Bhabhi Ke Maze Devar Ke Saath Aur Devar Apni Bhabhi Ko Bhot Maze Diye

Hi friends, this is spartan (name change) from Hyderabad 20 years old. This has happened with my bhabhi 6months before. Her name is sameena she is 21 years old I used to call her bhabhi. Now coming to the story my family consists of me, dad, mom, sister and two elder brothers.He works in a private company. He got married 2 years ago and after marriage he got separated from us and living in a 2bhk flat with his wife. Because of traffic issues while going to the office.Days passing he used to come for festival days with his wife.One day when he left for the work my bhabi felt bored and call me and I alone went to her room till that time I never spoke with her.


She asked me I’m feeling bored can  you accompany me till your brother come from out I said ok and then she asked me about my studies and I said its ok.Then suddenly she asked me about my GF and I said I don’t have any GF. And the conversation goes on like this and both became free with each other. While going to her home she asked me if  you get holidays and free time y don’t  you come to my home then I said ok and she left. After 20days my mom told me and another bro to go(but due to some work I alone went) and accompany your bhabi as she is alone due to your brother left to Pune for company work as it was my semester holidays I happily went there as their flat is just 16km from my home.As I went there at morning she welcome me with a smile and gave coffee after having it she asked me shall we go for a movie and I said ok we went movie in bike.


After finishing movie she asked me shall we have our dinner nearby restaurant I’m feeling lazy to cook now and I said its ok and had our dinner nearby restaurant. We went home at 9’o clock that night and we both r tide and had slept in her room that night.Until that time I don’t have any feeling in her. That night totally changed me. Normally she used to wear nightie’s at home that night I woke up suddenly at 1’o clock lite was on and I saw here and there suddenly I have seen my bhabhi her nightie is up to her thighs I can see both her milky white thighs I can’t take off my eyes from that sight.


That night I’m sleep less thing about that scene morning I woke up late at 8’o clock and I can hear a sound from bathroom suddenly she opened the bathroom door I’m acting like I’m sleeping she just knot a towel to her body and came out thinking that I’m sleeping. Straightly she went near mirror and combing her hair and after she removed her towel believe me guys this is d first time I ever seen a girl like dis and she looks more beautiful from that day. After looking at her like this my mind is full of bad thoughts how I can flirt her. From that day I made plans to flirt her and the day came she went to medical for some things alone and I know that she will change to nightie after coming home I’m acted like sleeping in her room and she came in with her another key and she changed to nightie in front of me thinking that I’m a sleep but I’m in heaven that time.


That night I made a plan to have sex with her after dinner we both slept in a same room had our casual talk for 15min and she is fast asleep I have conformed it with calling her name she is in sleep I left her nightie to her thighs without making any sensation to her and touch her thighs for 1st time due to fear I can’t do any further that night next day morning while taking bath she left towel and she called me for it and I gave it to her in absence of her I have seen free show that morning I have lost my mind that day and I kept distance from her that night and slept in another room at mid night she knocks the door and I opened and asked what happen she told that I’m getting feared to be alone in that room and I said its ok have your sleep here tonight and she hugged me tightly and slept I took this as advantage and keep touching everywhere as I console her. My evil mind said it is the best opportunity to fuck her.


After she went to sleep I slightly removed her nightie to her thighs and I unhooked her top buttons to my luck she didn’t wear any undergarments I can feel her breast and I slowly without her sensation I totally removed her nightie and make her nude slowly feels her body and touching everywhere in her body and kissing her body slowly and I don’t know when I have sleep when I woke up at morning went to hall and she is cooking and she behaves as if nothing happened I think it may be a dream after breakfast I went to take bath she knocked the bathroom door and she told that she will bath me today as she is in saree


I told her that it will become wet she said nothing will happen she made me head bath rubbing my body form my back while making bath her dress became wet and she told now its time for me to take bath can you step outside for few minutes and I walked out from bath room after 5 minutes she came out without any clothes I came to know willingly she is doing like dis and last night its not a dream it just made dream come true after looking at me she not even covering herself with any cloths and I straight away went near her and locked the door and make her to felt on bed and had a smooch for 5mintues she cooperated well and also a green signal for me and I immediately I too take off my cloths and we both were nude now I went little down and suck her both nipples while sucking her nipples I kept one hand caring her hairs and other in her love hole her moan made me mad and increased my speed after some time I came near her belly and sucked it with my tongue.


After I kept my tongue in her pussy and finger fuck her for 15 min and bite her love hole and she came in my mouth and I drank all her love juice it taste bad for 1st time but in excitement I drank all her love juice my dick become hard and she took it in her mouth she gave a blow job like a slut with in no time I came out she drank all my juice and some taken in her body and applied to her breast after 15min of her blow job I inserted my dick in her pussy slowly after some time increased my speed and bhabhi moan make me fast up she shouts like ”ahhh ahhh ahhhh com in fast ahhh ahhh do it fast ahh” I ejected my sperms in her pussy.


After that we came in doggy style and I fucked in her ass its pain for both off us for 1st time but later it has been ultimate for both of us that day both became very tide not even dress ourselves till that night after having dinner brought from outside that night we both fast asleep and at morning we again started in different positions in different places in home till my brother came from Pune.


I licked and sucked her pussy many times especially love to suck boobs and pussy


Later after 2 months we got a chance to enjoy she came to our home and at that other family members were going to village to attend some function and I managed to stay after everyone went we locked lips seriously for 30 minutes and she wasn’t wearing any under garments I made her nude on sofa and she made me nude both are nude and her boobs are becoming big and nipples also became hard and indicating towards me and my cock is near her pussy now I madly sucking her nipples and she moaning aaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhaaaaa oohohooghhhhhh uffffffffffff and giving handjob ✋ to me ohhhhh god she is goddess ummmmmm aaaahhhhhh ohhhhhh both are moaning yeeeeeeeeaahhh my darling bhabhi.

Now we came on 69 position first she started to suck my cock ohhhhhh god what a heavenly pressure when she sucks ummmmmmm aahahhaaaaaa aaaaahhhhaaaaa oohhhhoooo yeeeeeeeeaahhh my janu bhabhi and in 3 minutes I cummed in her mouth what a pleasure it was and now it’s my turn to suck pussy and I started sucking her pussy ummmmmm and she is moaning yeeeeeeeeaahhh ohhhhh my devar suck hard ummmmmmm yeeeeeeeeaahhh aaaahhhhhh ohhhhhh uffffffffffff aaaaahhhhaaaaa oohhhhoooo yeeeeeeeeaahhh aaaahhhhhh sucked continuously after 10 minutes when she is ready to cumm I came down on my knees and didn’t wasted a single drop of juice because she is my sex goddess anybody is interested please mail me waiting for your reply and comments and


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