Bang, Bang With Invisibility (Gayab), Incest Angle – Part II

The tiger growled and I stared with heart thumping in my ribcage and my feet were glued to the spot. My mouth was suddenly dry and parched, I could not even shout.He took a stance as if to jump and then a booming voice said

“Ram, it is okay, he means no harm”The Tiger had become a kitten. He went and sat under a tree and started licking paws as a domestic cat.“You can come in” The booming voice ordered me.

With shaking feet I walked towards a cave completely hidden by vines and leaves. Even from few feet no one would suspect that there is a cave. I parted the leaves and vines and entered the dark cave. It took few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.

I could make out a figure of a yogi sitting in a cross legged posture.”Leave your foot ware, come and sit here” again the booming voice ordered. I obeyed, went near him, with great reverence I lay flat on my stomach and saluted him. ( sashtaanga namaskaaram). After couple of minutes he asked me to get up.

I sat at his feet. He was meditating sitting on an elevated rock. I folded my hands and waited for him to complete his meditation. After some time he opened eyes and smiled at me.

“You remind me of my youth. I was much younger than you when I became a disciple of my guru to learn…” he stopped, lost in thought.

I waited for a couple of minutes and asked “To learn what, Guruji?”

Guruji burst out laughing.” You will not believe. I had a crush on my elder sister. I wanted to see her naked, I wanted to squeeze het boobs…… So I asked guruji to teach me the art of being invisible. He stared at me and asked me why I wanted to learn that, those skills are taught to only deserving people who can use it for the good of the society and country.

“Then he went back into meditation. I thought he had rejected me since he must have known why I wanted to learn that skill and was about to get up when he opened his eyes and smiled at me.

“He told me. “I will teach you. But you have to meditate rigorously for six months.” I was filled with joy. I joined at his ashram and he made me renounce all tasty food, luxury of mattress and all worldly comforts. After six months of meditation and learning, he taught me the mantra to become invisible”

I stared at him “You mean, Guruji, you can become invisible.” I asked him unbelievingly.“Yes. But the joke was that once I acquired the skill, I lost all desire for sex. All women were like Goddesses to me. I could only pray to them bow to them. Since then I have been meditating and am in eternal bliss”We were silent for few minutes. I have to admit that I had the fantasy to be invisible to see Mom and Neha in shower.“You want to acquire the skill?” Guruji asked me.

“No, Thanks. I am still not ready for eternal bliss. I am still a virgin. I don’t foresee myself like a yogi” I told and then hastily added “Not that I have anything against ascetics. I revere them”“You need not be here for six months like me. I was very sad that my skill was going waste. My Guru told me that at a predestined time, a young man will walk into my cave and to impart my skill to him”“But I might use them to fulfill my carnal desires, even immoral ones. I am not worthy to be bestowed such a gift” I told him politely. I did not want to end up like him in a cave away from all fun, frolic, sex and girls.He gestured with hand to sky.

“God decides who does what. Without His order not a leaf will move. He has chosen you as a deserving person to receive the skill. I know He wants you to fulfill all your desires with the skill whatever they may be, so that you will be ready to use the skill for the country and for the world” His somber voice was filled with conviction.

I was undecided but curiosity killed the cat, I reminded myself. Yet, the attraction of something exciting was pulling me like a magnet.Guruji smiled at me “I will teach you the mantra and how to use it. If you are not destined to receive it, it will not work for you any way.” I thought about it and it sounded logical.He instructed me to remove clothes wrap a towel go to the stream and take bath and return. I followed Ram, the Tiger to the stream. I took a dip and felt invigorated and drank water from the water fall as ordered by Guruji. Immediately my body filled with immense energy, all tiredness, lethargy vanished without a trace. Ram guided me back to the cave.

Guruji asked me “How good are you in Sanskrit and remembering shlokas?”

I recollected that I was almost a child prodigy. I could recite Bhagavadgita at the age of five and can repeat after listening to only once. I told him same thing. He nodded with a smile.He asked me to close eyes and placed his hand on top of my head. Then he recited a mantra slowly. I repeated after him. He asked me to repeat aloud for 108 times with full concentration, dedication and complete confidence in Guru and God. I think I could concentrate because I had masturbated so many times in preceding days that sexual thoughts were easily banished from mind.After completion I opened eyes. I was wonderfully happy, elated filled with limitless joy.

Guruji was smiling at me. I smiled back at him “I told you I was not a deserving candidate. You didn’t listen, Guruji”He laughed.” Is it? Look at your hand”. I looked and panicked. There was nothing. I could see Guruji clearly through as if from a glass. I started shivering.

Guruji patted me. “Don’t worry, don’t panic. It is entirely in your hands when to become visible and when to become invisible. Only be careful that nobody sees you while you are doing it. That power will be gone if seen by anyone. You repeat the mantra thrice to become invisible, twice to become visible”. He told me with kindness flowing from his voice.I went into an inside room tried out and found to be working. I came out and again lay flat on stomach and paid respects.“Guruji. What if I forget mantra while I am invisible?” I asked my worst fear.

“It will never happen. God and my guru will decide when it is time for you to lose the skill. Then you will not be able to become invisible. You will forget mantra only after you have fulfilled the tasks that you are ordained for. You are allowed to fulfill all your carnal desires only exception is that you should never force yourself on an unwilling woman or engage in rape. If you violate this rule not only you will lose the skill but will be punished a thousand times more severely than a normal person. Is it clear? Do you have any other questions?” He asked me.

“Yes. I can feel my hands. Can others also feel? If someone shoots at me, will I bleed? Will my blood be visible?” I had to ask. I might forget I am invisible and get run over by a bus.“Yes. Others can feel you, hear you talk. You have to learn to be careful. Once you take food in hand it will also become invisible. I don’t know what you mean by shooting, but if an arrow pierces you, you will bleed, you will feel pain. But wound will heal within seconds and blood will not be visible” He replied patiently.‘If I die when I am invisible?” I asked. I had a feeling I might not see him again.“Then after your soul leaves body, your body will become visible. Don’t be melancholic. You are the chosen one. God has chosen you for a purpose. Feel honored ” he was feeling happy that his skill was not lost to mankind.‘Guruji, How old are you?” I asked him. He smiled.

“If I tell you, you won’t believe. Faith and belief in Guru are uppermost in Guru, disciple relationship. An iota of doubt is enough to cause havoc. So I will not answer. Have unwavering faith in me. Now you can go. Ram will lead you to your friends” He closed his eyes again and was immersed in meditation as easily as you would disconnect a call.

Silently, I folded hands and sought his blessing and left. Outside Ram was waiting for me. I followed him. He took me over a hill from top I could see our bus and my friends. I hugged Ram. I felt no fear .He was like my brother, co disciple.

I climbed down the hill. There was huge commotion, panic and confusion. Everyone was worried since light was failing and it would be impossible to find me. Guide was the most relieved person. They mobbed me and bombarded me with questions, how did I manage to get lost and more importantly, how did I manage to find my way back. Guide refused to believe that I found my way back on my own.

We started back. Everyone was tired, hungry and sleepy. I was the only one singing merrily, playing pranks and cracking jokes. They could not believe I was the same morose, sad person of the morning.

I reached home two days later at 2 AM , quietly let myself in with key , showered, dressed and tiptoed into Mom’s room. Dad was out of station and would be back after a week. Mom was fast asleep. Night lamp was glowing throwing weak violet light. I switched off the light and t he room was plunged into total darkness. I undressed, chanted the mantra became invisible and lay next to Mom and hugged her from behind, my hot, throbbing rod poking her , I clutched her boobs and snuggled closely.

She murmured, turned to my side, hugged me tight, lifted one thigh, clasped behind me and pulled me closer.She murmured sleepily. “You said you will come after one week. Your cock didn’t listen to you. Isn’t it? Let me sleep. We can bang in the morning”. My cock was now directly at the entrance to her pussy.

“Mom, it’s me” I whispered in her ear, enjoying the pressure of her warm tits on my naked chest.I never saw anyone transit from deep slumber to full awaken state so fast. She jumped as if she received a thousand volt shock. She tried to push me. I tightened my grip further.“What….what ..are you doing? When did you come? What is all this nonsense? ” she was fighting valiantly.I told her gently.” Mom, relax. I saw the other day you and Neha masturbate watching me on TV screen. So stop struggling”. Like you put off a switch, all fight went out of her.“Then why didn’t you take me then and there?’ she asked in a small voice.

‘I was not sure. I was confused. Now I am sure” I told her started nibbling her thick lower lip. A moan escaped her. Slowly her hands tightened around my back .She opened my mouth and pushed her tongue in and started exploring . I pushed my fingers in her flowing pussy and started gently rubbing her inner walls.She got up on one elbow and held one massive tit in one hand and pushed in to my mouth. I started sucking like a hungry baby. I was biting on her nipple also.She was now crying out Baby, oh my baby, how I miss your sucking. Even as a child, you always drove me nuts with your sucking. You used to bite, scratch and would not leave tit even after emptying the milk. Yes..yes……bite harder…”

After sucking both tits, I went into 69 position, she started licking my cock and I started licking her pussy.She kept coming in torrents. Her copious flow was forming a puddle on bed sheet. Finally she could bear no longer and dragged me on top of her.

‘Now, shove it in….all the way… show no mercy…..take all your anger..on my pussy…it should become red.. swollen….come… baby…” she was shouting loud as I started pounding her. After some time I pulled her roughly to the edge of bed, took out my cock, made her bend and started ramming in doggy style. The loud clapping sounds were deafening and my stomach was banging against her buttocks with sounds like pistol shots. I grabbed tits and squeezing her nipples, increased speed and asked her if I should cum in or out.

She said she would castrate me if I spilled one drop outside. We reached climax at the same time. I Held her and pulled back onto the bed.‘Let me go. I have to wash.” She tried to cajole me. I tightened my grip further and told her let it dry up, morning we could wash or I will wash her thoroughly. She laughed and said at least we could switch on the light.I was still horny, my hands refused to stay away from hr tits. She fondly kissed me and was running her hand in my hair when she asked me “What happened at picnic? Some sexy girl tried to seduce you? What made you change your mind?”

“Don’t panic. Don’t get excited. Listen carefully” I held her tight and told her about my encounter with Guruji and my gift. She was silent for few minutes and said that it was rubbish and nonsense. She knew I always played pranks.She got up, switched on the light and screamed………….“Where are you hiding? It’s not funny” she shouted. I moved over to her pressed my dick between her buttocks, fondled her nipples and said ” I am right behind you ,Mom”

She swooned, I gently let her roll on the bed and gave water in a glass, Of course she could not see. I poured in her mouth. After couple of minutes she asked anxiously. “But you can become visible again. Anytime?”I assured her I would become visible after one more round. It was most erotic. My Mom could see her pulsating, flowing pussy innards in the mirror as I was licking since my head was not in the way She stared with amazement as her nipples seemed to elongate on their own and boobs were changing shape on their own. As I was pounding her ,her enlarged pussy hole was a stunning sight. She kept pouring juices by buckets as she watched and experienced hard banging with loud clapping sounds , feeling but not seeing the cock. Finally when I filled her again and lay on top of her, she was ecstatic. I went into the other bedroom, closed the door , recited mantra and came out. My Mom was all over me. She was crying with joy and relief.

When Mom called Neha was at our home in less than half an hour. She whispered in Mom’s ear that coast was clear. She caught her hubby banging his sister, so now she can bang her brother.Myself, Mom told Neha about my gift and she didn’t waste a second. My Mom recorded as my invisible body mauled and pounded Neha’s sexy pussy. When we were having lunch I told my theory.”I don’t know why I am chosen, but at this young age it is a huge responsibility. I will be tempted to watch all sexy women and girls in their showers, may not be able to control and misbehave with them. To preempt that I am warned not to impose myself on unwilling women. So, how can I concentrate on my tasks with desire for sex playing all the time on my mind? So, I am given the exceptional liberty to bang you both. That is how I see it.

“Since you love me more than your lives, there is no danger of my secret coming out. Now, I leave it entirely to my Guru and follow his lead blindly” I reasoned out my thoughts. My mom and sister were very attentive. After lunch, we had one more hectic session, this time they wanted to see me.

…………………What followed in next few weeks has turned the nation upside down. There was sudden wave of joy, optimism flooding like Tsunami.

It all started on the next day when I went to watch a movie in my invisible state.( one of many previleges) . The person sitting next to me was unusually tense, not laughing at funny scenes and was jittery. When his mobile rang, he left to answer. I followed him to wash rooms.

He ensured no one was present and was talking to his handler. He planted a bomb under seat J19 set to go off after 45 minutes and he was instructed to leave after half an hour and go to one hotel , from there he would change several cars and will be dropped at Airport .His overseas tickets with visa were waiting there.

I looked over his shoulder and memorized all numbers, details. I called D,G,ploice, Intelligence and within minutes, he was arrested. Bomb was defused. Terrorist gang was surprised by the swiftness of operation. Within an hour, all top leaders of that outfit were caught.

On the very next day, huge corruption deals by several ministers were all over the press. Within no time, economy miraculously picked up with all crime and terrorist activities in disarray, since they didn’t know what hit them and how to counter attack it. There was jubiliation and relief in the country.

Of course, needless to say, My Mom and Sis were also very happy with the turn of events. We didn’t tell Dad because he tends to lose his judgement after couple of drinks and there was a risk of letting out the secret………


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