Being Controlled By A Twenty Year Old

Hi my name is Shankar, I am married and live with my wife Anita .We have been married for about 20 years i am 58 and she is 49,sad to say are sex life has disappeared, she has no interest in sex also she has gotten old and she is not what she used to look like. I on the other hand weight about 200 and have a belly and 5 inches dick and still horny i masturbate very day watching porn. Now this story is how i met my neighbours granddaughter and my encounter with her that would change my life.

My wife comes into the hall and tells me that are neighbours granddaughter has come for summer vacation and she is finding it boring and are neighbours have asked if should come to our house sometimes to use the computer .I said ok why not when i’m not using it she can(to watch porn). Two days later in the morning my wife come to give me coffee and tells me that one of her friends daughter just had a baby and she was going out of town to see her and will be back tomorrow morning . I said ok, and continued with my morning duties. By the afternoon it was getting really hot i decided to have a cold beer and watch some tv 20 mins in i herd a knock on the door. I open it and can’t believe what i seen.

There she was fair skin about 5’5 a little on the chubby side but very busty. She was wearing a tang top and a pair of black yoga pants. From what i could see her breast must have been easily 32 dd with thick thighs .She introduced herself as vidya the neighbour’s granddaughter. I told her to come inside as she walked past the door i couldn’t help but notice such a big ass moving from side to side as she walked( i had an instant hard on spot from seeing that )i quickly told her where the computer room is and went too the bedroom.

As soon as i got to the bedroom i pulled my penis out and started stroking it really hard i haven’t been horny like this in a while i spilled my cum all over the dressing table and floor .I dressed back up and went to the computer room she turned around and smiled at me when i came in she sweating due to the heat that day and because of the computer being in that room, which made her boobs stand out even more. It turned me on even more. We started talking while she was on the computer she was telling how it was boring here and she wants to back . We chatted for about an hour after i found her age was 20.

She asked me where aunty is i said that she has gone out of town to visit friends .I asked her does she want anything to drink she smiled and winked how about a beer, seeing my beer on the coffee table. I smiled at her and said “no i can’t do that what will grandparents say” to which she replied saying who will know me and you i won’t tell if you won’t tell” with a smile. I said ok.

We went to the living room i said ill go get the beer she said “no…Noo.. Uncle i will go get it for us”. I was still in shock thinking that i’m going to be drinking with this girl that make me extremely horny.I couldn’t help but stare as she was walking pass the movement of her ass was making me go crazy. She cam back with the beers we sat there talking for a bit by end of the conversation we each had like 2 each i wasn’t really feeling anything but i could tell she was she was more happy and playful.

Vidya got up and said she wanted to dance i said sure dance if u want she said “no uncle i want have not by myself i want to dance with you.” i told her i was too old to dance with such a young pretty girl like her.She said nonsense uncle come dance she out a song on the tv and turned the volume up .

She was moving her hips seductively i had an instant hard and told her i didn’t want to dance(afraid she will see my hard) she said no uncle you said you would she grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the sofa she started shaking her body in front me coming closer and closer. Soon her ass was rubbing against my crotch it felt soo good.

She turned around and asked” uncle what is that poking against me” i was shocked and realized what was happening and told her i was very sorry. She said it was ok and we stopped dancing i felt like an idiot i knew is shouldn’t have gotten up to dance i said to myself. We sat on the sofa but i felt very uncomfortable .

She looked at me and asked me question that shocked me and left me speechless. “uncle you seem to be a very horny person first i seen all the dirty websites you’ve been to and i also have seen you looking at me when n you think i’m not looking.” i just looked at her not knowing what to say she continued to talk…. “uncle does aunty know about this and how will she react when she finds out that you have been looking at girl that could be your granddaughter and giving her beer” i said please vidya please don’t tell anyone i will do anything”.

Vidya: “you will do anything”

Me: yes vidya i will do anything if anybody finds out this will be very shameful to my family

Vidya: “ok we will make a deal ok? Shankar?

Me: ok what’s the deal ( i couldn’t believe what was going on here was a twenty year old girl blackmailing a 57 year old man)

Vidya: “shankar now you will be my bitch for the rest of the time i am here if i want money you give me money if i want you to lick my feet you will or else i will tell, whatever i do you do it without asking any questions ok?”

With nothing else to do i agreed to her terms. She had a smile on her face. She said lets go to your bedroom i want to see if your wife’s closet i said ok ,she turned around with a wicked smile and said do you like the view of my ass i said yes “get on ur knees and walk” with no other choice i got on my knees and started following her. We got to my room and she told me to say in a corner. Strangely i was getting turned on by girl that who is old enough to be my granddaughter controlling me.

She was playing with my wife’s jewelry looking at herself in the mirror on the dressing table .When she seen the mess i made and smiled.

Vidya: who made this mess huh bitch?

Me: it was me before…..

Vidaya : come here and lick it clean

Me :i came to the dressing table but hesitated to lick it she looked at me said..

Vidya :” do you want me to tell every one or what”?

I started licking my own sperm off the table i cant believe what i was doing .(while she was laughing)

Vidya: after your done cleaning the table get ready to clean my ass hole out i havent shaved it and it is very sweaty ok? You useless man !!

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