Best Sex Encounter With A Divorcee Naina

This story is all about me and my neighbor Naina, where we fell in love and fucked each other.

I am a 23yr old tall, fair and a handsome guy, I had sex with 2 girls who were my previous girlfriends and with Naina is my 3rd girlfriend.

Now talking about Naina, she is a hot, pretty, sexy and fair girl with a structure of 34-30-36. She is a damn sexy girl. It is very difficult to describe her assets, you have to see her directly to get blown away.

Coming to the story, she is a divorcee and stays next to my house. I had decided the day I saw her that I wanted to have sex with her, initially we didn’t talk much. But after knowing about her divorce, I thought why not to try her for once.

So I started talking to her on WhatsApp, she also replied. As the days were passing, she started feeling comfortable with me and discussed everything with me. One day she asked me about my girlfriend to which I said I have broken up, then she started asking me about having a kiss or had sex my GF.

I was in heaven when she asked me like that, I knew that she like to discuss this thing to which I replied with YES. I too asked her about her sex life, to which she said its very bad. So at that moment, I asked her indirectly about having sex with me for which she got angry and started cursing me.

For many days we didn’t talk to each other. One fine day she messaged me as “how r u?”. To which I didn’t reply, and the same scene continued for 4- 5 days. Then finally she called me and said ‘why are you not talking to me?’, to which I replied as I am unable to control my emotions for you, I want you, I want to make love with you.

To which she replied, this is not right. For that, I said OK then bye and hang up the call. Next day morning she again called me and said all you want is me, and I said yes. Then she asked me to come in the afternoon, as no one will be there at home. I said OK, and then she asked me to promise that I will not tell anyone about our sex.

At 2 PM, I went to her house. She secretly opened the door as if no one can see me. We both went inside and I started talking like see everyone need sex, it’s the requirement of the body.

She said OK and to which I started making her comfortable and to bring her in sex mood. I started to talk like I want to kiss you, want to taste you and wanted to drink your tasty saliva, want to suck your juicy lips and tongue.

Fo that, she started sweating and I continued that I want to drink her cum. I seduced her with my talks that I want to lick her huge tasty ass and wanna grab those milky boobs.

Then I took an initiative and started going close to her. Kissed on her neck and slowly came down to her lips, she started loving it.

Slowly I started sucking her lips and she did the same, then I inserted my whole tongue in her mouth and she also did the same( Whoa! it was so amazing). She started spitting in my mouth, and I drank her tasty saliva, this was continued for 20- 25 min.

Then I had taken out my clothes and her as well. Also for my surprise, the beauty of her boobs and hairy pussy was mesmerizing. I straightaway took her to the bed, laid her and started licking her thighs and slowly kissed her pussy.

She got aroused and started enjoying it, then I slowly started sucking her pussy very hard and inserted my half tongue in her pussy after 15 min for which she cum.

I drank all her cum and made her drank mine as well. Also taken her cum on my tongue and then tongue kissed her. The same kiss again went for 10 mins then I started to rub my hard penis over her pussy, and slowly I stared inserting to which she felt the pained.

And she started mourning, at one point I inserted the whole penis into her. She cried loudly but I didn’t take it out, and then I started pumping hard and hard.

She cried loudly and after 20- 25 minutes we both were at the climax and simultaneously I pumped with my peak speed.

And at one point we both came into each other. Then we started kissing each other passionately, I fucked her pussy 3 times more and then grounded on her ass.

She was refusing that she had never had her ass fucked, I made her comfortable and started licking her ass, applied a hand of saliva on her ass.

Then after a while, I started rubbing my penis over her ass hole and slowly I inserted the tip of my penis in her hole but it was too tight. But some how I inserted my half penis for which she screamed a lot and started beating me.

I grabbed her hand and inserted my whole penis in her ass, she was in high pain and started crying loudly with open mouth, to shut her mouth I turned her head back and inserted my tongue.

I kissed her by grabbing her hand, I fucked her ass badly and came in her ass too. I fucked and came in her ass for 3 more times. She was completely tired and exhausted, and then she said ‘how can you do anything with me’?

We kept rolling with each other hugging tightly for another 1 hour. And then after that, I woke up to get dressed up to go to my home.

I was completely satisfied and at night I sent a message to her that I liked it and ask for her feedback. She didn’t reply to me for next 2 days and on the 3rd day, she said that you are an animal and you used me so badly and roughly.

But still, we fucked each other when no one is there at her home. She thought I am using her badly, but she was also enjoying the sex with me. That’s all to say, hope u liked my story.

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