Behan Ko Seduce Kar Choda

Hi this is Shyam here I’m a regular reader of ISS, I’m reading since my schooling life about 15 years and I’m a big fan of this site.I’m a man 28 years of height 5ft10 inches fair and handsome with a dick size of 7 Inches. Since my childhood, I’m always attracted towards girls and aunties and have a fantasy to fuck them. Coming to the story this story is about me and my sister (uncle’s daughter) we have a joint family. Her name is tamu, since our childhood I have very good bonding with her everything we use to do together. She is good fair slim trim but her boobs and ass are the things one can’t resist it’s a must watch thing, I would say the one who watches her will have a fantasy to fuck her.

Coming to the main story I was attracted towards her I was looking a chance to fuck her, we both use to spend ample time together, many of the when we both use to stay alone at home we both use to talk majority of the times slowly our talks turned to get matured we started talking non-veg and use to discuss many things about sex. One day there our family members went out for a function and me with my sister and my grand mother were alone at home I had habit of watching porn sites and reading to stories too that day I was sitting on my computer and was watching some pornography videos as was alone at home suddenly I felt someone watching me from my door soon I realised that it was tamu as my grand mother doesn’t come out from her room and there was no one other than my sister at home. I continued watching porn noticing she prepping inside the room that day I realised that I can bring her to my bed, the same day evening time I noticed tamu was inside her room and can discuss with her about afternoon incident.

I went into her room and noticed she was not there in her room I turned around and to my fortune noticed that she was taking bath and was about to finish bathing. This was the first time I saw her naked she was a bomb I stood there for about 5 min watching her and my dick was completely aroused watching her bathing. I noticed she was bathing and playing with her pussy I realised this was because of the porn movie which she saw afternoon. Without making any noise I moved from there and went to my bathroom and pumped myself. Around 8 pm my family came back, I could not sleep the entire night imagining about tamu I again masturbated that night. Then I made a plan to seduce her my mom went for some shopping next day I had time of around 2hrs I went to tamu ( my sexy sister) and started talking non-veg things to her luck by chance I asked her have you ever seen a porn movieshe said no to me

then I asked her do you want toshe didn’t reply to my words I got a bit courage and started a basic porn movie sitting beside her, she asked me what are you watching this is not good I said this is a part of life what is good or bad in this then we both started it watching together I gained some courage and put my hand on her thighs and was watching the movie. She dint react to this as she was busy watching movie I gained some more courage and touched her boobs from the top only she dint feel it as I just touched it very lightly then I started moving my fingers with circular motion on my sister’s breast,

I could not control my feeling my dick was hard Rock as I was wearing just shorts my bulge was clearly visible I pressed her boobs with one of my hand, she got angry and said I’m your sister and moved from there I dint stop watching movie I was very much excited and sitting beside my sister I started masturbating my penis over my shorts only soon I cummed sitting beside my sister my shorts entirely filled up with my cum she was shocked to see what I did there, suddenly after that Bell rang and I was scared as it was my mom and I dint even fresh up, I asked my sister to open the door and I went to bathroom to freshen up.

Later that night me my sister and my grand mother were sleeping, usually my grand mother takes tablets as her health is not good she sleeps deeply and doesn’t get up to morning taking this sign as benefit I started touching my sister at private parts when she was sleeping, first I was scared that she might wake up so I just kept my hand on her stomach as of I’m in deep sleep. There was no reaction from my sister then I slowly moved my hand towards her boobs and kept my hand on her boobs 10 min I dint give any movements as I was feeling her body heat it was awesome then slowly I moved my hand inside her night dress it was loose so my hand slipped directly inside her I could feel her boobs over her bra and feel of her boobs was very smooth. After playing for 5 min I slowly moved my hand over her butt I started feeling her butt over skirt she was wearing slowly and steadily I moved her skirt up now I could easily see her thighs and pink colour panty I was shocked that she was so deep sleeper.

I started caressing her pussy over her panty she gave a slight movement I just removed my hand turned around and felt as if sleepy. After some time I again started the same thing but now I slipped my hand inside her panty I could feel her public hair she was not shaved I lost my conscious and gone mad touching her pussy, slowly I slid her panty down side she turned towards back and I removed my hand now I could feel my sister ass over her panty they were huge melons I could not resist my self I slowly inserted my hand inside and started pressing her ass I was in some other world that cannot be expressed in words I could feel my sister heavily breathing. She turned front again and I took that as golden opportunity and removed her panty I could not believe the seen what I saw her pussy with public hairs on it was next to paradise I slowly moved towards her pussy and the smell of pussy made me mad it was wet I could see that I started licking my sister’s pussy slowly her love juice tasted so well I could not forget the taste and smell yet she then moved me from there I got tensed and turned around and slept as she might get angry and if she says anything to my parents it will not be good.

After few minutes I realised that she slowly moved her hand towards me and kept her hand on my penis it was full wet with my pre cum she holded it hard and hit me a slap on my face, I got fully tensed as she hit me then she said me how can you leave me like this ( tu mujhe aise adhura kaise chod sakta hai kamine) she said after hearing this I gone mad and jumped on my sister and started kissing her madly she to started responding to me we French kissed for almost 15 minutes and I unhooked her bra and started pressing her boobs with one hand and one hand on her pussy she was also kissing me and holding my penis in one hand after that we both turned into 69 position and started licking each other, her pussy was flowing with juices and my penis was to hard to resist after 20 min of 69 I felt I’m about to cum I said her the same thing we then moved side and she pumped me harder and took my hot sperm over her boobs. After that we both cleaned ourselves and slept side by, she then soon wore her clothes as mom or aunt might check us as it was morning 5 am.

The next day to our fortune all from home went to a funeral of our relative me and my sister were so happy to hear that, finally we decided to cross our limits and start loving each other 11am our parents left from home and today only we both were alone at home, as it was morning we both dint took bath till they went, after they left we both started kissing each other madly and started undressing ourselves, are undressing we directly moved to the bathroom and started enjoying pleasuring and rubbing our body, we took bath and while bathing we enjoyed 69, quickly we dried ourselves and I bought my sister to my bed she was lying naked in front of me seriously itni mast dikh Rahi thi ki mai aapne aap ko rokh nahi saka aur uspar diwaano ki tarah chad gaya.

my sister was virgin and was very much scared that I would pain and if anything wrong happens how will things go in future, I tried explaining her and then took condom from my drawer she started sucking my lund over condom and I started licking her pussy, after 5 min I directed my penis towards her pussy and slowly started moving my lund inside her pussy, as she was virgin her pussy was very tight and due to excitement we were both wet with a hard Stoke I pushed my penis inside her pussy as she was denying not to do so……..She screamed in pain (oye maa mar gayi), I could see tears in my sister’s eyes and also noticed some blood coming out of her pussy, then I slowly started moving my penis inside outside and she was still in pain with her nails she scratched my back and some blood was also coming from my shoulders as she scratched my hard……Later after 5 min she started enjoying and was begging me to fuck harder she was missing aaahhh uuhhhhh maaaa chod mujhe Sam chod mujhe mat rukh chodta jaaa aaahhh aaahhhMy room was completely filled with her moans I was on seventh world….

After half and hour I cummed inside her pussy with my condom on…..

We both slept side by and again are 5 min we went to bathroom​washed each other as blood was sticking on both of us after that we again had sex….

A year later my sister got married, till then whenever we got time we fucked each other badly….

Hope you liked my story for feed back mail me on [email protected]And if any aunt or girl wants to fuck me from Hyderabad mail me on the same..It will be completely secret….

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