me you didn’t know he was recording?” Mom asked.“I pretended to be asleep. I thought he was seeing….But Mom, see how he is pumping?” Neha was amazed. Indeed, on screen I was pumping real hard.Mom laughed. “Now watch me and him in action” there was enthusiasm in her voice.“You mean you knew he was recording?” Neha was shocked.

“Of course, I thought he would never get the message. For two days I had been telling him that I was going for a bath, bathroom ventilator glass was missing and anyone can see… his reaction was don’t worry Mom ,no one will see you..” Mom told as on screen she began to undress.“Then finally, how did he get the message? Mom you are fabulous. No wonder he is pumping so hard” Neha was wonder struck.“I was so frustrated I could have dragged him to the ventilator, made him stand on dining chair, thrust camera ,in his hand ask him to shoot me as I masturbate. But that day he got the message when I told him that camera was charged and ready for recording” Mom was happy like a general after winning a war.

On screen, Mom had started her masturbation and my camera skills were driving Mom and Neha over the hill. Mom also started moaning and was moving hand furiously as I was doing on screen and Neha’s screams were also audible. They didn’t talk until all of them reached orgasm at the same time, me in TV, Mom in TV as well as now and Neha at other end.

‘Phew…that was awesome…..” gushed Neha as she was panting as if after a marathon race. On screen I had ejaculated into a kerchief and was going to the bathroom to wash it when the movie ended.

I was still dazed and stood like a deer caught in headlights of a car. My feet felt as if bounded by cement blocks. Mom also collapsed like a rag doll.

“Neha, I don’t know if I should go on a pilgrimage. After watching him masturbate seeing me, I don’t know how long I can hold myself back. One of these days I might rape him” there was sadness in Mom’s voice. Moms and daughters are always close friends unlike fathers and sons. Mom must have confided several things to Neha.

“But tell me why? What is the problem? You yourself said incest was never a problem in your and dad’s family. In fact, you allowed dad to do everything to me except banging” Neha asked perplexed.“Hey, hold your horses. I did not allow. You seduced him by rubbing your tits on his back and fondling his cock on motorcycle when he came to receive you “Mom corrected her.“OK, my boobs must have brushed and my hand must have slipped from his waist. Anyway what is the problem?” Neha again enquired.

“Problem is I always wanted my kids to have normal child and adulthood. I always believed that if both husband and wife lose virginity together, the chances of their being happily together are more. Your dad and myself, though experienced everything except intercourse before marriage, we were both virgins at the time of marriage. Now we have such understanding and happiness, we feel happy if another gains pleasure with others. I managed to get you married before you lost virginity and your hubby was also a virgin. At least I hoped so” Mom said wistfully.

“Mom, for a liberated woman you talk like a Victorian era grandmother. During your time where was the internet, chats, mobile phones and easy porn? You were shielded, protected and could keep your libido in check. Have no second thoughts, bang him. I would love to bang him but first I have to bring Rohit into line” Neha advised her Mom like her elder sister.

‘OK, let me think over for few days. Anyway, thankfully he is going on a collage picnic for few days, it gives me breathing time.” As Mom was starting to get up, I tiptoed and went out of the house.I roamed aimlessly and when I returned in the evening there was no trace of horniness or seduction in Mom’s eyes. She had genuine concern, love for her son. She hugged me and was almost in tears when I was going for the picnic next day. She bombarded me advises of sleep, food, not to get bitten by mosquitoes and to carry repellant creams……………………………

“Mr. Angry young man, time to get down. We reached destination” Vijay told me with a sullen face. I felt ashamed for having shouted at him and apologized. Forest guide told us the basic rules. Never venture out alone. If anyone has to piss, the entire group will stop for him. Never lose sight of person in front of you. Shout if he is pulling away from you. And he said there were rumors that Tigers had been sighted but he had never seen one. He has pistols that make high decibel sound to frighten them.

We started trekking. It was not fun, though supposed to be. Twigs keep scratching your legs there are leaves and branches everywhere blocking your eyes. The danger of insects, snakes was playing in every one’s mind, though guide assured that snakes in that forest were nonpoisonous.

After couple of hours of hard walk, I felt the need to pee. I was last in the line. I thought Guide was over reacting when he said about stopping the convoy for that. I decided to stop and empty the bladder and join them. They simply can’t vanish in 2 minutes?

As I was pissing my thoughts went again to my Mom’s silky hair, broad naked back, the way her boobs jiggled as she moved her fingers rapidly in her pussy…. came out of the reverie much later than two minutes. When I came out into this world with a start and came back to the trail, it was empty.

I ran few yards, looked around. They could have gone in any direction except towards me. I panicked. I listened quietly for voices. Nothing. People were too tired to even breathe. I shouted at the top of my lungs. Ideal course would have been to stay in same place until they found me. But in my panic, I wandered and lost my bearings. Of course, there were no signals in mobile.

I just kept plodding through jungle; each passing minute was increasing my panic. I turned to right at a cluster of trees and saw a fully grown tiger standing ten feet away from me and was growling, baring sharp teeth…………………………………..

End of Part I

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