Black Beauty Kavya Offering Herself

On a trip to vizag for training during the journey I met kavya along with the 2 other beauties. Kavya was aged around 27 years and was married for 7 years. Though she had a complexion like negro had a beautiful face and luscious lips with white shining teeth, though the other 2 beauties were fairer in complexion I was drawn to kavya. During the journey forcibly I exchanged mobile number with her, as he was hesitant. Also, I had made a pleasant offer to her, which you will come to know shortly.

Luckily we all 4 checked in hotel park plaza and I got busy with getting freshened up to be ready for the training it was in another hotel and I had to rush. All my colleagues were accommodated in other hotel and I was the only one to have checked in here. So post breakfast I rushed to training and all thru’ day was busy and around 7:30 pm training got over and I came back to the hotel.Freshened up and then switched on whatsapp – I was pleasant to see a hi from kavya around 6:30 pm. I was delighted and replied back to her and the conversation went on like this:Me: hi I hope you are doing good.

Kavya: not really, missing some thing…Me: what is it?Kavya: think….Me: dear I am tired and exhausted, no patience to think to want to rest my mind.Kavya: hmm. Want to rest on my lap?

Me: sheer pleasure.Kavya: ur room no?Me: 305. Want to move in?Kavya: yes…. In the train, you told me that you love to suck and lick my pussy for an hour. Are you serious?? What makes you think I am so beauty?Me: welcome to my room. Beauty lies in the person’s eyes.Kavya: blushing smilies.Me: if you want to relax with me come on.

Kavya: I will be there in 15min….Me: waiting….Meanwhile I called up the reception and checked my room status. I told them that I would like to have this room for double occupancy and I will pay the differential – can a separate bill be generated. As I have a friend of mine coming to stay with me. Sure came the reply.Within 10min I heard door bell and I opened to see that kavya was there with her baggage. I just closed the door behind when she entered and kept the do not disturb tag on door handle. She hugged me immediately and said I am yours!

Kavya was emotional. Then I asked her are you hungry and she said yes. I said let us go to the restaurant. She said, restaurant is not going to satisfy it and you are. Then I pressed between her legs and saw that she had a hairy pussy. I said to her, first go and trim your pussy hairs take bath and come wearing a light color saree and blouse [no panties and bra]. She immediately opened up the suitcase and pulled up a cream colour saree, blouse and petticoat. She stripped saree, I pulled out her panty and asked her to pick scissors and go for trimming and bath. Meanwhile I smelt her panties and it was aroma was intoxicating and I licked her panty.

Within 10 mins she came and she was looking a stunner. I grabbed her bun and lip locked her luscious lips. We were in that state for 5 minutes. We broke and then slowly I started to kiss and lick her fingers, palms and arms randomly for next 20 minutes. Then I kissed her exposed belly and she started to shiver when I inserted my tongue into navel. As I was licking her navel, I started pressing her boobs over blouse. This was too much for kavya, she started to wither and standing was becoming difficult and I made her sit on the chair.

Then I went behind her and started kissing her neck and back exposed by her blouse. After 5 minutes of kissing, using my middle finger nails I started move them over the nipples and I continued kissing and licking her neck – this continued for 15 minutes, nipples were errect. She lifted my hands and took it near her hooks of the blouse and I removed the hooks. Then she grabbed my head and brought it near here boobs and arced back. I started licking her right boob – randomly licking sucking and biting for 10 minutes and then moved to left boob. As I was sucking her boobs, I was moving my wet fingers around her navel. She could not control herself and said amma, ai ai oof, then she removed her blouse – slowly I loosened her saree and untied the knot of her petticoat – kavya got up and laid on the bed – spreading her legs.

I was really delighted to see her big pussy lips and immediately I stripped myself completely and jumped on the bed. Spread her legs and started sucking her inner thighs and this was uncontrollable for her. She begged me to lick her pussy and she could not wait to feel the wrath of my lips. I pulled her left pussy lips and started sucking – it was so big that it covered almost half of my mouth. I continued this for 10 minutes and the moved to the right lip for another 10 minutes. Then I sucked both lips and this was too much for her, then her lovely juices came for second time. I drank them all. Then I slowly moved to clitoris and started sucking it. Now I started finger fucking and clitoris started slowly bulge. Then she cummed for 3rd time within 15 minutes. Then randomly using my tongue I wetted her pussy lips for 5 minutes and by this time she said she wanted to feel my penis which was hard. I said I will insert female condom she refused and pulled we over her and I teased her pussy walls and inserted my 6” dick. I stroked for 5 minutes and all this had really built up and she said to cum inside. She felt relieved to take a cum after 6 years! I was surprised to hear that.

I collapsed on kavya and overturned. Then she told me that her husband her ditched her immediately after birth of her daughter and married another lady.

Kavya said, I never in my life had experienced so much pleasure in sex. All my husband did was to squeeze my boobs and insert his dick and in my pussy, kavya kissed me on my forehead and said, I came to bring back my husband by using politicians but now I will stop going after him and I have found a new man who understands woman and satisfies her!

Then kavya spilled the beans that the other 2 beauties are enjoying with 3 big elite people and one of them is politician. The men did not like kavya and insulted her for being black. They compared kavya to be worst than their house maids which may be true.

I explained to kavya that even diamonds are made of carbon, so most people do not know how to identify it. Kavya was puzzled what made me attract to her. I told her that her skin composure was butter smooth and I just loved it.

I set alarm for 5 and 7 am and we slept naked clinging to each other.Before the alarm rang we woke up and kavya went for urinals – already seeing my erect penis started riding it and I cummed within 5 minutes. She wanted to lay beside me and I pulled her and started sucking her pussy which was trickling with my semen. I licked her pussy for 10 minutes and then made her lie on the ground. Said be prepared for next 50 minutes of me licking her pussy – she was puzzled and before she understood – I was already on the job. Pussy and around I started to lick kiss suck and bite, after 20 minutes – I finger fucked her for next 30 minutes and we came to 69 position and she gave me a good lick. Meanwhile she urinated in excitement and I drank all her urine. I cummed in kavya’s mouth and slept.

Alarm rang for 7 am. I told kavya to take rest for 2 hours and then I dressed my self rushed to have breakfast. Reached training and before entering called her and said to have heavy buffet breakfast without taking bath. She had it and had slept till 4 pm. After training I rushed to my room. Kavya had dressed in red transparent saree and red lipstick. We had a good session for 90 minutes and then both of us went to bathroom and lied on the bath tub for 30 minutes. Had a good bath and freshed up and headed to restaurant for dinner.After returning from dinner, kavya opened up a box and I was surprised – those were her toe rings she made me wear it on her toes, emotionally acknowledging me her as man.

After that she called her mother and said she is happy with this trip to find a true man in her life. We slept off cuddling semi-naked. We decided to meet once a month [post kavya’s mc first week at my place and next week at her place].

We had a nuptial agreement for 10 years, which bonded as emotionally and physically.

We found each other true friend to relish the life.

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