Bang, Bang With Seduction – Incest Angle

(These fantasy stories are meant to titillate mature readers of 18 years and above and they are neither meant to endorse nor encourage incest. Just read for the fun of it. Many murder mystery writers relish writing about murders but are not murderers themselves and please extend me the same benefit of reasoning. I neither indulge nor fantasize about incest with my family)

Sujata’s mind was numb from the twin shocks she had received. She was going about her daily chores mechanically but the scenes she had seen were playing nonstop in her mind’s eye.She was not happy that she found reason the for her daughter Priya’s cranky, short tempered outbursts and her son Vijay’s inexplicable sky diving grades from A+ to Cs. She wished she hadn’t.

Sujata is a happily married middle aged woman with two grown up, beautiful children. Husband Ramesh is a senior Vice President and had been living in Flights, Airport lounges and Hotels more than at home for last couple of years. She found she was also becoming irritable; her food was getting over burnt, undercooked or over boiled. She knew, at least, what was her problem. Ramesh was always tired, sleepy and had almost stopped banging her. She tried masturbation with cucumber, carrot and Brinjal and found some relief but that relief was not lasting long.

That morning she was watering plants in the balcony outside Priya’s bedroom window, when a sudden gust of wind flew open Priya’s bedroom window. Priya might not have put the latch properly. Sujata glanced and was frozen.There was Priya sitting naked on her bed with her back to the window and masturbating. She was watching her brother Vijay masturbating on her lap top. Though only an enormous cock and hands were visible on screen, Sujata knew they belonged to Vijay because one hand had a ring with pearl which she presented to him on his previous birth day.

Priya gave a shriek jumped from bed turned to close the window and stared at her Mother open jawed. Her fingers were wet with her juice, literally dripping and her clean shaven pussy and surrounding areas were glistening with wetness. Priya realized that Sujata was not looking at her but at the Laptop.

By the time Priya got over shock, jumped and closed the window, Sujata had seen Vijay ejaculating loads of cum first into his sister’s panty and then into her bra. Sujata stood transfixed, she lost track of time as she stared at the frosted glass window unseeingly.

When she recovered, she made herself a strong coffee, sat at dining table and tried to calm her nerves. Master bedroom and Vijay’s bedroom had a common bath room. Priya’s bedroom didn’t have attached bath room. She would use common bathroom. Until few years back, Vijay and Priya shared bedroom until they shifted to this larger apartment. Vijay was adamant and refused to give his bed room to Priya.

Now, Sujata knew why. She got up, went to the bathroom and checked the laundry basket. Her bra cup was wet, she smelled. There was the strong, pungent smell of sperm. She fished again in the basket and took out Priya’s and her underwear. All of them had that stench. Her favorite bra was missing; it was not there in the basket. She began to shake with rage. She wanted to slap and kick day lights out of Vijay. She pulled at his bedroom side door to bathroom. Normally, he keeps it bolted. But it swung open noiselessly as he also neglected like Priya to check the latch.

This was her second shock. Vijay was stark naked and masturbating vigorously with his back to her. He was watching TV as images were sliding by. Sujata’s ample cleavage as she was mopping stains on the floor, perfect contour of her tit with areola and nipple visible through her thin blouse as she was stretching to reach a container kept on a shelf, Priya’s cleavage and also her clean shaved pussy…… there were many images. As she was watching open jawed, he groaned and shot his load into the cup of her favorite bra.

She closed the door gently, went to her bedroom and lay on bed, shivering. She laid there for some time and when she heard Priya was arranging her lunch box, she got up and went into the hall.

Mother and daughter avoided seeing each other in the eye. Sujata cleared her throat.

“Priya, it is high time we start looking for matches, you should get married “she told gently.

Priya didn’t look up from dining table.

“Mom, we went through this hundreds of times, give me time. I get married, first thing he would want me to do is quit job or force me to account for each hour or nag me about timings. He would want me to press feet of his Grand ma. Please, give me time” Priya told gently, she was not shouting like before.

“But….” Sujata’s sentence was cut short by Priya’s shocking retort.

“You have seen me masturbating? So, what is the big deal? Everybody does it, even you do it…” she stopped suddenly as Vijay came into the room. Priya quietly said bye, bye and left for her office.

Mother and son stood embarrassed for a while. Vijay also arranged his lunch box with eyes down cast.

“Vijay, you want to discuss what is eating you? Why are your grades falling lower and lower? ” Sujata asked,

Vijay mumbled something about missing classes and would pick up and left.Sujata thought deeply and came to a decision. Though she tried to fool herself that she was trying to help her son overcome his urge for sex and concentrate on studies, her subconscious knew she was bowled over by the sight of his enormous, thick , rock solid and hard cock…………………………………… Vijay groped in the laundry basket. He broke into a cold sweat when he found no bras or panties. Had Mom come to know and was keeping some where safer? How can he face his Mom? He sighed and as he turned to keep towel on hanger, his mouth fell open.

There on the hanger, Mom’s bra, panty and Priya’s bra and panty were neatly arranged. He smelled them. There was the strong musk of sweat and pussy odour in panties and of sweat and perfume in bras. Now he became an expert. He could distinguish with eyes closed between odors of Mom and Priya.

He continued his masturbation with eyes closed and reliving images on his lap top and covered all items with his cum. He thought of putting them in Laundry basket but kept them on hanger as he found them with all white gluey stuff smeared all over them.

He observed closely Sujata’s expression later in the day. She acted normal. She didn’t comment on stains on her innerwear.

That night he got up for relieving himself and as he was flushing, he observed the bathroom door of Master bedroom was ajar. Mom forgot to latch it from her side, he thought and as he was about to close, some instinct forced him to peep. He jumped as if he put his finger in a live plug socket.

There was light blue color night lamp filling room with dim light. His mom was sleeping on the bed with her back facing him…….and she was stark naked. Her broad back, ample fleshy buttocks were on the show. The dimples above her buttocks were very inviting. He tiptoed into bathroom and found her bra and panty on the hanger. He took both, quietly entered his Mom’s room again, crossed over to the other side of the bed and feasted his eyes on her nakedness. She crossed her arms over her chest, so only areolas and nipples were hidden, rest everything was in the open. Her enormous boobs were rising and falling. His eyes travelled down to her deep navel and smooth pussy mound. It reminded him of the puffed up poori she serves him for breakfast fresh from the frying pan.

He removed his shorts and started moving his shaft up and down watching her beauty. Sujata shifted position in her sleep. Vijay panicked and thought of bolting from the room. Now she lay flat on her back with both hands by her side and legs parted. Vijay moved to the foot of bed and with heart hammering in his chest, watched open mouthed at her indistinctly visible pussy lips. Was it his imagination that there was a glint of wetness in pussy lips? His hand moved faster and faster and he had to bite his lip hard to control from screaming as he pumped his cum into her bra cups and panty. He was gasping for breath as he washed himself in bath room. He again kept her bra and panty as he found and went to bed.

Sujata smiled to herself.

On third day, Vijay gathered courage. He knew his Mom was aware of what was going on, how her inner wear were getting drenched in sperm. On third day he touched her shoulder with a shaking hand. She said nothing. Her breathing was steady. He let his hand drop on to her breast and cupped it. She moved. In sudden panic, he tried to remove his hand. Sujata grabbed it with both hands firmly and pressed it on to her tit.

She opened eyes and laughed “So it took you three days to gather courage” she taunted him and pulled him.

He fell flat on her. He was in a frenzy and in panic. He didn’t know what to do first and what next, he was like a hungry kid lost in a sweet shop. He was sucking a tit, suddenly would kiss lower lip, then travel to pussy and kiss there.

Sujata calmed him. ” Baby….my baby…..calm down….relax..relax..”

He quieted down and lay sucking her breast as she fondly ran her hand through his hair. As he became relaxed, she guided him to kiss her, taught him intricacies of sucking tongue, licking the inner cheeks and gums and playing with each other’s tongue. Then he sucked each breast under her guidance. He licked areola, teased nipple with teeth and then sucked with gay abandon, squeezing with both hands.

When he came down to the mound after kissing his way down, she switched on the lights. She moved to the edge of bed and spread her legs, held his head in her hands and looked into his eyes.

“This is your birth canal. So kiss it with reverence and love, lick it with passion. Drink my love juices as they pour out. Don’t get disturbed if I scream or thrash, it is all pleasure, not pain. Got it?” Sujata told him slowly.

Vijay nodded and kissed her moist lips. She shivered as he slowly licked inner pink walls and lost himself in the depths and kept slurping and playing with her clit with his tongue and driving her mad with pleasure.

“My God…oh, my God…” Sujata kept screaming as orgasm after orgasm rocked her. As she lay limp, she grabbed and pulled him up.

“Now we have done with starters, we have to come to the Main menu” She ran her hands lovingly on his swollen, throbbing dick and kissed the dick head. Vijay’s body shook violently.

Sujata smiled and sucked him for few minutes and laid on her back and spread her legs.

Vijay watched open mouthed as she spread her pussy lips to show the glorious inner view.

“Now push it slowly, take your time. Once you have completely buried it, don’t move, lie on top of me, suck my tits, kiss me, talk about anything. Once you are relaxed, take out and slowly push it in. Got it?”

Vijay nodded and slowly pushed his dick inside her overflowing, wet, slippery pussy. As it was rubbing on inner walls, mind blowing pleasure was passing through his veins and he thought he would faint. He resisted impulse to pound her and lay on her kissing, biting her lips and sucking her boobs. She was talking sweet nothings in his ear as he pulled out and pushed it with force. Within ten strokes he unloaded in her pussy.

She told him he was doing great and that he was a born banger and was born to satisfy females.By morning, they had many sessions, each better than the previous one. Vijay had become an expert, he knew what his Mom wanted even before she knew herself, changing to doggy style, her on top and him on top and he learnt all intricate details of pussy licking, tit sucking.

They got up when Priya was pounding the door. Vijay rushed to his room and opened the door yawning.

“Why are you banging? What is the hurry? It is not even seven.” He was stretching.

“What is wrong with you and Mom, Sleeping till 10 AM? You don’t have collage?” she was shouting.

Vijay got a jolt “What?” he exclaimed and rushed to bathroom. Sujata came out red eyed and disheveled.

“Sorry, Priya, I had a terrible headache and could not sleep. Can you manage lunch at your canteen?” Priya looked at her Mom thoughtfully, nodded and left.

Of course, Vijay bunked classes for next two days. On the second day, they were caught red handed by Priya when she forgot her ID card and came back. Vijay was pounding Sujata doggy style on the sofa when Priya entered with her key.

There was an embarrassed silence for few minutes, until Priya called her office to inform that she cannot come as she had high fever. As Priya was getting undressed, Vijay pounded Sujata’s pussy mercilessly, as Priya’s coconut sized boobs, slender waist, thunder thighs and silk smooth pussy loomed into view.

Sujata allowed Priya to have all the fun except banging. She wanted Priya to remain a virgin until marriage. Priya kept protesting that it was not fair.

Finally Sujata relented. She made Priya bend, parted her buttock cheeks, applied coconut oil liberally on Vijay’s cock and pushed it in anus of Priya. Priya howled in pain. Sujata took her head in her hands and soothed her and gave her tit to suck to ease the pain.

Vijay didn’t want to hurt his sister and was almost in tears himself. Slowly pain ebbed out and from second day, Priya would bend, spread her cheeks and ask for a pounding.

Vijay was curious.

” Why do you endure such pain? What pleasure is there for you? For me a tight hole gives pleasure.” He asked wondrously.

Priya smiled as he was banging her “when you squirt your cum, that feeling is exquisite”.

After one of their sessions as they were rolling in bed, Sujata asked Priya “How did you manage to record his masturbation?”

Priya smiled and left her mother’s boob and replied “Very easy. You put a chair near bathroom ventilator and stand. There is a gap between third and fourth glasses. You can see only crotch area and I zoomed and recorded”

Vijay lifted his head from Priya’s pussy. His lips chin and cheeks were glistening with her juices.

“You mean you also know of that? I recorded your pussy and boobs when you sat on a stool.” He told smiling.

Sujata asked Vijay “But why didn’t you record me?” She was puzzled.

Vijay answered “I don’t know, I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I limited my passion to taking photographs of your cleavage while you were working”

Sujata was very strict about timings. Banging sessions were only for one and a half hours. After that no horseplay allowed till next session. She made time tables. There were exceptions to rules if any of them were unusually horny, which was the case most of the time……………………………Ramesh was surprised. In the three weeks of his overseas tour, domestic front had changed dramatically. He found Sujata, Priya and Vijay on cloud nine. They are laughing, joking and there was no bickering, yelling, shouting that was the norm.

He was puzzled. Vijay’s grades have soared higher than ever before. Sujata’s cooking has reached absolute perfection. Every day her gourmet dishes were getting classier.

And Priya , ever tantrum throwing nuisance and a menace, was now an angel without wings, sweetness personified.Priya told relieved and happy parents that she fell in love with a colleague Rohan and their parents wished to meet Sujata and Ramesh .

“Is he a virgin?” Vijay asked Priya as he was banging her in the rear.

“Yes, why?” she answered giving backward thrust.

“But you are not, did you tell him?” Sujata asked who was cutting vegetables on dining table.

“I am a virgin. My pussy is intact. Isn’t it? Rohan told me before hand that after marriage and after we lose virginity together, he would like to have 3 sums, 4 sums and all the works. He fancies you, Mom” Priya told a disbelieving Sujata.

Finally, Ramesh could wait no longer. He asked Sujata when they were dining. “You people are hiding something. Is there a magician with a magic wand? Did he say ‘Abra kadabra” and waved his wand to bring such a sea change?”

“Yes” Vijay said laughing.

“Who is the magician? ” Ramesh asked perplexed.

“I. I and my magic wand changed everything” Vijay was now laughing uncontrollably.

Ramesh also joined the hilarious laughter of his family, wondering what the joke was.


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