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Hello, Guys!I’m a fan of ISS and this is my first sex story that I’m posting here. Hope You all will like it.

Note: This is a Fiction sex story and not related to anyone else real life.

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Raj is basically a good person who has loving his best friend’s wife (Vidya) but was always afraid to approach her about his feelings and was thinking that his 20 years friendship with Jai would come to an end if he did any mistakes.

About Vidya, age 32 years and 5.4” height with a fair skin tone and figure are 32-30-34.

Raj, Jai, Vidya were from the same place, grew up together and went to the same college and graduated. Jai & Vidya were in love and they were engaged and got married with their parents’ approval once they were out of college. It has been more than 8 years that they didn’t have a child and they have visited all the temples and doctors but for of no use.

Raj joined an IT company after their marriage and left to a different city, but being friends he still maintained contact with them but he never allowed any girl into his life. It was a few months back that raj moved to the same city where his friends were living but he didn’t inform them until he was accidentally caught by them in a shopping mall.

Since then they started meeting regularly and one day Jai has to leave abroad for some official work and he wouldn’t return back for next 2 months. Jai was very much disappointed thinking that he will be missing his dear wife Vidya. That entire week they made passionate love to each other and promised that he’ll be back as soon as possible.

Jai asked his friend to accompany his wife in his absence so that she doesn’t feel lonely. Raj readily accepted as this might be the few days which he can remember for his entire life as a journey with his goddess.

Raj and Vidya got along with each other as they were friends and they were spending a good time with each other. One day Vidya visited Raj’s place and found his personal diary, she doesn’t want to read it at the same time she wanted to know why her friend is not allowing any women into his life. She carried the diary with her and was shocked when she read it.It contains the entire details of the past week how they spent together and he also mentioned how much he loved her at the same time, the life he spent without her. She started crying knowing about the secret of her best friend’s life.

That night she couldn’t sleep thinking about Raj and how to make him happy at the same time she doesn’t want to cheat her husband though he was neutralized and cannot give her a child. She loved her husband very much.

Next day she confronted Raj with the diary and he has confessed about the same. Raj asked her to promise him that she will never say about it to Jay, as it might end their long friendship. After few days Raj was unable to control himself as she knew his life secret and asked Vidya to dump his friend and marry him or else have a secret affair with him.

Vidya was pissed off at him and slapped him again and again for being so rude and has warned him that she’ll inform her husband about his cruel ideas. Raj immediately realized and apologized her and promised that he’ll never behave in such a manner and always remain as a true friend for them forever. Even she acknowledged and decided not to inform her.

Raj left the place and his love has turned into lust and he wanted her at any cost on his bed, whatever might be the consequences later. So he started to plot the plans of how to get her, he knew it is difficult to seduce so he thought to force her. He made a plan and was waiting to execute his plan.

It was 15 days now Jai left abroad, Vidya was busy with some household work and she receives a call stating:

Mr. X: Hello, Mrs. Vidya, this is doctor X calling from the hospital. Your friend Mr. Raj has met an accident and he has been hospitalized since last 2 days.Vidya was shocked hearing about the incident and she asked: How is he? doctor and which hospital.Mr. X: Nothing to worry, we are discharging him today as there is some minor injury to his leg only.

Smirthi rushed to the hospital, after checking on his condition she took Raj to his house along with a nurse to take care of him all the time for next couple of days. In the meantime, she also informed Jai about the incident and he advised her to visit him frequently and check on his condition.

2 days passed and Raj was enjoying with his nurse at home as it was a part of his plan and he thought it is the right time to execute the plan. He paid the money and sent away the nurse and informed Vidya that the nurse left as there was an emergency to her family and asked Vidya to come the next day morning as it was already late and not safe for her to travel alone.

Vidya spoke to Jai about the condition and he asked her to go immediately as his friend was in need, but she didn’t want to go and she avoids going she said a lie stating that she has conceived and very tried due to vomiting since morning. Jai was happy that he is becoming a father and pleaded her to visit his friend. After a long conversation, she has accepted to go to Raj’s place to look after him.

Vidya was cursing herself for telling a lie on the entire way but she didn’t understand what was going to happen to her. She reached and Raj greeted her at his door, he came with the help of a stick. He invited her and asked why she came in such a late night and asked her if she prefers coffee or tea. She said that she’ll prepare and went to the kitchen and came back with 2 cups of tea. Raj asked for some sugar after a sip and when she left to get it, raj added a sleeping pill to her tea and pretended nothing happened.

They had a good 30 minutes conversation and raj apologized for whatever he has done and said this accident is the punishment for hurting his good friends and cheating them. She said no problem as the thought that he has realized and accepted his mistake. Raj offered his bedroom for her to sleep as he will sleep in other room.

Raj was very cunning; he has arranged a camera to capture the complete act and also removed the doorknob so that she cannot lock the door. Vidya being upset and tired she went to bed so after changing the dress to a nighty. Raj was watching the entire thing from the other room.

At around 12.30 in the night he started shouting in his room and Vidya rushed to see what has happened, she inquired and he said that he got a severe stomachache and there are tablets in the drawer next to bed. Vidya ran and he too went behind her, as she was busy searching the tablets he entered the room and locked it with the key and hide it.

He went behind her, hugged her tightly and started kissing on her neck. She started screaming and she was also feeling drowsy due to the sleeping pills. He slapped her hard twice and she feels on the bed crying in pain. He feels on her and started kissing madly as if there is no tomorrow even though she was resisting. He bit her lips, checks and also neck several times. He then started to squeeze her breast and also tore her night and started to suck them like a wild dog. All the time she was crying and beating him with the little energy she was having.

He then lifted her nighty till her waist exposing her bare milky tights and he tore her panty and started licking her lower part. By this time she has completely slept and he started to lick her pussy and fingers fuck her. He undressed and also removed her leftover clothes and both were naked. He then inserted his 9” inch monster dick on her pussy lips and push it hard. He managed to push the entire length with about 11 strokes as her pussy was very tight. He waited for a few seconds and began to bang her like a mad horse. He banged her for about 15-20 minutes and she has also came several times. He released his hot cum in her wet soaking pussy and lay on top of her and removed his dick when it went lump.

He took some tissues and wiped her cunt and again started to lick and finger fuck it. He then opened her mouth a bit and tried to mouth fuck her and was unable to do it. Soon within less time, he gained his strength and his dick was a hard rock again and started fucking her in the missionary position for another 20 minutes and released in her cunt and slept naked next to her.The next morning when Vidya woke up she was shocked to find herself and Raj naked lying in same bed and recalled that he has forced her. She tried to find the key to escape from the place and in the meantime raj has woken up. He was shocked to see her draping a cloth around and trying to escape. His dick was ready for action and then he jumped on her, pushed her on the bed and made her naked again.

She was resisting him but he slapped her and with full force, he suddenly entered her dry pussy with a single stroke and she shouted AAAHHHH…. in pain. She started screaming for help and was crying in pain, but to her misfortune, the room was made sound proof so that nobody can hear what is happening inside.

He started to pump her very fastly and she understood that she cannot escape and surrendered herself to him. She was quite for some time and then Raj felt that her pussy was becoming wet and he started to kiss her passionately, at first she didn’t respond but later she cooperated with him and started to moan lightly.

Her moans made him wilder and he began banging with full force, her moans became loud and louder…. Ahhh.. aaahhhh…. hhmmmm….. hhhhhhhhmmmmmm… She started to ask him to fuck her faster and deeper. He at once removed his dick and she looked at him with lustful eyes and he got the signal. At once he rammed into her wet pussy and she shouted at top of her voice…. They fucked for another 5 minutes and he came in her pussy again.

He took her to the washroom and cleaned her and himself and made her suck his dick for about 15 minutes and she swallowed his cum without wasting a drop of it. He ordered food and they had lunch and he didn’t allow to dress her and after the food, they slept naked on his bed without any fucking session. Raj was in a deep sleep and he felt that his dick was getting wet and he opened his eyes, he was happy to see that his Vidya was riding his cock like a cowgirl and squeezing her breast. When she saw him she made him suck on breast and she was still riding his dick. She almost came about 3-4 times and he unloaded she came next to him and slept.

Again in the night they ordered and had their dinner and Raj made her in doggy style and entered her ass hole as she was a virgin at the ass, it became difficult for him to enter. He used all his force and entered at once tearing her ass and blood started oozing from her ass. He fucked her for some time and came in her ass.

These fucking sessions continued for a few days and nights until she became pregnant. Her loving husband returned and they had a baby boy. Raj also married one of his co-workers and leading a happy life.

Whenever they got chance Raj and Vidya again started their lust episodes in the absence of Jai.

Rest of the sex story is yet to be continued.

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