Birthday Present For Best Friend, Pooja

Hi I am Rajesh today I want to tell me readers how I presented the most valuable to gift to one of my friends. Her name is Pooja, she works with me in my office.

Our friendship is very cool we share everything with each other our hobbies, shopping, movies and even our sexual fantasies, but don’t jump into conclusions as she is not my girl friend that is we don’t have sex. Now Pooja is I must say a good looking girl have quite a good figure like models.

Her statistics are 36 28 36 any red- blooded male would be attracted to her I too have some times. She has baby smooth skin and lips which one can suck for hours. I have told her this many times and in fact she likes when I flirt with her sometimes even letting me touch her

She has given me freedom so I don’t misuse it. By the way I am also not bad looking have a good body and a cute face to go with it. Now Pooja’s 25th Birthday was approaching. One day I asked Pooja what she wanted as present for this Birthday.

Pooja jokingly said that I should give her something which she won’t forget in her life ever. I didn’t know what should and I give her and I was thinking of all possible presents. Then like a flash something came up in my mind. Pooja had once said that she like to have group sex.

I couldn’t make my mind if I should ask her. But with confidence in our friendship I asked her if she would like if I would make her fantasy of group sex a reality as her Birthday present. At first Pooja didn’t say anything but then a smile spread across her face and she said yes.

It was like a dream come true her Birthday was next week I immediately began to think of people who I could bring into this party and I narrowed it to two people Prasanth and Ravi both of them were real studs I knew they would give Pooja a life time fuck of her life.

The very next day I called them both and told them in detail about my plans they haven’t met Pooja before so I mailed a picture of Pooja to both of them and when they saw it without wasting a second both of them gave consent.

Now I began to make the arrangement for this party as Prasanth’s guest house was free and it was located at a place which doesn’t have close neighbours I asked him to give me his house key which he readily agreed. I went to the house and made necessary arrangements on the D- day

I went early to the house I brought a chocolate cake for Pooja to cut. Then I had some real good champagne in the ice-bucket. I placed scented candles in house and lit them I lay down rose petals on the floor as well as on the bed I put on a light instrumental music to make the mood more romantic.

I already told Prasnath and Ravi to be there when I arrive there with Pooja. I went to bring Pooja on the present location I met Pooja she was looking extremely beautiful in her yellow mini and black sleeveless top. Her beautiful legs were waxed and her cleavage was clearly pooping my eyes out of their socket.

We arrived at the front of the guest house. Ravi and Prasanth were there to greet us. Pooja was extremely happy meeting Prasanth and Ravi I could see it in her and when we opened the door the sweet scent of the candles as well as the music gave us warm welcome Pooja was floored by all this.

The party began by cutting the cake then the champagne began to flow. One by one we drank three full bottles everyone was getting into a mood. I knew I had to start the sexual party. So I invited Pooja for a dance. I changed CD and put on a slow sensual track then I took Pooja into my arms.

I began to dance with her. Pooja just melted into my arms her soft boobs were pressing on my chest. As the danced progressed I pushed my hands inside her top I sensed the bare skin on my palms it was velvety in touch. My hands roamed on her bare back it moved upwards till they met the back hooks of her bra in a swift movement.

I removed the hooks of her bra then I slowly dipped down and kissed Pooja hard on the lips she readily opened her mouth for me I felt her sweet taste mixed with the champagne and it was intoxicating without breaking the kiss I pulled at her top and removed her top as well as bra completely.

Now I turned her so that her glorious 36 size breasts were visible to both Prasanth and Ravi. I came behind Pooja and took both her arms up and hung them around my neck now I began to massage her boobs. Pooja was getting excited and it was very clear that both Prasanth as well as Ravi

I was excited it was evident from the hard on that one could see in their pants. I asked them to join us but they should completely undress first. I turned Pooja facing towars me and undid her mini I bent down on my knees and opened my mouth and with my teeth’s and I removed her panties.

Pooja was completely shaved between her legs her pussy was baby smooth. I was mesmerised by its beauty. Meanwhile I saw Prasanth and Ravi quickly removing their clothes, in a few seconds they stood in front of us as they were born. I also joined the race and quickly undressed.

Now the three of four of us were standing with not even a thread on our bodies. I sprung into action because I wanted to taste that honey pot which was resting in between Pooja’s legs. I approached my beauty and knelt between her legs and straight away blew hot air on her pussy.

Prasanth and Ravi were not going to be left behind they approached Pooja and started sucking on her nipples. Prasanth took the right nipple and Ravi took the left nipple they were nibbling at it like candy I could see them doing a good work on Pooja’s breasts

She was moaning with pleasure in a few minutes her nipples were rock hard. Prasanth was holding Pooja’s boobs in both his hands and was sucking her nipples and massaging her breast at the same time. Ravi had a different technique he was taking Pooja’s nipple and flicking his tongue over it as a fast rate.

Pooja had never experienced this type of twin sensation at the same time and a moan slipped from her lips she way saying aahhh please suck me more faast but they did not hear her plea instead they took their own time. I wanted to hear Pooja moan more.

I straight away went to do my job. I inhaled her scent deeply into my nose and began to lick her outer lips, in a few minutes I had her pussy slippery I also found her clitoris now I began to stimulate her clitoris with my thumb and with my other hand

I split open her pussy lips and began to lick the inside of Pooja’s pussy. It was too much for Pooja to handle she was enjoying sucking on her upper as well as lower part of her body together she was say no I can’t take it please let me come but we were not going to give her present so soon.

The three of us now began to give her wet kisses on all parts of her body there was not even an inch in Pooja’s body which was not kissed by us. Pooja was moaning in frenzy and it was loud too and we were lucky there were no neighbours close or they would have surely heard us.

The three of us were having a feast on Pooja’s body Pooja called me in a husky voice with tears in her eyes she said Rajesh I can’t take it more please make me come I will do whatever you ask for in reply and I just smiled.

Pooja was now really in an intoxicated stage from the effect of the booze and from the enjoyment which we were giving her with our lips. Pooja just wanted to have an orgasm which we were not ready to give now. Prasanth

And Ravi now took Pooja’s hand and placed it on their dicks Pooja knew what they wanted she begab to massage their dicks in back and forth motion she spit in her hand and used her saliva as lubricant on their dick. I changed my position and approached Pooja from back.

I split open her ass cheeks and used she was stuck for a minute. Pooja was going to say something but in a flash Prasanth kissed her and he had his tongue inside her mouth she was sucking his tongue and I had the chance I used long strokes of my tongue and strokes her ass hole well.

Prasanth was not letting Pooja escape his tongue was way inside Pooja’s mouth and she had no other choice other than suck his tongue Prasnath’s saliva was mixing with Pooja’s saliva and she was drinking it.

Ravi was not going to waste his time his mouth went to Pooja’s underarms and he began to lick her underarms violently and even giving love bites there with each love bite Pooja was squirming meanwhile his fingers went to Pooja’s pussy.

He was really fingering her well at first it was only one finger, then two fingers went inside then a third finger. He was really fingering her well Poojas legs began to sway she was having hard time balancing herself I took half of her weight licking her ass-hole.

Pooja with all her left force was stimulating Prasanth and Ravi’s cock.Pooja screamed fuck me or I will die and I stood up and came in front of her I removed Ravi’s finger from her pussy and with a single stroke I rammed my cock all the way inside her pussy.

Pooja screamed I signalled Prasanth and Ravi to leave her and began to fuck her real hard I gave her real seven or eight strokes and stopped Pooja screamed again don’t stop fuck me fuck me fuck me she kissed me again and again but I didn’t Pooja tried to fuck me but

I held her tight with allowing her to move she began to cry. I asked Prasnath to fuck her ass Pooja said no Rajesh it will hurt but I held her tight without allowing her to move and signalled Prasanth he quickly went to her back and with all his force he rammed his cock deep inside her ass tears flew down

Pooja’s eyes her mouth was wide open and she was stuck not breathing, before she could inhale I rammed my cock again into her pussy Pooja felt lights dimming she thought she was going to faint but no Rajesh and Prasanth were ramming her from both side in a few minutes

She came to her senses and began to enjoy fucking of both her holes. We took Pooja to the bed with both our dicks inside her Prasanth lay down on the bed and Pooja was on top of him and I was standing and began to fuck her.We had quite a rhythm going between us I took hold of Pooja’s legs in both my hands and was vigorously pumping her pussy at the same time Prasanth was fucking her ass hole as well as massaging her boobs at the same time. I spread Pooja’s leg as wide as possible so that

I could have good access to her pussy Prasanth was fucking her ass hole like he would split it open with each stroke Pooja was moaning aha aha aha aha fuck me fuck me fuck ahaaa Ravi was feeling left behind so I asked him to give Pooja his cock to suck.

Pooja eagerly took his cock in his mouth and began to suck his cock actually Ravi was using Pooja’s mouth as if it was a pussy and fucking her mouth. In a few minutes Pooja began to hump violently and her orgasm was approaching

I understood it and began to increase my force and speed at the same time and I adjudged it so correctly that we both came at the same time, but this time Pooja could not scream as Ravi’s cock was in her mouth her body shook violently and a feeble sound came from her mouth when both our orgasms subsided

I removed my cock from her pussy but Prasanth was not done now he began to increase his speed he was really fucking her ass hole as if he was riding a horse he was holding Pooja’s boobs for good grip.

Pooja I knew was exhausted but she could not do anything to stop Prasanth he was really fucking open her ass- hole she was sucking Ravi’s cock really fast it was as if she needed a drink to quench her thirst. But she was in for real surprise as

Ravi removed his cock from Pooja’s mouth and went to her pussy Pooja knew what he had in mind she used her hands to hide her pussy but Ravi was too much for her he removed her hands and once again began to pump Pooja’s pussy she saying no but he was like a mean machine

I was actually enjoying it and in a few minutes I knew Pooja was too it seemed she was on a second round to explode soon Ravi and Prasanth had a rhythm going. Soon Prasanth ejaculated into Pooja’s pussy she like it said aha wow nice fuck me Ravi cum inside my pussy make my pussy creamy.

Ravi smacked her both ass cheeks real hard Prasanth had his cock still inside her Ravi didn’t give a chance to Pooja to take Prasath cock out of her ass he jumped onto the bed and took Pooja’s folded legs till they touched her chest now her pussy was wide open and he began to fuck her it was real a

Nice fuck he was inserting his cock till it disappeared fully inside her pussy and then he would bring it out of her pussy in this way he was deep fucking her it took around 10minutes for him to explode inside Pooja’s pussy he came and came

And came and when his orgasm subsided Pooja began to shake violently we knew she was coming a second time she screamed with all her might and we didn’t stop her from screaming I think she may have screamed for five minutes until she stopped.

At last everything was over I slowly went near Pooja and kissed her on the lips and asked her how my Birthday present was. Pooja eyes were sleepy but she had a wide grin on her entire face she said it’s the best birthday present I got in my entire life and I won’t forget in my whole life. If you like this story, please send your valuable comments or you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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