Best Experience With My Maid

Hello everyone.. I am Kiran. Hope you all enjoyed my previous 2 stories.If not please go to my profile and check out how I had sex with my own mom and another story recently about sex with our house maid by giving her sleeping pills.

Coming to this story.. if you have read the earlier part , I had kept my maids underwear with me and shaved her pussy hair while she was asleep. She did not tell anything about it to me or my mom. Just simply kept quiet.One day when I was out of house, my mom found out maids underwear in my cupboard. She didn’t know whose underwear was that. She asked me and I was shocked to hear that.

I took courage and told her that maid was unconscious in bathroom a few days back and doctor gave her treatment , she might have removed it.I found it out later and kept in cupboard.Immediately mom called ot maid and asked her about it. Even she was shocked seeing her panty. She told it’s her underwear and she fell unconscious in bathroom.Then I went away.

At night when my mom came for her massage at night, as usual I went to kiss her… but she stopped me. I thought simply she is doing this and tried to remove her panty she told not to touch her. I was shocked. I was having sex with mom almost everyday for an year now and she’s not allowing to touch her. I asked ‘ what happened mom?’..

She asked me ‘why did I allow you to touch me and do all these?’ I was surprised hearing this now and told her…’mom I love you and I like you more than anyone.. why are you asking all these now’ She told it’s not because of that.I started this because you wanted to see womens body and you were not able to concentrate on studies. You took advantage and did all these sins with your mom. Still I kept quiet thinking my son is happy concentrating in studies and his lusts have decreased.But its not and you went to maid to get more?

I was shocked by this.I told her I did not do anything. She told that maid have told her her vaginal hairs are shaved and which doctor did that tell me. I know I am caught here. Could not say anything to defend myself.Mom was so angry that she told ‘ this is the end of massage and do not dare to touch me again’. I was devastated hearing this. I could not sleep that day and days to come. Did not have any idea what to do next. Could not go and request mom also as she knows every bit of me and knows that I’m doing this to touch her again.As days went by I was feeling lonely and watching porn at night was the only thing which I could do now.

Know I knew maid was my only way forward and started flirting with her. When she came to room I started telling her about her underwear stinky smell and things like that. I also told her about her pussy hairs and how difficult was it to remove them. She was literally very angry and shocked hearing this and she shouted at me when I told her that her vagina was very loose . Luckily mom wasn’t there at that time.We exchanged some heated argument and told her that I removed all her clothes that day.

She told she ‘ll tell this to my mom and dad and give complaint on me. I told her… you don’t have any proof and could not do anything and I told her I have full pics and videos of her and share it with my friends. She was illiterate and started crying hearing this. I told her we can settle this matter and no need to worry about it. You just have to give me bit of satisfaction when I want it. She did not agree but I told her that I have seen everything of her and there is no hiding now and showed her pics and videos. She was depressed watching me fuck her.I told its ok and gave her a tight hug. After that she went away.

Days went by… and when she came to room to clean we I started kissing her and boobs press was my thing. She did not respond as expected but.. it was my only way for satisfaction now after losing mom. I started giving her money to make her happy and acted as if I was angry on her infront of mom so that she should not get any doubt. I could not do anything much except kissing as she used to clean room within 5 min and she could not stay any longer as mom would get doubt. When she had to clean bathroom once in 3 days… I used to enter bathroom and try to get more of her like quickly fingering sucking her boobs.It was good and I felt for the first time that she was feeling horny. She was wet also when I fingered her.

After few days..I was alone at home from morning till evening. When my maid came home I told her that mom is not there till evening and no need to clean home. Before she could say anything I took her hand and ran towards bedroom. I told her we wont get anytime better than this.She told this is wrong. She has a husband and a child and this is a sin doing with another person.I somehow convinced her saying we are doing this for satisfaction.

According to her she was happy with life until this happened but I told her I will show her what real satisfaction is… Immediately I removed her nighty completely she was shy but I hugged her closely and we were feeling each others body. I started kissing her neck and licked it. She gave a lively response which I have not got in any of my sex before with mom. Now I started to kiss her lips and we explored each others mouth with tongue. It was a long kiss for about 20 min.

We could not get enough of each others saliva. Now I made her lie down and started feeling her body she was getting excited and I was rubbing her boobs over her bra and licked her cleavage she was closing her eyes and enjoying the moment I slowly un hooked her bra fully her small black boobs were standing so stiff and her nipples were like frozen grapes.By now she was enjoying sex and accepted me fully.

Now I started licking her boobs all around her nipples but not touching her nipples she was trying to move her nipples towards my mouth but I was moving away from her nipples all the time then I heard what i wanted to hear she said please stop teasing me and lick my nipples then I circled my tongue around her nipples and with the tip of my tongue I teased her nipples she was pushing it towards my mouth and I just closed my mouth over it and sucked it and turned her other nipple she was bending her back and hissing like a bitch in heat.

I then removed her peticoat completely I was amazed to see her thin thighs I pushed her fully on the bed. I went on to kiss her stomach for which she responded beautifully. She was tickled by my move and she stomach was shivering.All together she had a nice slim figure which I like more than curvy ones like my moms.

Then I removed my shorts and gave my cock in her hand and I removed her panty. It was bit hairy but not as much as I have seen before.

Now i moved to her cunt was smelling it and blowing air on it she was shivering like a leaf I slowly licked the top of her cunt she started holding my cock so tight it stared paining for me I did not mind that I stared licking her cunt I was trying to spread her legs but she was refusing because of shyness.She was cuming a lot and it tasted good with her urine smell.I licked all her pussy completely within minutes.

I got on the bed got in between her legs and forced her legs apart and then licked her cunt she had already cum thrice and was about to cum again. I told her I want to taste your cunt juice and asked her if she was ready to cum just as I was asking her she pulled my head towards her cunt and cum I licked her dry and she was satisfied.

Then I asked her how was it she said I can be your slave all my life for this and started kissing my body.While she was doing this I was fingering her pussy taking as many fingers it in though she could not take it fully due to the size she did a good job I was about to cum and told her to suck my dick .She shook her head and kept my cock in her mouth and I shot out my load in her mouth.

Then she said I want your cock inside my cunt and it’s getting late too. So I obliged to her and pulled her on top of me then turned her over and enjoyed my body on her body then I spread her legs and took my cock and rubbed it up and down her cunt she was pushing her hips up to make me hit the cunt hole I was enjoying the wetness slippery cunt at the tip of my cock.

She was in heaven so was I slowly found her love hole and put my cock tip and waited there because I could feel the heat of her wet cunt when my foreskin was back then I looked at her she had her eyes closed and was waiting for my move I pushed my cock inside her cunt fully and held it there of a while enjoying every bit of it when I pushed my cock inside her wet cunt she gave a jerk and a aaah I started fucking her nice and slow then I stopped and asked her do u like to have soft or wild she said do something I cant control anymore.

I went on fucking her for about 45 min made her cunt cum 4 to 5 times she was like drained fully like she didn’t have any more cum in her cunt then I caught both her boobs and decide to cum I told her I am now going to fuck u for my pleasure all this while I gave u pleasure it will hurt please bear with it saying so I fully with drew my cock and jammed it in fully I gave her 5 short pumps and one long hard pump I repeated it for 10 min I could not control any more I reached climax in her cunt.

Both were exhausted fully and did not have any energy left. We slept there for an hour naked kissing and sucking her boobs. It was 3 hours since she had come to our home for work and she had to leave now for working in others house.

She dressed up immediately cleaning her body and she was ready to go. It was so sad watching her leave as I had the best sex of my life with her and she gave me complete pleasure. She was also happy with the great sex we had and we kissed for the final time. She told she will come tomorrow and left the house.

Evening when my mom came house was not cleaned and I told her that maid did not come today. She had no idea what a great day I had with her.This was the second women whom I had sex with and will be back with more if I do something.

Please write your comments which motivate me to write more of my experience.

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