Beginning With Younger Brother – Part 2

Hello Everyone!! Thanks for your feedback. It really motivates me to write next past pretty soon. Those who don’t me, I am 22 year old girl from Gujarat. My figure is 34 27 36. I am not virgin. I lost it when I was 18. Story about that some other time. This story is about I had sex with my younger brother. His name is Mahesh.. This is my second story. Continuation of the first story “Beginning with Younger Brother Part-1” . Please give your feedback on [email protected] to my brother or [email protected] to me.

To give you brief background about last story, I had met with accident and got plaster on both hand. I asked my brother for help in fingering. And from there our relationship(sexual) grew up. We started having oral sex and later anal sex also. But we haven’t had vaginal sex. So now I will continue my story.

So we were having fun all the time. Cause it was vacation time and our parents were on job during day time. My brother never let me wear clothes at home. So I used to be in bra and panty most of the time when we are alone. So we used have fun and masti all day. We will have oral sex during during day time whenever we want apart from occasional kissing and pressing boobs and slapping gently all day.At night also we used watch porn and have oral sex and sometimes anal also.

So one day we were having fun on bed. I was on my four. In doggy style he was licking my pussy and fingering it from behind. Suddenly he tried to fuck my pussy with his hard dick. I got up and asked what are you doing? He said he wants to fuck my pussy. I said not without condom. I don’t know why I said that instead of denying. May be I was too horny to deny after all licking and my pussy was craving for nice dick inside since a long time. He just ran to his room and got a packet of condom. I was surprised with that. He said he is always prepare for Opportunity. I started laughing. He put that on side table and again started licking me and fingering me.I was closing to my first orgasm of session. Soon I came.

Then we got up and started kissing each other. His hands were on my ass. Pressing gently. My hands were rubbing his back. We were kissing like there is no tomorrow. Our tongue were playing with each other. He then moved to my neck and started kissing it like lover. He moved to my ears and started biting it. Ahh.. I started moaning slowly. He again started kissing my neck and pressing my boobs with other hand. I was caressing his hair and moaning mildly. Soon he started to suck my nipples and pressing my boobs. I was pressing his head onto my boobs. He was biting my nipples. I started moaning a bit more. He started Motor boating placing his head between my boobs. I started laughing.

Then I bent down on my knees and took his dick in my hands. It was hot and hard because of all foreplay. I started stroking it hard. After few strokes i took it in mouth. It was awesome. I started giving him slow blow job. I used play with tip of dick using tongue when it is inside mouth. He was going mad with that and started pressing my mouth on dick. He was deep throating me. I was gagging but liking it. Soon he held my mouth and start fucking it. The sound of his balls slapping against my chin was making atmosphere more erotic. Then I took out dick and start sucking his balls and stroking the dick. Soon tension was building inside his balls. He told me he is nearing the orgasm. But I didn’t want him to cum soon and loose his dick. So I got up and start kissing him again.

After few minutes of kissing and playing with each other’s body, I went to side table and took condom.Tore the packet and put it on his dick. Then he made me lye down on bed and come on top of me in missionary position. He entered his dick in my pussy easily as it was already so wet. and started fucking me slowly. I was having awesome time. Soon he got adjusted and increased his speed. I started moaning more with each stroke. I started pressing my boobs. Seeing that he got excited and started pinching my nipples. My moaning got increase. In between he used to rub my clit with one hand. That was making me more horny. I was nearing my second orgasm. I started rubbing myself. Soon I came. He withdrew his dick and start licking my pussy.

After that I sat in doggy style. He sat himself behind me and started fucking my pussy. Ahh. It goes deep when someone fucks from behind. He was giving slow and longs strokes. And I was moaning slowly and biting my lips a bit. He was slapping my ass chick and started talking

Bro: Nice honey . You got lovely pussy.Me: From Didi please let me fuck your pussy back 30 mins to honey.Bro: What can I do? You are too awesome.Me: Thanks. Are you enjoying?Bro: oh fuck. I am. I love your ass didi (and slapped my ass)Me: Ahhh. Don’t you like slapping your sis’s ass?Bro: Oh yes. I do.

So he slapped me again and started fucking fast. He held my hair and pulling it like he is riding it. I started moaning heavily He was pressing my boobs from behind. Ahh. I was nearing my orgasm. He was also about to cum.He increase the speed and Soon he came. He removed the dick from pussy. I removed condom and start sucking his dick and all residual cum drops. I got up and we again started kissing each other. He was satisfied and kissing slowly.

After that he went to kitchen. So I got up and started wearing clothes. Soon he entered with bottle of chocolate syrup. I was in my bra and panty and he was naked. I started laughing seeing him with syrup. I got his intention. He poured some chocolate on his dick and asked me to suck it. I sat down and started applying syrup on whole dick with fingers. It started getting hard with my fingers rolling over it. I jerked it with hand a lil and started sucking it. It was amazing. Mix taste of chocolate and his precum was making me horny He was keep on pouring chocolate on his dick and i kept sucking and playing with balls.

Then I got up and start kissing him again. He was licking my lips as some chocolate on my them. He removed my bra while kissing and started pressing my boobs again. Then he poured syrup on my boobs and start pressing and spreading them. He moved his mouth to boobs and start licking chocolate all over. He starting sucking my nipples by pouring chocolate on it. I started moaning slowly. My whole upper body was partially covered with chocolate. After sucking for few minutes, he bent down and removed my panty with hands full of chocolate. My white panty got stained all over it. He started sucking my pussy. My legs were started shaking. So i lye down on bed.

He poured chocolate syrup on my pussy and started licking it. I was having fun and so was he. He was opening lips and pouring syrup inside. and licking all over it. I started moaning heavily.

Then he applied syrup on his finger and started fingering it me. Syrup was bit cold. So it was giving me amazing feeling.I was moaning heavily. It was first time something cold went inside. He was fingering and licking chocolate mixed my cum. He applied syrup on my nipples and asked me to lick it. I was licking it with lifting my head and he was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. I started pressing my boobs and biting my lips in ecstasy. I was nearing orgasm and moaning loudly. He increased speed and soon I came. He started licking and cleaning my pussy and came to kissing me.

Then he take out condom from packet and put it on his dick and lied down on bed and asked me to ride it. I came above his dick and adjust it above pussy and slowly sat on it. I started jumping on his dick. because of all wetness it was going in smoothly. He started slapping my ass with hand and telling ride it baby. I was in mood so I replied sure honey. I was giving full stroke , taking it full in. My boobs were jumping up and down. He started pressing and mauling my boobs. I was moaning with each stroke.

Then we got up and he pushed me to the wall and starting licking my neck and back. My boobs were pressed against the wall. The he bent down. I spread my legs and he starts licking asshole and fingering my pussy. I started moaning again He stood up and entered his dick in my pussy in same position. He started fucking me pinning my hand hands on the wall. Ahhh. My tits were getting rubbed on wall. He was spanking my ass as always and kissing my neck. I was nearing my orgasm. He increased the speed. And I had one more orgasm of the day. I even forgot the count.

I wanted to taste his cum. So I stopped him and removed the condom and started sucking it. Soon he came in my mouth. I swallowed it completely. I stood up and went to bathroom to clean myself. I started the shower and was under it. Suddenly my bro came from behind and hugged me. Start kissing my neck and pressing my boobs from behind. He took soap and started applying on boobs and after that on pussy and other body parts.

I also applied some soap over his dick and start rubbing. Soon he got hard. I was like again. You have capacity bro. He started laughing and started fingering me hard. Ohh yess. He was fingering me from behind with one and pressing boobs with another one. I started jerking him with other hand.

Suddenly he bent me down and entered his dick in ass. Ahhh Sudden moan came out of my mouth because of that. He started fucking me slowly under the shower. He started spanking my ass harder ad saying yo baby . move your ass. I said ohh yes. Keep fucking harder. He entered his fingers in pussy and fingering it.I started moaning heavily. I had one more orgasm of the day.

He again move to pressing my boobs and fucking to the full depth. He increased his speed. Because of third continuous session and tightness of my ass, he was about to cum. I asked him to cum on face. He removed dick from ass. I sat on floor and started jerking him and he came on my face. I licked some part.

Then we washed ourselves clean and came out of bathroom. We went to bed and slept as we were much tired with all fucking.

i will tell you how we had fun in goa. But in next part. I hope you like this part also. Please tell me how you find my story on [email protected] to my brother or [email protected] to me. All comments, feedback , suggestions are welcomed. Please do mail.

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