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I am a trekking enthusiast, love to be with nature and unwind as often as I can. I was pleasantly surprised to find another facet of being close to nature about one years ago. Usually I would go on treks in a group of 4-10 folks and as such, but one Saturday I was not able to get any company as all the folks i knew were busy or out of station. I decided to pack my bag and head out alone on my bike. On second thoughts i sent a mail on orkut, to online trekking community, telling them about my plan and if anyone cared to join. I got a response from three people, one of them happened to be a girl named Sudha.

We decided to meet up at Symphony theater at 5:30 A.M. The plan was to go to mutahhati and camp there for the night, and come back the next day. I got up early in the morning and reached Symphony and little early.

As I was waiting there a car stopped in front of the theater and a female got out of the car. She was dressed in a jacket and trek pants and had a scarf over her head. She opened the back seat and took out her helmet. she looked around found me standing there and asked me if I was going for the trek, I said yes and introduced myself. she was Sudha. she said bye to whoever was dropping her off and stood alongside me.

She said that she is a trekking enthusiast and since it was a long weekend she wanted to be out of Bangalore. We waited for a few more minutes and were joined by two other guys. We proceeded for the trek and Sudha rode with me on my bike. I could feel her boobs on my back as she was casual about the bike ride. I didn’t think too much about it too. Though I was a bit excited. We reached the destination, and relaxed by the cauvery for some time. Later we pitched tents and started cooking our dinner.

We had a nice conversation all along, discussing wild life, nature and a lot of other interests. She seemed keen on all the wild things in life. We had pitched 2 tents as there were 4 of us, Sudha and me were supposed to share the tent. anyway when the time came for retiring for the night, I excused myself from the three of them who were still sitting by the campfire and went inside the tent, pulled out my sleeping bag and dozed off. I don’t know when i was joined by Sudha.

I woke up in the middle of the night, hearing some sounds. I thought we might have company of some animals. I took my torch and had a look around the tent. Sudha was in her sleeping, fast asleep. I roused her from her sleep, by shaking her and gestured her to be silent. She was a bit confused, maybe disoriented, but then she heard the sounds too. She was a bit scared I guess, I told her to be quiet and held her hand to soothe her nerves.

I could see fear on her face. I told her not to worry, that I woke her up just as a precaution and it would be alright. By this time I was getting aroused by the combined feeling of fear and thrill. I pulled her near me and held her, consoling her. she kept quiet, not uttering a word. After some time the noises ceased, but I was still holding her. slowly I started to caress her arms, from above the sleeping bag, she didn’t seem to mind the gesture. Soon I was caressing her left arm with my right hand then I reached for her hair and tidied them for her, tucking them behind her ear. She let out a shiver, but didn’t object. I was lying sideways with my left arm supporting my head and with my right hand I was caressing her head now. I could make out her eyes form the moonlight streaming in.

I kept looking at her and kept on caressing her. She closed her eyes after some time, maybe she had dozed off. I didn’t know for sure, anyway I continued with my caressing and started tracing my fingers from her forehead, down to her eyes and then to her cheeks and nose, then i let my fingers trail to her neck, she gulped. I knew she was getting aroused, I held her head from the back and pulled her face towards me and kissed her on her forehead, her eyes and then on her lips, she kept her lips closed for sometime but sooner than later, she started responding. She had taken her arms out of the sleeping bag and was ruffling my hair with her hand, as I continued to draw nectar from her lips. my right hand reached for the zipper of the sleeping bag and undid it. now i had access to her hot body.

I put my hands on her shoulders and started to feel her shoulders, moved on to her armpits, side of her body and then to her back, I traced the outline of her bra and with a snap undid her bra hook from back. Then i put my hand inside the sleeve of her T-shirt and pulled at the bra strap to take it out. In a few moments she was just in her T-shirt, with her bra in my hand. I smelt her bra, it had a very feminine smell. my with my left hand I was holding her head, and with my right hand i reached for her breast. It was soft and supple. I held her breast and pressed them gently, she let out a muffled moan. my hand was busy finding her nipples, as soon as i found the nipple, I started teasing the nipple, then in a sudden motion I upped her T-shirt and started sucking on her nipples, she was holding my head and enjoying the moment with soft moans. I was sucking her left nipple and then her right nipple and then back to her left nipple, caressing and holding the other breast with my left hand.

Then i proceeded to insert the right hand into her trousers and into the waistband of her panties till i could feel her pubic hair rustle under the touch of my hand, I reached for her vulva and put a finger inside her. She buckled up and let out another soft moan, she was holding me very tight now. I reached for her clit and started rubbing it, she opened her legs to give me better access, but my hand was hurting as I had access through her un-opened trousers. I took my hand out and un-buttoned her trousers and again inserted my hand.

By now she was beyond care and wanted it bad. I pulled myself out of my sleeping bag and undid my trek pants and my inners. my dick was throbbing and ready for action, I started pulling off her trousers, she held onto it and told me “no” I went up to her lips, kissed her and said “shut-up”, removed her hand and pulled down her trousers. then I came between her legs and positioned my penis at the entrance of her vagina and grabbed her and started kissing her passionately, mauling her boobs. with my knees I spread her legs further, She was really wet by now. I held my penis and rubbed it on her vaginal opening, up and down, up and down. She was sweating and panting. I put my arm behind her and held her tight as i pushed myself inside her, I plunged deep inside her and felt the velvety wetness engulf my manhood.

Sudha was moaning and in a trance. slowly i started moving inside her, I would pull out and then plunge deep into her till i hit her cervix, she would give a low cry each and every time i entered. After some time i changed my position and held her legs above my shoulders and started giving her deeper strokes, she cried in pain and begged me not to do it this way as it hurt her. I stopped this and resumed the missionary position, plunging into her and moving to a fro for a looooong time.

I told her to tell me when she is about to cum. After some time she whispered I am cumming, her body became taut and she held me in a vice like grip, it was difficult to move in her grip, but i continued humping her. She came in waves, within 30 seconds she told me that she is cumming again, this time it lasted considerably longer, she had about 4 orgasms, before I pulled out and told her to get on her knees. I took her doggy style, humping her from behind, holding on to her boobs.

After some time I felt my orgasm building up and I started to plunge faster, she held on to my buttocks, pulling me deeper into her just as i came and filled her womb with my seed.

We lay panting in each others arms for a long time. her breast against my chest.

I took out a toilet paper roll and wiped myself and her clean. We had another session just before sunrise. All in all it was really great sex.In the morning we went about the trek as normal, but there was a special chemistry between me and Sudha, we had a twinkle in our eyes each and every time we looked at each other.

After returning to Bangalore, our relationship continued for close to 1 year, then she moved to pune and we gradually lost touch. But I still remember vividly the first time we made out. Please mail any comments to [email protected]

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