Beautiful Girl I Met At Birthday Party

A regular reader of Indian sex stories and I would like to share my experience. The story is a few weeks back where I met a girl named harsha (age: 29) it was my friend’s birthday and he introduced me to her.


Varsha was a very shy girl; she didn’t talk much just a bit here and there while having sisha; later on, when we were having dinner together she opened up a bit and spoke to me and we cracked some stupid jokes. It was almost 1 am in she was about to leave so I walked with her till her car and jus as she was about to sit in her car she took my number and left. After an hour she messaged me on my number I was surprised but happy too. We had chat for the whole night and it was almost 6 am so I told her I miss you and I want to see her.


She told me she stays alone and that I can come over to her place for coffee and I was happy. I went to her house in the evening and she opened her door and said hi. I was blank looking at her she wore a sleeveless pink top with black leggings which were transparent and I could see thru. My rod was already growing inside I wanted her badly. We went to her balcony and sat and started having shisha(hookah); we r cracking jokes and I was bugging her by pulling her chair close to mine and suddenly she was so close to me that her lips were hardly away from mine.


She smiled and I got the signal and we smooched wild we were sucking each other’s tongue and I moved my hands on her boobs and started squeezing her big melons which were 34d she was moaning and I kept on pressing her boobs smooching her kissing her neck. I went down started rolling my fingers over her thighs and that was her sensitive part that turned her on. She told to roll my fingers over her pussy and I lay my hands on her cunt. She was damn wet. I spread her legs and started fingering her cunt she was moaning loudly. I finger fucked her and then started sucking her clitoris and she was pushing my head right inside her pussy it smelt and tasted great. I was giving her a tongue fuck and playing with her asshole too and she had an orgasm and it was all in my mouth I didn’t mind.


She unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out she was stroking it with her hands and was smooching me. I told her to suck it she was scared but I wanted it and she obliged. She opened her mouth but could not fit in the whole cock but I started enjoying it she was a great cock sucker and I started fucking her mouth for 15 min. I was about to cum but I pulled my dick out because I wanted to hump her pussy. I made her sit on my lap and asked her to rid on my monster and as she put it in she went aaaaahhhhhhh and started jumping on my cock like crazy. I was sucking her nipples and spanking her ass till it became red.20 min we had a great fuck and then we both came.


We lay naked on her bed for sometime hugging and then I told her to make my cock hard. She started kissing and licking my pee hole; she was stroking and sucking my cock and as it was big and erect now I told her to turn around as I wanted to fuck her doggy style. I put my dick in from behind and started ramming her pussy I was wild and while fucking her hard and fast I was pulling her hair from behind and was slapping her ass like crazy. I fucked her for good half hour. I made harsha kneel down and she now was sucking and I was pushing my dick till her neck she was choking on my dick but I showed no mercy. I made her lick and suck my balls. I was spitting on her face while she was sucking me and we r getting wild and dirty. I pulled her inside her bathroom I sat on the pot and made her suck my cock for 5 min. We went under the shower and took bath and we were kissing and fucking under the shower which was a great feeling.


I blasted my cum all over her beautiful face and then we took a shower and then relaxed for a bit. We both were horny. After our shower together she was just in her bra and panty and I was just in my boxers. We lay on the sofa and were watching tv and was lying down in her lap. I was rubbing my nose on her tummy kissing her navel and she was like bas karo we did a lot and I’m tired but something was holding her back from not getting physical or not getting fucked all the time. She was one horny female. I continued to touch her and trouble her; she caught hold of my hair and smooched me wild she was just sucking my tongue out. We were just in our undergarments and my dick started to grow. Varsha wanted me to fuck her in the balcony. Her flat was not in the city limits. It was about 3 am and it was dark, silent in the balcony. She pulled her panties down and asked me to hump her from behind. I slide my cock into her pussy from behind and started banging her she was holding the railing of her balcony and was getting fucked like a bitch. I fucked her for some time and told her if she wants to try it in her ass.


She was scared as my cock would fit in or no so she just asked me to rub it over her ass hole and as I put my dick on her hole she screamed and also enjoyed it too. Though my cock wanted every hole of hers I couldn’t see her in pain and immediately pulled my dick back. She probably was the best cock sucker I had till now. She was an obedient fuck who would never say no to anything. She would make me cum in a glass and drink it. She once did a crazy thing. After our session as I lay down relaxing she would come strokes my cock and make me cum in her coffee and drink it. I thought it was weird but I never stopped her from enjoying things that she wanted. While sucking my cock she would often go down and suck and lick my butt hole and what an amazing feeling that was. She would suck me in her drawing room and we would fuck each other in her maid presence; she never bothered when it came to sex.


This fucking session continued for days in Varsha’s house


I’m from Bangalore. Yall can message me at [email protected]

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