Bhabhi Se Masti Na Thi Sasti

Hi Guys and girls, this is ABC. I have been reading ISS stories since last 4 years. I never thought I would put my story in this. I used to shag reading these stories. Here I am narrating my own story a real one!!!

It was year 2005 when my Bhabhi got married to my cousin and I saw her for the first time in the wedding hall. Something tickled my mind. Some strange feeling crossed my mind. I used to fall in love with girls when I was in college but this time it was with my own Bhabhi. At the reception I congratulate both my bhaiya and Bhabhi on their wedding. They came home.

One fine day, I went to their house and got into conversation with my Bhabhi for the first time. She was so sweet to speak with.

Now coming straight story! In year 2011, I got a chance to stay at her house for the first time. She was so helpful. We used to talk a lot. She used to laugh on my jokes. One fine night we were chatting being in the same home. She asked me why I am upset. I was like got surprised that my bhabhi was knowing my mood.

I started sharing things with her. I told her being 25 yrs of age I still dont have a GF. It was making me so frustrated that I used to see each woman with a lust. I shared this thing with her. She understood my concern. One evening (after 3-4 days) we were doing ‘Masti’ with each other’s hair. She pulled mind first and then me too did the same thing.

I went out of the door running away from her. She also ran behind me. She caught me and touched my hair again. I touched her stomach and tried to make her laugh. In doing this I dont knw what happened to me I suddenly Kissed on her chick. She got serious and angry. Straight away she went inside. in the same night, she msged me asking why I did that. I said I dont know what happened to me. I felt to kiss so I kissed.

Next day when I saw her, she did not say anything. I went to office and came back. She msged me again and asked me the same thing. Next day I was on leave and there was no body at home. She came to me and asked me the same question. This tie I told her I felt something strange for you so kissed you. She asked HOW? WHY? I told her I think I am in Love with her. She got stunned.

I tried to hug her but she restricted me. I again did that. This time her restrictions were limited bcoz of applying pressure from my end. She felt me warmth. Our breathing got heavy. I kissed on her chick. She forced me to go away. Since she didn’t like it I went away from her. But I could not resist. She served me a tea cup.

I drank and asked her to come inside the room to take my cup. I wanted to show her my new shirt. so I opened her wardrobe. She came. I took her hand in my hand and felt the warmth. I was shivering a bit cause this was the first time it was happening and I was so close to my bhabhi’s body. I hugged her again. She could not resist this time as if she also wanted the same. I kissed her on cheeks both. I was confident this time.

I took her face in my hands and brought her closer to mine. She closed her eyes. I saw her lips from such a small distance and touched her lips with mine. IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!! I tried to move my tongue inside her mouth and she cooperated. I was on cloud 9.

Then I went on smooch her for 15-20 min. Again hugged her tightly. First time touched her soft boobs over the saree. I was like…. AHHH!!! My dick was already tight inside. Dick was touching her over saree. I tried to remove her pallu. Then I saw the real size over the blouse of those beautiful melons. They were of 36 D. Can U imagine looking at it from so close. I was pressing with both the hands. Removed her saree completely. She was on her red blouse and red petticoat. She was looking stunning beauty!!! Ahh!! I tried to remove her blouse, removing hooks one by one. Ohhh… She was wearing cream color bra.

I went ahead and tried to remove it from back side. I went to backside and it was a mind blowing view. I removed her both strips from sideways. Took my both hands in front and squeezed her boobs with both hands. came to front side again. removed bra completely and that view …cant forget!!! ahhha hhaha haha!!!! Couldn’t resist to take my lips to close view. I took out my tongue and touched her one nipple. OHhh!!!!what a feeling!! I am boobs crazy man!!! and I got what i was starving for from schools days. I took both the nipples in my mouth one by one and was sucking like anything..

When I went to touch her lower part, she did not allow me to remove petticoat. She never gave me a chance to see her lower private parts and never allowed me to touch them. She was scared as this would have resulted into sex. She was reluctant.

I had many kisses and boobs sucking sessions later on but no SEX! 🙁 But I enjoyed my honeymoon period with her. I am starved for a sex now. I can’t explain how desperately I am looking to make with someone. I hope you liked my story. I know you were waiting to read for more but I couldn’t just force her. I will never demand it from her but I am thankful to her fpr the life given to me as I was in deep need of it.

Now I am starving fro more. 🙂 Pls send me your feedback on my email id: [email protected] I am eagerly waiting to hear that from you. I am waiting for you Bhabis…. 😉

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