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Hi, this is Aryan from bangalore again with an amazing story, this story is about me and my bestie to whom I wanted to experience a sexy orgasm.A lot of people get confused with orgasm so I studied every detail of what orgasm is and how to make a woman reach there. Well ladies who cant reach orgasm don’t be disappointed. Is very rare that ever woman can reach orgasm or squirting so relax and let your juices flow out.So my bestiee her name is kushboo and stats being 36c-32-34. I shared al my secrets with her so on a night out for studies I tried to take her to the heaven.

I first understood how I can make a woman reach an orgasm and read all its articles and by now I was prepared o take m lady on the bed .. We both were too close that getting her to my place for a night out was not pretty difficult . After my gym I texted on her cell saying I would b back to home by 8-30 so she can come after that she replied saying yes .. All the while during my workout I was thinking how do I fuck her tonight and how do I make her reach orgasm… Later by 8-30 I left to my places and I got a packet of condoms before going home. I reached home and I called her saying she can come . She said she would leave soon and asked me to order pizza . I soon ordered pizza and went to take bath …During bath I was getting prepared for her..

After bath I had a nice perfume over me n also made sure the scent of it is nice. I got the pizza and so she came. She was in a green dress which was deep cut and she wore shorts .. I welcomed her and we both had the pizza and then while watching t vi made her sit on the floor so that I could massage her shoulders ( all this did on purpose to arouse her for her initial stage of orgasm) I asked her to sit below the sofa n started massaging her .. I slowly moved my finger inside her loose tee …

I asked her to remove her tee for which she agreed since we both were open with each other. I strted massaging her with my smooth hands n tried seducing her erotically the entire was in numb with no sound then she started giving small smooth moans saying ummm umm ummaaa … I then placed my tongue over her neck n started giving her short kisses..

I started blowing air over the place where I kissed and licked so that she gets goosebumps and gets aroused … I started biting her ears and then entered her earlobes . The movement I increased my pace she started getting high with her body metabolism n started spreading her legs on the floor I soon realised I should go a bit wild to arouse her to her orgasm …

I pushed her on the floor since I was on the sofa and started licking her back n body .. Hit her ass for some time and then slowly went to her ears and said … Kusshhh I want you to experience heaven sweet heart.. To excite her more I took a piece of ice n smooched it in my mouth and now started rolling my ips with the ice cube in it all over her body .. She responded smoothly by removing her bra and pant when I was over the tits with the ice.. Trust me the ice cubes was making her go mad over me .. She was juggling her hairs in deep confusion as to what was happening. I then lifted her and to her bed ..

I took a duppatta o hers from her bag and tied her hands.. And now I started my very passionate kisses with her ,, I wanted her to sense the smell of my perfume so that it always makes her horny which was a tip to get her to orgasm ..

I started licking her entire body right from her forehead till her toes … I was so excited about this so I went to her legs and started giving her the pleasure of me licking the palm of her legs .. This was one amazing thing which excited her to such an excited that she started screaming

Kush-aryaaaann plllzzz ddoo it sllloowwllyy you dont know how it feels

Me- relax sweet heart this will be the best thing for you ever after sometime just relax and enjoy..

Since I had tied her hands she was getting more pleasure of it .. I used to lick her body parts and make the place dry by blowing air over her body and then again lick it like crazy.. I licked her belly button which was deep like a well .I sucked her boobs .. Gave the nipples most softest touch of my tongue .. Licked her tongue with my tongue .. Unlike every other time I widened her legs and slowly started kissing her thighs soon the kiss turned into smooch I licked her thighs like crazy and all this while she used to raise her upper body in excited and used to say…. Umm yyyeeaah aaarryan uuu are sssoo amazing .. And whenever she liked me doing a particular thing she used to say .yyeeaah ddoo that again yeeah ddooo itt .. Doo ittt haarrdeer uuum I llloovve itt you are so sexy aryan…

Then I held her head and asked her watch me what I am going to do .. Then I widened her pussy lips with my thumb and forefinger and then smooched very deep with all her pussy and clitoris inside my mouth I sucked it soo bad that when as I done sucking all my chin was covered with her pussy juices . She wanted me to finger fuck her so I inserted my fingers inside her sweet big pussy hole .. I so wanted to do it because to get an orgasm it was necessary to excite her g spot to the plateau ..

I finger fucked her and then she said aryan I am gonna reach my orgasm please fuck me now .. So I glided my dick in her pussy and started stroking it wild and soft .. In just short time she was like I am gonna cum so I said go ahead honey but then I continued fucking till I cum in the condoms . We still have of adventures everywhere ..I dont know if she reached an orgasm or know but she enjoyed it a lot.. Love making a lady wet!!! … Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome at [email protected]

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