Baroda – Shared Auto Experience Into Hot Session

Hello ISS readers specially Gujarati readers. As I am from Gujarat, from baroda. So hope you are enjoying this site as well. So let’s start now.

I am 23 year old and working for a good company. And I am decent looking for sure. I love to chat with girls and specially 30-35 year olds. As a hot blood age, everyone knows that we are in naughty mood always. So here and there we find something naughty in women. Always try to catch some glimpses. 😉 and girls are also naughty at this age. 😉

So this happened last week. It was Sunday and me and my friend has decided to meet at one cafe. I reached early there and I called him, he said he won’t be able to come because of some emergency. I said ok and decided to go to station and go to home by shared auto.

So I sat in a auto. I was the first passenger so I was hoping for a nice lady to come and sit with me. My wish fulfilled and one lady, age around 30-32 came and sit. She looked at me. And smile a little bit. As I am good looking i knew this would be a good journey. After that a old age lady came and sit beside her.

I started watching her with my corner eyes. She was decent looking Her boobs looks good and soft. Her smile was naughty as well. I was watching her from the front mirror and she also caught me checking her out. Shocking for Me but I didn’t see any refusal from her side.

So the auto wala started the auto. She was touching my left side. And I was feeling her hands on my hand. She had clean smooth soft hands. Oh I forget to tell she was wearing a saree and the blouse was lower neck. So I was having a nice view of her cleavage as well. Her hands were rubbing my hand. And on some bumps I put my weight on her side too. She was not moving away so I was too doing hard try.

So after some time she moved her right leg near my left leg. And started rubbing it little. I was getting signal but was afraid. So what I did was, I removed my slipper and put my bare leg on her right leg. And showed as it was accidentally. I said sorry and she smiled naughty to me. And said arey it’s ok. Thaya kare aavu badhu (it happens don’t worry)

So she also started playing with my leg.she put her soft leg on my leg and started pressing it. Ahh. Mmm. And we were both in heaven. I also put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. She was breathing heavily. She put her hand on mind and our fingers were playing too. I circled my fingers on her hand and she was Turing on. The romantic moments.

After sometime her stop as arrived. I was disappointed. So she asked me where I was going. I told I am going to kamatibaug which a big garden of Baroda. She told auto wala to drop her at the same stop. I was on cloud 9 at the time.

We reached the place at around 7 pm. It was crowded. We paid the auto wala and stand there till he left. I smiled at her and asked her name. She said Richa. And we introduced each other. She was working woman and living here with parents. So I asked her if we go inside the garden . She readily agreed.

We went inside and were walking on the pathway. The garden is too big and having many dark corners where couples do their things. We were walking and talking and watching some couples doing naughty things. I was making us hot as well. Slowly I came closer and hold her hand. She didn’t refuse and we were playing with hands.

We walked for 5 min and find a good corner. We stand there and she suddenly give me a hard smooch. I was feeling her hot and wet lips. Ahh what a moment it was. She told me she saw me and decided the moment that she gonna kiss me. She is open minded and she liked to enjoy the life. What else we want? 😉

We smooched for 15 min. She reached my pant and I was hard rock at the time. She rubbed her hand on my crouch and press my dick and balls very hard. She was too horny at the moment.

I too started pressing her boobs. She was having good 34 size. I felt her hard nipples. She started moaning little as well.

Doug this things in public is always a thrilling moment. We were enjoying thrill. She too kissed my lips too hard. An unbutton my shirt half and started kissing my chest while I was having watch around and enjoying her lips.

She put her hand inside my pant and started pressing it hard. I was in happy pain. She told me nice size and she wanted to eat it. Haha. Crazy lady.

This gone for 30 min or so. We were both enjoyed a lot. She got a call from her mom and asked her to come home.She told she needed to rush the moment and she wanna do more some other time. She asked if I use wechat. I said yes.

We exchanged our wechat ids and promised to meet again

She left me with a good kiss on my cheeks and said bye. This moment I can’t forget.

So later we started chatting. We are planning to meet soon. So let’s it’s gonna happen

So how was it? I am Gujarati and love to talk in gujju as well. Any lady can share feedback on [email protected]. it will be responded nicely. I am available in Surat and Baroda. Any other city we can decide. You know what I mean. Hope you enjoyed specially ladies. 😉

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