Best Friend Passed Out On Honeymoon And I Stepped In

Hi friends I’m Mark residing in Kerala. I’m here to share an experience with my best friend’s wife during his honeymoon.

I’m working with an MNC and have to travel frequently to middle east and back. My friend Arun was in love with his classmate from collage days. Her name was Anju. They used to spent a lot of time together and me and my friends arranged accommodation for them before marriage to have sex frequently. Some times my parents go out or his parents went for some pilgrimage or so.

The relationship became strong and they decided to get married. A lot of objections were there from both side and with friends help they overcome all and got married. I helped him in all ways including financial support. Only few of us were aware that he had an alcohol addition issue and when he drinks he just losses control. When his marriage was taking place I had to go for an urgent requirement from company to Dubai and came back after a week of marriage. I bought few good liquor from the airport duty-free and wanted to give it to my friend.

When I called him in evening he was packing for his honeymoon to ooty a famous hill station near kerala. He said he need company and if I joined they it will be really helpful in long drive. Also they have trust on me because previously when they used to fuck in my home I stood guard for them. So I also picked my stuff, gift bottles and joined them.

Let me tell about Anju. She was 25 at that time and had a good athletic body. Even though she was not that good looking her physic was outstanding and any man would like to have a go on her assets. I had jacked off many times before their marriage keeping her body on my mind. I had sniffed her wet under wears couple of time when they came to fuck in my home for a week end and she left those in my laundry to wash on next day. However I never felt bad as i believe most guys have such feelings about their best friends partners. In fact those who have done such act has to know that we all are wired deep inside our brains as animals and it’s normal for them to sniff potential mating partner’s reproduction organs to find if they are healthy for producing offsprings.

Coming back to the incident we started driving from kochi in afternoon and it was six hour long drive after two hours I took over the driving and he opened a bottle. While his wife was taking a nap in back seat he kept drinking and we were cracking jokes and discussing old incidents in his love story. Anju was wearing a skirt and tight T shirt and while napping she stretched her legs and for me I could see her thighs trough corner of my eye. I started enjoying the view of my friend’s wife pretending to have a talk with him. I’ll turn my head towards him while he spoke and when going back I’ll glance at his wife’s thighs.

As we reached our destination resort my friend had already finished 3/4 of a bottle and was showing some indications of drunk guys. We went inside rooms secured our luggage. Since it was off season the resort was deserted. We all decided to take shower and to have dinner after that. Even though our rooms were separate our bathrooms had common wall. I could hear their conversations from my bathroom. Having experienced a good show in car I was aroused and want to listen wants happening on other side I switched off my exhaust fan and suddenly I could listen their voices clearly.

I understood that they are taking shows together and he want her to give him a blow job. But she kept refusing and also not allowing him to go down on her telling that she is hungry and tired and will have sex after dinner. I heard him pleading many more times and she just finished her bath and went outside. I also finished my bath and when I’m ready my friend came to my room. I can see that he was pissed off and he took the bottle from my bag and finished it with some water. I asked him to be sober since it was his honeymoon and he said I had done all with her before and this is just formality to show her family. He was more interested in opening second bottle before dinner. My friend had two more pegs and we all went to dinner. After dinner all three of us sat around a camp fire and while me and anju were having small chat we heard her husband snoring. Arun was passed out cold and not responding to her wake up calls. I also tried to make him conscious and he just muttered some words.

I lifted him on my shoulder and asked Anju to help me carry her husband to bed. We took him to room and make him lay on his side. I didn’t want him to choke in case he vomit at night. When I came out of there room I saw Anju standing in balcony. She wasn’t wearing any warm cloths and was rubbing her palms on her fore arms. I took a shawl and covered her from behind. She just stood there looking at the valley and distant villages. The silence was deafening. She turned to me and asked if he was like this before. I lied and said some times when he is happy then only he drinks like this.

She said how insecure she was feeling as her husband is laying unconscious and nobody is around to protect her. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said dear you are upset now. Let’s have a walk and we will talk this later. So we set out of our room and kept walking inside the large compound of that resort. We talked a lot about many things and we reached a Hut made of wood in the boundary of resort. That Hut was not illuminated and it was dark around. I smelt a chance of getting closer to her in that place. I said to her to rest some time before we head back to room. When we entered the Hut she held. My arm as it was very dark. I asked her if she was afraid or not and she said hmmm as reply. I kept my arm on her shoulder and pulled her close and whispered on her ear that nothing will happen to her if I’m standing with her. She didn’t protest and I made her sit on a wooden bench. Still my hand was on her shoulder and I gently pulled her to my chest. She took her shawl and covered both of us.

Things started getting warmed up and we got comfortable with each others body. I planted a kiss on her forehead and she just accepted it will a moan. I softly pressed her shoulders and with my left hand I started caressing her arms which was resting on my chest. Both of us knew where we were heading and there is no turning back from that. I lifted her face holding with my both palms and gave her a short kiss on lips. After a few seconds break, our lips meet again and this time she opened her lips to give me access to her wet and warm inner side of lips. I sucked her soft lips and tasted her inner sides. To my surprise she pushed her tounge inside me and started sucking mine with passion. We just kept our lips together locked for about five minutes. When we separated finally I could see glimpses of faint black out on her face. For sure her head was spinning.

It was for me to take things to next levels. I lifted her T shirt and felt her soft skin on top of her navel and it was incredible feeling. I am going to do things which I was imagining for a long time. I reached her bobs and started feeling them and squeezing them softly. Till that time anju didn’t spell a word and she brought her lips near my ear and gave a small lick on my earlobes and asked if I would like to taste her sweet melons. She talking like that in our mother tongue was a super exciting moment and I replied by a kiss and yes. I removed her bra hooks and her massive boobs just swing down. I felt her nipples and those were aroused and waiting for my oral treat. I sucked both of them and kept pressing her nipples between my lips frequently. Now she started moaning and her hand was caressing my hair all this time.

Her actions which surprised me didn’t end there. I was wearing a track pants and she inserted her right hand inside that while I was busy sucking her boobs. She kept pressing and feeling my dick on top of my under wear. She inserted her hand inside and made a good grip on my penis. My friend’s wife was really good in pleasuring and she rubbed her long fingers one by one on tip of my dick which was oozing out pre cum. Once I finished sucking her breast she pushed her head inside my track suit and started kissing my chest and few time she sucked and bit my nipples which was extremely horny. I was reluctant to ask her for a blow job as I want her to feel free and not pushing as her husband. But she just kept going down kissing and pulled my erect penis out of my pants. She lowered her lips on my pole and God it was the best ever moment in my sex life till that time.

With out any jerky moves she just pulled my skin back and forth while sucking and I was in the verge of pumping my juices into her mouth. I whispered on her ear to pull back but she instead of leaving my dick pressed on the Base of my dick hard with her fingers and suddenly my urge to empty my balls was gone. I was amazed by her skills and relaxed back on that Hut enjoying my best friend’s wife’s warm mouth. She lifted her face and planted a kiss on my mouth. It tasted different and I could smell her mouth and lips with my pre cum. I was madly attracted to her by the pleasure she just gave me and want to return favour badly. I sat on ground and kept her both legs on my shoulders and pulled her leggings and panty down till knee level. I placed my face on her sweet spot and took few deep breath. Same smell I used to get while sniffing her panty but was more stronger and lively this time. I gave my best efforts to her pussy by sucking and licking her cunt and pussy walls.

I only had one thing in my mind that make her feel special and even she is on bed with my friend later in her life she should remember the pleasure I gave her. I could feel her body begin to become tensed and her breathing became heavy. Anju put her both palms on my head and was grinding her pussy against my face. I didn’t do anything against her pressure just let her do the remaining as she made final thrusts and twists with my face and suddenly withdrew her vagina from my face and lifted her legs from my shoulders. I left her to relax for few minutes and just kept our bodies touching for the warmth. I didn’t want to go for full fledged sex there and relived my hard penis by short hand job.

After cleaning up with the shawl we headed back to our rooms and we both were already warmed up. She was silent during the walk but we were holding our hands. On reaching back to our room we checked on her husband who was still snoring and was in deep sleep. I took her to my room and she went to my toilet.

I switched off our lights and waited for her to come back. She came out totally naked and I just got a glimpses of her great figure when she opened the door. She switched off the bathroom lights and climbed on my bed. I was also semi naked and when she hugged me she said that it not fare that I’m wearing something while she is totally nude. She pushed my pants down and removed it from my knee level with her foot. Now both of us started kissing and licking and she went down on me again but this time is pulled her on top of me and we were in 69 position for ten minutes.

She just turn around after that and with out any warning climbed on top of me and inserted my hard dick into her vagina smoothly. She was super wet and experienced in sex but I was not. She kept pumping her hip on my dick and I was going to ejaculate again. She realised it and stopped for some time. She whispered in my ears that don’t worry about early ejaculation and she will train me to have longer penetrative sex. We finished our love making by another two hours and she got up dressed and went back to her room.

Next day my friend wake me up and said thanks to giving company to his wife. He thought she will be pissed off at him for getting passed out but she wasn’t. Only me and anju knew what happened between us. We had a nice trip for three days more and she ended up sleeping with me on two days out of three. She went ahead and compelled my friend to have threesomes with me after an year which I’ll share some other time . hope you guys enjoyed. For feed back and experience sharing and guidance feel free to contact me [email protected]

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