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I am sharing this very horny sexy story with you and hope it will serve your need to read such erotica that most men need off and on for their reading pleasure. Before I narrate the story, I want to say couple of things and first:

I notice that some people start judging and say that certain story does not sound true to which I shall only request to read these stories as pleasure reading material and don’t become judicious for the benefit of all. Second: as I usual.

I will request that if you ever feel like copying this or any other story told here, be very careful and evaluate all the social, cultural, moral and legal binds around you.

Good joyful, safe sex is only the consensual sex done with mutual agreement between any two sex partners. Hope you get to enjoy sex with whomever you want to enjoy, good luck.Now enjoy the story:

My name is Tariq, 29 years old and I am really handsome first of three sons of my parents. We live in a very nice locale of Lahore. I have finished my Pharmacy Education in very good grades and thankfully am working in a really nice Govt. Job

And shall be leaving soon for my higher education abroad and the brother in the middle, Saeed has finished his Masters in Physics and he is already gone to Europe (UK) for his higher studies. The youngest brother Munir, after finishing his Law degree is employed with a big law firm.

They are both, 27 and 24 respectively and of course both are very manly handsome too. It was no surprise that our parents were in a big hurry to start arranging for our marriages because they believe they had seen at least one girl

Who they think will be a nice match for any one of us but especially for the younger 2, because she was a 22 years old beauty who had just completed her Masters in English. I was considered to be a bit older for her with 7 years of age difference between us two.

My parents did not want to lose the chance and the brother in the middle was not in the country, so the lottery was announced in the name of Munir and within less than 1 month, Munir was wedded to this beautiful girl.

I had not seen her yet named Farah. The big hurry was that our parents were to leave for Haj in the next 20—25 days and Munir was to accompany them to take care of them while they were gone for this noble cause and although Saeed could not even arrange to come to join the marriage festivities

It was not considered a big deal to delay the wedding. Anyhow all went well and the new bride, our beautiful Bhabi Farah was added to our family and everything was kind of finished quickly because now the arrangements for parents and Munir were on the front burner to go to Haj soon.

We had a large home, and had couple of servants as well along with an elderly woman, we all called Baiji who worked inside the house, cooking, cleaning, washing and doing most other household chores; so it was not seen as a problem that who shall cook or take care of the newlywed Bhabi and myself while they were away.

And then soon the day came and they were gone to Faisal Abad, from where they shall be flying off to Saudi Arabia for the purpose while I and Farah bhabi were left behind, home alone. I want to give you my words that although and I appreciated and enjoyed the youthful prettiness of Farah from the moment.

I saw her and I did pay attention to her frontal bumps and rear curves, may be as much as Munir did, but I never lusted for her until the most foolhardy and audacious events took place ending in the way it ended anyhow.

Farah bhabi was decently tall, 5′ 7 and very slim smart lady with all the meat where women should have it. She had a dashing figure of 34, 22, and 34 with long legs and looked no less than a model, showcasing the dresses as she walked gracefully wearing the salwar qameez with dopatta hanging on her

One shoulder and not being used as a head covering and this actually advertised her youthful breasts for anyone who cared to look. Not telling a lie here and I admit and I would draw a picture with my imaginations, how pretty her Phuddi would be devoid of any hair and the tiny lips with a distinct crack between them

And the minuscule clitty hidden and embedded in the musculature up on the top of the opening. Munir was lucky, I always thought to have and enjoy the pleasure of being able to remove clothing off her and him being naked, worshipping and using her for his sexy needs

And wants to satisfy each other mutually and I was kind of proud for them both; they looked gracious as a couple to be my brother and bhabi. Farah had picked up on the routine that by early evening, baiji will finish the cooking, serve the dinner and soon as done

She will do the dishes and leave for the night to her quarters in the back of the house. I would retire to my room or sit in the lounge and watch some TV giving company to Farah and when finally saying goodnight, Farah had to bring the glass of milk to my room.

I shall either take it from her or she will place it on the table if I had gone into the bathroom attached to my bedroom for shower, shave and brushing etc. If I remember correctly, it was 4th or the 5th day of us being alone in the house at night.

I very carelessly or rather inadvertently stepped into my bedroom, totally naked, towel in my both hands over my head drying my hair, my face covered with towel and I heard a muffled sigh ohhh!

Farah bhabi had just placed the glass of milk on the table and here I was showing my front, a pair of balls in full glory hanging low as possible after the warm shower and my manly sex tool swinging over them freely as I moved my hands on my head drying my hair.

There was nothing that I or she could do immediately to revert what had taken place and we both stood there breathless for I don’t know may be a few seconds when I realized the situation and quickly wrapped the towel around my waist.

Farah also quickly came out of it and giggled loudly and it’s ok, she said, I should have been careful. No, I should have locked the door, I said; I am sorry. I always do it, I mean walk into the bedroom like this, because there have been no chance of anybody being here before you have become a part of the family.

It’s ok, she repeated, no harm done. I rather have seen something by chance which might be impossible on purpose. Just forget it and I will be back soon and quickly left the room. What? She will be back, why? I talked to myself with crazy thoughts filling my mind.

For a minute or so, I was not sure what to do but then I calmed down. What the fuck, I thought; I have not asked her to come back but if she does, I will deal with it whatever happens. Surely I admit, the most nasty and malevolent notion also struck me

And all I could do was shake my head, nah; no, it will not happen; I almost spoke as loud as I could may be I was hoping for something naughty to happen anyway and I threw myself sloppily on the bed staring at the ceiling as more ugly thoughts kept dancing in my mind.

It must not be more than 5 minutes maximum and she walked into my bedroom again. Oh my God, the thinnest possible silky night gown with black lacy bra covering her boobs and nothing else, total naked body showing through the fabric, she stood in front of me.

I quickly stood up on my feet jumping like a robot not even remembering that the towel was not well wrapped and tucked so there it was, the towel fell to the floor around my ankles and I was more naked than her face to face completely mesmerized, hypnotized, spellbound, entranced and all else you can imagine.

Before I could bend over and pick up the towel, she moved close to me, very close, very close as a matter of fact so very close that her arms were not even fully extended and her one hand was cupping my balls while the other hand brushed all over the length of my soft peacefully sleepy Lund from

The hole on the top of the head to the horrendously masculine shaft and finally holding it tight at the base, hardly concealing in her and fist just above the balls. Hefty, I heard her say in a very sexy hearty tone. She held my balls in her hand

And let the shaft fall over her arm massaging it slowly with her other hand from balls to the tip like she was measuring the length, not erect but still reaching at least half way between the wrist and the elbow. Nice, she said with a whisper; length

And girth both robust and stocky and even the balls are size matched. Lucky you Tariq, or should I say lucky me and squeezed my balls a bit making them almost spill through her fingers because of the huge mass they were so soft, so squashy and pliable.

I remember very vividly still today and say, I was almost shivering and I was not cold but overwhelmed with emotions that even she noticed it and asked me to calm down.

But bhabi, I had hardly uttered the words and felt a squeezing of my balls so hard that I could yell but the sound of her giggling like the jingle bells came, call me Farah don’t you like it? Farah! The fresh one and I can be very Mofarrah and the very refreshing one, just only if you relax and play along with me.

I felt pain but by now I could understand, where I was and where we were heading, dissipating the bit of anger as well which had hit me because of my balls getting crushed a minute ago and then the nature took over, if you know what I mean.

Next moment, the fucking silky gown was around Farah’s ankles and she was in my tight grip with my hands ripping off her bra making her rounded tits flatly squared on my chest. I knew what to do and how and was not going to lose the opportunity.

Rapid moans loud sighs further muffled with our lips locked and tongues slipping, slithering deep into each other’s mouths. A minute or two we deep kissed and then I was not surprised but of course a bit shocked when Farah turned towards the bed and sat down on the edge of it.

Now my Lorha, almost fully erected was hovering at her face with no hesitation she held it very lovingly and gave a wet kiss on its head. One hand eagerly rolling my larger Tattay, she started licking and sucking my Lorha, so expertly and skilfully entertaining the whole length in her wet mouth.

Surprising, she had no gag reflex at all sucking my big cock all the way to the balls, continuously moaning and murmuring on it, making me grab her head and guiding her mouth to perform vacuum like sucking action. I was growling enjoying this joyful ecstasy with my eyes closed

And head thrown back my hips swirled sideways and in circles making my Parrot Beak shaped thick shaft fit the contours of her mouth and throat. An out pour of pre cum was making it easier for her to glide her mouth and throat on it more and more zealously

And I am sure I would cum in her mouth if she was not so expert and paying attention to the tone and depth of my moans and would not start licking my balls and inner thighs with added pleasuring of my now hard nipples tweaking and twitching them in her fingers.

Must not be long although it seemed so, finally she let my Lund go and quickly took position on the bed, her legs separated as far apart as possible she laid on her back. The center of all joy, the envy of my thoughts, the interpretation of my dreams

Her very small Phuddi was clearly visible without any hindrance. She must have removed the hair hardly a day or two earlier because the proverbial 5 o’clock shadow of minuscule hair stubbles was not enough to give a black tinge to her awesome Phuddi skin.

I quickly took position on my knees between her parted legs and placed my hand on her Choot and my hand made a rapid move on it. O God, small sized Phuddi was tightly closed with decorously engorged petals of meaty lips.

I had no strength in me to resist and with my fingers branching those pretty Phuddi lips, I dove in with my open mouth and darted out tongue. A loud sigh dissolved in the room and her hands came down to grab my head from the back, her fingers combing through my hair

She made me bob my head dashing my tongue over, around and inside her now very wet and deliciously smelling Choot. More I licked; more of the sexy aroma filled my nostrils arousing my desire. I could feel my Lund throbbing and spilling pre cum on the bed sheet below

And my hands busy on her breast mounds so soft and pulpy. Suddenly the moans of joy gargling out of Farah’s choked throat became more like the cries of ultimate pleasure and her Phuddi got flooded with her pleasure juices as she panted and thrashed her head violently on the bed almost pulling my hair with her legs folded over my neck.

She had climaxed I could tell and now realizing that my fingers were grabbing and giving a hard massage to her clitoris, puffed blood red and enlarged like the tip of my thumb. My lips, face and all got painted with her Choot’s nectar turning me into an animal in heat enduring all the luxurious taste and fragrance.

Fuck me now Tariq and I could hear a very determined and decisive appeal coming from her as I looked up in her blood shot eyes completely over taken by sexual need of her choot desiring to be packed and banged hard and deep, as much as she could tolerate and yet some more.

I was waiting to hear this and I don’t know but quickly pulled out a condom from the drawer of the night stand but she stopped me, asking not to use it and fuck her raw and laughingly said that even if she got pregnant in spite of using the pill

There was no worry because the child will look like the family any way. I got enthused hearing the idea of fucking Farah with my naked Lund, having a good feel of skin to skin pleasure and without wasting any time and I raised her legs bringing the choot to target position

And at the same time working my Lund spreading the silky smooth fresh pre cum all over its head readying it to march into love hole of her choot. First I slapped her Phuddi couple of times with my hard and heavy meat whip, splattering the beads of pre cum all over her erotic zone

Then bent over her with both of my hands on her waist, aligned soft head of my assailant solid Lund tap on the entry, making her aware of the moment.My hips moved forward and downwards with intentional pressure of my body and I could see Phuddi crack open

And the puffed-up lips separate allowing my pre cum coated Lorha head to slide in. A shrieking outcry escaped Farah’s gullet and her face contorted, even the eyes rolled back into her head showing me the white portion though.

Her Choot was probed, we both knew it, my enormous thickness was hurting her, we knew this too but a man has to do what he has to do at times like these and not show weakness causing even worse physical pain and mental torture by stopping but to encourage and hearten

And so I did asking her to relax and breath not concentrating on the situation for a while allowing her choot lips to expand and the hole in the middle to concede and open up.

I heard a large puffing sound of exhaling the air with a rapid move of her hands onto my thighs with a meagre smile and nod of approval on her face encouraging me to go ahead. Summoning all needed might I moved up on my knees and pushed seeing her raise the hip to help complete the joyous union.

Lorha started to sink inch by inch but I could feel the resistance still as she let her waist drop back onto the bed, her small Phuddi in pain twitching and twirling trying to escape the larger than life penetration until my Tattay were finally grinding and milling on her tightly clamped hole.

My upper body covered her like a blanket as I bent over her, giving rapid licks to her young boobs one by one and using my fingers gently but prim, quickly coming back and lip biting her swollen nipples lowered my lips on to her and the current started to flow, of course.

Her arms came around my neck while our mouths opened and tongues started to dance in full harmony. I am sure the pain faded as rapidly as it should, not only we divulged in deep kissing but her hands started to roam all over my back.

She nicked my lower body and ass cheeks with her nails making me moan and wiggle my middle body even deeper into her already conquered Choot where I had started fucking her in slow motion by now. Farah had also started making small movements under me provoking me to fuck her harder and so it happened.

Soon the range of motion was set and my furious Lund was drilling her Choot with obsession, my thrusts were getting faster and faster and she was reciprocating with her synchronized hip movements taking my Lorha deeper and deeper.

A varied tone of moans, groans and growls were saying it all that we were both in maximum ecstasy floating in air as we fucked for almost 20-25 minutes only slowing down couple of times when we lost our breath or when

I had to almost halt letting her enjoy her orgasm during which I placed my mouth on her awesome Mummay and sucked, softly nibbled the nipples. My Lorha was enjoying the job it was doing having the best time of his life.

And then all hell broke loose when the friction and heat produced with powerful thrusts of my Lorha into her choot at high speed hit the threshold of my orgasm and I suddenly felt losing all control with my Tattay getting knotted in a humongous one heap of meat.

I felt my Lorha swell and grow even larger longer and thicker in her Phuddi and with an out pour of sweat, cries from both of us we melted together. Farah’s small Choot stretched beyond limits and my Lorha started squirting my life giving thick seed into her and with every spurt of Manee.

I felt my total naked body shudder from head to the toes. Oh my God, this was the most roaring climax and breeding I experienced in a while. My Lund kept flexing and relaxing spewing my personal brew into her choot while her Choot kept glove like wrapping

And squeezing over and again milking my Lund and drawing out every single drop that had boiled for her to receive with both her hands on my thighs, Farah pushed my limping Lund all the way in her Phuddi, crossing and locking her ankles over my ass buns

She blatantly started kissing me asking me again and again if I enjoyed fucking her and ooh sure, Farah!! I said you are remarkable, your expertise is tremendous and best of all your Phuddi is as tight as virgin. Did Munir not do a good job fucking you and I whispered in her ear ohh no, nothing like that

She said, Munir is a man and he fucks great but only he cannot fuck more than once in a night. He has fucked me every single night but again his orgasm builds very slowly and takes long 2 hours at least to climax and cum vigorously as you did.

I love it and would not want him to change a thing in him. Men are different and I am glad to have varied talents to cherish your Lorha, as long and thick it is, it is a bit curved upwards, great for giving massage inside my choot; his is also very well hung

And thick but straight as an arrow to plot farthest reaches of my Phuddi I never knew existed. I was definitely pleased to hear about my kid brother being a man with fucking tool and fucking capabilities of keeping a choot happy

And satisfied but quickly returned back to the situation at hand right now. Fervent kissing and rapid flow of sex desires and sexy talk between us had reached my Lund, nailed profoundly deep in her Phuddi had started to absorb the heat and come back to life ever so leisurely though.

Farah also felt the serpent crawl in her tunnel. You see, she said; what I mean, you are already getting hard again to fuck again like some young guys who have very small refractory period to achieve erection after erection for 2, 3 times and only then may show signs of slowing down

My Munir is not like this but I love him because not many men can fuck and fuck and fuck for hours. I was listening to her but my sex was arousing with the passage of every second and I could feel my throbbing Lorha wanting to come out in open and breathe in some fresh air.

I slowly pulled out of Farah and thankfully she did not resist.Drenched with my Manee and her Phuddi’s juices my Lorha was in her custody again. She wiped it a bit with her bra and quickly started sucking it aaaahhh fuck!

I fell flat on my back as she practiced her artful skills of sucking my Lund, licking and sucking my Tattay and under them stocky pair verbally expressing her appreciation of the manly erotic smell and moaning in joy. For a while we even played in 69 and I explored her Phuddi

And Clitoris with my fingers, lips and tongue, still soaked in my Manee; until once again she spewed her Phuddi’s nectar in my face unable to control her orgasm. Coming back to her senses she made me play with her nipples sighing loud and panting under me in heat.

At times she was holding, massaging, rolling, jerking, pulling and showing affection to my Lund until I heard her asking me if I was ready to fuck her. I put her down flat on the bed face up, her Phuddi’s curls and moist lips showing as it quivered in anticipation knowing well that

She was going to get fucked, I ran a finger or two in the oven hot slit of her Choot gently but firmly, slushy still with the mix of her and mine juices. Good, I thought to myself; I sure can fuck her without and her feeling any hurting at all and my Lorha jumped at the thought of performing

The job far atrocious and brutal hitting the ceiling in joy Farah’s lower body jerked high in the air as I stroked her Choot ka dana a bit, asking her if she was ready for getting fucked. Yes, yes of course and she gave me a big smile along with her consent, opening her thighs far apart to welcome my Lund without further ado.

I went on my knees and she quickly reached and captured my erect Lorha, guiding it to her wet and hungry opening raising her ass cheeks to reach and meet scary large swollen head of my Lund. Like before her smooth and silky petal like Choot lips separated, she let her eyes go shut as her Phuddi opened wide under pressure of my invading sex machine

And slowly but surely I was in her Choot much easier, thanks to all the slickness in her Phuddi. I literally could feel her Phuddi stretch and thin out around my brawny burly shaft shoved in her balls deep and my body leaned forward crushing her naked Mummay against my chest.

My hands moved under her lifting her with my hands cupping her ass cheeks and making her slam her Choot lips on my pride balls, my Lund shoved completely in her Phuddi in no time we were kissing and body rubbing and fucking and moaning and talking.

Farah repeatedly asking to be fucked hard and deep, making me tweak, tug and bite her tits and nipples and she reaching out far lower to reach my sweaty Tattay, holding them to avoid sledge hammer smack her asshole as they swung like the hanging bells in the temples.

Suffice to say Farah and I fucked not only like animals in heat but shameless too. She would dig her nails in the flesh of my ass buns to make me ram and slam into her Choot, jabbing and stabbing her small Phuddi brutally. We enjoyed roller coaster ride.

We enjoyed marry go around ride spinning our bodies over and under each other and fucking like animals having no shame, hesitation or dishonor.The time had stood still, the world had gone still only letting us fuck for God knows no less than 30 minutes or more.

Farah’s Choot had gone in jubilation couple of times releasing her sexy nectar and churned up the new flavor mixing it with my nonstop flowing precum. Her Choot seemed to have lost all its elasticity and she had to work much prudently to squeeze extra hard to make me feel sensation

And friction needed to achieve my orgasm and she did very successfully as I reached closer and closer moaning louder and out of control. I fucked my new bhabi until my Lorha and Tattay were contented and she had started begging to fill her up with my scalding hot liquid seed.

Like the life snuffed out of a body and at the same time enjoying the ultimate joy all living are blessed with, I finally climaxed after fucking Farah’s Phuddi, her naked body and even her soul and absorbing all the pleasure in my Lund, Tattay, naked body and my soul.

I spray painted her Phuddi’s musculature coat after coat until she could not retain it inside anymore and it crawled out to soak the bed sheets aaahhh fucking Farah was far more than a pleasure for me. I took it upon myself to compensate her for what Munir could not do fucking her only once a night.

You bet I fucked her twice more this night until she felt her Choot being sore and brutalized and wanted to rest till the next day. Until parents and Munir returned from Haj after little over a month my bed squeaked loud

We moaned louder and my Lorah and Farah’s Choot endured and loved the most passionate and sexy Lovemaking as much and as often as we two young thrill seekers could and of course sneaked in a session here and there even when others were home.

Damn, I had to leave after 5 months and 13 days after my sexy rendezvous with Farah Bhabi and it seemed to have gone too quickly proving the proverbial fact, time flies when we are having fun.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this very arousing and provoking sex story. Looking forward to entertain you much more and hoping the stories reach you a bit faster. Most of my write ups are awaiting the kind approval of authorities since long. Gay stories also coming up soon with regards, W.A. Chohan

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