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Widow maid Saritha.

Hello, People, It’s me, Buddy, Once again…… Back with the first true sex story of my life….!!!

How I accidentally got my maid Saritha got laid with me for money…..!!!!!!!!!!!

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About Me: I’m 27 years old and 6 feet height with huge physic.I’m settled in Bangalore since 2014 after I got married against the will of my parents. I’m working in a reputed BPO with little salary but huge incentives. We had our first baby and my wife was at her parents’ home since she was 5 months pregnant as there was someone needed to take care of her. As she lived in a different city I am unable to travel everyday so usually visit her on weekends. I’m a very lazy guy knowing this my wife appointed a maid to maintain the neatness of our home in her absence and also to cook food for me.

The first 2 months I never noticed her much, except the time I need to pay her the salary. She used to come at around 10.30 am do all her work and go asap as she has other works to do as well. I usually wear a boxer and sleep at home as I do a complete night shift. I just open the door and go off the bed once she leaves and it was a routine to us.

About her (Saritha) is a widow aged about 39 and she has lost her husband in a fire accident about 12 years ago. She lived with her only daughter who is about 14 years of age. She is not supported by either side of her family as she was considered as misfortune and she grew up her daughter by doing odd jobs. She is about 5 feet height, brownish complex, and very attractive face…. She is very thin later which I came to know her measurements as 30-28-34. She is a perfect stiff figure compared to my wife or ex-girlfriends.

It all started one day when I was completely drunk early in the morning after returning home from a stressful day work. I had about half a bottle whiskey and was completely naked and I was out of my conscience. As usually Saritha came for her work and I opened the door and directly went to the room and slept. She noticed that I was nude and drunk as well, but she didn’t care done her job and left usually.

Next day also the same has happened, but she never cared and was busy doing her work. I was drunk as it was a long weekend and forgot that she was in the bathroom washing the clothes and I straight away went and pissed in front of her. She was shocked and started yelling at me for doing this being drunk and shameless. I didn’t know what to do and I apologized for my mistake and she left for the day.

That evening, I started thinking that she had seen me nude for 2 days and I should make it even so that she doesn’t speak to anybody about it. So that evening I called her and asked her to come stating that I want to speak with her personally. Usually, I stay on the 5th-floor penthouse and nobody comes there and I have a bad habit of listening to music with loud volumes which my flat members also enjoy the kind of music I play.

That day, she came in the evening around 5.30 and it was a bit louder music what I usually play. Firstly I apologized her for my mistake and gave her the salary as usual and then some chocolates & gifts for her daughter. I started asking her about where she lives and she manages her life as well as for her daughter’s education and promised that I’ll help if she needs it. It was a casual chat for about 45 minutes and I asked her to clean the bedroom as she couldn’t do it in the morning session.

As she went inside, I proceeded towards the main door and locked it and went behind her. I noticed that she was in washroom filling the bucket with water to clean the floor, as I entered and started talking normally, I diverted her and turned on the shower and she was getting wet I refused to let her out of the bathroom. Now she was completely wet and was feeling ashamed in front of me. This was the first time I saw her curves in the wet clothes and the demon in me woke up.

I offered help and pulled off her saree within in a fraction of second and held her tightly from behind and started pressing her boobs. She was screaming on top of her and I informed that nobody can hear her or help her because of the loud music.I left her and she started running and I caught her pushed her onto the wall and tore open her blouse and pulled off her langa knot. She was completely nude and threw her onto the bed and started to tie her hands & legs to the corner of bed. After about 20 minutes of struggling, I succeeded to nail her completely. I started to praise her nudity and the curves which she had and also clearly told my intention to have sex with her now. All the time she was screaming and scolding me in all the bloody language she knew.

Then I came and sat next to her and kissed on her cheeks, neck and also tried to kiss her sexiest lips but she was swinging her head to both sides, though I managed to kiss a couple of times, I couldn’t smooch her to my satisfaction. Then I started to massage her small tits which were not even fully enough for my hands to hold and after a couple of minutes, I started to suck them. Her pinkish nipples started to get erect and they are the longest nipples I have ever seen in my life for real. I was sucking them like a hungry baby one after another and then kissing her belly and naval part.

I started to touch her pussy; it was a hairy but a very tight one as she hasn’t been fucked for almost 12 years. I opened her pussy walls with two fingers and inserted my middle finger and started to finger-fuck her by sucking her boobs…. By now her cries have come down and she was moaning slowly. I finger-fucked her for about an hour and she has reached her organisms about 3 times and then I started to suck her pussy.

It was such a nice taste and I was floating in heaven by her juices and her moans. I suddenly stopped and got off the bed and untied her and asked her to leave my home knowing that she was horny and was at a point of return. She started crying and was approaching me to hug and make love with me. I was standing still and she started kissing me madly and was pulling my hand to finger fuck her. Her desire was woken up by me.I asked cunningly what she wanted and she was not in a mood to listen and trying to grab my hardened dick by now. It is such a heavenly experience to make a woman to be fucked by you at that instant.

I didn’t want to waste the time and undressed and became nude. We both lay on the bed in missionary position and she guided my 6” inch cock to her wet pussy, with about 7 strokes I was able to completely enter her and started to fuck her slowly and gradually increasing and decreasing speeds. After banging for about 10 minutes I was at the edge of cum and we both climaxed together. I lay on top of her kissing her and rolled to the other side.

I promised that I’ll satisfy her sexual pleasures anytime she wants, she was happy with has happened and hugged me tightly and got up from the bed and wore her dress. I too got up and after seeing her dressed completely, this was her turn to return the favor. She pushed me on too and took my lump cook into her mouth and gave a nice blowjob until I filled her mouth, she licked it clean and went to the washroom and cleaned herself and left my home by giving me a loving kiss on my forehead.

She reached my home early the next day and we made passionate love like a married couple and this continued for about 6 months until my wife returned. Even now we do have quick fucking sessions or else she gives me a blowjob when my wife is not around. I take care of her small financial needs without my wife’s knowledge. We are very happily living without my wife knowing the secret. I hope I should say it to my wife in future someday or the other.

I hope you all liked my sex story…. Please leave your comments. Aunties also contact me

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