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This is the sequel to my previous story which you can read by following the link in the brackets.

( ). My email is [email protected] or [email protected] . I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this story. I have written this story in such a way that you can read this story on its own but having knowledge from the previous part may help you but it is not necessary. In the previous part I told you how we met, what we used to talk about and that we were going to meet the next. Next day we met over coffee, spent together some quality time. Nothing much happened as it was a very crowded place. We didn’t even kiss. She had to leave early because she had some other things to do too on that day. Our date lasted for about two hours. I have already told you that we had become intimate much before our first date. We would talk and chat dirty all the time.

But still something meaningful happened in those two hours. I don’t know if you can relate to it or not. Maybe you can imagine it and see for yourself what it would have been like for me and Sonam on that given day. As we were sitting opposite to each other and talking there was this uniqueness to this date. It was like you were sitting there opposite to me there and as we were talking, you could feel, yourself getting sucked into me. It was like you wanted to keep on talking to me. Hear and understand each and every word I had to say. And as you were sitting there opposite to me you could literally feel yourself drift away.

My words were like honey, which you needed more and more.It’s happening just like how they show it in the movies. Time began to slow down and you could see and feel everything happen so slowly. And as you were drifting away and away, sitting opposite to me, you could feel this connection build between us and the more we talked the stronger it grew. It was like a force which kept bringing us closer and closer. You could literary feel it. It could be seen in my and her eyes. It’s like you couldn’t resist it. You loved this feeling and you needed more of it.

You needed me now. And if you can remember what Sonam felt like when we would chat. This time the feelings were much stronger, intense and powerful than that. And from that those feelings and emotions only grew more powerful and stronger. And it was like you wanted to meet again and all that lust kept only growing with time. Unfortunately we had to leave as I told you that she had some other important things to do on that day too.

As you now know that it turned out to be a pretty decent date. We continued talking for some time and during this time you could feel her lust growing for me more and more. It was like her need for me grew dramatically. She now needed me to satisfy herself emotionally and sexually. It was not that long and we decided to have sex. We agreed on another date and this time we knew that we were going to fuck each other. I had already booked a hotel room for this to happen. So now we meet on this day.

We initially went to another coffee shop. This time I had learnt from my previous experience and I went to a place were mostly couples would visit and you had some privacy. This time I commanded her to sit adjacent to me. As I didn’t like her to sit away from me and that too across the table. But this time things were different. We knew that we were going to fuck each other. I don’t know if you can picture yourself sitting adjacent to me and knowing that today I am going to fuck you. The tension was present. It could be felt from the way you talked. You were so horny. I could tell it from the looks you gave.

And you already know how the things have been between us, how sexy you feel in my presence, how much pleasure you feel in my presence. Now, you were in my presence and you know that I am going to fuck you. It would have for sure got you aroused and wet. And as you would spend more time with me there this arousal would get more strong and intense. I bet that if you were sitting with me there you would be soaking wet by now. And as we were there sipping coffee I touched her arm and gently rubbed it up and down.

This made her close her here and he moaned a little. I bet that her cunt was dripping like a tap by now. I do not know why I didn’t kiss her that time but I kept touching her everywhere. I would touch her face, thighs, boobs, arms and rub her back and I bet it would make you only more and horny and wet for me. I could feel the tension in her body. I knew that her pussy needed me and she was aching for me. I then decided not to waste much time and took her to the hotel which wasn’t that far.

So, now we were in the hotel room and I bet you cannot imagine how both of us were feeling by then. And when we entered the room, I instantly locked it. It was so good and intense that it is difficult for me to describe what happened after that. It was just like animals fucking, it was wild. Maybe you can imagine it like this. I grabbed you, and then pushed you away and threw you away on the bed. I got on top of you and pulled your hair and began kissing you. Kissing you everywhere while I kept pulling your hair. Maybe you can picture me kissing all over your face and your lips, biting your lips, putting my tongue in your mouth and make you drink my saliva which in the heat of the moment tasted sweeter than honey.

Then I would slowly go then and bite on your neck and shoulder. And then I myself removed everything she was wearing. I also removed my clothes and now both of us were naked. And that’s when I asked her to kneel on her knees and she obliged. I commanded her suck my dick. She happily did it. It’s like as if you were on your knees and my dick was in your mouth and you were sucking it. It was too big for your tiny mouth but I was determined that you have to take it all in. I would grab you by your hair and force my dick all the way deep in your mouth. And the next thing you realise is that I am now fucking your mouth and you can’t help but accept that you are getting fucked in your mouth.

This would only get you more aroused and horny and by now so wet that you were wetting the floor and some wetness reaching down to your thighs. And this is when you realise how weak you are and how you are getting near to a very strong and intense and as you feel it there … about to release ….. now …. so strong and intense .. This is how Sonam did cum for the first time when we were fucking in person.

By now she had realised how weak she was and how much she needed and wanted my dick in her. Later I made her lie on the bed and I would nibble, kiss and bite her boobs. It only got her more aroused and hornier and now she was much wetter than before. It was like I was doing all that and you could only shiver, shudder and your hands were frantically grabbing the sheets. You could feel the pleasure rush everywhere in your body which would make you moan in the sexual pleasure which you were feeling. I would occasionally slap your thighs which would get you even more aroused. By now I had become so much aroused and I couldn’t control myself anymore and I just needed to put my dick in her pussy.

So now I was about to fuck her and I put my dick in her pussy. Maybe you can agree on the fact that even if I were fucking you your pussy would have become so wet that I would not encounter much resistance. And maybe you can see how my dick would slide deep into your wet pussy. It’s too big for your pussy and I could feel it stretch as it tried to accommodate my big penis. And it made you even more horny, wet and aroused. You were loving the feeling of my penis in your pussy. As I began to thrust you deep in, I could feel your pussy walls trying to grip my penis. I would thrust you so hard and fast. And time I would thrust my penis so deep in. Bury it in your cunt.

And I just kept thrusting you harder and harder, faster and faster. I could see you bite your lips in ecstasy. I would pull your hair as I was thrusting you deeper and even deeper. I could tell that you have never before felt pleasure like this and now you needed more of this from me.

So, you would come back to me again and again to receive even stronger and intense pleasure every second time. I was ramming you pussy. You were gasping for breath as I was fucking you. You were moaning loud. Saying my name and I would just thrust it even deeper and faster. You felt the most strongest ever climax ever building as I was thrusting you. I told you that I was about to cum. I did shoot my load in your pussy.

This speeded up the things for you as you screamed my name loudly and you did cum with me multiple times, each time stronger than before. And then we lay there covered in sweat. This is how we fucked for the first time.

She told me that she loved it so much that she would need me and come back for it again and again. Then I took shower. She also wanted to take shower but I denied it. I didn’t even allow her to clean herself. I told her that I wanted her to smell of sex and she must keep my semen in her pussy and let it dry it naturally. So, she spent the whole day with my cum in her pussy and smelling of sex. She loved it.

I hope that you had a great time reading this short story. Please give me your valuable suggestions and feedback. My email id is [email protected] / [email protected].

Maybe you want to know what happened later ? But I won’t post anything new until I get your feedback whether it is positive or negative.

Waiting for your love.

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