Bhabhi Aur Main Unke Ghar Par

Hi guys, this is Aksh. I am from Delhi my age is 19 I am doing my graduation. Now my Bhabhi she is a beauty queen she is having one son and one daughter. Her name is Hema. Her physique are 32-36-34. When she married I was teen. When I first look at her from then i have a fantasy to fuck her.

Now coming to the story. One day I went to her house, When she was pregnant for the second time. She was wearing a gorgeous saree. She offer me a cold coffee but by mistake it felt on ground.

Then she come to sweep it and she bend a little, what a scene that was i clearly saw her boobs till bra. And she shouts as she having the pain in her stomach due to pregnancy. As no one there I asked her for help and she agreed but she won’t able to stand so I took her in my arms. Now I have my one hand on her back and another oh her ass. Oh my god what an ass.

Then I slowly kept her to her bed. And she said thx in return. And then I call my brother to take care of her. And then I leave their place. And I went to my place and masturbated for 3 times in memory of my Bhabhi ass.

On the same day at 11:30pm I got a message from my Bhabhi.

Bhabhi: hi

Me: hlo, how are you, are you fine now

Bhabhi: yes, only because of you

Me: why me?

Bhabhi: if you are not there then who will help me. you are a nice guy.

Me: thnx

Bhabhi: btw do you have a gf?

Me: yes (shy)

Bhabhi: lucky girl

Me: why lucky girl?

Bhabhi: you are a nice helping guy. Btw are you a virgin.

Me: ab kya btao apko

Bhabhi: tell me I am your Bhabhi

Me: no I’m not a virgin I lose mine few months ago. Btw before marriage are you a virgin.

No reply from my Bhabhi, I think I have hurt her and feeling ashamed. Then I went to her place with a gift to say sorry. Then I gave her gift and say sorry to which she said it’s ok. Then I said atleast bta to do. She replied yes.

Then us din 12 bje fir Bhabhi ka msg aaya, she asked me for a pic. And I gave her without asking any questions. And then it’s a chance I asked for her too. She hesitated and asked me what I do with that. I replied I attach this to your contact. She gave me her pic in jeans oh my god damn sexy. I replied her you are looking damn sexy.

Then she gave birth to a baby doll.

Then our talks turns to dirty.and then i went to her home to fulfill my fantasy bt i was little bit hesitated to move further

Then she takes my phone and watching my WhatsApp chats and she opens my gf chat and she reads the whole and on one moment she opened a pic on chat jisme meri dick ki pic thi. Wo use dekh kr hairan rah gyi and she passed me a naughty smile and suddenly I took my phone.

And ab mujhse aur unse bhi ruka nhi jaa rha tha to unhone mujhe directly bol dia to have a sex with me. Maine bhi derr na krte hue sidha unse lip lock shuru kr dia 3 min baad hm alag hue. Maine unka blouse utara unhone meri T-shirt utari unhone pink fluorescent colour ki bra pehli thi. Maine unki bra bhi utaar Di and maine unse kaha ki saree and petticoat bhi utaar do.

Unhone niche panty nhi pehli thi. Fir main unke mooome choose lga

Aur fir unki chut me bhi ungli krne lga wo Jor Jor se moan krne lgi. Fir Maine apna 5 inch ka shehzaada unki choot me daal dia. Aur fir hamara sex shuru hogya. Aur 5 min baad mera sperm same wala tha unhone kaha unhe apne moomo pr chahiye. Maine unke boobs pr hi jhaar dia

Fir hmne 10 min aaram kia and fir maine unse kaha you have a big ass may i? She first hesitated and then agreed. Jb maine unki gaand me daala tb pta chla unhone isse pehle gaand nhi mrwayi. Then 15 me hi maine unke andar jhaar dia

Unhone mujhe a Jor ka chaata mara. Main bhi unki gaand pe Jor Jor se chaate Marne lga. Unki gaand poori laal ho chili thi.

We separated and then we laugh very much.and she said kl fir krenge maine bhi kaha ok. Fir unhone mujhe I pill lane ko kaha. Maine unhe Di fir m ghar nikalgya.

Fir us din ratko maine unhe msg kia ki merko ek pic chahiye bikini me. Unhone kaha ruk ja deti hoo.

Unhone mujhe 15 min baad apni pic bheji green florescent colour ki

Kya katal lg rhi thi.

Then next day m fir unke ghar gya lekin us din kuchh kr nhi paya kyuki bhaiya ghar pr hi the lekin maine socha Lia tha atleast kiss aur boobs to choos kr hi jaaoonga

Fir maine unhe ek kone me kheechh Lia unhone mujhe bola ki bhaiya dekh lenge kamine maine unhe kaha m Khali hath nhi jaaonga fir wo toilet gyi m bhi unke peeche ghus gya aur fir maine unke boobs notch liye fir hmne jabardast oral sex kia. Mzaa agya

Aur fir mere college shuru hogye ab to time bhaut km mil paata h

Ek din m bunk krke unke ghar chala gya Bhabhi nighty me thi kapdee do rhi thi. Maine unhe bataya ki m bunk krke aaya hoo unhone mujhe ek Jor dar tamacha mara aur kaha bhenchod Bhabhi ke peeche dewwaana ho gya h kya. Itna pyaar h to saale shaadi.krleta mujhse. Maine kaha ab nhi ho skti chhoro aap bs aaj fir darshan krado apni choot ke. Fir maine Viagra ki goli kha li jisse hamara sex 25 min tk chla. Maine unki choot me ho sperm chhor dia .

Ab wo pregnant h mere bche ki maa bnne wali h aur bhaiya to lg rha ki unka bcha h.

Wo meri life ka sbse acha experience tha.

Meri fantasy bhi poori hogai

And jb bhi wo akele hote to mujhko bula let h and then we enjoyed.

Any aunty and girls want fun mail me at [email protected]

Your info will be pvt

Thank you

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