Bhabhi Gave Me My First Lesson

I was going to celebrate my 19th birthday in a few days. A second year B.Com student, I was the top scorer in my class. In fact, I have been always the topper all through my student life. Even when other girls would be gossiping, going shopping, watching movies or boasting about their boyfriends, I would be preparing for the next surprise test. I never had a boyfriend, nor was I interested in having one.

My brother got married a year and half ago. He is a civil engineer. The company he works for would sometime send him for on site inspection for 3-4 days every month. My parents would often be gone to our native village for weekends. Such days would leave only me with my bhabhi at home.

One such fine day, I was at home with my bhabhi. She was doing the house chores while I was studying in my room. But something was off. I wasn’t able to concentrate no matter how hard I tried. This was after I overheard two of the girls in my class gossiping about how a friend of theirs had gone to spend a night with her boyfriend. Usually I didn’t care about such talks, but this time I couldn’t take my mind off of it.

So I closed my books and went into the lobby and switched on the television. Bhabhi was washing clothes in the bathroom. As I glanced through the open door I couldn’t take my eyes off. She was wearing white t-shirt but while washing clothes it had become wet and sticky, and as she wasn’t wearing any bra, her nipples were clearly visible. For a moment I felt odd. I was also a girl but why was this suddenly turning me on? I just kept looking.

I didn’t know what to do. I was getting turned on by my bhabhi. I was having sexual thoughts for the first time in my life and that too about a female! But what to do?

“Bhabhi!”, I shouted.

“Yes, Akriti. Kya huya bachhe?”. She called me “bacha” sometimes and it just seemed so cute.

“I want to ask you something. Please come here when you get free.”

“I’ll be there in just a minute. I’m almost done.”, she said, and went back to washing clothes.

I just kept stealing glances of her with her wet clothes. I could feel my breath getting warm and my heart picking up pace. Oh my gosh!

After a few minutes, she came out from the bathroom, wiping her face off with a small towel. Then she pulled down her tshirt and it became loose from her nipples. Her breasts were no more visible.

“What were you saying, Akriti?”, she said.

“Bhabhi… uh … I have some doubts.”

“Regarding what?”

“Well… it’s just that I want to clear a few things.”

“Stop puzzling me Akriti and just ask away whatever you want to know.”

“Bhabhi…. okay just let me ask. You are married so you can clear all my doubts.” I chuckled.

“Achaa bachhu.. I’m getting what doubts you might be having. Just ask my anything and I’ll tell you the answer.” She sat beside me on the sofa and ran her fingers through my hair. She might not know but I just felt something in my body. I just wanted to have a sexual talk with her. I was totally confused about what I was doing. So I just blurted.

“Bhabhi.. when you had sex for the first time, was it painful?”. I don’t know where that question came from.

Bhabhi curled her lips and shook her head. “Hmmm… so that’s what you want to know. Let me just say the pain leads to pleasure. And if you have the right partner you don’t really mind it.” She laughed naughtily. I also laughed with her, and while laughing I hugged her tightly. My face was between her breasts. I could smell her perfume faintly from under the moist t-shirt. She, too, pulled me towards her with quite some force. While I just tried to pull my head back, my balance tipped off and she was thrown on the sofa on her back. We both fell in the same position in which we hugged each other but this time my lips just landed on her right nipple. And there it happened!

Bhabhi was lying on the sofa on her back. I was on top of her in a perfect position to suck her nipples. The laughter suddenly stopped. She didn’t push me away but she did the opposite. I felt myself being pulled tightly towards her. I didn’t know what else to do. So I just gave myself in and started to suck her right nipple through the wet t-shirt. A few moments later bhabhi loosened the grip and slowly I pulled back.

I didn’t know what to do or say. I was just staring at the television. Then bhabhi said, “Ahem…. Akriti. let me ask you something now that you are grown up. We can talk about all this stuff. We’re both girls and there is nothing to hide from each other. ”

Bhabhi’s words felt reassuring to me. So I turned to her.

“Yes, bhabhi. I understand that.”

“Okay then. let me ask you something. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No bhabhi.”

“Hmm… I guessed so. You’re too busy in your studies. Okay…sooooo… do you…uh …. masturbate?”

“Bhabhii …. !!!” I screamed childishly.

“What?? You’re a grown up girl now. Don’t you touch yourself? Don’t you have feelings of wanting to have pleasure? Or thoughts? Don’t be such a drama queen.”, she said, rolling her eyes.

“No, bhabhi. Actually I’ve never thought about such things. I always kept myself so busy with studies that I was never interested in anything else.”

“What?!.” Bhabhi showed her disbelief. “Mere bache.. this is also a part of life. And touching yourself or giving yourself pleasure is perfectly normal.”

“I don’t know Bhabhi. If you say so.”

“What IF YOU SAY SO huh? I don’t want you to just become a bookworm. So that when you are married, you will get startled every time your husband touches you. You should just try to accept it and be normal with it. Now that you are grown up girl. Okay… I’m your bhabhi so you don’t have to worry about anything. And also don’t feel any shame from me. We are just like friends as I’m also not too older than you. Okay?”

“Hmm.. okay bhabhi.” I replied.

“Fine then. Let me help you with it. So you don’t touch yourself or give yourself pleasure. Let me tell you a secret… When your bhaiyaa is away on trips, I do it regularly. If I don’t masturbate, I will just become tensed and irritable.”

I just listened to her like a child.

“Have you ever kissed a boy?”, she asked.

“No bhabhi.”, I said innocently.

She looked in my eyes and then at my lips. Without saying a word, I understood what she meant.

“Bhabhi…. nooo..”, I squealed.

“Noooo.. what? It’s normal. We’re both girls. You are just like my bachha. And also there is no one else here. Nobody will have to know. You just have to get normal with it.” Saying that she pulled me slowly towards her. And I was surprised myself that I didn’t resist this time.

She put left hand around my neck and right hand around my waist. Looking directly into my eyes, she placed her hot and moist lips on mine. OH MY GOSH! I just shivered a little. It was just like a mild current ran through my whole body. I could feel her hot breath on my face. She pressed her lips a little harder and held there for a few moments. Then she broke the seal of our lips and moved back a little. I could feel the taste of her lips. I just couldn’t control myself. This was unreal to me.

“How was that?”, she asked.

“Bhabhi.. I had never experienced it before…”, I stammered.

Her eyes twinkled. “Wait for what comes next.”

I was confused a little bit. But today all bets were off. I didn’t know what got into me. But I just didn’t want to stop. There we were. Just the two of us in the house. Whatever happened I was ready for it.

“Let’s go into your bedroom”, she said. We both went into my bedroom where she asked me to lay back on the bed. I was now ready to do whatever bhabhi said.

As I lay on the bed, bhabhi sat on my thighs, facing me. Then she brought her face near mine and started kissing me all over my face and neck. I JUST COULDN’T CONTROL MYSELF. My legs were twitching underneath her weight with pleasure. She just kissed me all over ferociously. My heart was pumping with all its might. She pulled back to take catch her breath and suddenly I pushed her down on her back with a little jerk. Now I was on top of her. I put my hands around her face. I just wanted to taste her juicy crimson lips. For the next few minutes I sucked her juicy lips like a child suck on a lollipop. I WANTED TO HAVE IT ALL.

Then bhabhi asked me to let her get back up. She got up and took off her white t-shirt. She wore nothing underneath (which I already knew). And WOW! What perfect breasts she had. Two handful almost perfectly round cups with light brown nipples which had gotten hard. I was a little jealous now. “Let me take your top and bra off too.”, she said.

DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT. I thought to myself.

“They are beautiful Akriti!”, she said.

“Hmm… bhabhi but not as much as yours.” I replied.

“Oh really!”, she laughed. “Now lay on your back then.” she ordered.

I did as she asked. She held my boobs in her hands and gave them a hearty look. Then she put her moist and hot lips on my left nipple, and sucked a little. Oh my!!!! My heart just raced. She held my other breast in her right hand and squeezed it while she sucked on my left nipple. DON’T STOP. I muttered. “AHHH….” I moaned for the first time.

She kept sucking it for a little while and then she held the hard nipple in between her thumb and the index finger, and squeezed it. I felt a sensation which I just loved. Then she started sucking my right nipple. My legs gripped her tightly. I had never experienced this feeling ever before. After giving a whole-hearted sucking, she pulled back her face and gave me a smile. I smiled back. I didn’t realized that while she was smiling her hand covertly reached below my waist and in between my legs, until she rubbed her hand there with a smooth motion.


Bhabhi got up from my thighs and went back a little. She then held my pink pyjama from the waist and pulled it towards here. With a quick motion, it came off. Suddenly after all this time, I felt a little ashamed. I quickly curled my legs a little and placed both my hands in between my legs.

“Arrey.. nothing to be ashamed of from your bhabhi. What are you hiding anyway? I have the same parts too.” Bhabhi rolled her eyes again.

And then she forcefully pulled my legs apart again. Now all I was wearing on my body the panties. I just closed my eyes and placed both my hands around my face. I couldn’t look bhabhi directly in her eyes. I felt a light pressure on my private parts and then suddenly my panties came off. I opened my eyes and saw that bhabhi was keeping them away on the bed. THERE I WAS. COMPLETELY NAKED IN FRONT OF ANOTHER GIRL.

“You are so wet!” Bhabhi chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’ll make your first experience worthwhile.”

I didn’t say anything. Bhabhi placed two fingers near the top of my pussy and started rubbing it slowing in circular motion. HEAVENS!!! What was I missing all these years!

The circular motions became faster and faster. Bhabhi started squeezing my left boob with the other hand. I started moaning loudly now. “AHHH …… OH BHABHI  ….. AHHHH …. AHHHH … YESSS… I LOVE YOU BHABHI… AHHH..”.

Then the rubbing stopped. I felt something entering inside my pussy. I looked down and saw Bhabhi sliding the middle finger of her right hand slowly inside my wet pussy. I THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE A HEART ATTACK NOW. THIS WAS TOO MUCH FOR ME. She then slide it back a little. And pushed it a little inside again. And back again. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was losing my senses. As her finger slided in and out of my pussy, it sent my body into convulsions. “AHHHH …. AHHH …. YESSS … OH MY GODD!! … BHABHI … AHHH … AHHH … AHH ….”

I was on the seventh heaven. This was just fucking crazy. No words can explain the ecstasy I felt. And then I just thought I had a little heart attack with pleasure. I felt something warm ejaculate from my pussy. I felt a sudden lightening bolt strike through my body, and then my body started to bring down the rhythm. IT FELT SO GOOD. I felt a smile come automatically on my lips.

I opened my eyes and looked at bhabhi. She winked at me and smiled. I just wanted to hug her. I pulled her towards myself and wrapped my arms and legs around her. Her perfect boobs were fondling with my breasts. I hugged her more tightly until I could feel both of our nipples rub against each other.

“I love you Bhabhi.” And I planted a big kiss on her lips.

“Yeh to abhi kuch bhi nahin hai mere bachuu… But that’s for some other time. Now don’t you want your bhabhi to have the same pleasure huh?” She said winking at me.

“Of course bhabhi. Your Akriti always returns the favor. Hehe.” I kissed her again. “Now please lay back on the back. It’s my turn now.” I said, feeling satisfied with the experience, I wanted to make Bhabhi happy too.

So there it is. My first ever sexual encounter. I’m so happy that it was with my dear bhabhi. But it wasn’t our last. 😉

Keep enjoying life my dear friends. Muwaaahh…

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