Bike Ride Turned Into Exciting Sex Experience

Life is indeed short and boring … Let us have an affair to remember …

Hi friends, this is a true real story which happened to me just some days back. It seems like unbelievable fairytale now and has all the excitement I needed from life and more particularly from sex life.

I think females now a day’s are more open minded, liberated and also seek for their sexual / emotional needs more proactively . For a working class people like us life can be sometimes boring and just has become a daily routine . Home – office – Home – Friends sometime s buss and nothing else … I am a very well educated and well mannered decent man from Pune working in a senior position in one MNC.

I am married from last ten years, 38 yrs ‘Young’, well built, 6 ft height and have a very strong personality. Woman has always found me attractive and adventurous man with funny bones and zeal to live the life to the fullest extent possible. More ever god has been kind to me in giving me a good sexual tool – Strong, Long & Thick (I never bothered to measure it but females say that it is really work s well so far !!) and also given me good sex vigor and bed manners.

Let me come to the story now. I recent ly met a one unmarried girl whose name was Shilpa , also from Pune (changed name) . She has visited our office for some work and was introduced to me by my junior. She was 23 -24 yrs, bubbly, sexy and virgin girl (which later I came to know !! ).

On three days, when she was on assignment in my office, we had to interact a lot about work. I got attracted towards her and she was also very comfortable with me sharing her personal details like she is already engaged to someone for marriage within a year . After she left our office , she kept in touch through calls and mostly through whatsup message for some days .

Initially I was not sure to approach her but later I decided to take one chance and invited her for a cup of coffee at reputed hotel at F C Road, Pune . She accepted the invitation and we met for a cup of coffee on one Saturday morning at 11 am. She came in tight T-shirt , Jeans and was looking really hot and I started mild flirting with her and praised her hot figure. S he was very open minded about it. It was mild raining that morning and really exciting environment.

So , when rains stopped, I suggested her to go for a long drive on my bike which she readily accepted. We went on a highway side and strong wind s & romantic atmosphere played a real magic between us. Her big boobs were touching my back and making me hot in the pants !! My rod was erected and dying to come out now !!! I asked her to come closure which she did and she was now sitting like she is entering in me from my back side !! I started rubbing her thighs with my one palm while driving bike at a slow speed by another hand and told her that I am very excited now. She just laughed b ut did not object to my touch .

I stopped the bike on sideway farm road near one big tree. We stood very close under the tree. Road was deserted and it was clear to me that she is in the mood now . I pulled her closure and had a passionate kiss with her for five – ten minutes. She has become very excited now and responding very well . We kissed many times and our tongues were playing with each others …our salvias were mixing. It was the most amazing experience.

I started kissing her ears and neck too. I pressed her boobs and nipples which were erect now … But as it was an open place we had our limitations too. So we again started to drive on bike further and saw one really good resorts .We thought of spending some time in the resort . Then I booked one AC room for whole day. I had time till 7.00 p.m. and it was already 1 pm. She thought we will be vacating the room in one-two hours and never thought of having sexual intercourse at that time !!

Once we entered the room, we hugged each other’s and started kissing madly on the bed. I was kissing her lips, her neck, her ears, her stomach….biting her at various places. I asked her to undress and she was on underwear only and I did the same. I kissed her all over .. Her bare body which was on fire ..her legs and thighs…I pressed her boobs and started sucking them slowly slowly…bited them..

I pulled my underwear down and kept her hand on my manhood .. Which has now became one black rod ..long , strong and thick..I asked to suck it which she did…god she sucked it really hornily. I then pulled her panty and inserted one finger in her pussy and it was already very wet ..

I went down and started licking her clean, pink and wet pussy. I inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy and played with it .. She started moaning heavily and it made me more excited.. Soon she came and then immediately I tried to insert my hard tool .. She tried to say no but I started kissing her lips and kept pressing my tool inside .. I t went partially in after some struggle and then I pushed it further with force.

I was finally entered fully and she was crying with pain with tears in her eyes. I started stroking her slowly and later increased my speed . She started enjoying it and started moaning hard after some tine . She was screaming like ‘fuck me fuck me aahha aaahhh harder harder ’. Her moaning had made me more of a bull now and I was fucking her hard. After 10-15 min of hard fucking her I too came inside her.

Later I saw some small blood clot on the bed and she told me she was a virgin and this experience was her first. But she was happy to have such a sex experience.

But the aroma, touch and feel of each other’s bodies has made us eager again and again that whole day…We drank beer too and also had lunch there and made love to each other in different positions four times till 6 pm. that day including her first anal sex too. She forgot for a day that she was engaged to marry someone else and I forgot for a day that I am already married!! I just cannot describe the amazing and fulfilling sex experience and surely one of the best sex experiences I have had .

We did not meet after that day as I am not the person who wants to have forced relation or sex and has never chased any female in life as I really respect woman’s feelings . I have been choosy and careful about my partner with whom I go out.

I had a fair share of such naughty experiences and had never been with any female for a paid sex at all as I hate this idea of sex . I think sex is nice and liberating experience which needs to savored and enjoyed like a good dish . I am again looking forward for that excitement again and hope life will bless me many more such day s with a open minded, well educated, well mannered female soon.. thought of an exciting secret affair and horny sex has made m y life lot more exciting .. my mail id is [email protected]..

Any open minded and well mannered female, who is ready to share such secret experience for a change without any risk , can mail me on this id… readers are welcome to give their feedbacks as this is my first story I have posted…

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