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Hello ISS readers, my name is Aryan I’m 20 years old studying in Bangalore I’m 5’7 average body with great stamina as I’m an athlete and this story is between me and my neighbor Shweta who is 34 years old. This story took place 4months ago. My email address is [email protected]. I’m available in Bangalore for all women and do give your feedback.

Coming to the story Shweta 5’4 32 30 34 is a housewife with a 5 year old kid and husband working in software firm who’s bald already. Where as Shweta was hot she had 32D boobs and had a slim waist with amazing buttocks. As I’m here for engineering I stay in an apartment where she stays in the opposite flat.

I usually greeted her with smile and spoke to her kid . But I could sense her desperation. So once when her husband had been to work and her kid to kindergarten I thought of giving a try so I took a bowl so that i ask curds just a reason to talk to her and knocked her door and she was cleaning the house and due to that when she opened the door her Saree wasn’t well set I could see her cleavage and her pallu sliding down. She was wearing black Saree and black blouse her blouse was a bit slipped from her shoulder and I could see her purple bra strap. The fact that she was home alone started to make me horny looking at her cleavage. So the conversation was like this,

Me: Hello Shweta aunty

Shweta: hi Aryan

Aryan: Aunty can I get some curds

Shweta: Sure, come in

So I just followed her because the sight was amazing looking at her buttocks from behind and followed her to the kitchen and I was telling her aunty you look pretty young and even told her that uncle is very lucky to get such a beautiful wife.

Shweta: Thanks Aryan

Me: actually you look hot aunty

Shweta: shut up Aryan I’m old and you are in college you’ll know hotter girls.

Me: No aunty you are really hot and black Saree with purple highlight on your shoulder us really hot aunty.

Aunty: oh really! Then start calling me Shweta not aunty and she adjusted her blouse

Me: okay Shweta as the hot lady wishes

Shweta: please be seated I’ll get some coffee (since it was raining outside)

Me:okay Shweta

When she went to kitchen after a couple of minutes I went to the kitchen and told her aunty you must be tired let me give you a massage but initially she told Aryan it was just good tAlking that way don’t take it seriously. Then I was like Shweta but I’m serious try it I told and started pressing her shoulders she felt good.

Then I went closer on her back where my dick was touching her ass and I whispered telling I love women in black Saree and kissed her shoulders and she pushed and put off the gas and ran to bedroom.

Then I followed her I pulled her from bed staring in her and my hands on her waist put my lips on hers and we started kissing for some 4-5minutes and then I started to bite her ear and lick her neck then her shoulder pulling her blouse and I was squeezing her ass which was so much like hard sponge and then I spanked her due to which she was giving choking sounds and it really turn on and then one hand on her sexy boobs and she was turned on as he’ll which made her put hands on my dick and press. I was getting amazing fun.

Then she immediately went on her knees opened my pants and undergarments and took my hard dick in her mouth and gave me a blow job for 10 minutes then I took her up and kissed her and was about to open her blouse but she told Aryan open my blouse without using hands so I pushed her on bed and tried to open with my teeth a couple of times and then I couldn’t control because I was completely turned on so I just opened her blouse and bra with hands and pulled her saree up putting fingers on her pussy which was a bit wet

Then I started sucking and biting her nipples and pressing her pussy mildly due to which she was sounding like “Aryan aahhh sass ahhhh” then I made her and myself completely naked and started fingering from slow to a faster pace due to which she was moaning and those sounds started making me more energetic due to which I went down and kissed her pussy and started licking her clean shaved pussy and she was holding my hair and pulling them.

After sometime she told Aryan make it fast I should go to pick up my kid. So I immediately took out durex extra thin from my wallet and put my dick in her pussy started intercourse with a very slow pace which made her moan slowly and she was so horny she was scratching my back because I was on her. Once the pace increased she started to moan louder.

Then after 10minutes I went down and bought her on me she took my dick in her pussy and she was so desperate that she was taking it at a great pace giving me amazing fun then she saw the clock she had 30 minutes left so she came on me and bit me on my chest and took me to the washroom and there she took my cum on her boobs and we were completely sweaty so we had a shower which was quite romantic and after all of it she thanked me and told it’ll keep repeating and once in a while I still fuck her .These days her hubby trusts me a lot so he asks me to look after his kid sometimes and I take the right advantage of it.

Shweta even gave a couple of her friends my number where I just went once and satisfied those ladies too. So I’m a average looking thing strong athletic guy. Women can contact me on [email protected]

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