Bathroom Sex With A Babe In Delhi

Hi, this is Samir again with another story. Its about a bathroom sex fantasy which came true with a girl who I met in a night club. For new readers, I am samir, young smart goodlooking and very horny and hot boy from Delhi, im well educated and well placed too. For comments, suggestions and any other things plz email me on

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Coming to story, in my quite a previous story, I did tell you I met a girl in a night club in Delhi. Well after we had sex, we became friends and used to catch up often. We shared so many fantasies like what she wanted me to do with her. One such fantasy was bathroom sex which was my fantasy also. Well one night we planned and I went to her place. She had a nice big bathroom with bathtub and a shower. So without wasting time, we went into bathroom since we were already charged on phone. We smooched and didnt leave our lips and went inside the bathroom. She took out her clothes and I did mine as well.

We were nude in no time. She switched on the shower and we were kissing and smooching under it. My hands were all over her wet body, I was caressing her boobs, wet thighs, wet bums, tummy and her back.

I went down liking and kissing her neck, chest and collar bones. I licked upper part of her chest, her ear lobes and went ahead to suck on her boobs. The water was flowing over her boobs and it was real sexy. I sucked each of her boobs as muh as I could. I licked the nipples, sucked each boobs, took each boob in my hand and pumped and pressed harder. I twisted her niples and drank the water from her boobies. She was in esctasy and was moaning in pleasure. I caressed her thighs her bums while I was again smooching her.

I inserted my fingers in her cunt and began fingering her while I was sucking her lips. I increased the pace and the water provided the lubrication. I went fast ans she was like ahhh dont ever stop, don stop, finger me finger it hard and fast, be more fast, common my fucker, common.

I went down and in no time I started licking her pussy while the water was flowing from top to her pussy. I sat between her legs and she sat on my face and I kept on sucking. She pushed my head more deep in her pussy and was shouting, eat it eat it, khao jao meri chut ko, meri chut ko pura khao, chato, chato, kha jao aaj. I kept on eating her cunt. She pushed my head more and I sucked on her cunt more and more.

I tongue fucked her and she came in gushes but I didnt stop I kept on sucking her and licking her juices. I was drinking her juices mixed with water from her pussy. I didnt lift my face up and continued eating her pussy lips. I took each lip and kissed and sucked from top to bottom. I opened her pussy with my fingers and burried my face and mouth deep and licked her deep in the pink part of her pussy. I after that put one finger in her asshole and started fingering her hole while I was licking her pussy on the other hand. I fingered both the cunt and her asshole and she came in gushes. She moaned and groaned so loudly. Ahhh ahhh ahh o yeahhh yeahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh yeah ya ya ya.

She went into doggy while the shower was on and I fucked her from behind. I held her waist and started giving her back thrusts. I fucked her harder and deeper. I fucker her faster. I rubbed her back, her asss, her thighs, I held her boobs from below and also held her hair and I was riding her like a cowboy in rain. I continued fucking her and she asked for change of position. She then took ride of me after sitting on my dick.

I held her waist to help her fuck my dick. The water was flowing all over her and me and we were fucking each other while in soap and water. She bend every often and I took her boobs in my mouth to suck on them. I twisted her nipples while she was riding on me. I was about to cum and I told her same. She went up and sat and I stood up milking all my cum on her face and mouth.

She opened her mouth and took it all. Some of it fell on her neck and boobs. I licked wherever the cum fell on her body and smooched her after that. She was moaning in pleasure. She told me that she has urge to pass urine so she wanted me to sit down. I sat on the floor ans she again came on my top and urinating on my face and body. I happily drank as much as I could and also licked her pussy while the last drops were coming out. After that I also urinated on her face and on her boobs which she enjoyed a lot.

Later on we stopped shower and prepared the bathtub. We spend almost 3 hours in bathtub. We were caressing each other, soaping each other and I was fingering her in between.

She sat on the edge on bathtub keeping her legs wide and I crawled in tub to lick her pussy. I licked it to her hearts content. She moaned loudly and groaned so much. She kept on saying in esctasy common yea yea yea eat it tonight, eat my cunt, dont stop, eat it, destroy it, fill my urger, fill it. Suck it suck it suck it. I licked her well sucked her pussy for alomost hald an hour in many poses after which I fucked her in bathtub. She was in my lap and I was fucking her from below.

We again fucked while she held the bathtub and also missionary on the floow of the bathroom. We also got oil and oiled each other after which we rubbed the bodies with each other. After that we fucked in missionary and also in sideways. She cummed a lot and I also sucked again and again whenever she cummed. I also came in her pussy and on her boobs and mouth and she enjoyed it a lot.

Next day morning we dried ourselves up, prepared breakfast and on breakfast I applied the jam on her inner thighs and pussy and ate it. We had breakfast after which we again started fucking and continued till late evening after which I went back to my home.

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